Younger girl becomes a Woman of maturity, as my ventures into youth continue
(Continuing my fantasy tale when young girls/developing young women enter my Life…
If you do not like underage sex, stop reading….)

It was some weeks later, and while I saw the girls I knew intimately around the village, we only smiled and exchanged greetings – like plenty of old men greeting the kids of their neighbours.
I had healed of my wounds, inflicted by Mung in her throes of passion; I had sent her a text message to tell her of the scratches and teeth marks which reminded me of her every morning and evening when I showered! She was remorseful, but I laughed it off, and told her not to worry.

I always rode my bike from home around the corner to my favourite local shop, where I drank some beers every evening. Sometimes I walked there with Mi if it was early, just for an outing, but if her mother came home at a reasonable time, I left them at home – the only way I could get her mother to pay her any attention, or get Mi to pay attention to her mother for that matter – and I cycled around.

Often I passed kids in my soi or the next, or saw them when they came to the shop to buy something. One evening a girl interrupted me, bade me respectful greetings and asked if I could help her with her English homework. As my drinking friends had yet to appear, I was alone and reading a book while drinking, so I said “Fine, sit down and let’s see what we can do; what is your name?”
“My name is Ping” she said in the rote tone which kids learned in school when studying the basics of English conversational points; “I am 14 years old. How old are you, Luong Steve?” Oh a very direct question and I smiled as I told her “Very Old.”

She was cute rather than beautiful, and small for 14, but she had an impish smile and a body which was way beyond that of a child: short black hair, more developed breasts than even Mung, enclosed within a white singlet t-shirt, and a petite lower body accentuated by tight jeans shorts. But we talked about her English questions and homework, and I found her intelligent and quick to grasp my comments and explanations: this is why I do enjoy teaching: if I have a student who is interested in learning.

When we had finished with her homework, she asked if we could study again, perhaps at my house – away from noise and distractions. I agreed and we thought about suitable times, and 4.00p.m suited us both, starting tomorrow; I asked for her phone number in case I couldn’t make it, and gave her mine for the same reason. She smiled, bade me a respectful good-bye and rose from the table, offering me a generous view down the cut of her t-shirt at her swollen bosoms within, and seemingly without need for any support of a bra. She was watching my eyes, and appeared to get the reaction she expected, as she smiled again, and sauntered off up the village, crossing the road and going into a soi 2 blocks up.

The following afternoon I was watching BBC News with Mi when Ping arrived, walking through the gate I had left open and up to the front door, which was always open when I was home. I invited her in and introduced her to Mi; Mi smiled as Ping sat down on the floor where we were, and I asked Ping if she could understand BBC newsreaders – they being wonderful exponents of the English language, mostly.

I looked at her as she put her attention to the TV; today she was wearing a short, midriff pink t-shirt, thus her lower abdomen was bare, and it was clear (from her nipples today) she didn’t have a bra on. Her short denim skirt was low on her hips, so her middle body was very bare and open. Sitting cross-legged on the floor as she was, I could tell she didn’t have any sort of shorts underneath, as was the norm here for many young girls and women. Whether aware of my scrutiny or not, she changed her sitting position and lifted her legs up to sit clasping her knees and lo, this exposed her bare upper thighs and buttocks to me – enough to note the absence of panties also.
Well, well, Ping was certainly doing a good job of teasing me, and I realized my under-dressed normal self, clad only in my light house shorts, might not be sufficient garb for very long, not if my untended cock couldn’t control its’ growth.

Mi didn’t help matters by deciding this was a moment to sit on Dad’s lap, and, as she had one time earlier at a similarly delicate moment, she felt me poking under her and said “Daddy big!”
I blushed immediately, risked a glance at Ping – who was hiding laughter behind her hand, an indication of understanding one might suspect – and then stood with Mi in my arms, dangling in front of me to somewhat hide my protruding cock, and rushed off to grab a better pair of shorts from the chair, ready for ironing: that task wasn’t relevant at this time, so I ran into my bathroom, put Mi down, and changed shorts.
‘Whew’ I breathed, decided to relieve my bladder (which a hard cock wouldn’t allow anyway), asked Mi if she needed to go to the toilet – our current work-in-progress to get her ready for school – but she shook her head, so I just pretended I did, flushed the toilet, and rejoined Ping.

She had quite a knowing smile on her face, especially when she looked at my changed shorts. So I asked if it was time to study some English; her smile continued as she nodded.
But then Mi asked to go to her grandmother’s house! She knew I didn’t like taking her there, and always asked Dad sheepishly, quietly, and with her face turned away; so much so that I always had to ask her to say again...and if she asked again, then I did accept, and always took her (it never worked in the opposite direction: her grandmother never returned my daughter without making it a difficult or unacceptable action to take: hence my problems with her these days).

I looked at the clock and said to Ping “I will take Mi around the corner to her grandmother’s, will take me 5 minutes ok? If you can stay, we can study when I return; meanwhile, in 4 minutes, BBC Weather will be on. I want you to look for Bangkok’s temperature, and tell me when I get back, ok Ping? Listen closely as this is a test of your English understanding for me.” She nodded and said ‘bye’ to Mi who responded the same as I led her out to her thongs, and out the gate.
When I returned, I stood quietly outside and peered through the window behind where she was sitting: she had turned on a Thai TV station –and it was showing the weather forecast! I was about to call from behind her when I looked more closely; the position and action of one hand strongly suggested she was fingering herself, while her other was rubbing her tits.

I walked backwards a few paces, thinking Ping was a more complicated girl than many her age: studious and randy; I coughed as I slapped my thongs the last few steps again, kicked them off and walked through the door, just as she pressed the ‘Return’ button to get the BBC back – I pretended not to notice. “Are you ok Ping? Actually, you look a little flushed – that means red-faced; I will get you some cool water.”
As I walked to the kitchen, I called over my shoulder “So, what is the Bangkok temperature going to be?” “36” she immediately responded “Hot again, Luong Steve; I wish sometimes, this time of year, I was a nudist and lived near the beach or a pool. Do you ever think like this, or am I weird?”

Only mildly taken aback by the fact this was not a staid, conservative Thai young girl, I answered truthfully “No, you are not weird Ping: it is too hot for clothes in this season, I agree. I am not sure about being a nudist in Thailand though, Ping – I have never heard of any places – nor do I know how I would be naked around other people on a beach, though I have done that before, in Italy, a long time ago very late at night; in a pool ok, but I don’t imagine there are any which would allow that in Thailand either! I do sleep nude, right there on that mattress you are sitting on, and I walk around in the house nude when it is dark, no lights on, and people shouldn’t be able to see me at all, and naturally I am nude when Mi and I have a shower. But, it is a good idea Ping!”

I had spoken slowly, mostly English, so she could try and follow and study understanding at the same time, and now she appeared to be digesting my words, with a spreading smile on her face.
I interrupted her to ask “Aren’t we supposed to be studying your English homework Ping?” She happily said “But it is Friday, I don’t have any homework!”
Just then my phone beeped a message, so I excused myself: it was my wife’s oft-sent message these days: “Late. Mi go and eat with my mother ok”.
I turned to Ping, trying to hide the irritation I felt always when my wife ignored her daughter for her own enjoyment. “Yes, it is Friday, of course, which is why my wife will go out and tells me she will be late.”

“What about Mi?” Ping asked softly, so I told her Mi had/would be going for dinner with her grandmother and her long-time boyfriend, and since I couldn’t trust her to bring Mi home, Mi would probably go to sleep in her house until her mother came to bring her to her real home: here.”
I sighed “Sorry Ping, not your problem; back to the subject....ok, no homework, what do we study?”
She smiled “Just talking with you is studying Luong Steve...” I held up my hand and interrupted her to ask she drop the ‘Luong’ when it was just the 2 of us: “It makes me feel old!”
She laughed, perhaps happy I had made a joke – no, joke it wasn’t – if it meant my mood had lifted. “Ok, shall I call you ‘Young Uncle Steve’ – how is that?” She squealed as I made a pretend grab at her ankle to admonish her for the joke, rolled away and slipped on the floor trying to get to her feet.

It was too enticing, and too close, and I reached out an arm and grabbed the leg closest to me behind her knee; she twisted, but towards me, and my free hand was able to grasp her free leg, but this was her upper thigh, very close to an exposed vagina as her skirt had ridden right up.
I would not have been a functioning person if I hadn’t looked at her, there, at the curly hairs hiding the treasure within, begging (it seemed) for someone to part them and move forth searching for that elusive ‘holy grail’ of a Woman.

“Perhaps I should give you a pair of Mi’s panties Ping; it is a little dangerous to go around without any.” I lifted my eyes to hers and didn’t reach them: my eyes stopped at her panting breasts, rising and falling in a manner so provocative I had to shake my head to then look at/into her eyes. They were glistening with a smile – so it seemed to my mind – and she only said “I like to get as close as I can to being a nudist; is it a danger for you, Steve?” She emphasised the fact she had dropped the references to my age, and her lips were now smiling at my dilemma, as I removed my hand from her knee and slid it also up that leg to her thigh, and I moved those thighs apart now.

“I can’t talk for a while Ping: my tongue is going to be busy” and I leaned my head down, adjusted my body comfortably, and pasted those vaginal curly hairs with my salivating tongue. I took my time, licking aside, it seemed, curl by curly hair, while my hands smoothed along her thighs and legs equally slowly; she moaned each time my tongue touched a little closer, and began lifting her hips towards me within a minute, and I let her feel my tongue hit her lips, and then I slurped each side of her cunt into my mouth, and I sucked when she squeaked.
She was groaning, and she was wet from her own excreting juice and from my saliva; I paused to look up her body, saw her hands busy on her own breasts, and said “that is my job also, my lady” as I stretched my long arms upwards to where my hands went under her t-shirt and found 2 mounds with hardened nipples awaiting them, and they began their own stimulation as my head went back down and my tongue resumed its drive towards the promised treasure, as Ping began writhing and non-stop groaning, and her noises seemed to send a vibration through her body to my tongue and it became even more excited in its search.

Her own hands were now superfluous in her body’s stimulations, so she stretched them down to my shoulders and rubbed and (lightly) scratched them in time to the rhythm of her body’s feelings; my hands loved breasts, and Ping’s were wonderful within them; soft and yielding, with nipples which needed a mouth and tongue around them, but had to be satisfied with fingers twirling and squeezing them, as the only tongue available was now entering the canal of her juices, and it was busily licking them up for its mouth to savour and swallow. I found a nub, decided it was her clit, and I nipped at it with gentle teeth. I was met by a torrent of her nectar, and a bucking of her hips which drove her pubic bone hard against my nose, buried as it was at the entrance to her cunt.

I very nearly drowned, she churned out so much juice to flood my mouth in there, and my nose was also filled! I had to withdraw to cough and swallow, but only for a moment as I put my open mouth below her squirting hole and lapped up the sweetness of her again, while my nose did its best to inhale breaths, and the fragrance of her. She cried out “Wait, wait please!” and I slowed my licks, slower each one, bringing her down from a peak without a crash and bump dive, allowing her to enjoy her feelings: at least, this was my intention, and my hope.
I sat up slowly, relaxing into slow caresses, but not removing, my hands from her breasts, and smiled to myself, while waiting for Ping to breathe somewhat normally, and to open her eyes.
I smiled because I thought I could take pride in a job- so far - well done: that job being to satisfy a woman when making love.

It was a while before Ping spoke, looking at the wall clock before she said “That was the most incredible...that was the first time I ever...teach me the English for what that was Steve, my first lover”. I smiled gently down at her rapturous face, “I believe you had a ‘climax’ Ping, but it sounds better, if you can imagine, what is said in the words of the Kama Sutra: I believed you reached that level of feeling during sex which is called “the clouds and the rain”, and I always think it also could say “the peak of the mountain”.
“In Thailand we don’t have mountains which reach that high, Steve, so I will believe I reached the clouds, and the rain came from my own body, torrential rain like we do have in Thailand!”

A few minutes of quietness later, neither of us had moved -other than for me to gently pull her skirt down to cover her groin area, while maintaining a caressing of her wondrous breasts. Ping sighed and said “I told my Mum: ‘of course I will be home for dinner’, so I should go. What time will your wife and Mi come home?” I shrugged “I don’t know Ping; perhaps 10p.m, perhaps 2a.m. I never know what she is doing, but guess there is another man somewhere. Sorry, that’s not your concern either, forget what I just said.”
She sat up abruptly then, my hands falling from her breasts, and she grabbed my face for our first kiss: a deep, long kiss at that. “After the care you have shown me, Steve, I also care about you.” She kissed me again, and then asked “Can I come back after my dinner, we only have to talk, or read a book, or just listen to English on TV...?” I hesitated, “Be careful, young Ping; are you sure after one day’s study?”
“2 days actually, and I am sure I want to see you again; we only have to do those things I just said: talk or read or listen – if that is all you would like...”
“I will see you after dinner then Ping, and we can do any of those things you mentioned...for a while; an ‘old young uncle’ gets tired!” She reached for the cock, untended, throbbing and hard in my shorts, and kissed me before saying “I don’t believe you are tired just yet young, young lover of mine.”

She climbed up, smoothed her clothes and wet hair, as I stood up like an old man; she giggled, looked furtively around for spies perhaps, giggled again and threw her arms around my neck to kiss me one passionate more time; then she danced out to her sandals, waved bye “Thanks for the English Luong Steve” and smirked her way out of the gate.
I sent my wife a text “You get Demi when you come home; what time?” 15 minutes later a reply “Very late”. Not an unexpected answer, I ignored her from then on. A shower, then I heated some dinner from the night before, ate and drank a beer, watched the news and some Rugby.
It was all rather boring; no Mi to play with, to read with, talk with; and not as exciting as the previous 2 hours with young Ping. A message beeped: Ping to say “Finished dinner, can I come now?” I laughed: she must have wolfed down her dinner very fast, what would her mother think, I wondered. I answered “Slow down a little Ping, come when you are ready –but what about your family, you sure it is ok to go out again now?”

Her answer came in the form of her arrival at the doorway. I got up to open the door, and in she came.
She made herself comfortable on the ever-present mattress on the floor: it was what Demi mostly sat/lay on during the day, where I fed her, and was my bed every night, so I never really moved it off Demi’s large safety/ABC/animals sponge mattress which covered a large area of the tiled floor – though of course, I did wash it!.
I had changed back into my home shorts after my shower earlier, wondered about changing them, and decided they were ok if we only talked or watched something educational in English on TV. I went to get her a glass of water, refilled my beer, and sat back in my sofa chair while asking “What about we try BBC again? They truly do speak English well, and I can explain some of the world’s news stories to you at the same time?” She agreed but indicated with a pat of her hand that I had to move and sit/lie down beside her; ok, I moved as requested, and as I touched her body slightly while doing this, my cock told me these shorts were not likely to be thick enough to contain it.

The news was 5 minutes from starting so we were watching the Sports News; she was so close to me as the mattress was only a single-person size, but I didn’t instigate any sexual movements, nor did Ping – we just lay there comfortably close and quiet. When the News began I was about to start talking, but I glanced at her first: she was asleep at my side, so either Sports bored her, or I did, I thought with a smile.
It didn’t matter; neither to my cock, which had gone more than 2 years without use, finishing only a little while ago when these youngsters had begun appearing in and entering my Life, nor did it matter to my ego: I was very glad to just have her feel so contented next to me that she could relax enough to fall asleep.

Of course, she had had a momentous physical and emotional experience just a short time earlier, so I was not really surprised that, combined with her schooling hours, tiredness had overcome her.
I turned the volume down so that I could just hear it, wished I could refill my glass again but ignored that, but did manage to light a cigarette and was thankful the fan blew its smoke and smell, I hoped, towards the open window; otherwise I just let her sleep as she was, even when she rolled to her side and somewhat became snuggled against me more closely.
I let her sleep after the news, but had to move then to go to the toilet, and refill my beer – bringing a bottle back with me this time – and I lay gently down by her side again, leaving the TV on but changing to a Rugby game. At 9.00p.m I gently shook her shoulder; “Ping, I think you should go home and go to bed.”

She barely opened her eyes, but mumbled “Mum said 10.00p.m. was ok”, and convinced me by turning over and then back, whether consciously or not I couldn’t tell, but the action made her light dress ride up her hips, exposing skin, legs and thighs which no man could possibly resist stroking; certainly not this man, and not with her breasts heaving up so close to a mouth beside her.

Except my phone beeped a message: my sister-in-law, whose house her mother lived in, just around the corner, and where Demi was: “Demi asleep now, ok she stay here?” I let out a deep breath and answered “Ok, I told her mother get her...don’t know what time she come. YOU tell her, ok”. After sending, her answer was almost instantly, “Ok, I will tell her Demi stay here”.
The next day was Saturday, my wife had to work half day, but now – with the boyfriend – lord knows what time she would be home. I thought for a minute and then gently rubbed Ping’s shoulder; “Ping, what about you go home now, sleep well, and we go for day together tomorrow? Ok?”

She opened her eyes with a smile, and ruefully asked “Not stay here with you now?” She pushed her body against mine...and I caved in....”Well, for a little while, then you go home ok?”
“Of course!” she drawled as if she couldn’t possibly think of anything else....and so when I slid my hand up her bare thigh, to her again bare (!) cunt, and found it moist and wanting, I said “You are not a good liar, Ping”; she giggled and spread her thighs wider, wanting my fingers and hand more. I obliged, and 2 fingers now could easily slip between her lips and begin massaging/searching/probing the right spots to lift her excitement levels more. In response, she lifted one knee to move against the bobbing cock swaying in the wind, as rigid as a strong tree.

This foreplay couldn’t last, of course, nor did it: my cock was too demanding this time, as was my heart for some closeness with a woman’s heart beating next to it, even a very young woman’s would be welcome. I asked “Ping, have you done anything like this before?” She shook her head, but lifted her hands to cup my face, looked me straight in the eyes, and said “But I want to, now, with you.”

I nodded, and I was as gentle as I could be as I rolled her over, on top of me, and held her hips while she lowered her cunt onto my cock; she controlled the depth, the pain, the breakage of her young womanhood, until she was down to my roots and her deepest tunnel was filled with her first cock. She sobbed a little and I rubbed her neck and back, smoothed the tears from her eyes, and kissed her face, cheeks and hair: all that I could do to gentle the minutes after her virginity was gone forever.

I pulled her down to rest atop me; joined as a woman and man, and with 2 beating hearts side by side from our chests to each other, beating rather fast at this point!
Ping clenched her thigh muscles, her cunt muscles, and felt me within; then she moved herself up a little, clearly examining the new sensations of having a cock inside. I made no effort to do anything; my cock was, as usual, with a mind of its own, and it stiffened at her moves, pulsating in her, and she seemed to find this stimulating enough to move more: up and down a little, around – and this turned her ‘buttons’ on – and within moments that gushing climax of earlier had returned to her! I had never felt a woman (well, she was a woman now) erupt so fast or with such an oil-well gush of fluids when her most wondrous spot was hit.

My cock and my groin, and my bed under, were drenched with her special nectar, and I wanted my mouth down there to catch it – but I couldn’t do that as Ping now began rising and falling at a furious pace, burying me to the proverbial hilt, with no thought of her own tenderness, only wanting my sword to keep stimulating those spots she had now discovered released her into a world of dreams-which-became-reality-beauty.
She screamed, but I ‘sshh’d’ her quietly, and made her slow down her plunging by rolling her over to her back, and now I controlled the penetration and the movements.
It took me a long time to allow release: so beautiful was this time with Ping, and my hands on her breasts could truly have just prolonged their handling forever, so wondrous were they to feel, so big did her nipples become during this love-making, so passionate was she for more. But when I couldn’t restrain myself, I whispered “now is the time for my climax, Ping” and I plunged hard and deep through her newly-opened canal and I spurted my useless semen within, to the accompaniment of another gushing of her own juices around us, and a bucking of her hips to get me headed for her stomach from inside.

It was a momentous fuck, but it was love-making at its purest: a first experience, and a new one.

I gently asked Ping, perhaps 5, or 10, minutes later if she was ok; she opened her eyes with a dreamy smile on her face, and moved her lips upwards to mine. “You are inside me, and I am wrapped around you, and the feeling is so warm and tight and beautiful and new and I am a Woman, and it is better than any romance novel I ever read....I am more than ok, Steve!”

My cock twitched at her words, but it was empty, and could only give her insides a slight extra feel to show it understood. She clamped her muscles around me as I shrunk and soon slipped out. She whimpered, and I smiled and kissed her cheek lying under my neck. I groaned as I rose up and out and off her to the side, mentioning about ‘old man and too much exercise’ as she laughed with me.

She felt down for my cock, rubbing her fingers through the slipperiness of our mingled juices, but I took her hand to check for blood, as I didn’t want her to be frightened, but there was none, unusually, I thought, as she had lost her virginity, but thankful for her sake. She took her fingers back and replaced them around my deflated cock, perhaps wanting to know how this ‘thing’ felt after being inside her, and then she felt for my ball sac with her other hand, and I could tell she was counting 2 of them as they skipped around between her fingers. A Woman on her trail of discovery; she rustled through the hairs of my groin, wet with juice and sweat, and to the top of my legs feeling the skin and the light hairs there also.

It should have been impossible, but my cock woke to the touch of her hands, and she had it, squeezing it and pulling it, until she instinctively knew it could penetrate her again, and she pushed our bodies into the best position, and then pulled me to her opening, releasing her hand when she knew I was back inside, and she tensed herself upwards to make sure I was trapped in her womanly home. She then kept thrusting her hips up at me, and I pushed down gently, sure she would be tender at least, but she growled in urgency and dug her nails into my buttocks and pulled at me again and again.

Her juice was flowing, and her cunt was sliding on my cock with ease, and with no need to control any slowing to hold back ejaculating, I found myself responding to her need by rutting like a stag with his deer (or perhaps even a young doe) as I pounded my length hard and fast and as deep as it would reach, marvelling how wet she was yet again, and the thought flashed through my brain yet again “She is only 14!” But that was replaced by a second flash “She is a Woman!” I therefore didn’t deny this woman what she wanted this man to give her: another joining of our bodies, another climax to add to her growing list of those today, and another fucking to remember.

I reached my hands between us, lifting my torso enough to be able to grasp her breasts and get 2 fingers to each nipple; each one as taut as a tiny cock, and I massaged them while the palms of my hands rubbed those delectable mounds around and around: a woman’s breasts are so malleable and these seemed to shape themselves into my hands as if made just for them. I loved woman’s breasts, and Ping’s were beautiful, her nipples were beautiful, she was beautiful, and her cunt was gloriously beautiful.

I could drown inside Ping, and thought it would be quite a delightful way to go, but my cock, despite its earlier emptying, which should have left it deflated for a day or 3, and despite my heart being less than 100% healthy, both seemed as if the drowning could take a very long time. So I pumped into Ping, she thrust at me, grinding her groin so her clit was stimulated every second, her nails dug into me, her lovely juice coated us both, my hands tormented her nipples and breasts, and my mouth nuzzled harshly at her neck and cheeks and mouth, and we climaxed, as the screen door jangled.

I couldn’t look around as Ping’s hands went to my face and held it facing her, facing down, as she looked over my shoulder, before smiling, and then looking at me “It’s all right, Steve, don’t worry; I know her.”
I was in the middle of fucking Ping, and someone had come into my house! This someone now placed a soft hand on my shoulder and whispered a quiet “Ssshhh....” My cock was wilting rapidly, but Ping held on with her thighs denying me exit, and I felt a hand then come up my legs towards our joined groins and it seemed to squirm around the juices pooled between us, before sliding its wetness back up my body, specifically my arse crack, up and down until it was very wet, and then a slippery finger was gently inserted into my arse, back and forth slowly.

I might have panicked, but Ping was cooing in my ear as I felt the smooth roundness of a pair of breasts lie themselves on my back, and I consciously relaxed down against Ping, more so when the finger was removed, as stimulating as that had been, given the erotic circumstances I was already partaking of.
But then a bigger something prodded at the entrance to my arse, and I knew what it was: a cock!
Ping said “Steve, this is my sister, Lee; well, she wants to be my sister but at the moment ‘she’ is still my brother, Lee – he hasn’t yet finished the ‘change’. He is very nice, you will like him, but I guess Mum sent him to get me home... soon.” “Hi Steve, I won’t hurt you, and you seem not to have hurt Ping, so we are all good, right?”
A soft, feminine voice whispered this in my ear, as soft, feminine breasts ground into my back, and her soft hands stroked the sides of my body but, after the bizarre introduction, Lee’s hard penis began pushing against my hole. Thankfully, it seemed to be slim and the juice from Ping and I Lee/she/he had applied a few moments ago acted to help the penetration, and it kept sliding in quite easily. At the same time, the added weight on me pushed me back within Ping, who spread her legs to the side and opened her cunt wider, though slightly shallower.
The added/increased stimulation brought my cock back to life, and I could feel it seeking anew the depths and hidden places within Ping, even as Lee probed my own hidden depths. I couldn’t deny the excitement of the occasion, and even though it was heading towards my first real bisexual encounter, I had had a cock penetrate my arse previously....

(That was some years ago now, during a time when my wife and I stopped sex, and I questioned whether love with a man might not prove more trustworthy than that with a wife/women. A website intro, some months corresponding, a meeting, a bed, and a bulbous penis head giving me so much pain, I stopped that encounter, apologised, and thought my skinny body could not accept a large cock in it from behind. I did suck this man off, and several more after that – finding I quite enjoyed a cock in my mouth and hands actually - but never further than that....until now...)

Lee’s cock wasn’t big in girth, seemed only long enough to reach non-painful parts of my bottom, and lying on me with her breasts was feeling better and better: my hands were groping Ping’s breasts, my cock was fully engaged in thrusting in, Ping’s thigh muscles pushed me upwards, and Lee’s penis and body pushed me downwards. It appeared all 3 of us offered stimulation to the others. I released Ping’s breasts for a moment and reached behind me, my long arms able to stretch to Lee’s buttocks; they were smooth, her crack was hairless as I ran my finger along it, and her skin was as soft as a woman’s to my touch. I pulled her buttocks down, pulled her against me, and she came.

Ping and I had just climaxed: Ping with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of secretions, me with a humping, yet empty cock; Lee now added her/his own semen/juice – maybe sperm – into the mix as she pulsed her own cock into me, her hands now gripping my body’s sides with sharp nails, and I sensed Ping’s hands move to clasp themselves over her sister’s own, and whispering quiet nothings in my ear, and equally into the cheek of Lee who had lain her head down on my neck as she peaked.

It honestly seemed as if Ping was the doting older sister, helping Lee through a difficult episode of her life, and I again marvelled at her age and her maturity - and her soaking juices.

Lee slumped, kissing all over my shoulders and neck, stretching around to plant her mouth against mine twisted sideways, and slipped her tongue in to slurp our joined saliva. She then kissed Ping gently on the mouth, after which Ping buried her tongue into my mouth, and took my attention as I felt Lee gently lift and remove herself from my body. I felt her kiss my back and down to my buttocks; then she said “Ping, I will tell Mum you are fine studying, and will be home in 10 minutes; don’t be late. Bye Steve, thank you so much; it was beautiful, and you are such a nice man.” Ping held my face with her mouth and tongue, so I never even saw Lee – how would I ever know her/him again? The screen door beads jangled as she left.

Ping gently disengaged, and let me know she needed me to remove myself from her, which I did. “Ping, I never even saw Lee, how will I know her? How old is she anyway?” “She wouldn’t want you to know her tonight, Steve; perhaps in the future sometime. And she is 16. Now, do you mind if I have a quick shower: we made quite a lot of wet and sweat, didn’t we, my lover?”

I showed her the downstairs bathroom, she said my towel was fine to use, and I scurried to put on shorts, before checking the bed and putting it outside in the hot air, where it would dry very quickly.
Ping came out, hair wet, and re-dressed in her clothes; she pulled me into the darker recess of the kitchen and kissed me with the fervour of a satisfied lover, and I returned the same fervour with the same feelings. “I have to go home, Steve; I do not know how to thank you for all that has happened to me, and I want to thank you for not being awful to Lee, even though he had sex with you...thank you.”

“Ping, today, tonight was a wonderful...a wonderful time for me, Lee included, and I thank you for being such a Woman as I have not known before. Now go home before I do get into trouble with your mother!” She laughed, kissed me again, and bobbed out the door, calling “Thank you, Luong Steve; I have learned so much today! Can I call you in the morning? Where will we go for the day?"”
I rolled my eyes, nodded my head, and went to shower.

(End of Part 7, perhaps another change in the saga of my Life....what direction do I head now?)


2012-04-27 05:28:31
Author's Response: I know I mis-titled Part 6 as a second Part 5, but it is clearly Part 6, and titled so, if you just read the Opening Title in the body of the story. Please try again dear reader, thks for the comment.

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2012-04-26 12:32:57
You were doing pretty good then you just had to screw it up by leaving out Part 6, made it an incomplete story.

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