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Older brother blackmails little sister
New writer, 20 years old, and not very confident. Please leave any comments but please leave all feedback positive.

This is currently just a part of an idea I’m working on. If you guys like it and all works out I’m hopping to have at least 5 chapters

Remember please keep all feedback positive
“What are you doing?”

The shrill, obviously annoyed voice pierced my head phones like the voice of god himself, scaring the shit out of me. Falling on my ass and quickly pulling my headphones off I look around wondering who was disturbing my peace.

“I’ll say it again, what are you doing?”

Five feet from me, standing behind the couch, I was just on, is my younger sister.

“Hey ash, what?”

I’m pretty used to being interrupted all the time; the annoyance in her voice didn’t really seem to convey this conversation was going to end well.

“You know that my boyfriend is coming over tonight, I need this room, clean it up.”

“Who went and named u queen B?”

Truth be told, she always had been. Perfect grades, head cheerleader, voted most popular and likely to succeed, and yeah ill admit it she has looks. Long light brown hair down the middle of her back, 5’9, double d’s that fit her perfectly. 3 years younger and still all my friends wished they could have her. Got into my fair share of fight over her.

I on the other hand was a college dropout, little chunky, with a found face and baby features. And to top it all off still living in my parents’ house working full time at a little crap dinner.

She glared at me, with her patented ‘do it.’ Stare “Do it or ill go get mom and daddy.”

Somehow my sister has a supper power, and any of you with little sisters will probable know what I’m talking about. One word from her lips and my parents turn to putty full of cash and anger. I’m sure there was a reason but I was always on the receiving end of ‘putty anger’ so I never could ask too many questions.

“Say one word to them and I’ll tell them you’re letting your boy toy squirt in you whenever he wants.”

She paled at this, frankly so did I. Neither of us saw this coming but seeing the fear in her eyes told me it didn’t matter I had hit a nerve and was pulling ahead.

“How… I… Who told you?”

“You did, you came home drunk and naked a few nights ago. Like usual I put you into bed and grabbed your clothes off the driveway where your ‘friends’ just dropped them. While I was helping you up stairs you told me everything. ”

Whatever color that was left in her face before hand was gone now. The best part was that there was no way out of this for her. Even if our parents had known that she went and got herself prescribed birth control pill, the thought alone of our parents being told that kept her in line. If they did find out there would be no more borrowing money from mommy, or crying to daddy when someone was picking on her. Putting up with my ass was much better for her (in her opinion) than losing our parents blessing.

Now if you have ever had a sibling there are times when you know you’re done. No amount of begging, pleading, whining, or crying will solve. Me and my sister perfected this. No fancy words no stalling.

“Fine what is it you want this time.”
And just like that, all the cards were on the table. What did I want? With this I could own here for a good while. But at the same time I don’t want to make her miserable, she is still my sister.

“Here’s the deal. You’re caught dead and you know it. So 3, 3 things to be called on anytime I want within the next two weeks. If I ask you to lean down a lick my foot you will do so. Are we clear?”

“No fucking way.”

“Ok do you want to tell our parents are should I?”

The hate clear in her eyes, if I didn’t play this right I could end up the one getting fucked… fucked...
No, that's so messed up and wrong... I couldn't do that, could i?
Could I get…? There is no way that… I own her… She'll do anything i say to, for now…

“Fine” she says the sorrow bleeding out of her. For a split second I felt a little bad for her. Then I looked at those double d’s and remember that she’s the reason I’m still a virgin.

And right there with in a 3 second spat back and forth I knew what I wanted. I wanted to fuck my sister. God it sounds so weird but, she has this coming... But this would take a lot more than just a little blackmail over her; I needed to pull a magic trick out of the bag for this one.

“Good now that we have that out of the way, I’ll go ahead and pick this all up for you. I’ll be in my room the rest of the night thinking this over. Tomorrow after u get back from school we’ll talk more about your debt.”
As she was walking up the stairs, and I began to pick up the laptop and blanket now on the floor. I remember the old camera that I got for my last birthday with no pictures or anything on it. Yes that should do nicely.

Tomorrows going to be a very nice day.

anonymous readerReport

2012-04-30 03:32:37
You don't need an editor if you own a decent dictionary and are willing to take the time to look up words you're unsure of. It's also a good idea to keep an English handbook handy, to settle broader grammatical questions. For a first effort, though, you did a pretty good job.


2012-04-27 21:46:09
Thanks for all the feed back, and yes i know i have a problem with spelling but i don't have an editor and am doing the best i can. glad you guys like the story will post the second one sometime tonight or tomorrow.


2012-04-27 21:42:19
Thanks for all the feed back, and yes i know i have a problem with spelling but i don't have an editor and am doing the best i can. glad you guys like the story will post the second one sometime tonight or tomorrow.

anonymous readerReport

2012-04-27 10:41:24
a good teasing start.

anonymous readerReport

2012-04-25 12:10:55
I agree with everyone so far... it was short... it didn't have any of the fun stuff that we come here to read. In this first chapter you should've been able to get her to at least suck your dick. Which would have put you in more solid for other fun adventures inbetween your sister's legs and butt cheeks.

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