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This is my first story so I hope you liked it. Please comment if you liked the story.. And when A lot of you liked it I’ll make more!
It was a hot Friday afternoon I went to my room and turned on the aircon. I was slightly sleepy when my phone rang. It was my super hot aunt. So I quickly answered my phone. “Dominick, are you busy?” she said in a crying voice.” Nope,just sitting here watching some TV. What’s wrong?” I said. “My boyfriend just broke up with me this morning.” She said crying a little bit louder this time. “well what can I do for you?.” I said in a comforting way. “Can you spend time with me on the phone? So that I can tell you what happened? Is that okay with you?” she said. “Uh, y-ye that’s okay..” I said. “We were fighting the other day and it didn’t end well, because I caught my boyfriend having sex with my best friend and it fucking hurt me! Then I told him that I saw what happened then he just said that he was giving her a massage because she wasn’t feeling too good. Then I almost forgave him on what he did but then I remembered that he put his dick inside my best friend’s pussy and not to mention he cum inside her… then this morning he just texted my that he wants to break up because he was going to New York to have job. But I didn’t believed him one bit.” she said crying out loudly on the phone. “what a jerk… Hey, my dad will go there to pick up my uncle next week because they are going to his farm to chill out.. Would you mind me coming there and comforting you?” I said hopefully.” Yes!” she screamed..

The next week I called my aunt if he still need comforting. “yes, will you still come here?”. She said curiously. “of course I will! There’s nothing that I won’t do for you! :)).” Then my father called me. “Hey! Iceman let’s hit the road! Hang up there you and Anne will meet soon! So come on! ” He said (I like my drinks with lots of ice and I eat a lot of Ice cream that’s why he called me Iceman). “hey uh Imma hang up now cause we’re leaving” I said excitedly. “okay see you soon, sweetie”. She said happily. Then I realized that she had never called me nicknames except for the “Iceman”. “eh, at least now she called me a nickname that I kinda like between Anne and me”. I said ignoring the nickname she just called me.

5 hours of driving finally we are 5 minutes away from seeing my super hot aunt. “Ice, your uncle and I are gonna chill up his farm for a couple of days because we are gonna fix some things there. And since your with company with Anne its okay? Right?” he said. “uh… ya that would be great dad, but how long we gonna stay there? Not that I don’t like going to Anne’s place, it’s just to make sure how long…”. I said curiously. “about 4 days at least”. He said. “okay!” I said happily knowing that my dad would leave his laptop to me and I can search porno whenever my aunt’s asleep.. Finally we got there and to my surprise my uncle was over at the garden having a cigarette ready to go. “hey Matt! Let’s go fix you farm” shouted dad from the car. “Hey! Hold on.. Anne!! Iceman’s here! Keep him company okay?” My uncle said.. “Yes Matt!!” she said excitingly. “hey will you go back here tonight? Or not?” she asked. “no, were gonna stay at the farm for 4 days.. Well see ya Ice see ya Anne… Best get moving before dark.. Take care lads!”
She was wearing a white top that says I’m juicy. And wearing super short shorts. I quickly noticed her big round boobs and to be honest it wasn’t fake at all. She had the most spankable ass I have ever seen. As they leave we went inside her house and I realized I forgot to get the laptop from my dad. “Oh!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!” I said angrily. “why what’s wrong sweetie?” she said to me. “I fucking forgot to get the laptop from my dad.” I said. “It’s okay hon you can borrow mine if you want.” She said. “oh.. I better cause may be you got some important things to do.” I said. But in my mind I said holy shit! thanks Anne! I can fuck you thanks for that. “So... before you use my laptop I suggest that we eat first cause I’m pretty much starving!” she said. “umm okay… Can we order pizza?” I asked politely. “ye, sure I love eating pizza” she said happily. After a few minutes the pizza man came and we paid him.. then After we eat “Imma go watch TV in my room” I said excitedly.

“okay” she said. Then when I got to my room I jumped on the bed and turned on the TV… I was watching star movies and when I looked up there was a crack in the ceiling and knowing this was my uncle’s room I checked it out.. Then to my surprise I saw a whole lot of pornos! I was so excited and at the same time shocked. Then I tried to watched 1 of those porn I slid 1 cd out then I watched the whole movie for about 1-2 hours I think?? Then I was masturbating all a sudden I heard Anne’s footsteps getting closer to my uncle Matt’s room where I was to sleep for four days. I quickly put my rock hard penis in my plain black jogging pants and quickly paused the porn and headed back to Disney channel then Anne knock at my uncle Matt’s room as expected then she said “ Don’t forget take a shower before going to sleep”. “okay” I said loudly. Then I went to the shower to finish my masturbating my normal penis is about 5 inch and when it’s fully erected I think about 6 and a half inch. I come a across my aunt before going to the bathroom she was wearing a white tank top and super short shorts she wasn’t wearing any bra so I got a view of her really huge tits she was 5 foot 1 and I was 5 foot 4 so I was able to look down and saw her beautiful boobs. I had a towel around my waist before going to the bathroom so quickly my penis erected when I saw her boobs and I certainly hope she saw my erected penis. Then when I was in the bathroom jerking off my aunt not knowing she walked in my uncle’s Matt’s room where I will be staying and changed the TV to video mode I didn’t her because the shower was too damn loud and pretty cold… She resume the porn video in my uncle’s room and she turned the volume down to surprise me. As I was walking near to Matt’s room she heard me and completely turn the volume up to its maximum volume. When I heard that I ran to Matt’s room in a hurry like I was being chased by 5 dogs. Then when I finally reached the room. “So you found Matt’s hiding place, eh? And this is what you’ve been doing since you got in this room and now I know why you went to the bathroom so quickly and not to mention you caught a glimpse of my boobs right when you were about to go there and yes.. I saw your erected penis while you were going to the bathroom” She said angrily “h-h-how d-d-did you k-know t-that?” I asked in a scared-ish voice. “I’ve been watching you Dominick.” “All day long. So uh did you like it?” she said “Hell ye it was the best boobs I have ever seen in my life!” “hmmm.. really?” she said “ yes how come you want to make sure that I’d like it? I mean what’s not to like on your boobs? It’s so perfectly shape!” I said excitedly “ Dominick, you want to see them first hand?” “YES!!!” I said super excitedly “Well if you really want them..” She began taking off there white tank top and saw her boobs! Even better staring at it closely and not had a glimpse of it. She then leaned on to me and kissed me it was like heaven she had warm very soft lips very turning on to me. And I kissed her passionately, our tongues entertained with each others tastes her tongue meeting my tongue

and our salvias in each others mouths it was so good. We kissed passionately for about 10-20 minutes and I began touching her breasts and it felt like I had a very cute big round toy and I would just squeeze the living hell out of it! Then I touched her rock hard nipple she moan as we were kissing and then I reached down to unbutton here very short shorts and taking away her white panties along the short shorts and tossing them aside then I touched her very soft lips and she leaned back and remove the towel and we were instantly naked. “Oh my god!!! Your cock is super big! Even bigger than my boyfriend’s cock!” she exclaimed “really?” I said

“yeah” I mean my boyfriend’s cock is like I dunno umm 3-4 inch” she said sadly. “yea well here you go this big dick is all for you.” Then se sucked my dick I felt so fucking good and then she deep throated my dick for about 5 seconds then quickly let my dick to get some air she did this for about 5 to 6 times “oh god, Anne your so good at sucking my dick.. I am about to cum!” I said eagerly. She then stopped then said “oops.. better not spill that cum in my mouth I want it inside my pussy” She giggled. And I said “your gonna get pregnant if I cum in your pussy” I said “I don’t care sweetie just do it. Enough talking out that big dick in my pussy” it was an order. “yes ma’am!” I said. Then I placed my dick in her pussy then she said “don’t go slower faster! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow fuck me like you mean it! Fuck me till I cum! And fuck me like I have never been fucked before!” That’s all I needed to hear then I thrust my 6 and a half inch dick to my aunt’s wanting pussy and she screamed LOUDLY “ah fuck!!! Fuck fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!! I’m Cumming Dominick! I’m Cumming! She said strongly “I’m can’t hold much longer!!! Imma cum!!! Ughhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!” She Cummed on my dick I felt and heard her 19 year old pussy as I thrust my 6 and a half dick very hard inside my aunt’s pussy. She screamed like hell! Then I told her “I-I-I’m gonna cum!” I said. “Don’t get it out! Cum inside me baby!” she said strongly. “okay!” I shouted. Then I kissed her again then I knew I couldn’t hold it any further and blew my load into her pussy as I was Cumming inside her I thrust my big dick further inside and she screamed! Then I saw my hot cum leaking out of her pussy and I turn us around that way she was on top of me and said “wow Dominick that was the most exciting orgasms I’ve ever experienced my whole life!” she said strongly then she collapsed on top of me still my dick inside of her and we fell asleep

The next morning she was still on top of her and I woke her up with fucking her again.. We ate some left over pizzas we closed all the doors and windows so that we can walk naked around the house the 4 days I was with her felt like heaven we didn’t need clothes because we were naked all the time… the we had sex again this time on the kitchen table she Cummed twice there I blew of my hot Cum inside her for the second time and it was awesome the after we had sex at the kitchen table we kissed passionately in the couch for about what seems to be 30 minutes we like kissing each other then after the we took a bath then had sex there as always she screamed hurt my ear for about a second there and then she said “ wow Dominick your really good at having sex with me” she said strongly I just gave her a smile and fuck her harder then she Cummed for about 3-5 times I think… She was so tired and we slept at the floor of my uncle’s room and she was on top I have my dick inside her for 24 hours..

The 4 days was really sex lots and lots of sex Cumming screaming orgasms then we had finally had sex everywhere at the fourth night we had sex at her bedroom and she guided my dick to her ass this time she said “this is the last night were gonna have sex baby I want you to fuck me very hard! Harder than you fucked me yesterday and the days before that Cum in my ass and my pussy don’t take me slow baby do it fast and hardcore style” And so I did fuck her in the ass and cummed inside her ass for the very first time and fucked her in the pussy SO HARD that I blew of my load like I have never before then we fall asleep just like the other times we’ve fallen asleep her on top I’m at the bottom and my dick inserted in her pussy… I fucked her so very hardcore that the next day she had a hoarse voice she wasn’t able to speak clearly then we had 1 final sex before my dad picks me up.. as always she screamed but not loudly because of her sore throat and I’ve fucked her in the attic these time. Their attic was nice and clean and had a bed but we didn’t use it because I fucked her on the stairs of the attic. Then as always again I Cummed in her ass and wet juicy pussy but then As I was to unleash my third load before leaving the house she said “cum on my face” then I gladly did Cummed on her face she was hotter when she had Cum on her face and I tasted her pussy for the first time because she wanted my dick in her pussy and kissing me all the time and she didn’t made me eat her pussy. Then I did we were doing “69” her favourite position. Then this time I can’t believe she Cummed 6 times!!! She was to damn tired that I had to carry her to her bedroom and dressed her up so that my uncle and dad wouldn’t be suspicious of what’s happened over the past 4 days.. Then I woke her saying “hey, hon dad’s here I’m gonna leave no sweetie next time I go here I’ll fuck you twice as hard” I said thoughtfully. She gave one last! Wet kiss and pulled down my pants to give my dick one last kiss to and one last 10 second deep throat. Then my father said “Iceman! Hurry up! I’ve got a lot of work to do!” “Ye dad! Coming!!” I said out loud. Then I gave my aunt a follow up wet and spit kiss then she said “we really are dirty.. now get out here before I fuck you I’m getting kinda horny just think of you.. I’ll masturbate for you babe.” She said pleasantly. Then I got out then went home…

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