A Diffrent path for me. Dark Fantasy. A Female falls Victim to the Demonic influances. then shares her curse
Her heart pounded beneath her heaving bosom, echoing in her ears in deep rhythmic thuds. She clasped the remnants of her blouse to her as she cowered in the shadow of the giant elm. Her skin pale beneath a layer of filth that coated her from head to toe, she looked more a third world refugee than an upper middle class American teen. She crouched deeper into the darkness as a large man dressed in overalls strode down the garden path. She turned her face to the tree hoping the mud that covered her body would blend with the bark, when he stopped and knelt beside a bed of flowers growing a short distance from her hiding place. The aroma of fresh mown grass drifted to her, and she began to tremble and sweat poured over her. The man stood and continued on his way. The girl crept slowly around the base of the tree than bolted from its shadow toward what looked like a tool shed in shear panic.

As she approached the little out building, she heard the wisp, wisp, wisp, of a blade being drawn over a whetstone. Her stride faltered, and she crashed to the ground hard. The smell of freshly cut grass once again assaulted her nose, as she felt a large hand clasp her shoulder. Beads of cold sweat flowed from her pores when she felt smaller hands pulling at her arm. She struggled to her knees as the sky darkened and thunder rolled in the distance. The hands on her arm and shoulder loosened momentarily at the sound, and she ran toward the woods abutting the garden park.

A breeze at her back seemed to push her along as she strode for the safety of the pines. Than it began to rain. The breeze driving the droplets like needles into her skin. She screamed as she slid on the wet grass, and once again fell face first to the ground. She felt something wrap around her upper arms and thighs before she was lifted gently from the ground. She hung about four inches off the ground then began to move toward the wood. She looked over her shoulder. The vine like straps that suspended her by her shoulders and legs were themselves held in the empty air about two feet above her. She screamed a shriek that would have pierced the eardrums of anyone within hearing distance.

Her lungs empty she drew a deep breath to yell again, and a thick fleshy tube was shoved into her open mouth. She gagged and threw-up around it. It pushed deeper into her throat as tears welled up in her eyes. The ground continued to pass just inches below her eyes. She was carried deeper into the forest. The tube or vine continued to move as well. It felt to be about the width of a garden hose covered in prickly hairs. As it fucked in and out of her mouth she gagged and vomited again. The mess spread out in front of her face. As if coating the legs and torso of her assailant, then vanished. A hand pushed on the back of her head driving it down. The cock in her mouth pulsed, spraying a thick wad of cum into her throat. She gagged, and tried to pull away but was held. The cock pulsed again shooting more of the thick liquid down her gullet. Like a beating heart it pulsed and pumped, pulsed and pumped. Her mouth pushed hard against the base of the penis, sealing her lips and preventing any of the demon seed from escaping as it was poured into her rebelling stomach.

She pulled at her arms and legs trying to wiggle free. The hose in her mouth kept pumping. She thought she would drown as she felt her stomach churn and bloat inside her. Her stomach hurt as it stretched and expanded. When it felt that she would burst, the cock was pulled from her mouth, and she was lowered to the ground. She tried to puke, but nothing would come out. When she tried to drive her finger down her throat, small hands grabbed her arm and pulled them out away from her body and held them there.

Her ass cheeks were pried apart, and she felt wet fingers pushing against her anus.

“NO” she screamed out as the finger drove into her tight sphincter. She cried into the mud as the finger fucked in and out of her ass. Then screamed as it was replaced by a cock that felt much bigger than the one that had fucked her stomach full of scum. Her face pushed into the mud with each thrust of the massive cock into her bowels. Her throat grew raw, and her screams to a raspy moan before she felt the first spray of hot lava wash her colon. Her distended stomach told her she could expect no less from the cock now spurting its load into her ass, and she braced herself for the pain as she felt her bowels being filled and stretched.

She expected cum and shit to spray from her stretched ass hole in a shower when the rapist pulled out his spent cock. She didn’t even feel a trickle of semen spill down her thigh. She felt warmth as her guts stretched and rearranged themselves around her distended intestines. She felt happy and warm as she was rolled over on her back. Contented and at peace, she stretched her arms over her head and spread her legs. Opening her self for what she knew would be the largest of her attackers. Only she wanted it now. She waned that cock to fuck her womb full of the happy juice that filled her stomach. As the cock slid into her, she pushed her cunt up to meet it. Fucking as much as being fucked. She looked down, seeing only her grotesquely distended stomach. She felt she must look as though she were nine months pregnant, and over due to deliver. She smiled at the thought and pushed her pelvis even harder against the thrusts of her assailant.

The cock inside her seemed to grow as it fucked her. Pushing against her cervix than into the mouth of her womb. The pain was only momentary but extreme. As the cock entered her uterus she howled in agony. Then the pain turned to ecstasy. She began to shiver then shook violently as orgasm after orgasm ravished her tortured body. Her climax continued as her womb was pumped full of demonic semen. Her pleasure was so intense, she did not feel the pulsating cock as it filled her uterus stretching it to the breaking point, nor feel him pull out of her as his discharge finished.

She lay back in the mud with a smile on her face as the rain continued to fall through the pines. A warm happy glow coursing through her nerves as she slept.

Pop, pop, pop, pop, splat, splat, splat, thud, “Ouch that one really hurt.” Jeremy said, as he looked at the splotches of paint spreading over his jacket. Three bright yellow stains where three paint balls had just marked him as dead. The forth lay unbroken at his feet. “What the fuck” he said as he bent to pick it up.

The other boys roared with laughter. Then as one all four opened fire on him again. Jeremy ran for the cover of the woods. He dodged and ducked as paintballs exploded against the trees around him. Every so often he would hold his own gun over his shoulder and fire back at the gang firing on him, as he ran.

He stopped up dead in his tracks as he entered the clearing. His friends quickly caught up with him and stood beside him. They all stared silently at the center of the glen.

“Is she…” one of them said.

“No, she isn’t, she’s looking at us.” Jeremy answered.

“She’s naked” the same one stated.

“Really” Jeremy replied sarcastically, “I hadn’t noticed. I was to busy looking at those boobs”

The five boys watched the young woman slowly sit up. Mud covered her from head to foot and they new from the way her belly protruded that she was very pregnant. The girl smiled at them and stood up. When she started walking toward them the boys turned and ran. She opened her mouth to call after them. Emitting a high pitched scream that stopped the boys in their tracks. All except the very youngest who continued to run. She called again, and Jeremy and the oldest of the other three turned back around and walked to her.

The girl wrapped her arms around Jeremy’s neck and pulled him into her chest. He felt warm and tingly as her lips touched his. She pressed her tongue into his mouth, and he shot his seed into his pants. He felt dizzy, but warm and content as she continued to kiss him. Her tongue forced its way down his throat, and he felt his stomach fill up. She pulled her tongue from his mouth and let him go. She turned to the other boy and kissed him as she had Jeremy. When she released him, she called for the other two. They walked into the glen and right up to the young woman. She embraced each of them in turn when she had kissed all four boys, she rubbed her hand over her smooth flat stomach and smiled at them.

“Go home now.” she told them. “Play nice.”

The boys walked slowly out of the glen. Smiling and laughing as they headed for home.

“Damn but she can kiss” the oldest of the four stated. “It must be after supper time. I’m starved”

“Me too” the others said in unison, and laughed.

They ran to their separate homes to eat. While the young woman danced around her glen singing gaily.

anonymous readerReport

2012-05-20 05:05:39
Very good, the story is quite confusing, but uses it to an advantage by making it all Emotion. instead of just a picture, its all emotion you feel while reading it. an excellent writing style.



2012-05-08 12:38:41
Yeah like that reader said, make a part 2!! This totaly had me turned on!


2012-05-08 12:38:11
Yeah like that reader said, make a part 2!! This totaly had me turned on!

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2012-04-29 11:12:29
Interesting enough to warrant a second part. Please keep writing and develop the story. Tell us what happens to the boys who she kissed did they become demons and what happened to her pregnat status. I liked this story, it might have sounded uncertain but it was easy to fill in the gaps. Keep writing.

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