My dirty wife gets filled
Dirty wife
I hear the door shut as you return home from work after a long day. You drop your stuff and start calling for me as you walk around the house till you hear the shower running. As you open the door you you scare me half to death  but I'm quickly over it as you look smoking hot. As we talk I catch your eyes glancing down at my soap covered gentiles several times .as the water washes away the soap your eyes light up as you notice I have trimmed my pubs and you get a clear view of my semi erect cock.  After I tease you with some stroking of my shaft, you shut the door. But not before I blurt out you want some of this , barley through the sound of the shower I hear you saw a muffled "in my mouth". This makes me smile and wonder if I heard that correct . I finish up and exit the shower, after drying off I enter our room to find you face down completely naked . I waste no time in mounting you and kissing your neck and shoulders. I begin to rub your shoulders and back which  you moan feels so relaxing. As I work my way down your back I get amazing glimpses of your round ass . I slowly rub you butt making sure on every other swipe I move closer to your asshole and with my last hand motion I rub up against your tight hole before you can ask I spread your juicy ass Cheeks and start to lap away at your ass . Making sure to lick you  vagina while I'm there. I worship your ass and barry my face deep in your cheeks which makes you squirm . As I come up for air I see your hands grip your ass and spread it wide open for me to play as I will. You tease me with smothering my face as I lick at your wet butthole. I stand up and drop my towel as you roll over and meet my stiff cock with your warm wet lips. You suck and play with the head of it making me drip some pre cum out of the tip, I twitch and rock with ever suck and nibble . I guess I gave a certain look because with out a word from me , I hear you with a cock in you mouth mumble "  fuck my " gulp "face" I give you a wink and ask if your sure and in one move you take my cock out of your lips and say "destroyed" then jab my throbbing dick balls deep into your throat. Causing me to almost drop my load ,I collect myself and continue. I grab you by the back of the head and fuck your face with powerful thrust. You take about half my cock like a champ and beg for more as I thirst forward making you gag you seem to get more turned on. After a healthy dose of gaging my cock in and out of your mouth  I pull it out and have you suck my shaved balls . You have always been great at this and use you free hands to stroke my throbbing cock as you suck and roll my balls inside your warm mouth . I reach my hand down to touch your pussy only To find you playing with you clit you grab my hand and show me that you clit is hard as As can be -then you look up at me and say "now feel
If this is wet enough to fuck " .i instantly slide a finger into a soaping wet pussy, I get thirty seconds in before you beg for more fingers inside you. 1234now inside you banging you with most of my hand send you into a string orgasm and makes my cock nearly explode watching you cum on my hand.  
After a little recovery for you I move you into doggy style and and grab your hips while staring at your sexy thick ass I insert my rock hard cock into your dripping wet pussy . You push up against me no more than 10 times before I explode coating your ass with a warm load of seamen . After a little clean up you ask me of I would mind if you play with one of your toys ... Of course you gently insert the big dildo into your cunt and quickly engulf the entire thing I love watching you as you buck your hips into it and moan . After watching you play I slowly become erect again . I waist no time and start to get on top of you as I go to remove the dildo you whisper no tonight I need to be filled up. I know exactly what you mean and slide my cock into you while you hold the big black dildo in place . Oh god it's tight and as I start to fuck you , you start to scream and go crazy . I pump hard making you have a hard orgasm and as your pussy pulsates my cock explodes inside you .we both collapse as the big dildo slides out of your cum filled twat . We fall asleep in our own juices - as we wake in the morning I feel my wife's sexy ass pushed up against my morning wood. We begin to discuss the events of last night only to start fooling around again this time she begs for anal as she gets up on all fours. Egging me to fuck her asshole . I kindly do what she ask and slide my cock tip inside her ass , with one quick buck of her hips she has my cock to the balls deep inside her ass. We start slow but the pace quickens as I feel my balls tighten to unload a thick gooey load into her ass. I start to pull out only to have her push me in ad ask me to fill her ass with cum. I give her butt two more pumps and then explode my entire nut into her tight ass. She ollapses on the bed kisses me and says have a good day today at work go ahead and leave those toys out from last night.

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2015-10-14 06:47:25
Not true and it seems this is writen by a young child
My five year old grand daughter could of writen this and no body would of
Known the difference.

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-17 01:10:12
Another fantasy story posted in "true" section - get a life and be honest you turd - - if I was looking for this crap I would look to fantasy or fiction why not just be honest ??? DUH!!! I give you a negative because of misleading the readers


2012-04-26 03:48:53
gentiles are non jews, pubs are places to drink beer. I couldn't be bothered reading any further.

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2012-04-26 00:20:38
I'm not going read 1 huuuuge paragraph.

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2012-04-25 20:35:08
too much gramatical mistakes but love the hardcore

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