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Harry isn't as good as we all thought...
Harry dropped his wand, and could only watch on in horror as it collided with the ground, letting loose a spell of unknown origins headed straight toward his best friend.

“Hermione, get out of the way!” he yelled, but his warning came moments too late. The murky colored spell hit Hermione dead on, knocking her backwards off her feet. Harry rushed toward her, regretting this impromptu meeting in the Shrieking Shack.

"Her…mione…” Harry trailed off as he got a good look at what had happened to his best friend. A look of surprise was permanently etched onto her face, as if she could not believe Harry had done this to her. Her skin appeared to have reflective properties, and felt smooth to the touch.

“Can you move your body?” Harry asked her, fearing the worst. When she didn’t respond, Harry feared the worst. Suddenly, a flicker of motion appeared in the edges of Harry’s vision. Hermione’s eyes were moving frantically back and forth, looking panicked at having lost all mobility.

“Oh, thank god you are alive Hermione!” Harry said, sighing in relief, “I would never have gotten a teacher here in time to help you. I guess your fears about meeting so far from school were not unfounded after all, huh?” he finished, throwing her a glance. Hermione’s only response was to fix him with a killer glare. “Hey now, no need to get pissed off at me, it’s not like I meant for this to happen. However…” he said, looking over at Hermione’s rigid figure, “I should probably get an idea of the full damage to your body, before I even think about bringing you to a teacher.”

Harry said, slowly walking over to her. “Let’s see now…” Harry said quietly, before kneeling down and grasping Hermione’s legs. Her eyes were moving back and forth, as if in a silent plea, but was ignored entirely. “Yup, it feels as if your body is made of rubber now. Frankly, I’m surprised you managed to keep your cognitions, though I would wager a guess that you won’t keep your mind for very long.” Harry said, slowly sliding his hands up Hermione’s body.

Her eyes were frantically moving in every direction now, as she figured out just what Harry was planning on doing. Harry’s fingers reached underneath her robe, and stopped just before Hermione’s panties. “Now what are these doing here? Nice silk undergarments, were you going to impress Ron tonight?” Harry asked with a grin, slowly moving them aside. “Too bad you won’t be able to make it to him, but he’ll understand, you can lose yourself in the library at times, and we specifically kept this meeting a secret from him.” He finished, feeling the smooth mound leading towards her pussy lips. “Hmm…” Harry said, appearing to think hard. Then without any warning, he plunged 3 fingers deep into Hermione’s pussy.

Hermione’s eyes fluttered back into her head momentarily. “Ah, so you have retained feeling? That’s good, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the good parts.” Harry said with a chuckle, reaching down below her pussy, towards her anus. “Now that we know you have a nice tight pussy, let’s see what we’re working with here underneath.” Harry said, as he wiggled a couple fingers deep into her asshole. “Ah, good, the spell seems to have made the proper modifications to your body, this hole is just as large as your pussy, and just as tight… perfect!” He said with a malicious grin.

Hermione’s eyes were filled with pure terror now at those words. “Oh, you seem to want to know how I knew anything about that spell, if it were an accident. Well my dear, it was no accident. Just like a gun, a wand cannot go off simply by dropping, and certainly not cast a spell. No, I loaded that spell onto my wand beforehand, and used wandless magic to activate it upon dropping.” He finished, sticking fingers into both of Hermione’s holes, reveling in the ways her eyes fluttered. “Oh how I wish I could hear you now, to hear how much you hate me, your screams… but sadly, the spell allows only for the eyes to be free from immobilization, and that shall have to be enough.

Now, let us inspect your… other assets.” Harry said, pulling his fingers out of her pussy and asshole a resounding pop. He reached even farther underneath her robes until he came to her breasts. “Ah, how magical, your breasts are even finer than I imagined.” He said, unhooking the bra that barely contained them. “Then again, the spell does magically enhance them until they are at a 34 D size, so I suppose I shall never know how wonderful they originally were.” He said, reaching and grabbing a handful of tit. “And such large nipples, how positively inviting!” He exclaimed, as he tweaked the right nipple while fondling the left breast. Hermione’s eyes were glazed over now in apparent satisfaction, though it appeared as though she was trying to resist the sensations. “Oh, don’t bother fighting it, didn’t I tell you before? You will lose your mind shortly enough, You will simply become a being of pleasure, living only to satisfy my needs.” He said a matter of factly.

“And now for the last test, I will need a better tool for the job.” Harry said, and unzipped his jeans, revealing a throbbing erection, over a foot long, barely contained by his boxers. “Now, you probably wonder what I am going to do with this, and I wouldn’t like to keep you waiting in suspense for too long. So instead, I am simply going to show you.” He said, pulling down his boxers, revealing his throbbing member for Hermione to see. As he approached, she appeared to be fighting hard to move, to do anything, but her body had long since ignored her commands, and so she simply laid there with the expression of surprise on her face, as Harry’s penis came down to her lips, and become circling her mouth. “Oh yes my dear, I am going to fuck your face. Luckily for you, the spell relieved you of that pesky gag reflex, and hopefully made fucking your face as wonderful feeling as fucking your pussy. However, I think I shall try that one out for myself, eh?” He said, finally plunging the throbbing erection deep inside Hermione’s mouth.

“Ugh, that is quite the suction…” Harry said, slowly bringing his penis out of her mouth, and then deeply thrusting back in again. Hermione’s eyes were rolled back into her head now, seemingly unable to take the level of pleasure she was receiving from being face fucked. “Aren’t you glad the spell gave you all those pleasure endings in your mouth? How else would you derive so much pleasure from this?” Harry said, while thrusting in and out of Hermione’s mouth hole. After a couple minutes however, he had had enough. “I think it is time to complete your transformation, by making you a permanent sex doll.” He said, withdrawing his cock from her face at last.

At that remark, Hermione’s eyes showed pure fear at the thought of never being able to return to her normal body again. Harry positioned himself right in front of Hermione’s pussy, ready to enter. “Any last eye flickers you wish to do before you find yourself fucked out of your mind?” Harry asked with a smile, and before she could do anything, he plunged deep into her pussy, making her mind explode into a world of pleasure. With Harry’s 8 inch dick moving deep inside her, she could think of nothing other than the pleasure she was receiving. “Oh, that’s a good bitch, you don’t need your mind for anything anyway, ugh, you are so tight…” Harry grunted, increasing his thrusting.

“Once I cum inside you, you won’t be able to think on any level higher than pleasure, and you will like it!” He yelled, grabbing at her rubber breasts, tweaking them as he pounded deeper and deeper into her pussy. Hermione’s eyelids were closed now, but the frantic motions of her eyes continued underneath the eyelids. “Oh, that’s it, it’s time, I’m… going to… cum!” Harry shouted, releasing his entire load into Hermione’s pussy, eliciting a wave of pleasure, the likes of which she never before experienced, and her mind rode the wave far, far away from her body.

Harry pulled out of her with a sick popping sound, and remarked: “You were a good fuck doll, I’ll give you that. In fact, I think I’ll even use you now and again, when I’m bored.” He said, gazing over Hermione’s face. Where once there were eyes conveying emotion and horror, there was only a glazed, fake look, indicating that Hermione’s consciousness had left for good. “However, I grow bored easily, and I wish to do to many other women what I did to you. After all, it’s the most fun when they still have consciousness, after all.” He said, putting her body in a closet for safekeeping, and walking away.

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2012-05-11 18:14:25
please write a sequel

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2012-04-27 20:11:12
not bad, it's a good start


2012-04-27 17:08:46
Childish, as expected from fanfic, and confusing. First Harry releases an erection over a foot long and then has an 8 inch cock. Keep trying . . .one day you may produce something readable.

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2012-04-27 15:39:15
Make more man have her be able to move and beg Harry to fuck her ass

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2012-04-26 23:58:36
not bad, would definitely read a sequel

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