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Sorry about the spelling last time I wanted to give the story a second chance like I said I am young and don't have a very good vocabulary but I did my best to edit this one
My phone rang, it was Minna, great.

Reluctantly I picked up, I needed to figure out what was going on.

"hey s-" I cut her off 

"do you have a boyfriend?!" she didn't respond 

"let me repeat myself do you have a boyfriend?!" 

"of course not silly" she said with a smile I her voice

"that's good cause I thought you were dating timothy miller" there was a long silence

She began sobbing "I'm sor-" I cut her off again 

"what the he'll is your problem you cheat on your boyfriend that you don't tell me about and when I ask you about it, instead of coming clean you lied again then you try to apologies once you realize you have been caught, what the Fuck is your problem" I was pissed now, I was like an explosion without an end.

"what the hell" I continued "you arnt aloud in my house ever again and I don't ever want to see your face again you two timing bitch" and I hung up with a simple click. 
I was furious ran out to my back yard grabbing a rock the size of a base ball and hurling it over the fence and into the yard of the nabber two houses down I turned around and fell to my knees on the grass hitting it hard over and over. Finally I was able to control myself and went inside it was 3:48pm I made something to eat and walked up stairs to my room and laid on my bed as I called my boss and told him I was not feeling so good and needed a week off he said sence I had worked so much over time lately that it shouldn't hurt my pay check, witch I was relived to hear I hung up and stared at the ceiling thinking to my self about what the hell was happening with my life and why me of all people I thought what I should do I thought about so many things I thought I should forgive her and move on then I thought I should forget  her then I thought I should get back at her and I slowly without knowing drifted to sleep. 

When I woke I looked at the clock 9:26pm, it was dark out I loved the night time it made me feel save like nobody was watching me like I could do anything I wanted I felt free,relived and confident,usually I would go on walks at night to clear my mine to night I dicided, I needed to clear my mind. I grabed my favorite gray and black sweatshirt putting it on and pushing the sleeves up until they were at my elbows, grabbed my house key locked up be hind me and off I went. It was cold out I liked it sometimes I don't know why I just do I walked past the park and saw a couple makingout on the bench to my right as I kept walking I passed the abandoned house that drunks usually stayed In I knew this walk by heart I could do it with my eyes closed I go on walks to much it just reminds me of what a mess my life is.

 I got to my old elementry school I walked around it once and sat on the big play structur yet again thinking, I checked the time it was 10:51pm I lay down looking at the stars I remember my mom and I used to count them together just her and I but that was a long time ago I started to count smiling to myself just for old times sake, I got to twenty six when I saw something out of the corner of my eye I sat up and saw a person running, a girl then another figur that looked like a man; he quickly out ran her and grabbed her arm I jumped down walking toward them they hadn't seen me yet and for all I know they could be playing a game but or they could be trying to kill each other you never know. He brutally slapped the girl and said "you slut you lying slut you said you wernt pregnant" 

" your drunk" the girl said "please relax let go of me" tears streaming down her eyes I knew it wasn't a game I crept behind the man unnoticed and jumped on his back putting him in a sleeper hold "the fuck!!" was all he could manage to choke out as he staggered to the wall and slammed me into the it; but I held on he was struggling panicking wasting his last bit of oxygen and he passed out, the girl just stood there. 

" are you ok" I asked 

"y-yeah" she stamerd looking a little shocked by what just happened 

"do you need anything?" 


"I know it's not my business what what was that about?"

"I have a twin sister that's her boyfriend he got her pregnant she wasn't feeling good and was throwing up every were she didn't want him to find out so I went on her date with him pretending to my sister kaylie. He was drunk and had hit me so I ran" 

"what is your name?" 


"that's a pretty name do you have a place to stay?"

"I can walk to my house it's about five or six miles from here" 

"would you like me to walk you home? It's pretty dark we can go to my place and grab flash lights" 

"if you don't mind I dont want to be a bother" 

"of course not come on it's only a little over a mile"

"ok" she said as we began walking off to my house.

She was about two inches shorter than me with maybe 34-B cup breasts, a good ass, blonde hair, pretty face and fairly strong arms and legs she looked athletic. 

She was holding her self tightly she had a short  sleeved shirt on and no jacket she looked freezing so I did the gentlemanly think to do and took off my jacket and wrapped it around her she looked at me with a warm smile, she had a pretty smile one of the smiles that you're always trying to see more of.

" thank you " she said followed by a hug 

"so how old are you?" she asked me 

"I'm thirteen years old. What about you?" 

"I'm fourteen" she smiled "I'm only a year ahead of you sevie"

"well that changes everything" I said grabbing her hand 

We continued in silence we both had smiles on our faces so I decided to enjoy the moment. in about two minutes we reached my house I unlocked the door and started to walk up the stairs.

"what are you doing?" she asked 

"grabbing flashlights" 

"can I follow you?" 

"sure I do t see why not" 

She came upstairs after me I walked into my room with her on my heels she put her hand lightly on my shoulder. When I turned around she was right in front of my face giving me the most passionate kiss I had ever had. instinctively I pushed my tung into her mouth and she welcomed it, we fell onto my bed and she broke the kiss sliding her hands up my chest and took off my shirt she kissed me again and reached down my pants to pull out my nine inch fully erect cock her jaw dropped but was soon replaced by lust and the thought if it filling her.

 she sat on top of me as she slide her shirt off wile undoing her bra Her boobs sprang out they may not have been huge but hell were they perky; I reached out and pinched her nipple wile rolling it between my fingers as she moaned in approval that just turned me on more I leaned in taking her nipple into my mouth as I circled and flicked it with my tung "STOP" she said "please stop I can't take any more I have to fuck you" she sat up strait takeing off her pants followed by her blue laced panties with matched her bra that was long gone. she smiled with lust in her eyes as she lay on me kissing me with passion then her sobbing wet pussy engulfed my cock without warning as I let out a groan she was so tight it was amazing even with her juices it was a tight fit. 

"fuck me" she said "fuck me till I cum then cum inside me fill me with your sperm please" 

That was all I needed I flipped her on her back, ramming. The last three inches if my cock in to her pussy as she screamed in pleasure followed by moans. Our pubic bones were pressed together she was breathing fast and shallow I took my cock out five inches then slammed it into her pussy as she moaned loudly in approval I sped up going faster and faster I wasn't going to last much longer.

"I'm gonna cum soon" I told her  

"yes fill me with your cum" 

I rammed her pussy so hard you could hear my balls slapping into her ass. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and I couldn't hold it any longer and I blew my load, her pussy milking every last drop of cum out of me. 

I lay back exhausted as she took my now deflated cock into her mouth licking off her juices.

"what's you're name again" I asked her 

She stoped sucking and replied "hailey" with a grin " and don't forget it " 

"you have an amazing pussy" 

"you have an amazing cock, and I don't think you ever told me your name"

"Jake" I replied

"Jake hhhmmmmm" she said with the sexiest smile on her face "what are you doing next weekend" 

"nothing yet" 

"great I'll meet you Saturday 8:30pm" she said wile struggling to get her jeans on "the elementary school" now putting her bra on "and don't be late" she said a little muffled due to her Tshirt over her face as slipped it on and walked out as she waved good bye.

"I'll be there" I shouted then herd the door close 
as I laid my head down on my pillow staring at the ceiling then going down stairs and locking the door I flipped off the hall light walked to my room and lay there until I fell asleep.

I woke up to a dry throat and my usual morning wood, as I replayed last nights events in my head. She must have left around 11:30 or 12:00 last night, what did it matter I thought as I glanced at the clock it was 9am little early. I walked down stairs looking at the calendar on the frig, it was Sunday school tomorrow.
"aaahhhhh" I said out loud. "I do not feel like going to school" 
I opens the freezer grabing two eggo waffles and throwing them in the toaster as I grabed a plate a knife and some peanut butter setting it on the counter thinking about math class. We had a test Monday on algebraic equations, I know what the X and Y represent but I still don't see why they had to use letters to screw with my head even more. 

My thought was interupted by the pop of the toaster I grabed the waffles laying them on my plate and spreading peanut butter over both then putting them together letting it melt alittle as I took a big bite. I wonder if minna will find out what I did last night? I thought. Then again why the hell should I care about what that bitch thinks she used me as a peice of meat, probably cause she was sick of her boyfriend.

I shoved the last bit of waffle in my mouth as I walked into the laundry room and took all the clothes out of the dryer and took them up stairs grabbing a pair of socks underwear jeans and a white T-shirt I took a shower got dressed and checked my phone I had a text message from minna 
"sorry :(" is all it said. She didn't even have the courage to say it to my face what the fuck is her problem.

I didnt bother responding I just decided to sleep my thoughts away so that's what I did, I payed down and fell asleep. 

When I woke up it was 6:00pm I got up and started on my social study's home work that I had been putting off all week it was almost end of third  quarter and I had a D in that class. I finished at 7:23pm and then I lay down and stared at the ceiling until slipping into a long dream less sleep.

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2012-06-19 00:16:12
What does "young" mean? With this level of spelling/grammar I would assume 10-12. Please get out.


2012-04-26 13:35:23
Like the story but you REALLY need to spell check and use basic grammar.

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