Sister surrenders to her emotions

To know what happened earlier,please read My Gift For You

The morning after my hot and famous lap dance, like hundreds of morning before, my little brother was sitting at the counter shoveling cereal into his mouth, engrossed in some textbook, as I stumbled into the kitchen. Leaning against the counter in my robe and nursing my coffee, I found myself scrutinizing him, observing him, and, if I was totally, completely honest, deliciously, visually, devouring him. Having just turned 16, his still lanky body had an undeniable sexy awkwardness. Being 24, I'm used to fully built bodies, arms and legs muscly and strong. The way his legs folded and wrapped around the kitchen stool was boyishly clumsy. His upper body, however, told a different story. A rower all his life, his arms strong and tanned, the outline of his biceps stretched against his t-shirt as he continued lifting the spoon to his mouth at a record rate. I sighed as I dimly recalled how he'd held my body the night before.
“"Hey Sue, thanks for last night. It was really special for me” He smiled
“Thanks Brother. It means a lot to me. I really mean it” I gave him a kiss on his cheeks
Still looking into his industrial sized bowl of cereal, he mumbled “I was disappointed you when you stopped…you know what I mean. But I am glad you licked it. I clearly enjoyed it”
He was trying to be nice to me but he was clearly disappointed and i could see that in his eyes. Boys don’t like to be left stranded in the middle of something during sex (that’s what my friends told me).
“But…”Before I could say anything more he returned to his textbook. I smiled at his face, scrunched up in concentration. I'd always admired how he'd devote himself 100% to anything he cared about. His hair, black and wildly unkempt, falling back into his eyes as soon as he'd pushed it back. His sleepy face; wrinkled by pillow creases and unshaven. He looked young, rugged, sexy, and beautiful.

I shook my head, shaking the images from my head. What was wrong with me? Sex daydreaming about my little brother? I must be out of my mind. I choked on my coffee, swore and hurried out of the kitchen. Few minutes later he completed his bowl of cereal and left for school.
Getting out of the shower later that morning, I lay back on my bed, naked, loving the feeling of the air conditioner blow over my wet skin. Images of my little brother, uninvited, again, flashing through my mind. His strong arms holding me down while he rocking his body against me. My fingers running up and down his inner thighs while I lay between them, my head bobbing up and down on his crotch. His rough cheek, harsh against my skin while he rubbed his face against my breasts. As I turned over onto my stomach, burying my face into my pillow trying to hide from the images in my head, the fan blew over my naked ass, making me shiver. Unconsciously spreading my legs, the soft breeze blew across my pussy lips. The sudden image of my brother, his head between my legs blowing softly over my labia made me moan and I reached under my body, softly rubbing the slowly dampening lips. Pulling soft pink lips apart, the soft cool breeze wafted over my clit as my pussy squeezed involuntarily, my juices starting to drip out over my fingers. I slowly rubbed the outside of my wet pussy with my index finger, my thumb slowly making it's way to my clit, making me jerk once it made contact. Overtaken by an uncontrollable sudden horniness, I thrust my index finger deep into my tight hole. The wetness surprising me as my finger was sucked further and further into my hungry pussy. My thumb taking up a slow hard circling pattern over my clit, I slipped a second finger into my cunt, stretching it wide, as I pushed my body down onto my hand while my fingers pushed deeper into my hole.

Unable to rid the flashes of my brother finger fucking me and sucking on my clit, I gave in and closed my eyes, picturing him right there with me. Whispering his name softly under my breath, I told him to fuck me deeper with his fingers. Hearing my own voice saying my brother's name in the middle of such intensity brought my orgasm on unusually fast. And as I pulled out my index finger to squeeze my clit while still slamming my middle finger deep into my cunt, the wave of orgasm washed over me and I screamed “ fuck, yes, baby. Fuck me, Ron" over and over again. My entire body pulsed with an incredible energy as I trembled with pleasure.

“Whats happening to me? Am thinking about fcuking of my little brother…my own brother. That’s so gross.” I thought to myself
“ I need to talk to someone about it”.I called Kate and told her about my feelings for my brother.

“Oh girl! He’s all over you..doesn’t he?”He asked

“What do you mean” in a confusing tone

“Few days back you were angry about your brother seeing you naked. But now you want his little dick inside you. I think you should let him have you” She laughed

“What!!!! Are you out of your mind?!!! You want me to fuck my own brother?? You must be crazy” I literally yelled at her.

“Common! Can’t you see? You want him badly. You literally want to fuck him hard. You want to share your bed with him” She said.

“But still…he’s my brother. Its forbidden.Its like he’s controlling me” I could feel the frustration building up inside me.

“I know right. If I was in your situation I would have had him right away” Kate was the only person who knew me very well. She was broad minded and frank.These two qualities of her very impressing . That’s why I shared every problem with her.

“okay.I will talk to you later” I disconnected the call. I was feeling nervous and embarrassed. I mean I could get any guy I wanted so why was the thought of my chubby little brother turning me on? I decided that it was probably because I haven't had sex for a couple weeks since my boyfriend and I broke up. I have always a thing for virgins and my brother was clearly a virgin. I never saw him with a girl or any girl coming to my house.

Besides, I've noticed a few years ago that he's been checking me out. I guess I was maybe 15 or 16... That’s when my body started to evolve from girl to woman. In other words, my physical attractiveness started to blossom – I grew taller, my legs got longer and sleeker. And my tits! Damn, I thought I was gonna start lactating from the way they were ballooning out. In full bloom, my body registered a sinfully tight, 34DD-22-34. I began to notice males everywhere gawking at me. And teenage boys? I swear… I think I made a few of them cum in their baggy jeans.
“Its not wrong I guess” I thought to myself. I never imagined that my little brother would have an effect on me. The words of kate also convinced me about letting my brother sleep with me.
I decided that I am going to stay at home and wait for my brother to show up. Luckily mom was out of town because of some personal work. Now I was in an exceptionally playful mood, and I giggled to myself at the thought of teasing the Hell out of him on that day. "Poor little Ron," I thought, as I changed into a new skimpy outfit I had recently bought. I put on this hot, short skirt with nothing on underneath but a tiny little thong, and a new pair of "cum fuck me pumps" with straps wrapped around my ankles. My top was a tight, cut-off shirt with lots of deep cleavage – no bra, of course. "Ooooh yeah!" I said to myself as I surveyed the goods in a mirror… "Eat your heart out, Little Bro!" (Yeah! you all guessed it right. I am wearing the same dress I used for lap dance.But this time, its for sex)

"Ding dong!" the doorbell rang

"Hey Sis," Ron greeted me as he walked through my front door. He gasped when he saw my sexy outfit.
You okay there, Ron?" I feigned concern upon hearing him gasp. He tried to cover up his reaction, and I simply gave him a coy grin as his face turned red. "This is gonna be fun!" I thought to myself.

"I can't wait for the new Star Trek movie to come out. It looks totally cool…" He was jabbering on about a new topic.

"Blah, blah, blah…" I thought to myself, "He's such a geek." Then he shifted on the couch, accidentally dropping the pillow from his lap.

"Ron!" I gasped, not believing what I was seeing in Ron’s crotch.

"Oh shit! Oh, God, I'm so sorry Sis. Shit!" He stammered a nervous apology, his face bright red.

“Don’t be sorry. I’ve already seen it. Dont you remember” I smiled.But Ron tried nervously to cover it up again.
I stopped his hands and held them away, letting his straining bulge sit there in full display.

"Sis, don't!" He pleaded, trying desperately to cover up. But my grip was too strong for him.

I simply stared at it in astonishment. "Ron… Did… Did I do that?"

"Sis, stop. Please!"
My poor little brother! I didn't realize I turned him on THAT much! I started feeling really bad about my behavior, and this huge wave of guilt washed over me. I felt really bad for being such a prick-tease yesterday night.

"Oh, Ron. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry"

"Huh?" He looked confused.

“Sorry for not letting you have me yesterday night. I thought that I had made the right decision but, I didn’t. I shouldn’t have stopped you

His jaw dropped open as I continued my explanation.

I wanted to give you a special gift.But I failed . I didn’t let you enjoy the gift. I am the one who disappointed you. Am so sorry”. gestured at his crotch, and he blushed even deeper.

"Ugh! Don’t be sorry, Sis!"

So you think I'm pretty?"

He blushed and looked away.

"Come on Ron” I prodded.

Yes! You're such a babe, Sis! All my friends can't stop talking about you."

"Oh really?" I arched an eye brow. "Hmmm…. So, tell me Ron… I just gotta know… Have you ever fantasized about me?" I asked with a sideways glance.

Come on, Little Bro! Tell me! Have you ever jacked-off over me?"

With a defeated look, he faintly nodded, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud. He looked so embarrassed at that point, and he was squirming like a worm in his seat. How cute!. My poor little brother… I thought he was gonna cry! My heart leapt for him. His hormones were raging throughout his body, but since he looked like he just stepped off the set of "Beauty and the Geek," no chick ever gave him the time of day. I made his condition worse with my lap dance.

"I'm really sorry, Little Bro. I didn't realize how mean I was to you”

"That's alright, Sis."

"No, it's not alright. It was mean of me to tease you so much. Let me at least try to make it up to you."

I got up off the couch to stand right in front of him. He watched me closely, wondering what I was going to do. With a sexy grin, I slowly began unbuttoning my tight, straining top.

"Sis! What the Hell…"

"Relax, Baby," I smiled

"I'm gonna show you the goods again, Baby! It's what you want, isn't it?"

"Holly Shit!" Ron gasped. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of their sockets!

I giggled like a vixen at his reaction. "Do ya like ‘em, Rony?" My slender hands overflowed as I cupped my big tits, tauntingly squeezing and jiggling the busty beauties right before his astonished eyes. The thud of his jaw hitting the floor was priceless.

Next, I pulled down my short skirt, teasingly swaying my hips from side to side. I turned around to put my sexy ass in his face, and I pealed off my skimpy little thong, feeling the thin strip of fabric pop out from between my tight ass cheeks. Spreading my legs apart, I bent down to grab my ankles.

"Awww Fuck!" Moaned Little Bro.

I winked at him from between my legs, with my long, platinum blond hair falling all the way to the floor. I showed Ron EVERYTHING I had, letting him savor the view of my sacred girly parts! I stood up straight again and did a little twirl like a runway model.

"So whaddaya think, Baby?" I smiled warmly at him.

"I… Ah… Uh…."

This was sooooooo much fun! Little Bro was totally flabbergasted. There was probably nothing he wouldn't do for me at that point.

I took a seat right next to him on the couch, and with my sexiest grin, invited him to explore my totally naked body.

"You can touch…" I purred.

"Uh… can I, Sis," he croaked.

“yes! You can. I am not going to stop you

rasping his hands, I slowly brought them up and placed them on my tits.

"Holly….! Oh shit! Oh wow!" He exclaimed, feeling the supple mass of my tit flesh filling his trembling hands, my erect nipples tickling his palms. Ron's nervous hands were frozen in place with my large tits overwhelming them. The wide-eyed shock on his face was such an ego-boost. Little Bro was totally under my spell!

With my hands covering his, I started to fondle my tits to encourage Baby Bro to loosen up. Ron slowly got into the spirit of things, as I felt his hands and fingers tentatively moving of their own volition. I let go of his hands and smiled at him, as he cautiously felt me up. He cupped my big tits in his palms and tested their weight and buoyancy. He jiggled them to feel their suppleness, and he gingerly caressed my erect nipples.

"Oooh yeah! You like my big tits, Baby?" I mewled, thrusting my busty torso out at him. "Yeah… That's it… Play with my titties, Baby, just like you've always wanted to. Come on, Little Bro, feel me up."

The look on Ron's face was priceless. Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, Little Bro couldn't believe his luck. With my encouragement, his confidence grew, as he kept fondling and groping my tits. It seemed like Ron could go on forever playing with my double-D beauties, without having a care in the world.

"Mmmmm… Having fun, Baby? “

"Ohhhh Sis…"

Leaning back to pull my tits away from his groping hands, I lifted my left leg up and over him to rest on the back of the couch, with my lean calf resting on the right side of his astonished face. I kept my right leg in front of us, with my foot touching the floor. With my blond pussy blatantly on display, He looked totally stunned. he held on to my leg with both hands for support, resting his face on my calf. With his right hand, he held my calf tightly to his cheek. His left had gripped my inner thigh. As his focus zeroed-in on my pretty pussy, I don't think he fully realized what a scandalous position his left hand was in, being so close to my womanly private area.

So Ron… what do you think of my pussy?"

His mouth opened, but all that came out were gasps and stutters. Instinctively, his trembling left hand started stroking my thigh. His touch felt wonderful, as he slowly caressed my soft skin and felt my lean thigh muscles. His eyes never left focus on my blond pussy. I couldn't believe what a naughty situation this turned out to be!

His stroking caresses along my soft skin felt so hot, but I knew there was something else on his mind besides feeling my thigh. He timidly looked up at me with a questioning look, completely unsure of himself.
"Go ahead Baby," I whispered, "I know you want to…"

Ron gulped hard and tentatively eased his hand all the way down my inner thigh, down to where it met the juncture of my crotch. Shaking with anticipation, he lightly brushed my labia with his finger tips as he nervously reached for my cunt.

"Ooooh!" I squealed.

"Oh sorry!" Ron cried, yanking his nervous hand back, fearing that he did something wrong.

"It's okay," I reassured him. "I was just a little caught off-guard… that's all. Go ahead, Baby."

"You sure, Sis?"

"Ron… It's me! You have nothing to worry about, Baby. Go ahead and have fun." I smiled encouragingly at him. "Just think of me as your personal Barbie doll."

With that, Ron lowered his hand again and tentatively cupped my pussy mound. He looked up at me questioningly again, and I winked. I slightly wiggled my hips to make my soft pussy rub against his hand. His middle finger pressed forward a little to sink between my labia, making the puffy lips envelope around the stem of his digit. Like a lewd game of cat-and-mouse, I gyrated my hips while my little brother concentrated on keeping his trembling had glued to my pretty pussy.

"Mmmm…." I mewled, as my wetness seeped into his hand. "Soooo Little Brother… how do you like touching your sis”
"Ohhhhh God, I can't believe…"

"Stick a finger inside, Baby."


"Go on… Feel how hot and wet a real, live pussy can be."

"Holy shit!"

Ron bent his middle finger at the joint and slid it into my cunt, and my cunt tightly sucked it in.

"Ooooh you naughty little perv!"

"Oh Sis!"

"Oh yeah.... Finger my cunt, you perv! Come on, finger-fuck my tight cunt!"

Ron's face reddened at my words, and his ring finger joined his middle finger in the snugness of my pussy. He instinctively wiggled both digits, feeling for the first time in his young life the slimy wetness of a hot, young pussy.

"Ooooh…" I squeeled. "I didn't realize you were such bad little boy, Ron!" I teased, as the squishy sound of his finger-fuck of my pussy permeated the room.

"Oh Sis… your pu… um… you… you're so wet!"

My God! Little Brother's innocence was such a turn-on!

"PUSSY!" I breathed. "The word is ‘PUSSY'. And the word is ‘CUNT'! Come on, Baby, I wanna hear you say it, ‘PUSSY'! ‘CUNT'!"

"P… Pu… PUSSY! C… CUNT!"

"Yes! That's it, Baby. Do you like your sister's PUSSY? Do you like sticking your fingers in her CUNT?"

"Oh God!"

Little Bro couldn't believe what was happening. Here was his total-babe of a big sister sitting buck naked beside him, and she was letting him molest her gorgeous pussy at will! This was way beyond his wildest dreams.

As Ron played with my cunt, I squeezed my tits and caressed my erect nipples. Baby Bro focused on my tits again, and his jaw dropped open as I hefted my right tit up to mouth to lick and suck on it.

"Aw damn..." he breathed, watching me intently. He let go of my calf and reached out his right hand to fondle my left tit.

So here we were on the couch. I was sucking my right tit with my left leg still resting on Ron's right shoulder. He groped my left tit with his right hand, while he played with my wet pussy with his left hand. The position was a little awkward, especially with my left leg being stretched outward on Ron's shoulder.

"Wait… hold on, Baby." I decoupled us and readjusted my body to sit normally on the couch again. I grabbed Ron's left had, which was wet and slimy with my pussy liquid. I wiped the cunt ooze on my tits, then hefted both of them up to lick them clean. His eyes bugged open.

"Holly shit, Sis!"

"Mmmmm…. Pussy-flavored tits."

"Oh God…"

"My tits are so big and suckable… Mmmmm…" I fingered my pussy, scooping up a fresh layer of girl goo on my hand. I smeared my cunt sauce on my busty tits, coating them with stickiness. I hefted them up in offering to my horny little brother. "Wanna taste, Baby?"

"Awww Sis…"

I didn't give him a chance to answer. I put a hand behind his head and pulled him to my cleavage. Burying his face in my tits, he started licking them all over, lapping up my pussy flavor. No longer shy, Ron savored every square inch of my tit globes, his busy tongue enthusiastically roaming all over my tit-flesh.

"Ohhhhh Little Bro… I didn't know you were such a titty-boy!" I squealed. "You like my tits, don't ya? Your big sister's big, beautiful tits? Yes, that's it… suck ‘em, Baby! Suck my big titties!"

Baby Bro was like a starving infant, feasting on my tits. He was having the time of his life as I pushed my tits into his face, slapping his cheeks playfully with them, and basically smothering him.

"Mmmm… Oh Sis…" Slurp. Gulp. "Oh Sis… Oh yeah…Ahh… This is nice!"

I know this was totally wrong what we were doing, but I didn't care. Rather than feeling bad for what I had started, I felt really good about myself. I was happy that I was doing this for my darling baby brother. He was having so much fun with my body!

"Ohhhhh… Mmmmm…." I purred, as Ron sucked my tits. "Yes, Titty Boy. That's it. Mmmmm. Are you having fun, Baby?" I glanced down at his bulge, and it had grown obscenely huge. I gingerly caressed it, and its pulsing stiffness answered my question. "Ooooh yes, I can see that you're definitely having fun, Baby. You're such a naughty little boy, Rony, lusting after your own sister. Oh yeah… go on Baby, suck Sister's big tits while she plays with your big cock."

Oh my God! I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself being here in this position. I had invited him to feel me up and play with my tits and finger my pussy. Now he was busy sucking my tits, while I felt-up the huge boner stuffed in his shorts! I was so turned on at that point, and my blond pussy was so wet.

His cock felt so huge! Could he really have a cock that big? "No way!" I thought. He must have shoved a zucchini or something down there! But zucchinis don't move, do they? They don't throb with the tempo of his heartbeat, right? But that's what I felt… the urgent throbbing of his stiff, young cock.

I pulled his face out of my tits, and left him gulping air as he watched me with a frazzled look. I quickly grabbed the hem of his T-shirt and pulled it off, exposing his scrawny torso. Next, I worked the button of his shorts and popped it open. I struggled with his zipper, which was super tight from his bulging cock pushing outward against the garment. Finally managing to open his fly, I pulled down his shorts and removed them completely from his legs. The only thing left was his white cotton briefs.
I stared at it in disbelief, as the stretched-out fabric looked grotesquely distorted from the big, powerful cock hidden underneath. He was such a scrawny-looking kid, and his skinny body was a stark contrast to what appeared to be a massive cock that was trying to burst free of his underwear. It looked huge under the stretched-out cotton, and it was twitching with horniness. The very tip of the bulge was dark with a large, wet spot, where Ron's pre-cum was oozing out.

"Sss.. Sss… Sis!" Ron gasped, as I gingerly touched the wet-spot with a finger. I left my finger resting on the tip, feeling the lewd wetness that had gathered there, soaking the cotton. His bulbous cock-crown felt taut under my touch from being so agonizingly erect. "My goodness!" I thought to myself. Little Brother was so damn horny!

"Ooooh Baby…" I whispered. "Look at you! All stuck inside your briefs. They look wayyyyy too tight, Baby!" I lightly caressed the throbbing stiffness under the straining underwear with my finger tips. I was teasing myself, delaying my first look at the very thing I was dying to see.
"Ahhhh…", Little Bro moaned, his big stiff prick lurching at my touch.
"It feels so big and hard, Ron. So big and hard! And it's all because of me, isn't it?"

"God Sis…"

"You're such a bad, bad boy, Ron. I'm your sister, for God's sake! How could you let your dick get all big and hard over your own sister?"

"Oh… ugh." His faced blushed bright red at my use of the word, "sister".

"God damn, Baby... I can feel it twitching so badly. And it's so wet! That's a lot of pre-cum your big cock is leaking out. Your underwear's a total mess!"

"Ahhhh… ugh!"
With both hands, I grabbed the elastic waist band and slowly pulled it downward. I struggled trying to get the band over his cock, which was stiff like a lead pipe.

I couldn't wait anymore, and I forced the waist band clear of his cock. The massive boner snapped backward and slapped against this belly. I felt a faint sprinkle on my face. It was his copious pre-cum splashing as his cock jerked free.

I wasn't sure myself, but deep down in my heart, I knew that once I had this gorgeous hunk of cock in my hands, for the rest of my life I would never be able to let it go.

I had invited him have his fun with my body, but now it was my turn to play! I caressed his fuck-pole with my hands. I toyed with his big balls and bounced them gently in my palm. His cock and balls were already sticky with his copious precum, and more seminal goo oozed out from the tip and coated his meaty shaft as I stroked it. I could feel my palms and my fingers getting slimy and sticky.

"My God… Your cock is soooo Beautiful," I whispered.


"You're such a naughty boy…."

"No, Sis…"

"Is this what you want, huh? Your big sister playing with your big, fat cock? You're such a bad, bad boy, Ron!"

"Aw fuck!"

"God… Look at this thing… You're oozing out so much slime, Baby. You're making my hands so sticky and nasty!"

I looked up at Ron, who was staring right back at me, intently watching my every move. I licked my lips in anticipation. Then, I puckered my lips and planted a juicy kiss on his cock head, right on his oozing slit. Still looking him in the eye, I gave it a lewd French-kiss.

"Ohhhhhh Sisssss!"

His eyes were the first to give me warning. The passion I had been watching in them evolved into a higher state of lust. The urgent throbbing I felt in his shaft, the portion of which I stroked because it didn't fit in my mouth, and the tightening I felt in his big balls as I massaged them, and the increase in seminal leakage from his cock slit that I tasted on my tongue… All these signs confirmed what his eyes were telling me at that very moment…

"Sis! Oh Sis! Please! …"

Little Bro struggled to pull his cock out of my mouth, before he reached the point of no return. "What a sweetie," I thought to myself, "not wanting to spew his nasty cum in his sister's mouth." But Little Bro froze in astonishment, however, when he got a look at my sparkling blue eyes and read the lusty message that I was flashing there.

"No, Little Brother," I willed my thoughts to Ron through my eyes. "Don't take away your beautiful cock from me, Baby. I want your cum. Spew your young, hot cum in my mouth, Baby. Come on Little Bro… cum for Sister!"

The nastiness of what I desired overwhelmed Ron's willpower, and my little brother could not deny his extreme horniness any longer. His big, bloated cock jerked with conviction and filled my mouth with his hot semen. My brother's incestuous semen! The taste was out of this world! His angry cocked jerked and jerked, and then it jerked some more. And more thick semen flooded my mouth. "Mmmmm…" It was so rich and creamy, and I could feel it's viscous heat bathe my tongue, my cheeks, my teeth, and my gums. It was so freakin' hot as I swallowed it down. "Mmmmm…" My brother's semen! Holly shit… I was eating my brother's semen! "Mmmmm…"

This all happened so quickly, and we lost track of time as Little Bro kept spewing his semen in my mouth. I'm not sure when it stopped, but it was awkward when it did. In our labored breathing, the reality of the situation came crashing down on us like a ton of bricks. I was looking up at Ron and he was looking right back at me. Both of us were frozen, not sure of what to do next.

"Ohhhhh!" He moaned.

"Ooooh, Rony! Did you like that, Baby? " I continued licking his cock, trying to clean it of the spilt semen that escaped my lips. I was pleasantly surprised to find the massive fuck-pole still hard.

"Oh God, Sis! I can't believe you su… Ohhhh!"

“You have to” I smiled

“But you didn't want me to fuck you. Didn't you?”

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