A sweet little Christmas story a wrote for my GF. Spell checked and proof read, but as I know what I want to say, Im going to see that when I proof read. I hope I caught them but some will sure to sneek by.
Something did not feel right, when he opened the door, the hair on the back of his neck stood up. Instinctively he shifted the bundle cradled n his arms, to the left, freeing his right hand. He scanned the foyer. Seeing nothing out of place, he entered the main lobby. He felt a prickling sensation down his back. It was much too quiet. The bundle shifted where he cuddled it in the crook of his left arm. He held it protectively while he looked around the room. At least a dozen children sat on the floor around a young girl who read softly to them from a book. They listened intently as if mesmerized by her voice.

Jim sat the bundle of wool and nylon on the floor. The girl closed the book, and announced, “Quiet time is over. You may go and play now.” The children scattered in every direction. The girl stood and walked toward the new arrivals.

A petite girl, showing the beginnings of feminine curves and breast development, her face, a picture of innocence set off by her large green eyes, the same color as her blouse. Her hair hung loose down her back, and shifted in shade with the light, from the soft mint green of her eyes, to the rich forest green of her slacks.

A giggling could be heard from somewhere inside the bundle of wool and nylon. Jim was opening. It wiggled out of his hands, and toddled toward the girl.

“Why hello, Elly” the girl spoke to the baby. “It’s warm in here. We don’t need our heavy coats. Let July take them off you.”

Jim stood, and watched the girl undress the toddler. She handled the child with confidence and ease, hung the baby’s coat with the other children’s, and then July picked up the little one, and carried her back to him. As she came near, Jim detected a hint of mint in the air, like that of a candy cane. She smiled, and said. “You’re all set sir. I’ll sign Elly in”

Jim felt her voice, as it was directed at him; caress every nerve of his body. He was suddenly warm and happy, and inexplicably hard. “Thank-you, July,” he stammered. “Shouldn’t one of the care workers do that?”

“Yes, Kari, Miss Mathews, should sign her in, as she is supposed to be tending the desk today. But she stepped out to, ah use the facilities. She asked me to watch things while she was occupied elsewhere.” July explained.

He felt confidence exude from the girl, leaving no doubt in her ability to tend to the youngsters. At the same time her voice caressed him, making him feel at ease and comfortable. “You have matters well in hand.” Jim stated. “It’s really none of my business, I have seen other girls with colored hair, but yours is done so beautifully. Who did it for you?”

The girl giggled, and ran her hand through her hair. “You like it?” She asked. “Most men your age think it’s childish.”

Jim felt his cock twitch, as he watched the girl caress her long silky hair. “Yes, I find it intriguing.” he told her, while shifting his stance to accommodate the stiffening in his trousers. “Honestly, I think most girls, and boys too, color and style their hair in outlandish fashions in rebellion. Yours is done tastefully, and compliments you.”

“You make me blush” she blinked her eyes several times, and waved her free hand in front of her face sighing.

Her sigh made his balls tighten. He felt precum push through his erect penis. Had she appeared a little older, Jim would have taken her flirting seriously.

The scent of candy cane grew stronger. July stroked her hair, smoothing it over her small round breast. “Last year I had it colored red, but I like it like this a lot better. The stylist at home does a good job, but I think I will let it grow out natural.”

Jim felt his mouth go dry. His eyes riveted on her hand as it caressed her small breast. It was unmistakable that she was purposely playing with herself. “Cathy will pick the baby up after school” he stammered.

“Ahhh, teaching is such a rewarding profession.” she sighed, her hand now brushing the hair down her stomach.

His eyes followed her hand. His cock twitched in his pants as he spoke, “Oh, I didn’t say Cathy was a teacher, are you in one of her classes? You don’t look old enough to be in High school.”

“Luv, you didn’t say you were Jim McNally either, but you did bring Little Elly in. Your girlfriend is picking her up after school, either a teacher, or a janitor. You’re a bit old to be dating a schoolgirl.” July smiled. “I don’t go to school here.”

She spoke his name, and his cock erupted in his pants. He had to say something to cover up his orgasm. “Don’t forget bus drivers” he choked out.

“Catharine’s occupation and yours are written in Elly’s records.” July smiled. “I was just playing with you” she licked her lips, and put her arms around the baby. “No rings, Jimmy” she continued, “and her records say Catharine Michaud. Girlfriend, not wife.”

He felt giddy. Hearing her say his girlfriend’s name sent another shiver of pleasure through him. Elly started pulling on the girl’s long green hair. He watched the hair change colors as it slid across July’s cheek. Elly giggled, breaking the trance.

“You’re going to be late boss.” July told him.

Jim knew for certain, that the baby would be fine, with July. “Yeah, by-by honey.” he waved to Elly.

“Wave by-by to Uncle Jimmy” July told the baby, waving her hand with her own.

“I I” the baby repeated, smiling as her other hand pulled through the silky tresses that fascinated her.

He left the day care; feeling more confident and energized then he had ever felt before in his life. Jim thought about the green haired girl all day as he worked. That she is so self assured, and wonderful with children were fine attributes. God knows she is going to be knockout gorgeous when she grows up. Was she really coming on to him? Or was he such a pervert he imagined it. What kept coming back to his mind was she had made him cum in his pants. He had cum, creamed his jeans, and the girl, My God she’s just a girl, probably didn’t even know the effect she had on him. When the shift ended, he was still contemplating her big green eyes, and changing hair.

Cathy met him at the door. Her golden hair hanging loose over her shoulders. She kissed him as she shut the door. Her tongue licking over his lips probing for an opening. His lips parted allowing her access. She loosened his belt, and opened the fly of his pants, letting them fall as she reached inside his briefs. She stroked his cock to hardness, before dropping to her knees in front of him. Her soft warm lips wrapped around his member.

Jim sighed with contentment looking down at the top of her head as she sucked his cock into her mouth. As she pulled back, Cathy looked up at him. He saw the soft green eyes, and pixie face that had filled his thoughts all day. Startled he pulled his cock from her mouth.

Unstirred, Cathy stood, pushing her pants down as she did. Turning her back to him she leaned forward, spread her legs, and put her hands on her knees, presenting herself to him for mounting.

Jim shook his head clearing the unsettling vision. Then slid his cock between her legs, and into her moist cunt. Placing his hands on her hips, he pulled her back onto him as he fucked her. Cathy moved her hand up to rub her clit as he took her from behind. Knowing he would cum quickly, which is why she usually sucked him off before their after work fuck, and she wanted to cum with him.

She moaned. Her pussy juice frothed around the base of his cock matting his pubic hair. Her guttural moans keened from her throat as her orgasm approached. “Cum for me baby” she screamed over her shoulder. “Shoot that baby batter up my cunt. Fill me with your cum baby.”

Jim shoved into her, pushing the head of his cock against her cervix. She felt his cock throbbing deep in her pussy. Cathy pushed back against him. Her cunt clamping around him. In answer to his pulsing orgasm, she climaxed washing his cock with her cum, as his semen filled her womb.

When his softened cock fell from her cunt, Cathy turned around and embraced him. He kissed her before she slid down his body to once again engulf his member in her mouth. As she sucked her cunt cream from his cock, she unlaced his boots and pulled them from his feet. When Jim was once again hard in her mouth, she finished undressing him, stepped out of her pants, and led him by the cock into their bedroom.

Jimmy was licking her to a third climax, when Elly cried out from her crib.

He smiled up from between her legs, “I guess its time to get supper started” he said licking his lips.

“Her timing is as bad as her mother’s” Cathy frowned. “You fetch the imp, and I’ll start the burgers.”

“Speaking of imps, have you met July?” Jim asked, pulling his gym pants up his legs.

“How can you call that darling child an imp?” Cathy replied.

“More of a fairy, she reminds me of Tinker Bell” he told her.

Jim took Elly from her crib, and laid her on the changing table attached to it. “Yes she does” he cooed at the baby. “And don’t you tell Aunty Cathy, July made Uncle Jimmy feel like a little boy, who can’t control himself. Peter Pan syndrome indeed. Uncle hasn’t done that sense Aunt Cathy was a cheerleader.”

“Keep her away from the stove” Cathy told him, as he sat the freshly diapered baby on the kitchen floor.

“Your one to talk” Jim said. He grabbed her bare ass cheek and squeezed.

“I have on an apron, Master” Cathy turned to show him her front was covered. “I won’t splatter grease on your girl’s tits.”

Jim was pleased that she had covered her front protecting herself from getting burned, but was taken aback slightly at the roll Cathy had taken up. Years ago, a lovely young cheerleader had crawled onto his lap. After impaling her virginity on his cock, she had vowed to be his girl forever. Over the years he became her master, and she his perfect slave girl. Roles that never entered their social lives except with a select few who shared their way of life, and that had all but disappeared when they had taken in his sister’s child.

After buckling the baby into the highchair, he pushed it up to the table. Elly screamed while Cathy crumbled a hamburger into a plastic plate, with several French fries.

“It has to cool, Elly. Burn baby” She cooed. After blowing over the plate a few seconds, she placed the plate in front of the baby and knelt beside her master’s chair.

Elly dumped the food from the plate onto the tray of the highchair, giggling as she pounded the plastic plate on the tray.

Cathy felt the juices flow from her pussy down her thighs. As she took her position. She needed her master to service her. She put her hands on her knees and looked down at the floor. She was in heat, like never before.

She left the school at quarter of three. With no cheerleading practice it was an early night. It was three o’clock when she stopped to pickup the baby. A green haired girl was rocking Elly in her lap, when Cathy entered the day care.

“Good after noon, Miss Michaud” July greeted her.

“Hello” Cathy answered. “Did she just go down?” she asked indicating the sleeping baby.

“Yes she did. I’m sorry, I expected you much later.” the girl answered.

“It’s ok. She will sleep on the ride home.” Cathy told her.

“We’ll have to wake her up to get her coat on.” July said. “Ever thought of having one of your own?”

“All the time.” Cathy replied. “Then I go to work and think again.”

“You want to have a baby.” July said, as she laid Elly on the couch beside her.

Cathy sniffed the air. “What kind of air freshener they using?” she asked, “Kind of minty, I like it.”

July smiled again, slid forward on the couch spreading her legs in a tomboyish fashion as she looked into Cathy’s blue eyes. “I think about having babies all the time too” she said.

“It’s only natural, for a girl to think about babies.” Cathy told her. “A girl’s body develops as she matures so she can become a mother.” she felt a slight burn in her stomach as she thought about telling this child about the birds and the bees.

“Your man is healthy, and virile. I wouldn’t mind having his baby myself.” July stated.

Cathy gasped. She looked at the girls smiling face and relaxed. “A girl could do worse.” she said. “Jimmy is a good lover.” She felt her nipples harden as she thought of her master. “A Girl should look for a man closer to her own age.”

“Thinking about babies makes your pussy wet.” July said.

Cathy felt a tingle in her clit, as her juices filled her vagina at July’s words. “Your pussy, vagina moistens to prepare it for sexual intercourse.” she told the girl.

“Sexual intercourse. Your juices flow when your ready to get fucked.” July said.

“That’s a vulgar way to say it, but yes. Your juices flow when your ready to fuck.” Cathy replied. “Your generation needs to learn the proper terms.”

“I know the proper terms” July told her. “A happy baby makes you orgasm.”

Cathy felt a flush wash over her body. Her legs spread on their own accord, and her hips pushed forward on the chair. “Orgasm is the release of hormones into the body do to sexual stimulation.” she told the girl in gasps.

“That’s getting to clinical.” July said. She moved her hand to her crotch. She moved her fingers in circles over her jean covered pussy. “Orgasm, cumming is the reward for making babies.”

Cathy watched July masturbate for several minutes. Without being able to take her eyes off the dark green crotch of her jeans. The scent of mint grew stronger. She found her own hand moving to her crotch before she found the strength to stop herself.

“You shouldn’t do that” Cathy said. “Masturbation isn’t a bad thing, but you shouldn’t do it in public. Especially around younger kids.”

“Hiding sex from children only makes them more curious about it.” July told her. “You need Jimmy’s hard cock to give you a baby.”

“Yes” Cathy moaned. “I need master’s hard cock” Her eyes stared unfocused at the sleeping baby. “I need a baby” a wet stain appeared at her crotch as she collapsed into the chair.

July smiled, then retrieved Elly’s coat and mittens and began bundling the sleeping baby up. Cathy awoke feeling incredibly refreshed, and extremely horny.

“Eat your supper” Jim told Elly. He took the plate from the baby and placed it on the table.

“Eeee” the baby replied, waving her hand at the red plastic bottle on the table.

“Catsup, you want some catsup?” Jim asked the baby.

“Eeee” Elly said.

He poured the catsup over her fries and burger. The baby immediately slapped her hand into it splattering catsup across the tray. Jim again told her to eat her supper.

Jim took a fry from his plate, and held it down to Cathy. She licked the catsup off it, and then sucked the potato into her mouth. As she chewed, she looked up at her master. Pure lust filling her eyes. Jim broke a piece from his burger, and held it down for his girl. Again she licked the morsel clean before sucking it into her mouth. She trembled with excitement. As her master fed her, she felt juices flowing from her cunt trickle down her thighs.

Jim could smell her arousal, and his apatite for food dissipated as her scent filled the air. He started to hand her another fry, when he heard the baby.

“Ama, Ama” Elly said. She waved a French fry over Cathy’s head.

Cathy smiled up at her master, her lust filled eyes asking what to do.

Jim smiled back, patted her cheek, and then turned her head to face the baby. “You may eat what Elly offers to feed you Girl” He told her. No one invited to this table has ever been denied the honor of feeding my beloved Cat”

Cathy blushed at his words. She lifted her mouth to the baby’s hand, and licked the offered fry clean of catsup. She did not take the fry; instead, she looked into her lovers eyes and lapped the catsup from the baby’s hand before gently tugging the fry from her fingers with her teeth. Elly laughed as her Aunt licked her fingers. Cathy trembled in orgasm. As soon as Cathy took the French fry from her, Elly grabbed another from her plate and held it out. Cathy gently nibbled it down to her fingers, and then licked the remainder into her mouth. All the while keeping her eyes on her master’s face.

“This is not getting any food into the kid.” Jim said. “Kitty Cat, you have never pleased me more. Feed Elly some now.”

His words of praise stroked the fire in her cunt to a blaze. Cathy stood on trembling legs to feed the baby. As she put the food into Elly’s mouth she felt Jim’s hand slide up the back of her thigh. She spread her legs to allow him better access. “Chew it good” she panted to the baby.

Massaging her damp thigh, his hand moved slow upward. Her legs quivered as he brushed the juncture between thigh and pussy mound. Cathy fed Elly her supper. Jim probed around her sex driving her insane with need.

Jim couldn’t believe how turned on Cathy was. Her moisture coated his hand, and he had yet to touch her pussy. They had fucked before supper, which would have left her moist. Now she was leaking like a faucet with a broken tap. He cupped his hand over her pussy. Her hips bucked in response pushing her womanhood into his hand. Her juice flowed out filling his palm. It felt almost like she was pissing in his hand.

Cathy began rocking her pussy into the strong hand pressed between her legs hoping her master would replace it with his cock. She fed the baby the last of the hamburger, and placed her hands on the highchair to support her body, as her legs were trembling to much to hold her up. His middle finger pushed past her vulva, slid into her flooded slit with ease, penetrating her vagina. The finger began moving in and out of her. Twisting and rubbing in exactly the right way. All too quickly Cathy was on the verge of another more powerful orgasm.

Elly, no longer the center of attention became bored with the game. She screamed “Eeeeeeee, eeeeeeeee, eeeeeeee” and banged her hands on the tray of the highchair.

Cathy moaned with frustration. Her pussy feeling empty when her master removed his hand from her sex before she could climax. The feeling quickly passed as he drove his hard cock deep into her weeping cunt. The force of his initial thrust pushed her face first onto the tray of the highchair. She smiled at the baby as she felt her master’s cock push against the mouth of her womb.

Elly clapped her hands and laughed at the crimson mask of catsup coating her aunt’s face.

Cathy’s orgasm struck. Her body shook with violent spasms, throwing her to her knees. The baby laughed as her highchair rocked back and forth with her aunts movements. Cathy continued to cum. Her master’s cock held tightly against her womb. Her spasming cunt squeezing and milking as fresh juices washed over his cock and sprayed freely from her vagina pooling beneath her. Jim reached his climax filling her womb with a heavy load of hot semen. Elly continued to laugh and scream with joy as her highchair rocked and swayed with Cathy’s orgasmic spasms. Cathy’s orgasm continued, until her over charged body could stand no more, and she collapsed into unconsciousness. A contented smile covered her face as she slid into the puddle of her own secretions.

Jim looked down at Catharine to his lust hazed mind she had never looked so beautiful as she did now. He scooped her up from the floor into his arms, and carried her into their bed. He kissed her, licking catsup from her lips, before returning for the baby. He sat Elly beside Cathy’s prone body, and lay down beside her.

Jim awoke to small fingers pulling on his chest hair. The sound of the shower told him Cathy was awake already. He lifted the baby from the bed. Wincing as the hair she was holding tore from his chest. At the changing table he removed her soiled diaper and wiped her clean. He then carried her into the bathroom, and placed her in the tub with Cathy before stepping in himself.

Cathy smiled and kissed him. “Thank-you, Master” she said before stepping out of the tub. Jim washed himself and the baby while Cathy dressed for school. When he stepped out of the bathroom with Elly wrapped in a towel, he could smell bacon cooking.

He almost dropped the baby. As he entered the kitchen. Cathy was placing breakfast on the table. Her long blond hair was up in a bun, on the back of her head. She wore her old horn rimmed glasses, which she never wore, preferring contacts. She wore a dark green skirt suit with a mint green blouse.

“Shit, Kitty Cat you look hot.” he told her.

“You like?” she smiled. Turning and posing for him. “I wondered why my glasses were out, until I opened your present. They do complete the outfit.”

He sat Elly in her highchair, before sitting down himself. “My present? If that’s for me, you got just the right gift wrap.”

Cathy giggled, and knelt beside him. Being careful not to kneel on the skirt. “I ate while cooking yours master” she told him.

Jim cut up an egg, and broke up a piece of toast for Elly. Then ate his. Cathy quivered on her knees beside him. Instead of feeding her as she had told him she had eaten. He would as he ate reach down and stroke her cheek, or chin. Occasionally letting her suck the bacon grease off his fingers.

“If it wouldn’t make us late for work, I would bend you over this table and fuck you right now” he told her.

Cathy stood and leaned over the table pulling her skirt up to reveal she wore no panties. “Please master, I need your seed in my womb.” she begged.

“Why the hell not?” Jim said. Then pushed his pants to his knees before mounting his naughty teacher.

A few minutes later, Cathy stood up and brushed her skirt down. Smiling like her namesake, the cat who ate the canary. She kissed Jimmy good by, and left for school.

Jim bundled Elly into his van, and left for the day care. The quiet didn’t bother him today, he expected it. He heard the soft voice of the green haired girl as he walked in.

“On Dasher, on Dancer. On Prancer, on Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Donder, on Blitzen. To the top of the porch to the top of the wall now dash away dash away, dash away all. And he heard him exclaim as he drove out of site. Mary Christmas to all and to all a good night” July read. Closing the book she told the children, “Quiet time is over, you can go play now.”

As the children scampered away from her, and he could see her clearly, Jim’s chin dropped. July was wearing the exact same outfit Cathy had on. She stood, and walked toward him. Her hands on her hips to accentuate her slight sway. She turned and posed as Cathy had earlier. He almost screamed when she dropped to her knees. He held it back when she reached for the baby to remove her coat.

Elly squealed, and reached for the bun July’s hair was done up in.

“You don’t like it like this do you?” July asked the baby. “I am sorry honey; I wore it this way for your Uncle.” After she hung up the coat. She returned and stood in front of Jim. “Do I meet your Approval?” she asked.

Jim shook his head and swallowed. “Miss, what are you playing at?” he asked.

July lowered her head and sunk to her knees. “This is what you dreamed.” she said.

“What you wanted in your dream.”

As Jim tried to make sense out of what she was saying. Elly once again began pulling July’s bun. July reached behind her head, and pulled the clasp holding her hair out, letting her long hair fall free. The baby clapped with glee as the cascade of color shimmered in the light.

“At least I can make her happy.” July sobbed, and shook her head making her hair dance.

“I don’t understand” Jim said. He knelt and pulled Elly protectively into his arms.

July looked around the room. “Can we go somewhere private and talk Mr. McNally?” she asked. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and stood up.

“I don’t think that wise. You’re a very young lady, and if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking. Private is the last place we need right now” he told her.

“I’m not as young as you think I am, Jimmy, and yes I am thinking what you think I’m thinking.” she told him. “I blew it, and we need to talk. Privately.”

“I don’t know what your talking about, little lady, but if I take you into any room in this building alone, there will be armed police officers waiting to take me to jail when we come out.” he stated.

July smiled, and the sweet scent of mint filled the room. Jim felt a warm tingle all over his skin, and Elly leaned heavily against his chest. He shook his head again to clear it. Then looked at the baby. She was sleeping with a smile on her face.

“What the Hell.” he shouted. Picking the baby up he put his face to hers to make sure she was breathing. “Some kind of gas? What the hell did you do?” he demanded of the girl.

“Now were in private” she stated. “I’m here to give you the baby you asked for.”

“What the fuck?” He swore.

“Sit down and take a few deep breathes.” she told him. “Lay that precious one on the couch. She will be alright.”

Jim laid the baby on the couch, and sat down beside her. He breathed deep, tasting the mint in the air. “Ok, I’m as calm as I’m going to get.”

“Let’s start from the beginning” she said. “My name is Julep, Mint Julep.” She sat down in the same chair Cathy had taken when they talked the day before. Her skirt road high up her thighs as she leaned forward to talk.

“And I’m to believe your some kind of fairy, come to grant my wish.” Jim interrupted.

“Well” she sighed. “That’s where I failed. I should have known that if you hadn’t gotten her knocked up by now. What has it been thirty years you’ve been banging her? And you used condoms, only that first time.”

Jimmy smiled. “Loretta gave her the package. Cat thought it best to use them. How to fuck did you know that?”

“She wants to have your baby, Jimmy. You’re just not compatible.” July told him.

“Not compatible, you know how many couples break up after they first have sex.” he snapped.

“Oh Jimmy, thousands, but that isn’t what I mean. Your sperm and her ova won’t germinate. You’re potent. I tested that yesterday.” she told him. “I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.” she smiled, and spread her legs, inching her skirt up more.

“You’re saying Cathy can’t get pregnant.” Jimmy hung his head down in defeat.

“No, no, no, her ova are as lively as your spermatozoa. Your gametes just won’t mix” she said. “I triggered her cycle last night, and hiked her receptiveness to you. If she was going to get pregnant, she would be right now.” July pulled her skirt up to her hips, and slid her hand into her crotch.

“Thank-you, that was one of the hottest fucks we ever had” he told her. “But next time send a babysitter. Elly nearly got trampled.”

“Elly’s a good baby, and she deserves a little sister.” July said as she rubbed her pussy. She spread her lips and inserted a finger into her vagina.

“That she does, but I won’t cheat on Cathy. I love and respect her. So you can just close your legs and forget it.” Jim told her bluntly.

“Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, what am I going to do? I’m not asking you to cheat on your girlfriend. I’m asking you to knock me up in place of her” July moaned as she rubbed her clit.

“Just how out of touch with reality are you? I knock you up. You have my baby. And God Cathy would never forgive Me.” he told her.

“I know you would never Cheat. I trust you with all my heart. I told you so that first time, when I crawled up on your lap, and gave you my virginity” Cathy now sat in the chair in front of him her blond hair tied in a perfect bun. Her hands on the hem of her skirt holding it over her knees. A prim and proper schoolmarm.

Jim shook his head, and the vision of Cathy faded into July. “If that would have worked, I would have fucked you last night when you met me at the door.”

“That wasn’t me, that was just a side effect of my jerking you off yesterday” she replied.

“MMMM” she moaned and bucked her hips. “Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, Yesssss ssss” July pressed her hand hard against her clit as she came. The scent of mint became over powering in the room as her cum spurted from her pussy.

“Are you quite finished now?” Jim asked her. “It was a very arousing display, but as I told you I am in love with Cathy. I will not fuck around with another, ah female.”

“She is not the only woman you have had, Jimmy” July told him. “Nor are you the only man she has fucked.” she straightened her skirt and sat up.

“No, and I wasn’t cheating on her when I’ve fucked other women. She knew and consented each time.” Jim stated. “And she has only been with other men I have consented to.”

“Consented. That is the answer Jimbo.” July leapt to her feet. “We ask her to consent to your knocking me up.”

“Never” He refused. “It would break her heart.”

“Huh?” July shook her head at his refusal. “Break her heart. To give you what you most desire.”

“That’s just it” he said. “She wouldn’t refuse. She would guide my cock with her own hand into your cunt, to give me a baby, but it would break her heart knowing some other girl had my baby, and not her. I knock you up. You have a baby. She doesn’t.”

“Jimbo, Jimbo, Jimbo, don’t you get it” July paced back and forth in front of him. Her scent pulsing in his nose. “You fill me with your little wigglers. I ovulate while you’re fucking me. Bingo, I’m pregnant with your baby. I give your baby to Cathy, and were all happy.”

“And she gets to raise two other women’s babies. No thank-you. I won’t put her through that.” again Jim refused.

“She dose not know it’s not her baby.” July stops pacing and faces him. “The embryo forms in me, and I put it in her. She’s fertile right now. We have a week to try”

“Can you do it so as I don’t know?” he asked.

“Sure Jimmy boy, if you want me to, and let me.” she answered.

“I’m not going to do this with out her wanting to” he told her point blank.

“I understand. I fucked up, and will have to take what’s coming if I can’t fix it” July agreed.

Jim looked at the green haired girl. “I have to know. Just what the fuck are you?” he asked.

July giggled. “Why, I’m your Tinker Bell.”

“WHAT?” He exclaimed.

“It’s the closest comparison I can give you. I came into existence when you were born. I have watched over and protected you from then on. Just like Tinker Bell did with Peter Pan” she explained.

“Your, you’re my guardian angel?” Jim asked.

“I’m no angel.” July snapped. “Definitely not an angel.”

“Ok Fairy God Mother” Jim joked.

“That is closer” she smiled, “If it gets you off to think of me as your mother, I’ll even put you in a diaper. Had lots of practice.”

Jimmy smiled. “You win. Tink lets go find Wendy.”

“Thank-you” July sighed. “She is at the school. First period. You had better call in to work, and let them know your not going in today.”

“Whilst you clean up here” he indicated the sleeping children and care workers.

“No problem.” she smiled and the children went back to playing as if nothing happened. She picked up Elly and sat down beside Jimmy. “Your turn”

Jimmy reached into his shirt pocket smiled, and waved his hand. “No Problem.”

July cocked her head. “Preset text? She asked.

“With the baby, you never know when you’re going to have to take time off” he replied.

They found Cathy just before second period started. Jimmy told her that they needed to talk about something important, and asked if she could take some time off from work. Cathy went to the Principle’s office, and arranged things.

“This better be good” Cathy told them as they piled into Jim‘s van. “I just fed my boss a line about July being my niece, and her mother being ill.”

Jimmy kissed her. “It’s almost as good. But it should have been maternity leave”

“Maternity, she’s. Jimmy you didn’t fuck that little girl.” Cathy cried.

“No, not yet anyway” he consoled her. “Cathy, Kitty Cat, I want us to make love to her”

“James Everett that is statutory rape” Cathy told him. Using safety words they had set up long ago. To signal she weren’t about to play along with this.

“Cat, she isn’t as young as she looks. Her birthday is the same as mine.” he told her.

“Yeah, and the Momma bear, and the Papa bear, and the baby bear all ate Goldie Locks for breakfast.” Cathy retorted. “Look at her for Christ sake. She’s eleven or twelve years old.”

“Your up” Jim said waving his arm at July. “I tried.”
Jim pulled the van into their drive way and shut it down.

“You didn’t tell her what I have to offer” July stated. “Catharine Sue, do you remember the conversation we had yesterday?”

“Parts of it” Cathy blushed pink as she answered “You wanted to talk about sex.”

July unstrapped Elly from the car seat, the baby did not wake as she took her from the van. “I wanted to talk about having babies” July said. “You wanted to lecture me on beginner’s sex.”

“That’s right” Cathy replied. “And then you started playing with yourself. It really turned me on.”

“Would an eleven year old know more about sex, than a Health teacher?” July asked her.

“She shouldn’t” Cathy answered. “But who knows. Maybe your dad or mum is a doctor”

They entered the house and July placed the baby into her crib and hung her little coat in the closet before turning to face Cathy.

“Ok. So I wanted to talk about babies” July brushed her hair so it hung behind her. “Specifically I wanted to know if you wanted to have a baby”

“Yes, I want to have his baby” Cathy wrapped her arms around Jim. “I need to have his baby”

“I planted that thought in your mind” July told her. “Not that you want to have HIS baby, but that you NEED to have HIS baby. I didn’t want you wasting his sperm by swallowing it last night.” She stepped closer to them, and pulled her blouse open.

“July you leave your clothes on” Cathy spat.

“I can’t do that Kitty Cat” July replied. “I am sorry to have to do this. Cum Cathy.”

“Cathy convulsed in Jim’s arms. “Oh, oh, oh. OH fuck awhaaa. She moaned as pleasure shook her body. “Wow where did that come from?” She asked.

“Jimmy boy, hold her tight this time” July said. “Cathy ten times as hard, CUM”

Cathy’s body trembled, and then shook as pleasure washed through her. She moaned than screamed out. “Ohh ohh oh my Gaaaaaawd.” When she settled down she was panting hard, and holding tightly to Jim.

July took her skirt off and stood naked before them. “I want to share him with you”

I don’t want to take your man from you. I want to help you have his baby”

“That was some kind of hypnotism” Cathy said. You said you planted thoughts in my head. You hypnotized me, and planted some post hypnotic thoughts, that’s how you triggered my orgasms just then.”

“Yes, partially” July confessed. “But I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do under hypnotism. What I can do, is make you have great sex with Jimmy, and wake up pregnant with his baby tomorrow.

“That sounds good” Cathy panted. “But if you’re as old as me, how come you look like a baby yourself?”

“I’m a year older than you sweetheart, almost” July told her truthfully. “Can we just say I have spent a few years on Never Never land and forget about my appearance?”

“I don’t suppose you have a driver’s license, or some other proof of your age?” Cathy pressed.

“No” July told her. “Besides, what does it mater? I could forge an I. D.”

“I suppose.” Cathy shrugged. “Why are you so hyped up about me having a baby?”

“Not A baby, Jimmy’s baby” she answered. “You told me he hasn’t brought it up. But it’s the one thing he wants more than anything else in the world. Other than your happiness. For you to have his baby.”

Cathy turned to Jim. “Is that true”

Jim nodded his head in reply.

“I want Jim bob here to be happy” July said. “That, and to feel his cock inside my cunt. I’ve wanted that from the first time he had a wet orgasm. We were twelve.” she spread her arms and waved them in front of herself “Ta Dah. A body trapped for eternity at the age your boyfriend had his first orgasm.

“So you are twelve years old” Cathy said.

“Twelve in appearance.” July corrected. “And this might show you my correct age. Your boyfriend wet off for the first time over the Flying Nun.”

“That explains his hang-up for Sally Field” Cathy said. “Fuck her Jimmy she’s been waiting a long time for a piece of that cock.” The scent of mint filled the room as Cathy spoke.

“Huh you’re alright with this?” he asked. “Is this really what you want?”

Cathy kissed him. “Your guardian angel just told me I’m going to have your baby. This is what I have always wanted.”

“I’m no angel” July stated. “Do we go into the bed room, or” she straddled his lap. Rubbing herself over his hardened dick. The aroma of mint grew heady. . “Do you want me to give you my virginity the same way a certain blond cheerleader did?”

“You’re a virgin” they both said, Together.

July leaned her head on his shoulder. Breathing heavily she replied. “Duh, there is only one cock I have ever wanted.” She began opening Jim’s shirt. “Kitty Cat, you get his shirt, I’m going to take his pants off.”

“She’s going to be tight. Much tighter than I was, she isn’t fully developed” Cathy told Jimmy as she took off his shirt. “Let her take the lead. Girl on top will give her full control. Just like I did it.”

She kissed him than turned and kissed July. “You ready for this?”

“Are you kidding, I’ve been ready for this for thirty-four years.” July replied. She took his cock in her hand and guided it to her moist virgin snatch. Than she stopped. She looked Jim in the eye, and said in a little girl voice. “Cathy could you help me please?”

Cathy took hold of Jim’s member, and angled it to July’s pussy. “Go slow baby. There is no hurry, and no reason to hurt yourself. Let your pussy stretch around him.” she instructed.

July lowered herself against the upright staff. Cathy rubbed the head up and down through her slit, more fresh mint filled the air. She pressed his cock head into the mouth of July’s vagina.

“My God. I’m going to cum already” July exclaimed.

“Let it happen, baby” Cathy coached. She rubbed the girl’s small tits with her free hand. “Take a little more, and let it stretch you”

July pushed herself down. Letting the hard cock push through her maiden head.

“He’s there” she breathed. “He’s knocking at my door.”

“Easy now honey” Cathy cautioned. “This is the hard part. When you feel your ready pull back just a little, than slam down hard. You’ll feel a little tearing, and maybe a blinding pain. Or so I have been told there can be pain. I had my first orgasm on a cock when I split my cherry on that dick.”

“I want to do that too” July moaned. “I want to cum for him when I give him my cherry.”
“Hold up for just a minute” Jim spoke. “Your so tight, I’m going to white wash your cherry if you don’t hold still for a moment”

July and Cathy both laughed. Jim clinched his fists, and bit his bottom lip to keep from cumming as July’s pussy spasmed with her laughter. As her giggle fit ended, July lifted up, letting his cock slip out of her.

“Kiss me Cathy sue.” she wined. “I want to share this with you as much as I want to share it with Jimmy”

Cathy pressed her lips to the girl’s. July pushed her tongue into Cathy’s mouth sharing a moment before she pushed down impaling her virgin cunt on Jim’s rampant shaft. She screamed into Cathy’s mouth as the head of his cock slammed into her cervix.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Ooh God, I’m cumming on Jimmy’s cock” She bellowed.

Her tight cunt gripped his cock like a soft wet vice. Wringing it over and over as she road out her orgasm. Knowing she was ready to become pregnant with her first fuck added to the thrill of taking her cherry. With his cock buried in her womb, he couldn’t miss. He held her preteen hips, and pushed her down. Cumming deep within her. He coated the walls of her womb with potent sperm. While her spasming cunt milked him dry.

“Did you?” July asked. “Yes, Yes you are, I can feel it. I can feel your cum spraying into me.”

Cathy pulled back from their kiss long enough to say “Feels good doesn’t it.”

“God, but you’ve got a strangle hold on me girl.” Jimmy added. “I’m going to try to fuck you now.”

“Oh, silly me” July giggled. “I’m supposed to ride you, not just sit here like a silly virgin.” She slowly pulled up from him. Feeling the length of his cock rub against her inner walls.

“Not as deep this time” Cathy cautioned. “You want to save that for the end”

“Ok, hold me.” July begged. I don’t think I can keep myself up.” She slid back down on Jim’s wonderful member quaking in the aftermath of her first real cock induced orgasm. “Oh, Oh my, this feels so good.”

Cathy held her from behind, a hand on each of her little titties. As she helped July post. “Don’t just lay there like a bump in a rug, Kiss her” she told Jimmy.

Lacing his fingers in her shimmering hair. He pulled her face to his. “Let me know when your going to cum again. I want to cum with you.”

“I haven’t stopped.” July stated. “I’m still quivering can’t you feel it.”

He kissed her and smiled. “You will know the difference” he told her.

Having cum once he was able to hold off a few minutes, but all to soon he had to tell her. “I’m going to cum, are you ready for it. I want you to cum with me.”

“I can feel it, I’m almost there, I know I’ll cum when I feel your baby batter spraying my uterus” July informed him. She kissed him as she slammed her cunt down as far as she could take him. She squealed in orgasm as his cock head once more penetrated her cervix. His cum fountained into her. She thought she could feel her stomach expand as her womb was filled with cum. July collapsed into his chest. His cock still imbedded with in her. Jim cuddled her to him as he felt Cathy press herself against her back. As the blond squirmed to kiss him, he felt July’s cunt pulsate around his cock once more as she experienced yet another orgasm.

“I think you fucked her out” Cathy whispered against his lips. “Can you get it up for me. I’m the one you are supposed to be getting pregnant.”

“She keeps cumming on my cock, I’m never going to go down” he told her.

“Your still hard?” Cathy smiled. “Lets make this one special than” Cathy slid down the girl’s back, and spread her tiny ass cheeks. Forming her tongue into a tube, she speared it into July’s anus. July’s hips bucked away from the intrusion. Impaling her cunt on the stiff cock buried within her pussy. Cathy fucked the girl’s ass with her tongue causing July to squirm on Jim’s cock. This in turn rubbed her clit and every muscle in her vagina. Her over heated pussy was soon throbbing once more as her body was rapt with orgasm.

“Hee, Hee, Hee Haw” Jim laughed. “I road that one. You want to make her cum again or should we let her rest a while?”

Cathy kissed her asshole, than slid back up her back. “She’s had hers, now its my turn” she said pressing her pussy against July’s butt. “I need you to pound my cunt, Master”

“I will do just that, Kitty Cat” Jim informed her. “Check on Elly. She should still be asleep. I will carry Julep into the bed, and we will put a baby in your belly.”

“Master, I am ready to cum just from hearing you say that” Cathy purred.

Jim stood. His hands supporting July by her ass. His cock still buried deep in her cunt. As he walked he felt her pussy pulsate with every step. When they reached the bed, he laid her on her back. His cock pulled free as her ass slid to the mattress.

She looked up into his eyes. And rubbed her belly. “Your baby she cooed softly.”

Jim leaned down and kissed her lips, then kissed her belly where she rubbed.

“You can eat her out later” Cathy said, coming in from the nursery. “Right now, I want you to fuck a baby into me.”

“Lay down beside her, and I will. My Kitty Cat” Jim told her.

Cathy lay down on her back beside July. She spread her legs and held out her arms to her master. Jim moved between them, and positioned his cock at the mouth of her cunt.

“Can I taste it with just me on it first” July asked. Not waiting for an answer she moved her head to his cock and licked the length of it. July turned to face Cathy, “Now were going to put a baby in you. Fuck her good Jimmy.” July moved up and kissed Cathy on the mouth. Her right hand rubbed her belly while with her left she fondled the blond’s huge boobs. She continued to rub and caress Cathy while Jim pounded away at her pussy. She felt Cathy’s abdomen quiver with orgasm three times before Jimmy filled her cunt with his cream.

As he poured his semen into Cathy, July pressed her belly against the blonds and kissed her deeply. Than she whispered into her mouth, “What was mine is yours. What is yours is ours. What is ours is his.” She then tuned and kissed her way down Cathy’s stomach to her pussy. She lapped around Jim’s cock capturing their combined juices with her tongue, before pulling his shaft from Cathy’s cunt. She sucked his cock into her mouth. Only able to accommodate half of him she wrapped both her hands around the rest, and sucked him clean. When she finished with him, July leaned into Cathy’s pussy, and licked her slit. Lapping first the girl juice that spilled out, then driving her tongue into her cunt after the sperm deposited there. She licked and sucked until Cathy had an orgasm on her tongue forcing more of her lovers cum out with her own. July lapped up the love juices then she cuddled between Jim and Cathy.

The sensation of a hot wet pussy engulfing his cock woke Jim the next morning.

His eyes opened to the sight of his beautiful blond Kitty Cat posting on his member.

“Morning Pussy Cat” he said, pulling her face down for a kiss. “Where’s July?”

“Tending the baby” she replied.

“I love it when you wake me up like this.” Jim said. He rolled her off him pushed her over onto her stomach and mounted her from behind. “Get use to it you knocked up bitch. It won’t be long and this will be the only way you can take it.”

“Yes master, fuck me like a bitch in heat.” Cathy begged. “I’m your bitch. I’m your knocked up bitch” she said. “Fuck my baby maker” She shuddered to a climax around his pistoning cock. “Oh master forgive me, I’m cumming. I can’t hold it back.”

“That’s my Kitty Cat, cum like the animal you are. Cum for me while I fill your baby tube with hot cream.” He told her.

July held Elly in her arms as she watched them mate. Her pussy churned as she cooed at the baby. As the couple separated she carried Elly to the bed, and sat down beside Cathy. She rubbed the blond’s stomach, and asked. “Would you mind, if I had him one last time before I go?”

“What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is ours, what’s ours, is his” Cathy told her. “With any luck, he will give you one too.” She placed her hand over the girl’s on her belly. “Do you have to go?”

“You won’t see me, but I will always be here.” She rubbed Cathy’s belly for emphasis. “And here” she placed her hand on Jim’s chest as she slid over Cathy. “Good morning stud” she said as she placed Elly between him and Cathy. She kissed him as she straddled his member. His cock slid slowly into her tight woman hood.

“You’re not too tender?” he asked, as her pussy clamped down on him.

“I’m a little sore, but I want this.” she said and pushed down on him.

She posted on his erection, her eyes holding all three of them entranced. “There is nothing more important than your babies” she panted out as she reached her climax. She fell forward on him her body trembling. As her orgasm ebbed she kissed him. She leaned over and kissed Cathy, then kissed Elly, before she began posting on the rock hard cock filling her cunt. She laid her head on his shoulder, and ground herself against him. “I want you to fill my belly. She whispered in his ear. I’m fertile. Cathy wants me to have your baby too. I have always loved you. Put your baby in me.” she groaned out her orgasm, and drove her cunt all the way down his shaft, forcing his cock into her womb. She felt his cock explode inside her filling her with his life giving seed. She kissed him once more than said “Thank-you” before she was enveloped in a brilliant green light.

Elly clapped her hands, and said “bye-bye” than rolled over an pressed her cheek to Cathy’s belly and said “Hi”

Cathy placed her hand on the baby’s head. “That’s your baby cousin in there.”

“Juju” Elly said giggling, “Juju” she wiggled her head on Cathy’s stomach, “Juju”

Jim placed his hand next to the baby, on Cathy’s belly. “July did say she would always be here”.

“Juju” Elly agreed

“And here” Cathy said laying her head on his chest.

Jim McNally

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