Eric was much stronger than his daughter of course.
He could have easily pulled his hand away, told her no, and then got up, and left the room, but the fact was he didn’t do any of those things.
No, instead he just let her push his hand down her panties, and once his fingers made contact with her stiff little clitty he just started playing with it as if she were his lover.
Part of him was absolutely horrified, and couldn’t believe what he was doing, but her bald little pussy felt so soft, and wet under his fingers that he was just too turned on to stop.
Amber rolled her hips, gripping his wrist in both hands, and moaning lustily as her father played with her pussy.
It was just like her fantasies, but better because this was real, and he knew how to touch her in ways that she hadn’t even thought of yet.
She had enjoyed touching herself right from the first time she’d done it, but this was a whole other level of pleasure, and where she had always stopped before that weird pressure in her loins got too strong, her daddy had already pushed her way past where she’d ever been before.
She was panting hard, her eyes wide with excitement, but a little fear as well, because although she felt certain that something was about to happen, she wasn’t quite sure what it was.
That’s when Eric asked her in a breathy voice, “Do you like the way daddy plays with your little pussy baby girl?”

That did it.
She had been hovering on the edge of an orgasm, and now she just fell in.
She had meant to say “Yes daddy.” In answer to his question, but as she started cumming what came out of her mouth instead was an affirmation of her ecstasy as she stuttered, the pitch rising as she went, “Ye-ye-yes, yes, yes daddy, yes daddy, yesdaddy, yesdaddy, yeeeeeeees!”

Her legs spread open even further, and her hips bucked wildly as she climaxed for the first time all over her father’s hand.
Eric was completely entranced by his daughter’s orgasm.
The way her little body quivered, the look of pure ecstasy on her pretty face, not to mention the way she was rubbing her juicy pussy up, and down his hand was making his cock throb, and ache for release.
But soon enough she began coming down from the highest height of her orgasm, and she turned to him with tears in her eyes, and a slightly confused expression.
Suddenly Eric realized what he’d done, and he knew he had to get out of there before he did anything worse, so he quickly pulled his hand out of her panties, kissed her on the head, and said, “Goodnight sweetheart.” Before getting the hell out of there.

Amber suddenly found herself alone with this strange up rush of emotion that she’d never felt before, and not knowing what to do with it she just rolled over, hugged her pillow, and cried, rubbing her legs together like a cricket.

Once Eric had left her room, and closed the door behind him he leaned his back against it, and took a deep breath followed by a heavy sigh.
How could he have let this happen he wondered, and then he realized that his fingers were still dripping wet with her pussy juice.
Against his better judgment he held his fingers up to his nose, inhaling deeply, and that scent, that musky scent was so sweet that he couldn’t help licking his fingers.
If anything the taste was even more intoxicating than the smell, and for a moment he was lost in a lust filled haze, but then he suddenly snapped out of it again, fear running rampant through his brain as he quickly made his way to the bathroom.
After washing his hands thoroughly, he was still horny as hell.
He thought about jacking off, but then a better idea came to him, and giving himself an evil grin in the bathroom mirror, he then walked down the hall, and proceeded to give it to his wife like they hadn’t done it in years.
A few hours later, feeling dazed, and a little confused, but completely satisfied, she turned to him, and asked with a chuckle, “What the hell got into you?”

“Well I was just rubbing Amber’s pussy, and she got off so hard that I just needed to fuck after that.”
No, that wasn’t going to fly so instead he stammered, “I don’t, I don’t uh, really know, I just really wanted you.”

It was just sort of left at that much to Eric’s relief.
For about a week nothing seemed to change, and everyone just went about their normal routines, or so it appeared on the surface, but underneath Eric, and Amber were seething with lust for each other.
Eric made a half hearted attempt to limit physical contact with his daughter, but that was a fool’s errand considering that she seemed to want to hug him, and sit in his lap all the time now.
He tried his damndest not to get aroused by these little encounters, but that was impossible.
He had already been having sexual thoughts about his little girl, and now that he’d actually tasted her pussy, as much as he tried to fight it, he knew deep down that it was just a matter of time before he touched her again.
Now that she knew how good it could feel Amber was rubbing herself to orgasm every night, and although she liked it, a lot, it just wasn’t as nice as it felt when daddy had touched her.
“Daddy, read me a story.” She finally begged one night at bed time.

“Not tonight honey.” He’d said, shifting uncomfortably on the sofa as the suggestion of getting his baby girl in her room alone made his cock hard.

He was able to put her off for two nights in a row, but on the third night her mother piped in with, “Jesus Eric, just read her a story already. She’s just gonna keep asking until you do.”

Although it was obvious that Amber hadn’t said anything to mom about their little encounter the whole situation still made Eric nervous, and he knew that if he didn’t acquiesce to his daughter’s request for a story it would look suspicious so he said, “Okay, go get in bed, and I’ll be in shortly.”

“Goody!” she exclaimed, clapping her little hands before running to her room.

Eric thought that maybe he’d just be able to read Amber a story, and she’d go to sleep, and everything would get back to normal, but the sight that greeted him as he entered her room made it clear that there was no turning back now.
She was lying on her back above the covers with her arms at her sides, and her eyes closed.
She had put on her Sleeping Beauty night gown, but she had removed her panties, and pulled the gown up to her tummy so that her little pussy was fully exposed to his lust filled eyes.
He quietly closed the door, then walked over, and sat on the edge of the bed next to Amber’s prone body.

“Amber honey?” he asked dubiously.

“No daddy,” she whined. “I’m sleeping beauty. You have to kiss me, and touch my pussy.”

Eric sighed as he reached down, and grasped one of her tender little thighs in his hand, giving it a playful squeeze.
‘One week,’ he thought to himself. ‘That’s not very good.’
On the other hand, it didn’t seem to be hurting her, and in fact she wanted it, was asking for it, literally.
Having rationalized that rather easily, and deciding that yes, he was going to have a sexual relationship with his baby girl, his only real concern now was getting caught.
She hadn’t said anything to anyone yet as far as he could tell, but he wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t, or at least reasonably sure.

When he’d grasped her thigh Amber had spread her legs a little to give him easier access, and puckered her lips in anticipation of his kiss, so she found it a little irksome when instead of kissing her, he started talking.
She couldn’t understand why adults always had to talk about everything, instead of just doing things, and not talking about them.

“Amber, we need to talk.” He began, and then went on by asking, “So you like the way I kissed you, and rubbed your pussy?”

She turned her head to the side, her cheeks flushing hot as she nodded her head vigorously by way of response.

“And you want me to do it to you some more right?” He asked in an almost rhetorical way.

Again she nodded her head, saying, “Yes, please.” In a small voice.
This was so embarrassing, having to talk about it like this.
She didn’t mind talking about it while he was doing it to her, in fact that made it even more fun, but this talking about it when he wasn’t touching her was for the birds, and she really hoped that she wouldn’t have to do much more of it.

“Amber, open your eyes, and look at me, this is important.” He insisted.

With a frustrated huff she did as he asked while thinking to herself, ‘Now what?’
“Now I can touch your pussy, and teach some other fun stuff too, but it has to be our secret princess.
You can’t tell anyone, not even mom, understand?”

Now her face really got red, and she had to turn away, her eyes snapping shut as she groaned, “I Knooooow.” In a tone of voice that said, “Gosh, I’m not stupid daddy.”

Although it was true that she couldn’t possibly understand the full ramifications if anybody, especially her mother, found out, it seemed very clear to her that what they were doing had to be a secret.
It just had to be.
First of all it involved sexy stuff, the kind of stuff adults were always trying to hide from kids.
Secondly it involved showing her privet area, and she remembered back when she was even younger she had played DR. with the boy next door, and even back then she had known, kind of instinctively, that you had to keep stuff like that secret.

Eric chuckled a little at the way she had said it, but the message was loud, and clear, she had no problem with keeping it secret, she had already assumed that it was.
In fact he almost felt dense for even having brought it up in the first place because in two words she had basically said, “Of course it’s a secret daddy, I mean, duh.”
That made him feel a lot more relaxed, but doing this with the wife in the house was still making him nervous.

“Daaaaaaddyyyyy.” Amber whined impatiently, bucking her little hips a couple of times, and turning her puckered lips upward as if to demand, “Service me daddy.”

Eric’s cock felt like it was about to bust out of his pants as he slid his hand up her thigh toward her wet pussy, and leaned over, placing his other hand behind her neck whispering, “Wake up baby girl.” Before kissing her on the mouth.
When their lips met it was like electricity surged through their bodies and although she had started sucking his lip like last time when he opened his mouth she followed his lead, and when she felt his tongue probing her mouth, she probed back.
She soon realized that all the kissing that she’d seen on T.V. and in movies, that’s what they were doing, and that suddenly made it feel so romantic.
That, combined with the way that Daddy was rubbing her just over her tiny clitoris drove her wild with desire for him, and it wasn’t long before she was kissing him hot, and deep.

Eric was also realizing something.
His sweet, shy, and innocent little girl could be really sexually aggressive when she was turned on, and that was going to make it hard for him to not fuck her eventually.
He hadn’t really thought about it before, but he had just sort of assumed when he’d made the decision to continue molesting Amber that there’d be touching, and rubbing, maybe a little oral, but he certainly wasn’t going to fuck his daughter.
But now, as she thrust her tongue into his mouth, and he was teasing her tight little pussy hole with the tip of his middle finger he knew that at some point he was going to want to put his cock in there, and it had been kind of foolish of him to think that he wouldn’t.

The thought of penetrating Amber’s sweet little pussy was enough to make his cock throb, and he suddenly realized that he was probably leaking precum.
The last thing he needed was to walk out of his daughter’s room with a big wet spot on his pants so he quickly broke from their kiss, leaving a trail of saliva down her chin, and panted, “Hold on, daddy has to do something.”

At first Amber was a little miffed when he’d stopped rubbing her pussy, but then she heard his zipper go down, and she watched as he unbuttoned his trousers finally releasing his cock from its cloth prison.
Her eyes went wide with surprise as she saw her daddy’s hard, naked penis for the first time.
It was even bigger than she’d thought it would be, and although it scared her a little, more than anything else it made her hot little vagina feel all wet, and tingly.
Once again her cheeks flushed hot, and she bit her bottom lip as she wondered what was going to happen next.
She didn’t have to wait long.

Eric let out a sigh of relief as he pulled his cock out, then he turned back to Amber, and noticed that she was just staring at his erect prick so he decided to introduce her to it.
“Do you want to touch it baby?” he whispered, not really waiting for a response, but grasping her hand instead, and wrapping it around his throbbing fuck muscle.
As she closed her delicate little fingers around the shaft she couldn’t help moaning a little at the feeling of how hot, and soft it was against her skin, but still hard at the same time.
She gave it a gentle little squeeze, and daddy let out a soft moan in response.
She blushed, and giggled a little at the thought that she had such sexual power over her big, strong daddy.

“Mmm, yeah, that’s my girl.” Eric moaned, grasping her hand, and running it up his shaft causing a thick drop of precum to emerge, running onto Amber’s hand.
“What’s that daddy?” she asked, her eyes wide with surprise.

Eric smiled, suddenly realizing that he would have to teach her everything.
“Well honey,” he began, sliding his other hand down her tummy, and lightly rubbing her little pussy. “You know how your pussy gets wet when you’re excited, well daddy’s cock gets wet too.”

“Are you excited?” Amber giggled, her hips bucking up a little as she felt her father’s hand on her vagina.

“Of course I’m excited.” He replied, his grin widening a little more. “A pretty girl is touching my cock, which would make any man excited.”

“You really think I’m pretty daddy?” she asked, her cheeks flushing hot as she bit her bottom lip.

“Of course,” he insisted. “You’re the prettiest girl I know.”

Amber turned her head away, closing her eyes, and giggling as her cheeks turned even redder, her hand giving his hard cock a good squeeze.

“Okay baby, loosen your grip a little.” Eric instructed, which she instantly did, and then he began slowly moving her hand up, and down.
Lightly pressing one of her fingers against the spot where the shaft joins the head on the underside he explained, “This is the most sensitive part sweetie, so rub it gently.”

He held her hand for a little while, showing her just how to jack him off, and then he let go, letting her do it herself.
She still had her blushing face turned away, and her eyes closed as she slowly stroked her father’s erect penis, and even though she didn’t completely understand why, she could feel her pussy getting moister, and more excited by the second.
Eric found his breath suddenly coming in quick and shallow as his daughter’s delicate little hand stroked his cock.
He slid his hand down her tummy, and began playing with her wet little pussy, the feeling, and the scent of her a aroused flesh getting him even hotter than before.
She turned her head, opening her eyes so that she could watch what she was doing, and seeing his pulsing prick in her hand as she jacked him off turned her on even more.
Eric looked at her pretty face as she bit her lip, trying to concentrate on what she was doing as her rubbed her little pussy.
Suddenly she noticed him watching her, and she giggled, blushing a deep crimson, but she met his gaze, her hips beginning to roll as he slipped a finger into her tight little hole.
“That’s it baby,” he panted. “Make daddy cum.”

“Come daddy?” she asked, knitting her brow.

“Well sweetie,” he began in a breathy voice. “You know how you felt really good, and your pussy got all juicy when I played with it last week?”

“Yes daddy.” She said, getting even more excited at the memory of her first orgasm.

“That happens to daddy too if you play with his cock right, and it squirts out of the end of my penis, and it’s called cum.”

As soon as she heard that, she just knew that she wanted it in her mouth, she didn’t know why exactly, but the thought of him squirting into her made her feel really excited.
“Da-daddy?” she whispered, stroking him even faster as she got more excited. “Can I, can I eat your cum?”

Eric’s eyes almost bugged out of his head upon hearing this.
He couldn’t believe that she had thought of this so quickly, or that she had asked for it, but more than anything else it turned him on so much that he was about to have an orgasm right then, and there.
“Oh yeah baby.” He said in a breathy voice. “Put your mouth on it now honey.”

Amber leaned over just in time for the first blast to squirt into her open mouth, and as she wrapped her lips around the head of his twitching penis she swallowed as fast as she could.
“Uuughh, uuugghh, uuughhh, yeeaaahh,” Eric grunted as he ejaculated, holding her head, and watching her suck the cum out of him.

He couldn’t believe what an incredible turn on it was to cum in his daughter’s mouth, and Amber was just lost in the moment to the degree that she almost felt like she was having an out of body experience.
Although she sucked, and swallowed as fast as she could a little bit of her father’s cum still dribbled down her chin.
Eric let out a big sigh as he finished cumming, and he gently stroked Amber’s silky hair, smiling down at her as he said, “That’s daddy’s little princess, yeah, eat my cum baby girl.”

When she felt that she’d gotten all the sperm she could from his cock she licked the tip causing him to moan loudly, and then she pulled her mouth off with a little sucking kiss before looking up, and asking, “Did you like that daddy?”

“Oh yes baby girl,” He said with a big smile, causing her to blush again. “I liked that a lot.”

She giggled quietly, and then went back to kissing the head of his cock while he watched her, amazed at how she could be so innocent and so sexy at the same time.
Suddenly he got a really wicked idea, and he grasped her shoulders, pushing her back onto the bed as he said, “I’m gonna show you something really fun now honey.”

“Really daddy?” she asked as he wiped the little bit of pearly white cum off of her chin with his finger.

“Oh yeah.” He promised, popping his finger into her mouth, and letting her suck that last bit of cum off before turning around, and grasping her thighs, opening them wide.
She felt really nervous, and excited as he lowered his head in between her legs, not quite sure what to expect.
She bit her lip, pushing her hips up to meet his face as she felt his fingers spreading her swollen, pink pussy lips.

“Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.” She moaned in quick gasps as she felt him quickly, and lightly stroking her stiff little clitoris with just the tip of his tongue, slowly inserting his finger into her tiny pussy hole.
Eric suddenly couldn’t believe that he’d managed to wait a week to lick his baby girl’s sweet pussy, and he began firmly rubbing her clit with his tongue as he fingered her, the taste of her young vagina making him even more excited than getting his cock sucked had.
Amber’s hips rolled, and she grasped her father’s head, moaning, and hissing as he ate her little pussy.
She couldn’t believe how good this felt.
It was much better than just being rubbed by daddy’s fingers, and after sucking him off she was already highly aroused, and so she was quickly approaching orgasm.

“Oh daddy, oh daddy, oh god yes daddy!” she chanted between clenched teeth, doing her best to keep her voice down so as not to alert mom as to what was happening right down the hall.
Eric wanted nothing more at this moment then to taste his little girl’s pussy juice, and so he began licking, and sucking her aroused cunt with wild abandon, using every trick he could to make her cum.
Soon she felt her flesh begin to quiver, her clit pulsing as her eyes rolled back in her head, and she began getting off hard.
Eric shifted his mouth down, pulling his finger out of her rhythmically clenching little hole as he sucked up her sweet musky juice.
His nose practically in her little butthole, and as he lapped up her flowing juices he moved his head back, and forth, rubbing her clit with his chin.
This was by far the best, most intense orgasm she’d had yet, and just as she thought she was about to come down she started cumming again.
This orgasm was even more intense than the last.
She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out because she was getting off so hard that she couldn’t even breathe.

The ecstasy was almost unbearable, and it seemed to go on forever, but when she was finally able to catch her breath she panted, “No da-daddy, I-I-I can-can’t take, any-any more!”

Eric drew his head up, her juices dripping down his chin, and her hand flew down, cupping her now ultrasensitive little pussy.
He turned to look at her with a smile as she recovered her breath, and then suddenly, out of the blue, she burst into tears.

“Oh baby,” he whispered, gathering her up into his arms. “Don’t cry baby, it’s okay.”

“I’m so-sorry,” she sobbed on his shoulder. “It just felt so-so go-go-good.”

He held her close, gently rocking her back and forth until she stopped crying, and then laid her back down on her bed, wiping her tears away.
“Are you okay baby?” he whispered, kissing her cheek.

She blushed, and nodded her head, feeling a little embarrassed about having cried.
“Good night sweetheart.” He whispered, kissing her on the forehead, but as he began to leave she grasped his hand, stopping him.

“Please don’t go daddy.” She begged, looking as if she might cry again.
She scooted over a little, making it clear that she wanted him to get into bed with her, and although he would have loved nothing more than to oblige her, he knew that it was a bad idea.

“Oh honey,” he said, sitting back down next to her, and stroking her cheek with the back of his hand. “If your mother came in, and found us lying in bed together I don’t think she’d understand.”

Amber instantly realized it was true, and she felt angry, and jealous of her mother, but then she felt really guilty.
Daddy was her husband after all, and if Amber felt jealous how would mom feel if she knew what they were doing together?
The necessity of keeping their sex play secret suddenly took on a new urgency because although they had never been best friends Amber did love her mother, and she certainly didn’t want to hurt her, but at the same time she didn’t want to stop playing with daddy.
It was all so confusing.

Then there was a knock at the door, and almost as if on cue her mom poked her head in.
“I’m going to bed.” She announced, and then added, “Don’t pester your father for another story Amber.”

“Okay mama.” Amber replied, trying her best not to sound nervous.

“Good night sweetie.” Mom said, and then said to Eric, “And I’ll see you soon handsome.”

Eric nodded, doing his best not to show her his face since it probably looked like a glazed doughnut seeing as how it was still cover with Amber’s pussy juice.
After she left the room Eric, and Amber looked at each other wide eyed.
That had been too close.
This time when he kissed her forehead, and told her goodnight she did not protest.
And when he’d turned the light out, leaving the room, she was left to contemplate all that had transpired.
She knew that what they were doing together was wrong, but she couldn’t help but wonder as she rubbed her still sensitive pussy how soon they would be able to play again.
She didn’t have to wait long.

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