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Magically changed into a girl
The Pendant

Chapter Five

The next day was Friday so I was glad when school got out. But then I got to thinking that on the weekend my mom was probably going to be home so I would have no private time to use the Pendant.

When Bobby arrived I told him to ahead while I got some towels. I had been going through sheets pretty fast and couldn’t think of an explanation if my mom asked. When I walked into the room Bobby was already naked and wearing the Pendant. In spite of having seen her a lot it still me stop and stare to see this big boobed naked girl in my room.

She helped me spread the towels on the bed saying that was a good idea. Then she lay down on them and started stroking her hands over her body. I took a moment to appreciate the show and then undressed. Bobby concentrated on stroking her tits and I started rubbing her thigh eventually moving up to gently fondle her pussy.

As I rubbed her I could feel the moisture start to leak out of her and saw her nipples hardening. She closed her eyes enjoying the sensations and then spoke. “I want to fuck. I’ll let you go first but then I want to.”

My hand stopped rubbing her as she said this and then I resumed. Hell, I was hard as a flag pole and a beautiful girl was naked in my bed and asking me to fuck her. I just said “OK”.

Bobby began teasing her nipples and after a few minutes said “I’m ready.” I could feel how wet she was and agreed. Kneeling between her spread legs I rubbed my cock against her pussy lips getting the head wet. I moved it down to the warmth of her entrance and the head popped in. Bobby jerked and I was afraid she might want me to stop but she just moved her hips a bit and then nodded for me to keep going.

Moving forward I lay on top of her. Her hands were moving against my chest as she continued to play with her tits. Once I was settled on my elbows I stared moving my hips gently forward and back. She was tight but very wet and with each forward motion I slipped deeper until I felt myself pressing against her pussy. I stopped there enjoying the warm slippery flesh perfectly fitting my manhood.

After a few seconds Bobby ground her hips against me and I started moving my hips sliding in and out increasing the stroke as I learned how far I could pull back but still keep the tip inside her. “Is this OK?” I asked her.

Bobby whispered back “Yes, but go in a little harder.” I started going faster on the in stroke and her hips were rising to meet me so I bumped against her clit.

In spite of all that we had done on previous days this was the first time I had ever fucked a girl as well as my first fuck of the day. All too soon I felt myself getting close, speed up, and then sent shot after shot of warm cum into her pussy before collapsing on top of her.

She opened her eyes and glared at me. “Already? Damn it! I was getting close.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say that didn’t sound lame. Instead I started grinding my hips against her clit. I was way too sensitive to stroke in and out but that seemed to be enough for her and her hips moved against mine.

We settled into a rhythm and pretty soon she was straining against me. By this point I was able to resume stroking and I found that I was still firm enough to slide in and out of her.

Sensing she was close I sped up and began pounding her. After a dozen strokes her hips rose up and I felt her pussy clamp on my cock. I kept fucking her until she finally settled down to the bed.

I was hard again. I didn’t know that I could stay hard like that after cumming. She didn’t say to stop so I kept stroking gently, enjoying the slippery caress of her love channel.

Bobby had let go of her breasts after she came and I felt them pressing against my chest as I kept fucking her. She lay there limp for a bit and then started moving her hips slowly. She spoke softly in my ear. “I thought we would switch right after but I think I want to cum again. I thought you came. How are you still hard?”

I was enjoying fucking her so I kept it up. “I did shoot but then I had to keep it moving so you could cum and that kept me hard. I have never had that happen before.”

Bobby smiled and said “Well, you’ve never fucked a pussy before either. How is it?’

“Warm, wet, and a perfect fit.” I smiled back at her.

Her hips began to grind under me and we both sped up. I felt her get close and pounded against her to send her over the edge. Her pussy clamped down on my shaft but I pressed harder and kept fucking her. She relaxed for a few strokes and then clamped down again. She was straining and panting against me and I was glad I had already cum once or this would have made me spurt for sure.

We kept fucking with her panting and me trying until I lost track of how many times she had cum. Finally I felt that familiar feeling and kept going as I spurted my second load into her. I slowed to a stop and collapsed on top of her.

We lay there, too tired and relaxed to do anything else. After a while I realized I was squashing her and rolled off to the side. My limp penis pulled out of her and left a wet trail across her thigh.

I glanced at the clock and realized we had been fucking for 45 minutes. Not bad for a first time. Bobby finally sat up, reached down between those marvelous boobs, and pulled the Pendant off.

When the shimmering cleared there was my best friend with a hard on. He placed the chain over my head and I rose up enough for it to slip down to my neck. When my transformation finished I was looking at my own tits.

I no longer had a penis, erect or shrunken, but I was still exhausted from all that fucking. Bobby lay on his side and began rubbing and squeezing my boobs giving me a chance to rest and trying to turn me on.

I was still feeling very relaxed so I just let him caress and stroke me. He started sucking on my nipples and I felt his hand rub my pussy. His finger would dip down to my hole to test its wetness and then up to trace little circles on my clit.

I was getting turned on from the attention he was giving to my nipples and pussy and at some point he must have decided I was ready. I really had to give him credit. He was probably rock hard and really wanted to just ram it into me. Instead I felt him move over me supporting himself on his hands and knees. He had stopped rubbing me so when his penis touched my pussy it replaced the stimulation his hand had been giving me.

Bobby slipped the head into my entrance and I felt it stretch and then a full feeling as he slid into me finally allowing his body to rest on mine. My clit welcomed the pressure of being squeezed between our bodies.

He began to move his hips and it seemed very natural for mine to respond. It was more comfortable than I had expected but not as stimulating as what his hands and mouth had been doing. Neither of us felt any need to talk as he gradually increased the length and speed of his strokes.

Pretty soon he was stroking fast and furious and while it felt good I still wasn’t feeling close to an orgasm. I felt him tense and slam into holding it there for a second before withdrawing and plunging into me five more times. Then he collapsed and I felt his weight on my hips and chest.

I let him lay there enjoying that post coital bliss while I counted in my head. When I reached twenty five I moved my hips under him. He didn’t respond so I told him “See if you can keep it going for a second time.” Bobby moved his hips slightly in and out and then I felt him shift his weight back to his elbows as he started to slide in and out again. After a minute he was hard again and taking nice long strokes.

“Are you getting close?” he asked.

I relaxed and let him fuck me. “No, it feels good but not enough to make me cum yet.”

“Do I need to do something more?” he asked. I could hear the concern in his voice.

“I don’t think so. This just doesn’t do as much for me as getting fingered. But it feels good so just fuck and enjoy it.”

We stopped talking at that point and Bobby seemed to settle into finding the stroke that felt best to him. My legs started to feel stiff so I raised my knees a bit and this made things feel different. Bobby kept stroking away and it felt like he was going deeper but hitting my clit less.

I lay there thinking that he probably had the idea of fucking, switching, and fucking again, for several times. Instead we were going to get just one turn each though I had cum twice and hoped he would too. I also wanted to talk to him about the weekend. I was used to sex every afternoon and the idea of having to go without for two days sounded unbearable. This probably wasn’t the best time to distract him though so I would wait until afterwards. Maybe we could go somewhere else. All we needed was the Pendant and a place where we would not be seen or heard.

About that point Bobby sped up and began fucking harder like he was ramming his cum into me. He slowed and again relaxed on top of me. My breasts were squeezed between us and with my knees bent it was easier to bear his weight. I allowed him to enjoy his bliss and just lay there relaxing.

Bobby finally rose up, looked at the clock and then rolled off. “You didn’t cum?”

“No, it felt nice but I never got close.”

“Do you want me finger you?” he asked.

“I don’t think we have enough time. It’s OK though I got to fuck a hot girl earlier.” I smiled at him. “Go get rinsed off and dressed while I start cleaning up.”

He grabbed his clothing and headed for the bathroom. I collected the towels and put them in the laundry. In spite of not having gotten off I was feeling pretty good. All that stimulation had been very pleasant.

I removed the Pendant and got dressed. Bobby returned and we sat on the bed. I looked at him. “Tomorrow is the weekend and we can’t use my room.”

Bobby frowned. “I had been thinking about that. It sucks. It seems like there is always somebody at my house on the weekend so that is no good.”

We were both silent for a while. “Think on it tonight and I will to. Tomorrow we can talk and try to figure out a place.”

Bobby said OK and that he had better be getting home. He left and I waited for my mother. After I had asked her how her day was and she had gone down to start dinner I grabbed the Pendant and headed into the bathroom. I wore the Pendant while I soaked in the tub and diddled myself to an orgasm. Then I slipped it off and stroked my cock until I came again. Getting fucked had been nice but I had needed to cum and felt better after one of each.

Through the rest of the evening I tried to think of places we could go for more sex. There were lots of places where we might be alone but I could not think of any where someone might come walking along and see us. I would have to sleep on it and hope Bobby or I came up with an idea.


2016-01-28 00:28:11
Interesting comment brunty54. I enjoyed reading every part and by not putting The End it leaves room for much more

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2012-10-01 11:02:01
This is a great series of stories. I am a married white male, and I have received two blowjobs from men (I never reciprocated). I am not turned on by men, but I would let a man fuck the shit out of me if I could turn into a woman.


2012-05-21 01:22:34
to be honest a part of me wished i had a pendant like that and what would happen if there having sex and the pendant fell off ?

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2012-05-11 23:36:36
lol brunty... its a magic pendant... id guess the person who originally made it thought about that and made it so that the cum magically disappeared :D


2012-04-25 17:58:43
What happened to the cum in Bobby's pussy?

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