What did fate have in store for me as I opened the door.
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 19: Angels Take another Angel Home

I last left you with having a fun night in our new hot tub with Kay and Cathy. The next morning after breakfast, the girls decide we were going to have another BBQ. Kay, Cathy and Sherri all jumped into Kay’s new car going to do some shopping. I watched them pull from the drive with Coco in my hand waving his little paw telling them bye.

Coco and I returned inside where he chewed on his new chew toy and I read some fishing magazine. I snoozed for a while as well. I heard a knock at the back door it was late afternoon. I went to see who it was as I moved the curtains Kay had placed up over the window part of the door.

I froze in terror as I peered out of my back door window. My heart pounded faster and faster. It felt as if it may explode from my chest. I shook my head from side to side, as I looked at who stood there. My hand trembled as I reached for the doorknob. I slowly opened my back door coming face to face with Sheriff Steve.

What did fate have in store for me? Why did god want to take away anything I loved? Was my new life to lead to despair and loneliness? Had death came knocking at my heart once more? Surely, the angel Carrie would at least keep the sweet innocent girl Sherrie safe; won‘t she? These and other questions filled my mind as I looked into the eyes of Sheriff Steve.

I suggest you read the last chapter as well as all of them to catch up. I will pick this chapter up from answering my back door.

I looked sorrowfully to Sheriff Steve. I had prepared myself to receive the bad news. I watched as he held out his hand to me.

“Sgt. J I need your help,” Sheriff Steve said. “My god son is something wrong?” He asked.

“No Sheriff not now at least,” I replied as I breathed a sigh of relief. “What can I do for you Sheriff?” I asked.

The Sheriff explained that he rather had a situation on his hands. There had been a bar fight last night in the town over. He explained that three men had ended up in the hospital over it.

“Sheriff I had nothing to do with that I swear,” I said to him.

“I know that Sgt. J but someone you know did,” Sheriff Steve replied. “My deputies have him down at our town bar right now,” “All I want to do is to talk to him about last night but I saw the same look in his eyes that I saw in your eyes before,” “The man told me that if he talked to you first he would come in peacefully,” Sheriff Steve added.

“Who is it you need to talk too?” I asked him.

“Rod ______,” The Sheriff replied.

“Alright Sheriff I will go with you,” I said.

The Sheriff drove us down to the local bar. I saw three deputies standing outside the front door. The Sheriff parked his car and we got out. I started to walk toward the door when the Sheriff stopped me.

“John if he starts anything we have your back,” Sheriff Steve said with his hand on my shoulder.

“I will be fine Sheriff don’t worry,” I replied hoping that I was right.

Rod was my size at around 6’2” and little heavy for being that size but the man had speed, power and that eighth degree black belt. There was no way I would be able to come out on top in any type of a fight. I would have to use how Kay put it, my ability to make others listen when I talked.

I walked through the front door and saw Rod sitting at a table. He had a bottle of Jack Daniels in front of him. Great just what I needed a man with Jack on his side. I went behind the bar grabbed myself a glass and poured myself a beer from the tap. I reached into my pocket tossing two bucks onto the bar. I took a sip of beer as I walked around the counter. I headed for Rod sitting at the table.

His eyes followed my ever move. I walked down to the junk box and I dug a quarter from my pocket. I inserted it into the jukebox as my eyes scanned the songs. I hit B16 as I walked toward Rod sitting at the table “Seven Spanish Angels” came to life as it played on the jukebox. I played it because Rod always liked to hear it.

“So buddy I hear you had a little run in last night,” I said as I sipped at my beer.

“Let’s just say it was not as fun as your evening,” Rod replied with a smile as he took a big gulp from the bottle of Jack.

“Rod I…” I started to say but he stopped me.

“That is OK John at least she was with someone who she could trust,” Rod said. “Unlike me,” he added.

Rod went on to explain how last night he decided to drown his sorrows much as he was now. A few men thought he would be easy pickings as he stumbled from that bar last night. Rod told me that he did not remember too much about last night other than the blood all over his shirt. I looked to the front of his shirt covered in blood.

“I only hope I did not kill anyone last night,” Rod said as he hung his head down.

“Their all alive just hurting good that is all,” I replied. “What is this all really about Rod?” I asked.

Rod explains how he was married to two women yet. He told me he did not love either of them it was just that he enjoyed their company so to speak. He also told me the women had gotten together and he had to fork over a very large sum of money to them in order to get them to move on with the divorce from them both. The only trouble was that the money he gave them was to run his schools.

“I have nothing now as my schools will all be taken from me,” Rod said.

“How much money do you need Rod,” I asked.

“33 thousand dollars,” Rod replied.

“Well it looks like you just got yourself a silent partner,” I replied. “However there is a catch,” I added.

“Just what might that be?” Rod asked.

“First you get thing straighten out with the Sheriff,” “Two you make damn sure you are divorced,” “Third I want you to train Kay and Sherri how to defend themselves,” “Fourth and foremost sit down with Cathy that girl loves you she just needs to know she can trust you,” I said.

“I think I can live with that partner,” Rod replied as he stuck out his hand.

I was shaking his hand as he asked, “Before I go talk to the sheriff do you think…”

I stopped him as I replied, “Sure buddy sure,” as I walked back to the jukebox and slipped another quarter into it playing “Seven Spanish Angels” one more time. I finished my beer and Rod stood up. I asked him if he was ready and he shook his head yes. I led him out the door as we heard.

“At the altar of the sun
They were praying for the lovers
In the valley of the gun
And when the battle stopped and the smoke cleared
There was thunder from the throne
And seven Spanish angels
Took another angel home”

The deputies took a hold of Rod’s arms and another was pulling his handcuffs out when I looked to the Sheriff as I said, “That will not be necessary.”

The Sheriff nodded and the deputies placed him into the back of their car. I told Sheriff Steve the story Rod had told me about what happened last night. I also told him that I believed his story.

“I will keep him for 48 hours to check his story out,” Sheriff Steve said as we got back into his car.

The Sheriff and I talked as he drove me home. He asked me why in the hell I played a song from the jukebox. I told him music soothes the savage beast.

Sheriff Steve looked at me as he said, “You know I could use a man like you on the force,” smiling at me.

“Thanks Sheriff but no thanks,” “I don’t think my new family could handle the stress,” I replied.

The Sheriff soon was pulling into my driveway. I saw Kay, Cathy, Sherri with Coco in her arms all standing on the back patio as we pulled in. We both stepped from the car.

Sheriff Steve tipped his hat to the women as he said, “Afternoon ladies.” I turned back to the Sheriff as he added, “Now you take good care of that fine looking family you have there Sgt. J,” as he winked at me before getting back into his car and leaving.

Kay came running to me and she threw her arms around me as she asked, “John is everything alright?” “You’re not hurt are you?” “What happened?” “Why were you with the sheriff?”

I wrapped my arms around her as I replied, “Everything is alright I just had to lend a hand to a friend as well as to “Seven Spanish Angels,” as I looked to Cathy.

I told them to get into the house and I would explain everything. I saw Kay then Cathy into the door. I turned back to see Sherri still standing there with Coco in her hands looking at me. I walked back over to her and I squatted down to her level.

“What is it princess?” I asked.

“The police they took another bad man to jail daddy,” She said.

“No princess just a man like me once innocent but lost,” I replied.

“Daddy, Coco and I will always find you if you get lost,” Sherri said sticking Coco into my face.

That dog licked at my face then he barked just once before I replied, “I bet he could at that,” as I rubbed at his head then at hers. “You two go play while I talk to mommy and Cathy,” I added as I walked into the house.

Kay and Cathy were sitting on the sofa when I walked into the room. I walked over by the fireplace. I turned to the girls who were looking intently at me.

“John, tell us what happened,” Kay asked.

“The Sheriff needed my help seemed that Rod got himself into a little trouble that was all,” I replied.

“John what did he do and is he OK?” Cathy asked.

I explained to them about Rod having to come up with a good deal of money to get the women to go through with the divorce that he was still married too. I told them how he had to take money from his karate schools to do that.

“He is in danger of losing all of his schools because of it as he can not make any payments on those schools,” “Everything rather piled up on him and he took to drinking,” I said to them.

I explained about the three men in the hospital from the fight there. That was why the Sheriff needed my help he wanted to talk with Rod about the incident but was worried about harm to his own men as well as to Rod.

“It’s my entire fault,” Cathy said as she started to cry.

Kay wrapped her arms around her as I replied, “You had nothing to do with it other than his love for you.”

“John is there anything you could do?” Kay asked.

“Already taken care of it as Rod has a partner in his business come Monday,” I replied.

Kay smiled to Cathy as she said, “See I told you John would fix everything.”

“Just what did you ladies know about all this?” I asked.

The two of them explained that they had run into Rod last night when they were out. Kay explained that Rod had told them everything and that was why they had came back home early. I wanted to tell you last night but Cathy would not let me.

I stood there for a second before I said, “Girls if you have a problem I am always here,” “Three men lie in the hospital; luckily Rod did not kill one of them in anger.”

“I am sorry John I did not know Rod still had a monster in him as well,” Cathy replied as she wiped at her tears.

“All men have monsters in them waiting to strike,” “They just need the right circumstance to be unleashed,” I said.

“John, how do you control the monster in you?” Kay asked with worry in her tone.

“I don’t Kay it controls me,” “For the monster within me is me and always has been I,” I replied as I walked from the room.

I walked out into my workshop to be alone. What I had told the girl about the monster within me is I was the last thing Carrie had told me during one of our sessions. I was more hurt than mad at the girls for not telling me about Rod last night. For if they had none of this would have happened. Was it because they did not trust me? I also thought about what might have happened if I had gone to him last night. Would that have been my blood on his shirt instead of those men?

I heard the door to my workshop open as Cathy asked, “John, can I talk with you?”

I turned to her and replied, “A little late now don’t you think.”

“John, I am sorry,” “I did not want to add to the problems you already had,” Cathy said as she walked toward me. “John I did not tell you out of fear of what Rod may do to you,” Cathy added.

I looked at her as I asked, “What do you mean?”

Cathy explained to me that she had told Rod about the fun she had with Kay and I. She went on to tell me how she had told Rod how wonderful and special I had made her feel when I made love to her as Kay watched. I also told Rod that it feels even better when he makes love to me.

“Rod told me that he understood and that he was not mad at you,” “But John I was not sure if that was true,” Cathy said looking into my eyes. “Rod told me something that night you went after Joe,” Cathy added.

“What was that?” I asked.

“War makes monsters of men,” Cathy replied. “I was afraid of what would happen if two monsters were released at once,” Cathy added hanging her head down looking to the floor.

I took my finger and I lifted her head back up to mine as I said, “War doesn’t make monsters of men,” I paused then looked into her eyes as I added, “It’s war that makes us men in the first place.”

Cathy took a hold of my hand as she said, “Did Carrie tell you that the monster within you was you and always has been?”

“Yes she did,” I replied.

“Well she was wrong John for you are not a monster,” Cathy said as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

Cathy pulled me down to her level where she pressed her lips tightly against mine. My lips rolled with hers as we kissed deeply and with passion. Cathy’s tongue sought out mine in my mouth. I closed my eyes thinking it was Carrie whom I held in my arms again as we kissed.

My cock grew hard as my hands ran down to her ass where I ran them all over her plump hot butt. My hands grabbed her by her butt pulling her tighter against my body pressing my hard cock against her. Cathy started to rub her pussy into my cock as we kissed. I was ready to throw her up onto the workbench and fuck the hell out of her.

“AHhh John I would have you take me right here and now but I know you would not,” Cathy said as her lips went back to mine.

I was glad she reminded me of that. Because I wanted her no not her I wanted her to be Carrie just for maybe an hour. I broke our kiss and I just held her tightly. When I did, I saw Sherri standing in the doorway to my workshop. When she saw me look to her, she ran.

“Damn it,” I said.

Cathy pulled away from me as she asked, “What was that all about?”

“Sherri just seen us,” I replied.

“You want me to go talk to her John?” Cathy asked.

“No, I will,” I replied as I escorted her from my workshop.

I stood there watching Cathy run into the house. I was not thinking of that plump little ass bouncing as she ran. I was thinking of what I was going to say to Sherri. I walked out past my shed as I figured Sherri ran to her swing set. However, she was not there, I turned to see that she was sitting on the porch swing with Coco on her lap. I walked down to her where she sat on the swing.

“Mind if I join you?” I asked.

Sherri did not say anything she just scooted over on the swing. I sat down beside her and rubbed my hand to the back of her head. Sherri would not look up to me. Sherri finally picked Coco up from her lap and looked into his face.

“Coco you go play daddy and I have to talk,” Sherri said as she placed him to the ground.

“Princess…” I started to say but Sherri placed her finger to my lips.

Sherri pulled my face down to hers and she looked me dead in my eyes as she asked, “Did Cathy need fixing too daddy?”

“You could say that princess,” I replied as she stared into my eyes.

“You love mommy right daddy?” Sherri asked still looking deeply into my eyes.

“Yes I do princess very much,” I replied.

“Good because Coco thought maybe you loved Cathy because she reminds you of Carrie,” Sherri said as she looked to Coco.

I turned Sherri’s head back to mine as I asked, “Did my eyes tell you the truth?”

“Yes daddy,” Sherri said as she ran to Coco.

I sat there alone on that swing wondering if for the first time my eyes had lied to that sweet little innocent girl. My mind seemed filled with mixed feelings as well as thoughts of Carrie. If only I could talk to her just for a few minutes, I thought sitting there. I got up from the swing and I walked into the back door. I grabbed my truck keys from where they hung on the wall. Kay and Cathy looked to me.

“I will be back in a little bit I have to go see someone,” I said as I walked out the back door.

I was getting into my truck when Sherri came running over with Coco in her hands. Sherri tugged at my pant legs with one hand. I looked down to her and Coco both who where looking up to me.

“Daddy can I go with you to see Carrie?” Sherri asked.

“Sure princess go give Coco to your mom,” I replied.

I had no idea how in the world that girl knew where I was going. I stood there waiting for her wondering how she knew. Sherri came back out and I helped her up into my truck. I was going to ask her how she knew where I was going but I did not. We stopped and got some fresh flowers before we drove to the cemetery.

As I stopped the truck Sherri said, “You wait here daddy let me go first then you two can be alone,” as she grabbed the flowers slipping from my truck.

I watched her as she laid the flowers by the grave marker. Sherri got onto her knees and I watched her saying a prayer. When she was done with the prayer, she stood up and it looked like she was talking to someone. However, no one was there or near her. I saw her point back to me in my truck, and then she kissed the grave marker and ran toward my truck.

Sherri opened the door and she said, “Carrie has been waiting for you daddy,” as she climbed back into my truck.

“Carrie is here?” I asked.

“Daddy she is always with you,” Sherri replied with a smile.

I got out of my truck and slowly walked to the grave. How foolish of me to have asked Sherri something like that I thought as I reached the grave marker. I knelt down onto one knee and I reached my hand out to the marker. My hand touched the marker and the hair on the back of my neck rose up tingling as it did. My nostrils filled with the smell of White Diamond perfume. I look around however no one was near me. I closed my eyes as a vision of Carrie filled my head.

There were golden streaks of light around her face. That was all I saw was just her face smiling at me. I felt her hand brushing against my face. In the vision in my head, Carrie held out her closed hand to me. I looked to her hand then back to her.

Carrie never said anything she only smiled at me. I looked back to her hand as it slowly opened. There in the center of her palm was the wedding ring I had slipped on her finger the day we were married. I felt pressure against my chest as Carrie faded from my mind. I fell to both of my knees as I opened my eyes.

I looked to the heavens as I said, “Thank you angel Carrie for showing me the way.”

I kissed the grave marker three times once for each name on it. I stood up and with my hand on the marker, I told the three of them this was not good-bye just until we meet again. I turned and as I walked away, the hair on my neck went down and the lovely smell of White Diamond faded from my nose.

I wiped my eyes as I returned to the truck. I opened my door and I got into my truck. I had my hand lying on the seat. I felt Sherri’s hand as she laid hers on top of mine.

“Thank you princess for coming along,” I said as I looked to her smiling.

“Daddy, did angel Carrie tell you what to do?” Sherri asked.

“Yes she did,” I replied. “She told me to walk away and not to look back,” I added looking to her.

“DADDY THAT is not what she told you,” Sherri screamed.

“I know princess just testing you that was all,” I said smiling to her as I drove away.

On the way home Sherri’s hand reached over and she took mine into hers as she asked, “Daddy, are you going to tell me what angel Carrie told you?”

I smiled to her as I replied, “How about some music instead,” as I turned the radio on and up.

The radio was silent for a few seconds then the song started. The song that was playing on the radio was “The Chapel of Love.” Sherri looked at me with a big smile on her face.

I smiled back as I asked, “Would it be OK with you if I asked your mom to marry me?”

“A course daddy,” Sherri replied smiling.

I looked back to the road then back to Sherrie. I saw that she was looking up to the heavens. I read her lips as she said softly, “Thank you angel Carrie.”

I drove us to the same jewelry store that Carrie and I went too. I told Sherri to come along, as she was to pick out the engagement ring that I was going to give to her mom. I walked in with Sherri holding my hand. We walked over to the case with the engagement rings in it.

“What about that one?” I asked pointing to one with a nice big diamond on it.

Sherri just shook her head NO.

“Then surely that one there,” I said pointing to one with a bigger diamond on it.

Sherri shook her head NO once more then she pointed to one as she said, “That is the one right there.”

I looked at where she was pointing. The ring was indeed lovely. There were five diamonds on it. One small diamond on a pedestal with two diamonds on each side sat on the ring. I asked the salesperson to let us see it. I showed it to Sherri.

“Why did you choose this one, princess?” I asked.

Sherri took her finger and she counted the diamonds as she said, “That one there the big one is for you,” Those two on that side are for mommy and me,” “The other two are for Carrie and Melissa.”

I just smiled to her then to the salesperson as I said, “We will take this one.”

It was almost after 8 o’clock in the evening before Sherri and I returned home. We walked into the back door and Kay and Cathy both looked at us as we came into the living room. Sherri went over and picked Coco up from the floor. She came back over to me and she stood beside me.

Kay looked to Sherri then to me as she said, “OK, you two I know that look.” “Now what have you two went and done? Kay asked.

I looked down to Sherri as I asked, “May I ask her?”

“Yes you may daddy,” Sherri replied.

She and I had thought that little part out on the way home. I walked over to Kay who was sitting on the sofa with Cathy beside her. I smiled down at her as I took her hand into mine. I dropped down to one knee smiling at her. I looked into those lovely blue eyes of hers. They were sparkling and twinkling bright.

“Kay your daughter told me it would be alright with her,” I said looking to Sherri smiling. I turned back to Kay as I opened the ring box with one hand and with her hand in my other I asked, “Kay will you marry me?”

Kay sat there as tears filled her eyes and a smile came across her face, “Yes John I will marry you,” Kay replied.

I slipped the ring onto her finger, which fit perfectly. I raised her from the sofa with that hand. I took her into my arms and I kissed her deeply and with passion. Kay returned my kisses as I kissed her. I saw Sherri go over to Cathy and she whispered something into her ear. I broke our kiss as Cathy took Kay from my arms.

“I am so happy for the three of you,” Cathy said before she gave Kay a kiss.

Kay then went to Sherri and she kissed and hugged her as she said, “I know you had your hand in making such a happy day.”

Sherri shook her head no as she replied, “Not me mommy angel Carrie,” as she pointed to Carrie’s picture on the mantel of the fireplace.

“I will have to go thank her,” Kay said as she kissed me again.

I broke our kiss as I said, “I believe that I have a bottle of champagne in the basement.”

I headed out into the kitchen and then down the basement steps. I had made a little wine cellar down in the basement, as Kay loves wine. I knew I had some champagne down there as well. I was searching for it when I heard.

“Congratulation John,” Cathy said smiling at me.

I looked back at her smiling as I asked, “So what did Sherri whisper in your ear?”

“My daddy likes you a lot because you remind him of Carrie but his heart lies with my mommy,” Cathy replied smiling.

I rather blushed as I said, “You do in so many ways,” as I touched my hand to her face just staring into it.

“Don’t I get a kiss?” Cathy asked as she slipped her arms around my neck.

Our lips met for the kiss then her tongue sought out mine. We shared a rather long and wet kiss. Cathy broke it but then she kissed my lips gently four or five times.

Cathy pulled away from me as she said, “I think you made four women happy today John.”

I looked at her as I asked, “What do you mean?”

Cathy smiled as she replied, “Sherri now will have her true daddy,” “Kay has a man she can finally trust and one who truly loves her.” “Carrie can stop worrying about you so much and I just because I was apart of it all,” as she rubbed her hand to the side of my face.

I took her hand from my face as I said, “As long as Kay has you in her heart you will forever be in mine,” “For Kay and I share our hearts for they beat as one,” as I gently kissed her hand.

“I have never known a man like you John,” Cathy replied with tears in her eyes.

Cathy turned and she ran back up the steps. I smiled to myself for I knew they were happy tears. I found the bottle of champagne and I wiped something for my own eyes before I returned upstairs. I poured us all a glass full of champagne even giving Sherri a small amount in a little cup.

I gathered us by the fireplace as I held my glass up as I said, “Each of us are angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another,” as I looked to Cathy, to Sherri, then deeply into Kay’s lovely blues eyes as they sparkled.

“So when are you two getting married?” Cathy asked Kay and me.

Kay looked to me as she said, “Would it be OK if it is after we finish college John that is only a year away.”

“That would be just fine,” I replied.

“Where are you two going to get married?” Cathy asked.

Sherri pulled at my pant leg as she motioned me down to her level. She whispered into my ear. A smile came to my face.

“You tell them princess,” I said.

Sherri looked from me to Kay and Cathy as she said, “There is this lovely place where the moon dances on the water, where stars shine bright to many to count. A place you can hear the gentle lapping of the waves crashing against the shoreline.” Sherri paused for a second then she added, “The place we are to meet Carrie and Melissa when the time is right.”

Kay was in tears when she replied, “That would be lovely and nice.”

Sherri motioned me back down to her as she said, “It’s OK if mommy cries for those are happy tears.”

“I think it is time I put you to bed young lady,” Kay said. “Give daddy and Cathy a good night kiss first,” she added.

Sherri hugged me tightly and she whispered into my ear, “Thank you daddy I now know dreams can come true,” before she kissed me on my cheek.

Sherri ran to Cathy hugging and kissing her good night. Sherri picked Coco up in one hand and the other she placed in her mommy’s hand. Kay and Sherri both smiled to me as they walked down the hall to her bedroom. I took a seat next to Cathy on the sofa. I felt her finger tracing around my ear.

I looked to her as she asked, “John did you ever think you and Kay would be together like this?”

I stared at her for the longest time until I heard her ask, “John is something wrong?” “You look like you seen a ghost,” Cathy added.

I shook my head no as I replied, “Carrie asked me that same question once only it went did I ever think we would be together.” “I would have to tell you the same as I told her,” “I thought I would be alone for the rest of my life,” “Or worst as I always had a feeling that I would not survive my second tour of duty in Vietnam.”

“Why did you return to Vietnam the second time John?” Cathy asked.

“You want the truth or what I tell everyone?” I asked her.

“Tell me both then I will decide,” Cathy replied with a smile.

“Because it was my duty to return,” I said. “However after 12 years of thinking about it I think I returned because I did not want to face the reality that I may no longer fit in with society,” “I was scared of what I had become.”

Cathy sat there with a strange look on her face then she asked, “You think you cheated death when you were in Vietnam don’t you John?”

I shook my head yes to which Cathy said, “My brother killed himself because he thought the same thing.”

“I believe a lot of brave men thought the same as him and I,” I replied.

“I believe that you returned because it was your duty John,” Cathy said as her hand went to the side of my face. “To quote an Indian Proverb,” “The most beautiful things in the universe are the starry heavens above us and the feeling of duty within us,” Cathy added smiling.

I removed her hand from my face as I replied, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing Albert Einstein,” as I kissed her hand.

“John I understand now what Carrie, Kay and Sherri see in you and I also understand that there will never be another man like you,” Cathy said as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I wrapped my arms around her as I whispered into her ear, “I am just a man harden by war softened by the loss of loved ones.” “A man that became lost in his life.” “Only to be shown the way twice by the angel Carrie.”

“Hey you two starting without me,” Kay said as she walked into the living room. I turned to her with tears in my eyes as she added, “John you’re crying.”

“I am allowed for these are happy tears,” as I held out my arms for her to join me.

We kissed deeply and with passion as I sat her down beside me. Then Kay leaned over me kissing Cathy. When their kiss finished, Cathy kissed me. When we all had kissed each other, I took their hands into mine.

“Girls you know we are going to have to let Rod join us,” I said as I looked to them both.

The girls leaned forward looking at each other around my chest and in unison they replied, “We have 48 hours to enjoy you one last time alone,” as they both kissed me on my cheek.

I heard an “Arf, Arf.” I looked to see Coco down in front of me looking straight up at me. I got up from the sofa as I said, “Excuse me ladies I believe us men folk have to pee.” I walked to the back door and I opened it.

Coco got to the door frame and he looked up to me. I shook my head as I bent over picked him up and carried him outside with me. I placed him on the ground and he ran right for my truck. He pissed on three tires while I pissed on one.

Coco ran around a little bit as I walked back to the back steps. I waited for him to come running up to me. When he did, he stopped at my feet and he looked up at me. I shook my head again and said, “Princess is going to have to teach you how to climb steps,” as I picked him up and carried him into the house.

I walked into the living room to find the girls were gone. I turned the lights outs and locked the door. I carried Coco into Sherrie’s room placing him beside her as she slept. I saw her eyes were moving rapidly under her closed eyelids. I wondered what her Carrie and Melissa were doing in her dreams tonight. I kissed her forehead as Coco licked the side of my face.

I walked to our bedroom and I slowly opened the door. The girls were already in bed a space between them. I smiled to them as they watched me undress. I climbed into bed between them getting under the sheets. I placed one hand to Kay’s thigh and my other hand onto Cathy’s thigh. I ran my hand over their thigh toward their pussies.

“WHAT the hell,” I yelled as my hand encountered what felt like a cock where Kay’s pussy should have been.

I flipped the sheets down to see that Kay was wearing a strap on dildo. I looked to her then to Cathy. I rolled onto my side between them, as I shook my head no.

“You know you are not using that thing on me,” I said looking to Kay.

“Not until you are ready for it,” Kay replied with a devilish smile on her face.

“Never going to happ… ahhh,” was all I got out as I felt Cathy shoving her finger up my asshole.

“Someday but not tonight,” Cathy said as she removed her finger from my ass.

Cathy rolled me onto my back and she climbed on top of me. She kissed me all over my face as she rubbed her pussy down on my cock. Kay slipped down behind Cathy and I felt her taking my cock into her hand. Cathy raised herself up a little bit, as Kay swiped my cock at her pussy.

“AHhhhh,” Cathy moaned out as she slipped her pussy down onto my cock.

Cathy stopped kissing me and she placed her hands on my chest. She started to move up and down on my cock. I watched her big round tits swaying every which way as she did. I mashed her tits together pulling them into my face. I licked at both nipples then sucked at each of them.

“KAY, damn girl,” Cathy yelled out.

“Did I put too much in your ass?” Kay asked with a little laugh.

“Just remember girl your next,” Cathy replied with a little laugh of her own.

I felt Kay pushing more of that strap on into her ass. I could feel it rubbing against my own cock in her pussy. I went back to kissing Cathy as Kay eased her strap on into her. I did not feel Kay pushing anymore so I figured she had it all up Cathy’s ass. Cathy placed her hands back up onto my chest as she slowly started to move her pussy on my cock. I could see by the look on her face that Kay was stretching her asshole with her strap on as she rode my cock.

“AHhh that’s better,” said Cathy as I felt added wetness around my cock. She must have had a quick orgasm because she started to go up and down on my cock. She also told Kay to fuck her ass.

That strap on felt like it was pushing my cock out each time Kay pumped it into her ass. I put my hands onto Cathy’s butt where I pulled her down onto my cock as I drove it up into her.

“Ahhh John your cock is rubbing at my spot,” Cathy moaned out.

Cathy started to fuck me harder as I fucked her back harder. I felt Kay moving her strap on in and out harder and faster as well. Cathy’s fingers were pinching at my nipples as if they were the sheet on the bed as Kay drove that strap on in and out of her asshole.

“AHhhhh,” Cathy yelled out as I felt her pussy sucking at my cock.

Cathy shook above me as her orgasm came over her. Her pussy coated my cock with her juices. I felt Kay slip her strap on from Cathy’s ass. Kay’s hand went to my cock pulling it from Cathy’s pussy. When she did, Cathy squirted again with her next round of orgasms.

It was a mixture of her pussy juices as well as pee. Cathy went back to kissing me deeply and with passion as her fluids squirted all over my cock and Kay as well. I felt Kay’s tongue then her mouth on my cock. Kay was sucking my cock deep into her mouth as Cathy broke our kiss. Cathy placed her head to the side of my face.

“John I LOVE YOU,” Cathy whispered softly into my ear.

I was not for sure but I hoped she meant that in the brotherly way or fatherly way. I tried to think of something else for fear of losing my hard on which would not be good what with your wife to be sucking on it.

My mind flashed me back to “Carrie’s Place,” and how many times I had heard other women tell me the same thing. I never told Carrie the truth behind me not wanting to do other women during our swinger’s parties. The truth was that a lot of them tried to tempt me to run away with them. They wanted me all to themselves. I could never have done that to Carrie.

I must have tensed up or something because I heard Cathy whisper again into my ear, “Relax John I did not mean it like that,” as she spun around joining Kay at my cock.

Cathy backed her wet dripping pussy back onto my face. I soon forgot about what she had said. My tongue lapped wildly at her pussy as the girls took turns sucking on my cock. I was poking my tongue in and out of her pussy when Cathy moved again. This time she turned with both her thighs along the side of my face.

Cathy started to grind her pussy down onto my face as she said, “Fuck him Kay ride his cock till you both cum.”

I felt Kay climbing on top of me. I felt her guide my cock into her wet pussy. Kay took all my cock into her as she sat down onto it. Kay started to rock wildly on my cock as Cathy’s pussy started to orgasm on my face. The room filled with slurps from Cathy’s wet pussy on my face and Kay’s wet pussy as she rode me.

“Ahhhhhh John,” Kay screamed out as I felt her pussy convulsing on my cock.

Kay sat down hard onto my cock and just rocked back and forth on it. I felt my cock twitch then throb as I pumped three or four deep thick loads into her pussy. I moaned but my mouth filled with Cathy’s juices as I did.

Kay slipped her pussy from my cock and she rolled onto her back. Cathy spun from my face and she dived between Kay’s legs. I sat up in bed looking down to my creamy coated cock then to Cathy’s head as she licked wildly between Kay’s legs. Kay had her hands onto Cathy’s head as she pulled her face into her pussy.

“Eat me, lick my man’s juices from me,” Kay yelled.

Both of the girls were bouncing on the bed, as I believe they both had another orgasm. I had never seen two women like this two when it came to sex between them. I had thought Terri and Carrie carried on wildly when they had sex together but it was nothing compared to these two. They got into a sixty-nine next as they tongued each other’s pussies as well as fingered each other.

The girls went after each other like that for a good half hour with me just watching. I could see how a man could be jealous of the way they made love to each other. To me I was not jealous just happy to be a part of their sexual freedom. The girls finally rolled off each other lying on their backs holding hands tightly. They then sat up in the bed looking at me.

“Sorry John we carried away sometimes,” They both said in unison as they smiled to me.

I smiled and stared at them both as I realized that these two were not even close to being Terri and Carrie when they were together. One reason was the love they had for each other. The other was that smile that they put on the others face when they were together.

“John your not mad are you?” Kay asked.

“Not at all Kay just amazed at the love you two shares,” I replied smiling.

The girls crawled up to me and they got onto each side of me. They rubbed their hands to my chest then to my face. They each kissed me and they each moved to one of my ears.

“Only because you bring that love out of us John,” The girls said into my ears at the same time.

I felt their hands going to my cock as Cathy said, “My turn to use our toy on you Kay,” as she reached for the strap on lying on the bed.

“How about we sixty-nine as Cathy takes both your holes Kay?” I asked.

“If that pleases you John,” Kay replied pushing me down onto the bed.

Kay climbed on top of me with her hairy wet pussy in front of my face. I could smell the sex coming from it as she backed it down onto my face. I felt her hand then her mouth around my hard throbbing cock. I felt Cathy tapping my forehead with the strap on sticking from her pussy.

I noticed for the first time it was a double strap on as a little fat fake cock was stuck up inside Cathy’s pussy as well. I moved my head to the side a bit as Cathy stuck the strap on into Kay’s pussy. She buried it deep into Kay’s wet pussy.

“Ahhhh fuck,” Kay yelled out.

Cathy wasted no time as she started to fuck Kay’s pussy deep and hard with her fake cock. Each time she slipped the strap on in her juices flowed from her pussy. Kay started to run her mouth up and down my cock as she used her hands on my balls.

“AHhh shit Kay your mouth is like no others,” I moaned out from under her.

Cathy was fucking the air from Kay’s pussy. Her pussy was leaving off pussy farts as she did. Kay started to bump her pussy back against the strap on which caused my chin to rub against her clit.

“OHhh,” Kay moaned out as her orgasm over took her.

Cathy pulled that strap on from her pussy and she lined it up with her asshole. Kay’s juices came running from her pussy when she did. Cathy rammed that strap on right up into Kay’s ass.

“AWwwwwe fuck,” Kay screamed out.

Cathy did not ease up at all she just kept driving the strap on in and out from Kay’s ass. Cathy’s pussy was dripping with her own juices as she rammed Kay’s asshole. Kay started to pump on my cock with her hand.

“Fuck my ass BITCH,” Kay yelled out.

Cathy smacked Kay’s butt with her hand as she replied, “Don’t be calling me BITCH you fucking whore.”

I was a little shocked at how they were talking to each other. However, Kay was working her ass back onto the strap on as Cathy fucked her asshole. Cathy slammed the strap on full into Kay’s asshole and she just held it there as she pulled her back onto it.

“You tell me that you are sorry whore or I will not let you orgasm,” Cathy said as she smacked Kay’s butt again.

“I am sorry Cathy, please forgive me,” Kay replied in a very submissive tone.

“You better be and you better make John cum or else,” Cathy said as she started to fuck Kay’s ass again.

Kay’s mouth went back to my cock. Christ this woman could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Kay played with my balls as I felt my cock start to swell. I believe my toes may have curled when my cock started to pump cum into Kay’s mouth.

“AAHhhh fuck,” I yelled out as my cock fired three thick loads into her mouth.

Cathy fucked Kay’s asshole deep and hard. I felt her thighs start to shake and the next thing I knew was Kay’s pussy was squirting and pissing at the same time. Her juices and pee soaked my face. Cathy pulled the strap on from Kay’s asshole it looked like a big open hole for a few seconds before it tightened back to normal.

Cathy smacked her butt one more time as she said, “You better be sharing his cum with me.”

Kay scrambled from my cock, she sat on my chest as her, and Cathy kissed. It was a kiss filled with tongue as the two girls shared and swapped cum in their mouths. They both rolled from me into each other arms on the bed.

“I love you Cathy,” Kay said.

“I love you Kay,” Cathy replied.

I lie there speechless and amazed at the sex I had just witnessed. I had seen plenty of wild sex in my swinger days but nothing that compared to this night. I also knew from the love they were showing each other now that the name-calling was just part of their sex play. I lie there with my eyes closed wondering just what else these girls did to each other.

I opened my eyes to find Kay and Cathy looking down into my face. Kay’s blue eyes shined and sparkled as I looked into them. I looked into Cathy’s jade green eyes seeing the same effect.

“I love you John,” Kay said as her lips met mine. “JOHN, your face smells like piss,” Kay added.

“I wonder why,” I replied as I got off the bed. “You ladies stay here while I take a quick shower,” I added.

I went into the bathroom where I took a pee. Then I jumped into the shower. I know I could have only been in there for maybe fifteen minutes. I returned to the bedroom to find Kay and Cathy curled up together fast asleep. I bent down giving them both a light kiss on their fore head.

I grabbed my pillow and slipped on my jogging pants before I walked from the bedroom. I looked back in to them seeing that they still curled together in each other’s arms. I closed the door before I made my way into the living room. I did not have the heart to break them apart.

I threw my pillow onto the sofa then my body. I lie there thinking about tonight’s fun. I thought mostly about Cathy being on top of me as she rode my cock. I had come close to calling her Carrie as she did. I drifted to sleep wondering and hoping that would stop.

I awoke early the next morning with Kay kissing me awake. I grabbed her and I pulled her onto top of me. I wrapped my arms around her as we kissed deeply and with passion. Kay broke our kiss as she slipped from my arms. She sat me up on the sofa then took a seat next to me.

Kay stared into my eyes as she asked, “When you have sex with Cathy do you see Carrie?”

I did not say anything I just thought about my answer before I replied, “Yes she reminds me a lot of Carrie,” I had to tell her the truth for she was looking me dead in my eyes.

“I thought so,” Kay said.

“Let me explain,” I managed to get out of my mouth before Kay’s finger went to my lips.

“There is nothing for you to explain John I understand,” Kay said. “I only wish that I could have known Carrie for she had to be really special to you,” Kay added smiling.

“Just as you and Sherri are special to me now,” I replied.

“Why did you sleep out here John?” Kay asked.

"I could not bring myself to disturb you two as you slept in each others arms,” I replied.

“I feel safe in her arms just like I do yours,” Kay said as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I wrapped my arms around her as we kissed. It was a long deep romantic kiss with passion and with tongue. We were still kissing when we heard a little giggle. We broke our kiss and turned to see Sherri standing there with Coco in her arms.

Sherri looked into Coco’s face as she said, “Coco that is what love is all about.”

That damn dog gave the biggest bark we had heard from him since we got him. I reached out and pulled Sherri up next to me. I wrapped one arm around her and my other around her mom pulling them both tightly against my side.

“No Coco this is what love is all about being with your family,” I said.

“You go wake Cathy John while we make breakfast,” Kay said taking Sherri by her hand as they got off the sofa.

I walked into our bedroom to find Cathy sound asleep on her back. I silently got into bed next to her. Those big tits of hers raised and lowered each time she took a breath. I rubbed my hand through her long blonde hair. Her hair reminded me so much of Carrie.

I put my face down next to hers as I stroked her hair. I sniffed at her smelling a trace of White Diamond. I closed my eyes as I did.

“Carrie I still love you and miss you and Melissa as much today as ever before,” I said softly. “I hope you understand my love for Kay and someday I hope you can find it in your heart to love her as I do,” I added.

“John, did you just call me Carrie?” Cathy asked.

I opened my eyes to find her staring into my face as I replied, “Time to get up Kay is making breakfast.”

“John I am sure Carrie understands and if her heart is anything like yours I am sure she will welcome Kay into hers,” Cathy said.

‘Thanks Cathy for being yourself as well as Carrie to me even if but for a minute,” I replied.

“Hey you two breakfast is almost ready,” Kay yelled back to our bedroom.

“Dam I was hoping for a morning quickie,” Cathy said with a smile.

Cathy slipped on a robe and I walked her out into the kitchen. When we were at the table Cathy wrapped her arms around my neck and she pulled me down to herself. She kissed me deep and passionately on my lips.

“DON”T YOU KISS MY DADDY LIKE THAT,” Sherri screamed out as Coco started to bark loudly.

“SHERRI,” Kay screamed at her.

Sheri jumped from her chair. She gave Cathy a look of hate before she ran back into her bedroom. I started to head back that way when Cathy stopped me.

“John let me please,” Cathy said.

I shook my head OK as I sat down at the table I looked to Kay as I said, “I was not thinking when I kissed Cathy.”

“That is not the problem John,” “Did you see the look in her eyes?” “The same look in your eyes that day you tackled Joe,” Kay said as she ran from the kitchen.

I sat there at the kitchen table with my face in my hands. Once again, I brought Kay two steps forward while at the same time moving her five steps back. I believed Kay had even suggested that I had placed my demons into Sherri just by being around me.

Could I have placed a monster deep inside that sweet little girl’s soul? Was I to blame for the anger and hate in her eyes? I could not live with myself if I was to blame. I slipped a tee shirt on and I slipped out the back door grabbing my truck keys as I did.

I jumped into my truck and I drove away. Once again, I was running from my problems. I knew not where I was going or even what I was doing. It was as if something snapped and I had no control. I raced my truck down the road.

I remember a thunderous sound then the sound of glass breaking and metal twisting. My eyes would not focus as everything turned to a blur. Suddenly I was in darkness once more. I was walking alone seeing nothing but blackness all around me. I fell to the ground not knowing had I tripped over something. All I did know was that I was in a bad way.

“Hang in there Sgt. J help is on the way,” I heard a voice echoing in my ears.

Then blackness filled my eyes once more. I could see nothing as I walked. I stopped and I listened as a distant sound filled my ears. I knew the sound however; I could not make it out as I listened.

Then I heard it clearly though my darkness. My ears filled with a loud thunderous whopping and popping sound. I knew this sound for it was that of a helicopter’s blade beating against the air. A sound I heard a lot when I was in Vietnam.

You may not always been able to see them however that sound of their blades beating the air was unmistakable. Whenever I heard it, I would always look up and say a little prayer. Because when you heard that sound, it meant someone was arriving to this hellhole or someone was leaving hopefully alive.

I lie there in total darkness as the sound filled my ears. I looked up to the heavens. At least I think I was looking up for in the darkness I could not even tell which way was up or down. I took a deep breath that shot pain through my entire body as I tried to say a silent prayer.

I felt someone grabbing my hand telling me, “Hang on Sgt. J, were almost there,” I tried to open my eyes but they would not stay open long enough to focus on anything. Once again, I fell into a silent dark void free of any light or any sound; once again, I was alone.

This will end this Chapter.

What had just happened to me? Had all this been a nightmare? Had I dreamt all this, as I lie wounded in Vietnam? Did Kay, that sweet little girl Sherri and Cathy even exist? Why had god forsaken me in this stinking jungle of Vietnam?

Those questions answered in my next Chapter. Please let me know that you are enjoying my life story as I unfold it in front of you. Thanks to everyone for his or her warm responds to my story so far and keep the comments coming. I leave you with a quote from another brave man.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King Jr

The next chapter will be out soon.
Sgt. J

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Amazing story, I was wondering, "sucking a golf ball through a garden hose" was that a popular analogy back in the day or were you quoting Full Metal Jacket?

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