Part 3 of 3
Part 3

My alarm went off. I stretched before reaching over to turn it off. Nearly every day for the last month I had woken up at least 20 minutes early, fully awake and horny for something, anything to satisfy my longing for relief.

Today was different. My alarm woke me up, and I was feeling good from the hard fuck I had gotten the day before. I was fully awake, sure and I was still feeling pretty horny, but I knew I would not be able to give myself the satisfaction I needed, not even by showing the neighbourhood.

I had a plan, however, and today was the day it would be put into motion. My neighbour, Michael had had a crush on me for nearly three years, and now I knew how I could help him out. I just hoped he did not know that it was his father fucking me in the window yesterday, or he might be turned off.

I ate breakfast and showered the same as usual, but I took a little extra time on my outfit today. Even though our school has uniforms, there are a few ways to bend the rules a little, and Friday's are “slightly casual” anyway, so we do not need to wear vests or a tie. This opens up even more possibilities, and not only frees our necks of ties, but a few buttons as well.

I had worn the uniform the wrong way before, even making modifications to some of the extra uniforms I had built up. Today I was going all out, in more ways than one. I chose a shirt with the top two buttons already missing, and the third one a little bit loose. I decided against wearing a bra, as it would only get in the way. The white fabric of the shirt was thick enough to not see through for the most part anyway, but there was still the outline of my hard nipples poking out. I also chose my shortest green skirt, which I had cut long enough to cover myself up while standing, but bending down would reveal most of my white panties. Even sitting down introduced a risk of anyone seeing, unless I crossed my legs, but that was not the plan. I finished off the uniform with my green and white thigh high tube socks, the usual black shoes, and I tied my short, blonde hair into two pigtails.

When I got to school, everyone was looking at me. I noticed bulges growing in some of the guy's pants, including some teachers. I heard some girls whispering, calling me a slut or a whore. But the most important thing was that everyone was looking at me, and that excited me. I could feel my pussy begin to get damp.

I could not find Micheal before first bell, but I had the full day ahead of me. My first two classes were fairly routine, though I did notice a few glances in my direction, obviously trying to get a glimpse up my skirt, but nobody said anything to me besides the usual classroom chatter.

During first break is when I found him. Michael and his brother Tony were sat at the back corner of the cafeteria, so I walked over and sat down as though it was normal. They both stopped talking and looked at me, waiting for me to speak. They did not really try to check me out, as they had seen me the morning before, getting fucked in the window.

Without saying a word, I took out a small piece of paper and a pen. I wrote, “Principal's Office, Beginning of Lunch.” and slid the paper to Michael. I got up,making sure to bend over the table to show some cleavage, and walked away.

The next two classes were brutal. All I could think of was what I was going to do with Michael, and I could feel my panties beginning to get wet. The seconds ticked by like hours, but finally the lunch bell rang. I rushed to the principal's office to get there first, I was happy to see it was empty.

I found some duct tape in one of the drawers and laid it on the desk. I turned off the lights but kept the blinds open, and the windows stayed open a tiny bit as well. I also took my shoes off, but left everything else on. Michael soon showed up, apologizing he was late, even though it was only three minutes past the bell.

I leaned in and whispered, “No names.” I began to close the door, but at the last second I saw a foot wedge itself in between the door. All I could think about was making up some lame excuse, but there was no good explanation as to why we would be locking ourselves in the principal's office. I began to panic as the person pushed against the door and managed to shove their way in.

It was Tony. I was pleasantly surprised, but quickly hauled him in and locked the door to stop any other intruders. It made sense for them both to be here, as they do everything together. Tony has followed Michael like they were glued together since I can remember. They have the same friends, they play the same sports, and they go to the gym together.

Out loud I said, “No names,” and walked over to the desk. I bent over it just enough to strain the shirt and pop the loose button. Perfect, they could now see that I had no bra, and that I meant business. “Now strip.” They looked at each other, unsure of what they should do, but sure enough, they began to take everything off.

While they were busy, I used the duct tape to hold down the “On” button on the principal's school wide microphone. It wouldn't pick any sounds at first, but it would eventually, and that is what I was counting on. I had never had sex with two guys before, but I could handle it.

I looked up just in time to see the boys take off their boxers. This is the first time I truly noticed how good these boys looked. They were naturally tan, with short brown hair and brown eyes. Years of working out together helped tone each of their muscles, and their cocks stood at attention, begging for me to do anything.

I got closer, inspecting their cocks even more. Both of them were around six or seven inches long, and I could not wait to have them inside me. I knelt down on the floor, my mouth on level with their cocks. I grabbed one in each hand and began to work.

As I worked my hands, I took Michael's cock in my mouth. I would slide it all the way in, and all the way back out, making sure to let myself gag each time, even if I did not have to. Soon, I switched to Tony, using the same strategy, but picking up speed as I went along. I switched back and forth for a short time, but Tony could not take it and came first. I held him in my mouth, making sure to swallow every last bit of cum.

Before I let Michael finish, I unbuttoned the rest of my shirt, letting my tits free before I got back to work. Michael did not last very long when I began sucking his cock again, but when I felt his cock tighten I took it out, leaned back, and aimed it at my tits. The first burst made his made his cock jump, and got me on the right cheek, but the next four landed square on my tits.

I rubbed Michael's cum all over my tits, licking my fingers when I was done. Neither of the boys' cocks were hard yet, but I could tell they wanted more. I stood up and, keeping my legs straight, I lifted my skirt and slowly hauled my panties down my legs, bending away from the boys so they could have a great view. It was time for my pleasure.

I sat on the end of the desk, spreading my legs wide. As I leaned back I said, “Come get a taste boys, I'm waiting.” Hesitant, they both came over, unsure of who should do what. They started off taking turns, but with some cues from me, Michael stayed knelt in front of the desk, as Tony leaned over my stomach, getting access from above.

With two tongues quickly moving in and out of pussy, along with the occasional finger, it did not take long for my climax to build up. I needed a cock in my pussy. I ordered Michael to fuck me as I managed to get Tony in the 69 position.

Tony continued to lick my pussy and suck my clit as I began sucking his cock again. Finally I felt the tip of Michael's cock against my pussy, and he slowly began to enter. He managed to push the full way in in one long thrust, and he sped up very slowly, making sure to get all the way in and most of the way out.

As he got used to the feeling, Michael began going faster and faster, still making sure to get in and out. I knew I wasn't going to last long, and it was becoming harder and harder to keep sucking Tony's cock. My moans had been mostly muffled until this point, but the pleasure became too much. I screamed around Tony's cock, which he seemed to enjoy, and I felt the start of my climax.

I came hard. My body spasmed wildly as Michael kept thrusting in and out. Somehow I managed to keep blowing Tony as the rest of my body stiffened and shuddered. I could feel my juices surround Michael's hard cock as he continued to fuck me hard.

As my body began to relax I continued sucking Tony's cock. I soon felt Michael thrust in as far as he could, as his cock began to contract, mixing our juices together in my already full pussy. Tony soon got off as well, and I swallowed his second load just as I did the first.

We were all pretty tired, but it didn't feel right, like there was something missing. I wasn't done yet, but I let the boys rest for a moment. Michael pulled out as Tony rolled off of me, but pushed Michael into the principal's chair, and forced Tony back on the desk.

I played with Michael's cock until it got hard again, but when I turned to do the same for Tony it was too late. I guess the show was good enough, even at this point. Now it was time for my grand finale. I double checked the microphone. The light was still on. I had no clue if anyone heard us at this point, but they would by the end.

I pushed Michael, still in the chair, against the wall, then positioned myself, ass down, above him. I guided his cock towards my ass, and slowly lowered myself onto his cock. It took him a moment to get used to the feeling, but soon I was bouncing up and down fairly quick. Luckily, some of the juices had seeped from my pussy and lubricated my asshole.

I then looked at Tony, who was still leaned against the desk, his cock now just as hard as before. I slapped my pussy a few times and, in my most seductive voice, said, “Come on baby, I've got room for more.”

He immediately understood. It took a moment for him to get the rhythm in time with Michael and I, but once he got it, he really got it. There were now two cocks inside of me, and the pleasure was overwhelming.

I could feel the pressure as both of them were pressing against my insides, straining to make themselves fit. And the release as they both hauled out together felt just as amazing. It was by far the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced.

With this setup it did not take long for my pleasure to build, and my climax was on it's way. My moans turned to screams as my orgasm kept building up, every ounce of energy I had was being used to thrust myself up and down these two hard cocks.

Suddenly I noticed my screams. It was as though they were echoing. I realized that they were being broadcast through the whole school. Suddenly there was banging on the door, as I heard the principal's voice screaming something.

But I didn't care.

The knowledge that everyone in the school could hear me fucking these two guys drove me of the edge. My body locked up, and began spasming around these two hard cocks. My screams, echoed throughout the school, drowned out the sounds of everything else.

I felt both Michael and Tony coming at the same time, as my body continued rocking. I could feel my asshole and pussy get filled, as all the juices pushed out around the guys' cocks. After what felt like hours, we collapsed on each other.

The bell rang, signalling the end of lunch hour. Then we noticed that there was more banging on the door. It sounded like they were trying to bash their way in. Adrenaline managed to wake us from our daze.

I checked the windows as the three of us got dressed. The yard was empty, and we could easily run to the nearest bathroom. Grabbing anything we didn't have on, we climbed out the windows and took off across the yard.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I fixed myself up to go to the next class, even though Michael and Tony decided to leave. Michael's sperm glistened on my face and barely covered tits, while the juices of all three of us were after soaking both my thighs.

I had also forgotten my panties in the principal's office, meaning that any bend I made will reveal all.

I made it to class just in time. I was running a lot of risks, but it was all part of the fun.

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Great story all the parts were really good and I came 3 times during he while story do another story

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