A young man is caught at home with his little sister, and madness endues
Now, I feel I am going to have to defend myself right off the bat. You are going to think this is sick. You are going to think I am sick, and for all I know you may be right. All I do know is that I am sixteen years old and I’d never been laid. Never even touched a girl in any way other than the completely innocent. Never even kissed a girl!
Whenever I accidentally brushed up against some girl at school I would get an enormous boner right away, it was embarrassing! Something had to be done, but all the girls I knew hated me, and short of hiring a whore, I had no idea what to do. I had thought about just that in fact, but I couldn’t find one who would risk jail time to deflower a teenager.

So I was sitting at home one night in the lounge room. My parents had gone out and left me in charge of my little sister. No problem, she was 8 and no hassle at all. Some stupid movie was playing on the TV, I wasn’t even paying attention. I was thinking about a girl I’d seen at school today who’s skirt had been so short I was sure I could see the bottom of her panties whenever she bent over a little.
Before long and without even realising it, I was massaging my rock hard cock through my track pants. Just thinking about that girl’s panties was turning me on so much my balls ached!
All of a sudden, right in the middle of a fantasy where the girl asked me to help her look for her pen while she searched the floor on all fours, my sister burst into the room wearing one of my old t-shirts as a nightie and holding her favorite teddy bear dragging along the ground behind her.

My hands shot to my side and I sat bolt upright, shocked and not a little worried. Had she seen me stroking my cock? Could she see my erection? Would she tell mom and dad? Would she even know what it was?

“What are you doing in here? What do you want?” I asked her.
She jumped up on the couch to sit on my lap, dangerously close to my cock! I tried not to move, not to draw attention to it, hoping she would just go away.
‘I wanna watch my movie” she replied.
“Now is not a good time, why don’t you go play in your room instead?”
“No! I wanna watch my movie!”
She pouted at me, and I instantly caved. I love my little sister , and have never been able to refuse her anything.
“Alright. You sit here, I’ll go put it on.”

I lifted her off my lap and plonked her on the cushion next to me, then went over to the tv and took out her favorite dvd. I turned to show her the disk and make sure it was what she wanted, but what I saw made my heart stop.
My little sister was sitting back on the couch with her knees up, my old t-shirt stretched between them, and she was wearing no panties!
I turned away quickly, blushing furiously. Did she see me looking?
I risked another look, but no. She was playing with her teddy and her face was way down below the t-shirt. She could not see me at all and seemed totally preoccupied.
I risked another look. Her hairless little legs splayed apart and slapped together in a little rhythm with a song she was singing to her toy. Her perfectly smooth little pussy flashed open and closed to me, showing flirting hints of the pink flesh within.
I’ll be honest. This was my sister, but I almost came on the spot.
This was my first ever sight of a live girl’s privates! I tried as hard as I could to memories every fold, every curve, but he constant movement made it impossible.
I collected myself enough to put her movie on, then head back to the sofa and sit down next to her. She grinned up at me and handed me the remote. I started the film and my little sister jumped straight onto my lap with a cheer, her favorite spot to watch movies. Unfortunately, my hand had been on my lap, and she did not seem to notice that she had sat right on it.
I froze. What should I do? Well, take my hand out obviously. But... I just couldn’t. I left my hand there, feeling the softness of her naked butt against my palm, knowing my fingers were just outside her little pussy.

My sister sighed a little, and wiggled down to get comfortable.
Right onto my fingers.
I closed my eyes and moaned openly as I felt her soft pussy wiggling over my fingers. It was sheer willpower that I didn’t slip one inside her on instinct.
Suddenly she frowned a little and looked down. I thought I was busted for sure, but she just patted her little hand down on my pants. She was looking for the hard lump which was making her uncomfortable, what she found was my rock hard cock.
She looked up at me quizzically.
“What’s that? Do you have something in your pocket?”
I stammered for a few seconds, I was flustered! What would I tell her? In the insanity of the moment, I decided to go for broke.
“That’s my boner” I said.
She looked confused, and why shouldn’t she! An eight year old girl knows nothing of these things.
“What’s that?” She asked.
“Well, you know how you wee in the toilet?”
“Eww! That’s gross!”
“Right. And you do that out of here, right?” I wiggled my middle finger a little, slipping it up into her tiny slit. I half expected her to jump off and scream, but she just looked down and spread her legs a little to see what I was doing. I slid my finger up and down her tiny pussy, from her clit right down to the bottom of her hole and circled it a few times.
“Right, I know that” She said, unperturbed.
“Well boys do it out of a different part, called a penis”
“I know!” She said, excited. “Melissa at school saw her daddy’s and told us all about it!”
“Ok then. Well, sometimes a boys penis will get very hard and grow much bigger than it normally is.”
Her eyes got wide and her mouth dropped open. I couldn’t help but notice her perfect little white teeth, and her perfect little pink tongue.
“Really!? Wow! Can I see?”
Before I could even answer, she had spun off my lap and was pulling at my pants. I sat back with a grin on my face. It was nice to see her enjoying this exploration, and I have to admit I was starting to think about what I might get out of it.
I lifted my ass off the seat so she could slip my pants over my hips. The elastic band got caught on my cock and she had to pull harder. I laughed at her efforts, and she poked out her tongue at me, which made me laugh even more.
Then, with a little extra tug, she had my pants down around my knees. I was sitting on the couch in my undies, my cock bulging noticeably.
“It looks big” she said. “Can I touch it?”
“Of course,” I replied “You’re my sister. When have I ever refused you anything?”
She clapped her hands and squealed a little as she took hold of the elastic of my undies. Her little fingers brushed against the head of my shaft and I gasped a little. She looked up at me, worried.
“Did I hurt you?” she asked.
I smiled and brushed an errant lock of her hair out of her eyes.
“No, it’s fine.”
She smiled back at me and pulled my underwear down as I lifted my butt. My hardened shaft sprand free from its elastic prison and slapped against my t-shirt. My sisters eyes grew wide as she looked at it, and tentatively reached out a hand.
“Can I touch it?” She asked.
I gulped. This is what I had been hoping for.
“Ok, but you have to do it in a very special way. And you can’t tell anyone. People would get upset if they knew I was letting you do this, we’d both get in a lot of trouble.”
She nodded her head solemnly.
“I promise. What do I have to do?”
“First, do you see the different parts of my cock? Up here is the head, this is very sensitive. This part is the shaft, and down here are my balls.”
Her eyes screwed up in concentration as she pointed out each part.
“Head, shaft, malls.”
I grinned.
“Balls. The last ones was balls”
“Balls.” She said, nodding definitely.
“That’s right, and that’s where we are going to start. Here, you kneel down here.”
I picked her up and plonked her down on the floor between my legs.
“You don’t need a t-shirt for this. Neither do I really.”
I pulled off her T-shirt and threw mine away too. I looked a moment at the creature in front of me. So tiny, so adorable. Her little pink nipples on her flat chest. Her little bald mound hiding her sweet pink pussy. I knew that what I was doing was very wrong, but I couldn’t have stopped for all the gold in the world.
“Now, we’re going to start with the balls ok?”
She nodded, excited to be going.
Alright, I want you, very carefully, to cup your hands around them.
She reached up very slowly and gently cupped my balls. Her warm, smooth little hands felt great against my shaved sack, and I strained to resist the urge to cum right then and there.
“That’s very good” I said. “Now, you can rub your hands over them a bit. Have a feel, get used to them.”
She didn’t need to be asked twice, but immediately got to it like an archaeologist with a new fossil. She moved her head close to get a good look and ran her fingers all over my balls. Lifting them, stroking them, and every second of it was bliss.
“What now?” she asked.
“Ok, now we will move on to the shaft, so I want you to grab it in both hands. Your hands will be too little to be able to do it with just one.”
She kneeled up and grasped my shaft, wrapping her tiny hands around its thickness.
“Like this?”
“Just like that, only now you have to stroke it, like this”
I covered her little hands with mine and started to stroke my shaft, nice and slow. Soon she had the idea and I was able to pull mine away. She carried on pumping my rock hard cock, my little sister’s tiny hands stroking up and down my throbbing shaft. I looked down at her grinning face, she was loving every minute of this secret with her big brother. Personally, I was loving the attention as well, and I could feel the cum rolling up in my balls. I knew I didn’t have long.
“Ok,” I said “you are doing great, so well in fact that I think you are going to get the treat.”
Her eyes lit up and she pumped my cock faster in excitement. I had to try very hard to hold back the torrent.
“If you do what you have been doing just right, you get an extra special drink. It’s only for very good girls who love their brothers.”
“I do love you!” She yelled! “I want the treat!”
“Alright,” I said. “There’s just one more thing you have to do before you can have it.”
“What? Gimme gimme gimme!”
“You have to use your mouth on the head of my cock. Like a lollipop”
“What do you mean?” She asked.
I didn’t have time to be gentle, I was going to blow in seconds!
“Open your mouth, as wide as it can go, and stick your tongue out as far as it can go”
She complied. I looked into her mouth in anticipation, took the back of her head in my hand and gently lowered her mouth onto my cock.
She stiffened a little as it went in, but I didn’t push too hard, so she didn’t choke. The wet warmth of her mouth felt amazing on my cock, and her little tongue went into action right away, flicking around my knob just like it actually was a lollipop.
“Mmmfmmfml?” She said.
“What was that?” I asked, pulling her head off for a second.
“Do I get my treat now?”
“Nearly, just do that some more. Lick around with your tongue and suck with your lips, just like an ice cream or something”
She bobbed her head back down and my brain exploded. Her tongue whipped around my cock head like it was made of chocolate, and little slurping noises filled the air as she sucked with all the gusto of a kid with a new candy.
Her hands pumped up and down on my shaft and I started rocking my hips a little, careful not to go too deep. My cock’s head slipping in and out of her lips, her tongue flashing around like an eel. My balls were about to explode!
I grabbed the back of her head, and yelled “Here it comes! Swallow it all down like a good little girl!”
The cum boiled up and shot out of my cock with such force I was amazed it didn’t fly out the back of her head. Wave after wave of my hot jism spasmed out of me, only to be greedily slurped up by the eight year old, hungry for her treat.
When it was over, I felt like every single cell in my body was drained. I had come out of every single part of me, and I may die. My little sister kept slurping on my cock and pumping it with her hands, even as it went soft.
I lay there, stroking her hair while her tongue searched for missing drops. She looked up at me with her big eyes and smiled, revealing cum covered teeth.
“That was yummy! I like my treat. When can I have some more?”

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