Lila sets a trap for her rapist. Will he take the bait?
Lila felt numb. In place of a burning rage there was now a cold, icy hatred. Adam had dropped her off at her house and schmoozed her parents like nothing had happened! Then again, she had done the same. She was already planning again, and she didn't want them to know about it.

She persuaded Adam to pick her up a morning after pill. After telling him how much more fun their honeymoon would be if she wasn't pregnant in a sultry tone, he gladly complied. She sat on the floor in her room, now, waiting for the horrible pain to start in her stomach. While she waited, she planned.

What good had come out of this whole experience? She tried to think on the positive. She had learned that her refusal would do nothing, that was for damn sure. However, she had discovered that she had more power than she had ever suspected. It had been so easy to convince him to buy her the morning after pill . . . what else would her newfound power be able to talk him into?

She smiled a twisted smile. Already her mind was flooding with possibilities. One, above all, stood out; she could set him up so that he was dominating her while someone witnessed it! With a witness- and evidence inside of her, most likely- there's no way that he could avoid arrest. He would go to jail for statutory rape and sexual assault. By the time he got out, she'd be long gone and he'd never be able to touch her again! It was brilliant. But who would be the witness? All of the girls that she knew were forbidden to see her since she came out of the closet.

Lila decided that she would go to her closest male friend, Luke. They had been best friends since Kindergarten; surely he would help her! She dialed his number on her phone and heard it ring. It rang for the third time, and then he answered.


"Luke!" She said with a smile.

"Lila!" He said happily, "I haven't talked to you in a while. How ya doing?"

Lila's stomach was suddenly aching with pain. She felt nauseous, but she replied in a strained voice, "I'm not too good, honestly."

Luke heard the tension in her response and asked protectively, "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," She lied. She explained weakly, "I just took two morning after pills."

There was silence. Luke gritted his teeth. Now he felt nauseous. He asked quietly, "I thought you were a lesbian?"

"I am," She clarified. Her voice grew more gentle and slightly sad, "Luke, Adam raped me yesterday."

Luke felt rage build up inside of him. He clenched his fists and felt a muscle in his jaw twitch; how had this happened?? How had he let ANYONE hurt Lila? He had always protected her, even when they were little. Why had he let this happened?

"Luke, calm down," Lila said quietly, sensing his rage.


"Yes," She continued. She groaned tightly as she doubled over in pain, but continued, "I want revenge, and I know what to do to get it. I have a plan, but I need your help."

"I'll do anything," He said eagerly, "Does it involve me hitting him?"

"No," She laughed faintly, "It involves you watching him raping me, and later testifying."

Luke fell silent again. He shook his head, "I can't do that. If I see him touching you, Lila . . ."

His voice trailed off and Lila could tell how angry he was. She needed his help! She tried to convince him, "If you help me with this, you'll do more than you would if you just beat him up. If you helped with this then you would be an eye witness! You don't have to take pictures or anything, just witness it. Think of it! He'll go to jail for statutory rape and sexual assault. Please, Luke, you have to help me! If you don't then I'll have to marry him-"

"What?" Luke interrupted. He demanded angrily, "Lila, what did he do?"

"I wouldn't submit to him, and it made him so mad that he almost strangled me. I finally decided that being defiant wasn't worth my life. He said that I have to do what he says, though, or he will kill me. I believe him, Luke. You didn't see his eyes."

"I'm going to kill him-"

"No!" She begged him, "No, you can't! If you do anything even remotely stupid then you'll go to jail. Don't, Luke. If you're in jail, then who will help me?"

"Okay, okay," He finally submitted, "But how are we going to do this?"

"Be at the gravel pit tonight at 10 o'clock. I'll lure him there and make him angry. Then he'll try to overpower me like he always does! Just come there and witness it for me, okay?"

"Won't they want evidence other than my word?"

Lila smiled weakly and told him with a kind of bittersweet humor, "Why do you think I'm taking two morning after pills? He doesn't use a condom. If both of us agree that it's rape, they see the marks he left on me, and he leaves plenty of evidence inside of me, then they'd be hard pressed not to throw him in jail."

"Okay." Luke nodded, "I trust you."

"Good." Lila said quietly. She continued in an awkward voice, "Just to warn you . . . I'm going to do whatever it takes to get him there and set this all up. Even if it means seducing him. So . . . beware."

Luke snorted, "God, Lila, you're like my kid sister! I'll keep my eyes peeled for when you 'seduce' him."

Lila said indignantly, "You just wait and see, Mr. Luke. I'll seduce him so well that you'll wish it was you."

Luke gulped. The idea had crossed his mind more than a few times. He shook off the thought and teased her, "Uh huh, okay! I'll meet you tonight, Pamela."

Lila hung up the phone and bit her pillow to keep from crying. The pain was intense. She stayed doubled over on the floor, nearly weeping and yet smiling. She couldn't wait till tonight.

Persuading Adam to meet her at the gravel pit for a moonlit romp was easier than Lila had expected. He agreed eagerly, showing up with a noticeable tent in his swim trunks.

The gravel pits were the pits that had been dug for mining, then basically left for the public. They were filled with water and made a series of miniature lakes. The water was clean and, in some places, more than 40 feet deep.

Lila had told Adam that she'd be waiting for him. He drove around in his hunter green truck, searching for her with anticipation. He spotted her. She was wearing a white lace dress with nothing on under it. It was almost filmy, and he would see her pink nipples through it, chilly in the night air. Her waist length blonde curls were loose, cascading down her back, and her crystal blue eyes seemed to light up when she saw him. Her clear white skin was lit up once more, and she smiled at him. He gulped.

"Hey," She said sweetly.

Adam moved towards her quickly, placing his hands on her slender hips and pulling her to him. He kissed her hard with want and need, and she jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his ass. Luke watched from the bushes and gulped. His cock twitched in his pants at the sight of Lila's pale, shapely, smooth legs. He could almost imagine them wrapped around him as he held her in his arms. He shook his head and tried to focus.

"I need to be in you," Adam groaned.

Lila eyed him with humor in her eyes and said in a child-like voice, "No."

"What?" He asked with a raised brow. He continued in a fatherly tone, "Lila, we've been through this-"

"I said no," She repeated, eyeing him seriously. She unwrapped her legs from him and turned to walk away, but he pulled her back against him forcefully. She felt that familiar fear rise up inside of her, even though she had been through this repeatedly the night before. She raised her chin and said in a stern voice, "Adam, I don't want to. I said no. Let go of me."

Adam's eyes were dark. He said nothing, but slid the straps of her dress off of her slender shoulders. She stared at him. She felt something close to revulsion rising up in her. She knew that this was part of the plan and that she needed to let him rape her, but she couldn't help but feel the need to fight.

She grabbed at his hands and tried to stop them, but they moved like nothing was holding them back. She gripped the front of her dress, instead to keep it from falling. He tore her hands away and she squealed as the dress fell to the ground.

Luke's breath caught; she was more beautiful than he had ever imagined. Her pale skin was bathed in moonlight and she glowed like an angel. A few strands of her wispy blonde curls framed her face and acted as her halo. Her body was small and curvy, every detail delicate and feminine. Even her strong legs looked soft and vulnerable. Her breasts looked small, but firm and soft all at the same time. Her pussy looked like heaven. He could see the pink inner folds from were he sat, even though they were partially concealed by a patch of soft blonde hair. He wanted her so badly. He wanted to press her naked body into him and hold her, kissing her all over. He rubbed the front of his crotch as he watched them.

Adam stepped out of his swim trunks, his cock springing up proudly. Luke chuckled to himself in the bushes; his cock was bigger than that.

Lila stared at it and backed up slowly, checking over her shoulder every now and then to make sure that she didn't trip over something. His cock jerked and twitched with anticipation.

"Why are you trying to run away from this?" Adam asked with a twisted grin, "We both know that you're not going to get away. And we both know that the moment I get inside of you you'll be moaning like a slut. I can just imagine you cumming hard on my dick, just like you did yesterday. Come on, Lila; we both know it will happen, and we both know you'll enjoy it. I can smell your wet pussy from here."

Lila's cheeks burned; as she backed away she could feel the moisture rubbing between her legs.

It dawned on her that if she got too far away, Luke might not be able to see them. She stopped and looked up at Adam. She raised a hand to slap him, but he caught her wrist before she could. She cried out with pain and pleasure as he angrily shoved two fingers into her core. He withdrew them and showed her the juice on them, glistening in the moonlight.

"You're such a whore," He told her. He wiped her juice on her nipples and began sucking it back off, moaning as he inhaled her intoxicating scent. He could get drunk off of her. She smelled so sweet! He wanted to devour her.

"This can't wait any longer," He said huskily. He picked her up in his arms and impaled her on his cock. Her face twisted in pain and she shoved against his chest, trying in vain to get away.

Luke felt a mixture of anger and jealousy burning him up inside. He wanted to be inside of her. He would to it gently, though, with love and caring. He wanted to kill Adam. He growled deep in his throat and reminded himself that he had to follow the plan.

"Adam, stop!" Lila screamed. Adam laid her down on the ground and started humping her, kissing her hard to make her stop screaming. She whimpered against his lips and clawed at his flesh, trying as hard as she could to get him off of her. He snatched her wrists and pinned them to the sand, squeezing hard.

He's going to leave bruises, She thought.

Her wrists were still sore from the previous raping. She whined and turned her head away from his lips, panting and writhing in pain.

"Turn over," He whispered huskily.

She rolled over on her stomach and was about to prop her butt up for him, but he wasted no time. He grabbed her hips and pulled her roughly to him, entering her forcefully like an animal. She squealed in pain and collapsed. The only thing that held her up now was Adam's lustful grasp on her hips.

Luke was practically dancing from foot to foot. Adam had her down on her knees in doggy style, her perfect little ass propped up in the air. She squealed and moaned as he fucked her; Luke could just imagine her pussy wrapped tightly around his cock. He moaned a little and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling out his hard dick and stroking it while he watched them. He could dream, right?

Lila's pussy was more sore than she could have ever anticipated. Every one of Adam's thrusts hurt and sent a wave of pain through her small body. She felt tears rising. She got onto her hands and knees and tried to crawl away from the pain, but Adam only growled and fucked her harder; there was no escape.

"Adam, please," She begged, "It hurts! I'm sore, Adam. Please stop!"

Adam leaned down and whispered into her ear with a smile, "'No.' Sound familiar? Keep telling me no, slut, and this is what you'll get. I'd be gentle if you'd just submit. Remember how gentle I was in the bedroom? I moved my cock in and out of you really slow and nice. I had planned to do it in the water; slow and sensual. But you said no. You didn't want that, so now you get this."

"Adam, stop . . ." She whimpered faintly.

Adam propped her ass up higher to hit her pussy at a different angle. He pulled out slowly and pushed back in gently, hearing her moan appreciatively.

"Does that feel good?" He asked quietly.

She heard the smugness in his voice, so she didn't respond. She looked back at him over her shoulder, then turned back around. He grabbed a fistful of her silky hair and heard her yelp in pain. He forced her to face him and hissed, "I said, does that feel good?"

"Yes," She whispered.

It did feel good. She loved it when he went slow like this, massaging her pussy with his cock. His cock was so thick and long; it reached every corner of her soaking wet pussy and overwhelmed it with pleasure. She whined with conflicting pleasure; she hated that he made her feel this good.

"You can never leave," He whispered to her sadistically, "Even if your heart wanted to be with a girl, your body couldn't survive without my dick. You'd die if you didn't have somebody like me to fuck you like an animal."

Lila remained silent. She wished he would just finish.

Her silence angered him. He liked it better when her tongue dripped venom or honey. Silence, though, was not something he would tolerate. He drew his dick out slowly, then slammed himself back into her as hard as he could manage. She cried out in pain, but he didn't give her long to linger on it; he was fucking her now harder than ever before.

Adam's pace was hard and fast to the point of being cruel. Lila would have pushed into the water by his force if he had not been digging his fingers into her hips.

"Fucking whore," Adam grumbled.

Lila tried to listen to the insults and words of hate that he hurled at her, but he was lost in a world of his own. He fucked her harder than her body could take as he mumbled incoherently. Lila started crying; the pain was awful.

"Adam, stop!" She wept.

Adam didn't listen, he just continued fucking her as he pleased, considering to be nothing more than a piece of sexy meat sliding up and down on his cock. She was his sex toy.

Luke couldn't stand it. The boner that he had sported vanished as he saw Lila's pain and tears. He was fairly certain that she hadn't expected it to be this bad. He was burning up inside; he wanted to kill Adam. He could almost feel his hands on his throat, or maybe beating away at his face. He wanted to kill him. He held himself back still; he would get him thrown in jail where he could never hurt Lila again.

Adam's thrusts grew more intense still as he neared his orgasm. He grunted and rammed himself in one, two, three more times. He shuddered as he released himself, cock buried deep within her womb. Lila felt it fill her and her body quaked.

Adam pulled his dick out and regarded the blood from her pussy with something near amusement; he had fucked her hard enough to make her bleed.

All was silent now, except for Lila's quiet weeping. Adam reclined on his elbows in the sand, panting as if he had just run a mile.

"I'm going for a quick swim," He said.

Lila laid on the ground, but didn't respond. She listened to him jump into the water, the splash breaking through the silence of the night. She felt hollow and empty. She looked at the bushes where Luke was hiding and wondered if he had left, or even come at all. She hoped he had. The only comfort she found right now was that this very night they could report him to the police, and this brutal fucking would be worth it. Her insides were melting from his semen; she was burning up with hate.

She stood up and watched as blood and cum dripped down the insides of her thighs; she would have plenty of evidence. She sat back down hurriedly; she didn't want Adam to see how much there was and make her wash off. She watched him swimming in the moonlight, diving under and resurfacing over and over again. He eyed her from the water. Her gaze was hateful and her recently pretty face was now smeared with dirt and streaked with tears. He went under again and came up near the bank. He stood and got out of the water, placing on his trunks and getting his towel from the truck.

As he dried himself off, he told her, "I'm going home. Will I see you tomorrow?"

Lila nodded without looking at him, and he felt his temper flair again. He grabbed her throat and asked again, "Will I see you tomorrow?"

"Yes," She hissed angrily.

He looked down into her eyes and smiled; she hated him and he loved it. He kissed her lips hard, feeling how cold and hard they were now against his own. Even her lips seemed to radiate loathing! He snaked his tongue into her mouth to tease her, feeling her try to pull away as he did. He held her there while he searched her mouth, then withdrew. She glared up at him.

"Goodnight, little pet," He told her as he walked away, "I'll see you tomorrow! Now say goodbye nicely or I'll come back over there."

"Goodbye," Lila said as nicely as she could manage. She gave him a little smile, and he laughed derisively.

"We'll need to work on that."

Adam climbed into his truck and drove away, scattering dust and dirt everywhere. He drove away in a cloud, and Lila watched him leave with relief. She heard a noise in the bushes and felt like weeping again as Luke emerged.

"Lila," He whispered. He ran to her and held her in his arms, stroking her hair. She cried into his shirt; it felt nice to be held. He almost growled into her hair, "Lila, if anything like this happens again, don't tell me to do nothing. I want to kill him. I couldn't stand watching him touch you like that . . ."

Luke held her at arm's length and inspected her, running his hands over her body. Lila stared at him in disbelief; he loved her. She had never seen him this bothered or disturbed by anything; she had never ever seen him lose his temper or speak of anything violent. She decided to keep quiet, though.

"We need to go to the police now, Luke." She said deliberately.

"Okay," He nodded, "Put your dress on."

Lila put her dress on with shaky hands; at least he hadn't ruined it! She stayed sitting down while she did this, and Luke looked at her questioningly.

Lila blushed with shame, "I don't want to risk losing the . . . evidence."

Luke's heart broke for her. He scooped her up into his arms; he wanted to collapse on the ground and cuddle her close, rocking her like a child. But he didn't. He carried her effortlessly to where his truck was hidden and placed her in the front seat as gently as possible. He walked around and slid in next to her, starting the engine and driving away at a determined speed.

The paid drove down back roads and through their little town to the bigger town near it; their town was too small to have a police department. They saw that the lights were on and Luke parked in front of the building.

He looked over at Lila, "Are you sure you want to do this? The whole town will know after this."

"I'm sure," She nodded, "Could you carry me in? I'm barefoot and . . . Luke, I'm really sore."

"It's okay, Lila," He told her. He got out of the truck and lifted her into his arms, holding her more closely as he felt her cuddling against his chest. She listened to the sound of his heart beating; he was warm and solid, strong and safe.

Luke opened the doors to the police department and strode in. A few cops were hanging around; there usually wasn't much to do in this sleepy town. At the sight of Lila, they were all ready to ask questions. He saw them perk up.

Before they could start, Luke explained, "She's been raped."

Lila had her face buried in his chest. There was only one other time she had felt like this. She remembered being seven and having her tonsils taken out. After the surgery she had cried and cried, begging for her mommy and daddy; everyone could hear her. When it came time to check out in the main lobby, she hid cuddled up against her daddy's chest just like this, shaking with dizziness and shame.

"Bring her in here," A female cop said hurriedly.

Luke carried Lila through some doors and into a room. The room contained and hospital bed and emergency supplies. The cop shooed Luke out, explaining to him, "I'm going to go ahead and collect evidence of the rape. Privacy, please."

Luke did as she said and returned to the lobby area. They questioned him briefly, and he told them what he had seen.

"I went to the gravel pit to go for a swim, when I came upon this poor girl and her attacker. He was very clearly raping her."

"Did you see who it was?"

"Yes. I know exactly who it was. The horse rancher's son, Adam."

The cop looked shocked, but he wrote it down nonetheless. He asked again, "Are you positive?"

"Yes, sir," Luke said in annoyance, "It was Adam. It was his truck, his voice, his face, and I'd swear on the Bible that it's his semen inside that girl."

"Thank you for your help, sir," The cop said in a businesslike tone, "We can handle it from here."

"I'm staying."

The cop eyed him skeptically, but shrugged and returned to the others to give them the report.

The female cop exited the room Lila was in and approached Luke. She said sadly, "She's in pretty bad shape. She's got bruising and blood everywhere! He must have been pretty rough with her. At least she knows who it is, though. This isn't the first time Adam's done something stupid. He attempted assault in another town years ago as a minor. His DNA should still be on file; I'll compare the two, and we'll bring him in as soon as possible."

"Thank you." Luke said sincerely.

Lila sat in her little room, all different emotions bouncing around inside of her. The woman had collected the semen and said that she already had some of Adam's DNA. This should be simple. Lila laid her head down and relaxed for the first time since Adam's approach. It would soon be over.

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