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The following story is true. I have read and re-read this story over and over and each time I think, ?Did it really happen like that? Am I that cruel?
The following story is true. I have read and re-read this story over and over and each time I think, “Did it really happen like that? Am I that cruel?

My favourite comments from my previous (first) story from anonymous readers:

……..“Your opening words, "I'm not a writer." Keep it that way and don't bother writing again. Shallow and shit”.
…….You are both bottom dwellers and don't deserve your mates.
……..What a fucking scum bag.
………I don't know why the ratings are so low on this one - it's definitely true and kinky so I love it!

(LOL, obviously the last comment is my favourite). Mind you, for a story that’s not liked it seems to be read quite often with almost eight thousand readers in only five days.

I don’t embellish incidents or try to make myself out to be good or bad. I just tell it as it happened. I do dramatise the events because it’s a sex story and a sex story is meant to make us horny. Personally I think I’m pretty warped when it comes to sex. I would never hurt a woman physically but I do love to humiliate them.
p.s. I made myself pretty horny writing it. Enjoy! (Or not)

Cheating while wife breastfeeds

I arrived home to find two cars parked outside my house. The volvo belonged to my wife Sue and the other car I recognised as belonging to one of my employees Emily. Emily was the girl that I was presently having an affair with. She had obviously followed my earlier instructions to deliver “important” documents to my house and was now waiting inside with my wife.

It would have been easier to meet Emily at my office or a hotel but that was much too timid for my tastes. I crave the excitement and the rush that comes with the “forbidden” which in my case is every woman but my wife. I like to flirt and toy with women before using them. I love the quick snatches up a skirt, the fast fondling of a breast, the blowjob under my desk, the feeling of triumph and power when I eventually take them my way.

The physical side of sex is fantastic, but for me it’s all about the control, the build-up, the mind games and the emotions involved. There is no greater feeling for me than the build up to “illicit” sex.

The adrenaline coursed through my veins and my heart beat more rapidly when I realised that my “plan” was in motion. My “plan” was just one of the weird and kinky fantasies that I like to dream up and then carry out. I was lucky enough to have met a woman to act out those fantasies with me. My perversions don’t involve BDSM, torture, children or any of the more extreme types of fetishes, but once my fantasies are made into reality, they can be cruel and humiliating to be on the receiving end of.

I needed a woman who was open minded, available and for the most part devoid of morals and principles (like myself). Emily was that woman. She was my “partner in crime”, she was my perfect woman. I stepped out of the car while mentally preparing myself for what (I hoped) lay ahead. This is what I loved, the secrecy, the deception, the “thrill of the hunt”. This was my foreplay and it was addictive.

I entered through the front door and could immediately hear voices and laughter coming from the kitchen. I recognised the voice of Emily and the laughter of my wife Sue. I had recently instructed Emily to become closer to Sue, knowing it would give us more opportunities for mischief. This had worked out far better than I thought and both women were now friends.

This was a surprise to me as Emily and Sue were from completely different backgrounds with little in common. Sue was shy and reserved especially with Emily around (Sue told me that she always felt a bit inferior in Emily’s presence). Emily on the other hand was a bit of a snob and really did feel superior to Sue. Sue wouldn’t have been her first choice for a friend but she made the effort because it kept her close to me.

I threw off my jacket and walked to the kitchen where the two women were sitting at the table drinking coffee and chatting about Sue’s recent trip to the hairdresser. (Sue did look good with her new hairdo) I grabbed my wife in a hug and kissed her while saying hi to Emily. I sat and joined them in their small talk. Emily was complimenting Sue on her hair and Sue was “lapping up” the praise. I knew, from Emily’s reaction that she didn’t like the fact that Sue’s hair looked better than usual.

I sat and watched the two women talk, glorying in the knowledge that both were belong to me. I loved the thrill of having women that I fucked in the same room together. I soon bored of the conversation. Instead I decided to picture them both naked and enjoying a threesome with me. (Emily would have gone for a threesome but Sue would have had to have been unconscious to take part).

Sue was 5`.3” with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She weighed about 125 pounds and wore a size 8-10 dress. Her cup size is a nice C but she has no feeling in her tits and would be quite content only using them to feed babies. Same goes for her pussy which she seems to think is only for pissing and delivering babies. She does sometimes orgasm but it’s more by accident than intent.

Emily was in her early twenties. She was small with short jet black hair, brown eyes and a striking face. She stood about 5`.2” with pretty legs and a very fit body. Her breasts were small and firm like large lemons topped by sweet perky nipples. (Those same nipples would come to life with a single touch). Her dress size was a 6 and I had overheard colleagues describing her as “a fine thing”.

The personalty differences in both females were obvious. Sue had a mousy disposition, being a little naive and not too intelligent. She dressed conservatively and would not even walk around the house unless she was wearing a bra. She had almost no interest in sex and would happily do without if she could get away with it. She lacked in confidence and relied on me for almost everything. Her best attribute was mothering, here she truly excelled.

Emily was refined, almost a lady. She was well spoken and could mingle in any company. She was always enthusiastic and full of life. She had an amazing open personality and you were always greeted with her cheery smile and happy go lucky ways. She dressed in the latest fashion with an emphasis on dresses and skirts. She was intelligent, good company and amusing to be with. She (mostly) enjoyed my weird and kinky side and was always willing to “experiment” further. Emily’s best attribute would have to be her submissiveness. Emily NEVER said “no”

Emily was secretly jealous of my wife (but would never admit so) and found a vent for this jealousy in humiliating her. Scruples were the one quality that Emily did not possess, especially when it came to Sue (or her sisters). She would do anything I asked of her and had proved this many times before that day. I was her life and I knew she loved me with a passion that was sometimes bordering on obsession.

I continued to pretend interest in their yapping while slipping my hand under the table to stroke the hard-on that was threatening to break out of my pants. I fantasised about Emily sitting naked on Sues face. I imagined Emily’s cruel streak would surface and she would pound my wife’s face with her pussy before coming in her mouth. Emily would be groaning in ecstasy while my wife would be shrieking in embarrassment.

I was nicely “worked up” by now and in need of some immediate release. I came out of my daydream to observe Emily’s face as she pretended to be interested in Sue talking about the availability of pre-schools in the area.

The sound of our baby crying through the monitor interrupted us. Sue went up to tend to the baby while Emily and I continued to chat. The moment I heard Sue’s footsteps on the stairs, I stood and pulled Emily towards me to give her a serious kiss. As I kissed her, I let my hands run all over her tits and ass. She was already fondling my cock. I didn’t have much time so I pushed her down in front of me. She got on her knees facing me and unbuckled my belt. She opened my jeans just enough to take out my dick and I shoved my willing member into her soft wet mouth.

Emily began to work on my cock. She swirled her tongue around the head. She licked the length of my shaft with long wet strokes. Without being told, she leaned lower and began licking my balls. When she put them in her mouth and flicked them with her tongue, I began to moan. She sucked on my balls and pumped my shaft with both hands. I was ready to explode. She switched back to my cock moving her head up and down much faster, knowing that Sue could walk in at any time.

We could hear my wife through the monitor as she talked to the baby. I was hoping that the baby would need to be changed. That would give me enough time to finish off with Emily. Unfortunately that was not the case and we heard Sue as she prepared to bring little Kim downstairs. I was rock hard inside Emily’s mouth and very close to cuming. I did the math and knew I would not make it. I had to settle for a couple of hard thrusts down Emily’s throat before pulling out and hauling her to her feet.

I zipped up and tided myself while she did likewise. A few seconds later Sue walked in and we all baby talked for a while before little Kim’s crying prompted feeding time.

Sue sat at the table with her back to me, while she breast fed Kim. I announced I was taking a shower. Emily looked at me and I motioned upward with my head. She understood but pretended not to notice. I went to my bedroom and stripped naked, then pulled on a dressing gown. I started the shower in our en suite before quietly making my way to the guest bathroom across the hall. I slipped inside and waited.

I used the waiting time to bring my cock to full erection. I knew that downstairs, anytime now, Emily would tell Sue that she was going to the bathroom. Sure enough Emily appeared a few moments later. I knew I only had a few minutes but it would be enough in my current state of arousal. My dressing gown was open and I was at “full mast” when Emily walked in. She had that scared, eager look on her face and I knew she was both excited and anxious with Sue just downstairs. I also knew that she would do whatever I told her. She looked at my erect member and just whispered “which way”?

“Pussy”, I whispered back. Without another word, she shut the bathroom door and faced the tiled wall. She was wearing a blue knee length skirt which she promptly pulled up to reveal pink cotton panties. My erection increased to an almost intolerable level when I saw those panties.
They weren’t just any normal pair of panties. These were my special “used whore” panties. The last time I had seen those panties earlier that morning when my wife was taking them off to place in the wash basket. Obviously, my earlier instructions to Emily to “borrow” the panties had been accomplished.

I briefly wondered what had gone through Emily’s mind as she pulled on those panties earlier. She must have seen the stains and realised that I had fucked my wife in those panties the previous night. I doubt if she liked the thought as she was a very jealous lover, but she still carried out my instructions. I didn’t think either woman would have liked to know that those panties had been in my possession for years and had been worn by almost every woman I fucked.

I moved into position behind her as she bent forward to accommodate me. I didn’t remove the panties as I liked the idea of having my wife’s pussy juices between us. My hands were busy squeezing her dangling breasts and roaming over her thighs. I slid my fingers into her pussy. Her cunt was soaking and it was easy to slip my finger fully into her on the first try.

I was “hard as a rock” as I spread open her legs and pushed her panties aside. I slid my cock into her and started to slowly fuck her. She matched my rhythm perfectly and the penetration seemed more complete. I picked up the speed and thrust harder which made her gasp a little loudly. Instantly my hand flashed to the side of her face and I gave her a sharp slap to remind her to be quiet. “Sorry” she said as I continued to ride her.

She leaned against the wall as I continued to ram her from behind. I was almost “good to go” but wanted to last a little, to keep the rush as long as possible. I thought of my wife in the kitchen below, not knowing her husband’s dick was at this moment, inside her “friend’s” pussy. That her “friend” was wearing the panties that she herself had worn while being fucked the previous night. That in fact, her “friend” only really came to the house at my request and that she didn’t even really like Sue.

I could hear low muffled groans coming from Emily and I knew she was close to orgasm. I leaned closer to her and whispered into her ear. I called her a dirty little whore who would fuck anything that moved. I told her that she was a fucking slut and deserved to be beaten and humiliated. Then I told her that she would be cumming in Sue’s used knickers and that I would make sure that Sue wore them again later.

Emily’s breathing increased dramatically on hearing that. She liked nothing better than to humiliate Sue. I felt her pussy squeeze me tighter. She gasped louder as I continued telling her that she was nothing but a dumb cunt and a whore that nobody wanted.

I knocked her hands from the wall and made her bend over until she was touching the ground. This caught her off balance and she bumped her head against the wall. I heard her gasp in pain and obvious distress as I pounded into her. Her cunt had a hot, throbbing life of its own and I felt my climax creeping up on me. I moved faster until I was slamming into her like a maniac. I thought of my dumb wife downstairs and I was ready to cum.

“What are you?” I asked her. “I’m your whore, your slut” she relied. “What else”? I asked her. “You’re fucking me and I’m wearing your wife’s dirty knickers. Cum in Sues panties, cum in Sues dirty panties” she panted. That was enough for both of us. I heard her gasp loudly and felt her body jerk and twist as she swam in the throes of almost silent orgasm.

I started to cum. It was all I could do not to cry out loud. I held still and almost soundless as I felt the sensation of my cock pumping thick loads of cum into her pussy. She arched her back as she clenched her pussy muscles around my cock and squeezed it tight. I was swaying in soundless pleasure as my load pumped into her willing hole. Her pussy slid back and forth as she milked out the last of my seed.

My orgasm was intense, powerful and exhausting. I felt as if I had emptied my life force into her willing moist cave. I relaxed against her bent over body as my mind reluctantly shifted back to reality. She was loath to pull away and her hands were now grasping my waist unwilling to let go. I gave her a light smack on the back of her head and reluctantly, I pulled out of her warm opening.

Before I left, I reached between her legs and pushed the crotch of her panties deeper inside her pussy to absorb some of her juices. I made sure the panties were soaked with her cum. Then I told her to place them back in the wash basket before she left. She nodded with a slight smile. Emily took great pleasure in knowing my wife would wear the knickers we had just fucked in. I left her to wash the sex smell off herself and went back to my shower.

Later I returned to the kitchen where the girls were still chatting. Sue wasn’t feeling well so Emily made her excuses and went to leave. I walked her to the door while Sue was busy with the baby. In the hallway, I pulled up Emily’s skirt to glimpse black cotton panties. Those were also belonging to my wife. She must have taken them from Sue’s underwear drawer. I stroked her face and told her that she had done well. She flushed at the compliment.

I rubbed her pussy for a little while as she slipped her hand inside my pants to make me hard. I let her touch me until we both began to get aroused again. With her hand still wrapped around my hard dick, she looked up at me with her “innocent” face and asked me if I was going to use “that erection” on Sue later.

I told her, yes, I was going to fuck Sue tonight in the same panties that she had just been fucked in. I then asked her how she would like me to fuck Sue. Emily wasn’t surprised by the question and without as much as a pause, answered, “cum on her head”.
She squeezed my dick hard, moved her face close to mine, stuck out her tongue at me and whispered in her best sexy voice “you’re a sick bastard”

With that she left and I returned to my loving and trusting wife. Sue wasn’t feeling well but still managed to look after the baby and make dinner. I was a little tried from the day and my bathroom fun so I relaxed and watched a game on TV.

Later on Sue put the baby to bed and said she was going to turn in for the night. She did look pale and a bit haggard so I guess she really was sick. It didn’t really matter either way; I had already decided that I was going to have her tonight. Her being sick only made me more determined and definitely more aroused.

To be cont…

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2013-02-27 03:00:44
Waiting on the next part!!


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2012-06-27 14:11:54
I like it very much. Please write more true stories...

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2012-06-08 17:22:22
As a fictional story, it was good. As a "true" story, it is full of El Toro poo poo (bullshit).

Sue is mentally, morally and physically inferior to Emily, yet Sue is the wife and Emily is the lover? So why marry Sue? Assuming your a business owner with drive, ambition and thirst for power, why would you marry someone so far beneath you? So I ask you: WTF?

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2012-06-08 17:21:18
As a fictional story, it was good. As a "true" story, it is full of El Toro poo poo (bullshit).

Sue is mentally, morally and physically inferior to Emily, yet Sue is the wife and Emily is the lover? So why marry Sue? Assuming your a business owner with drive, ambition and thirst for

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2012-04-27 03:32:19
I enjoyed both stories very much:)

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