Part 1 of a 6 part series, they are all written just waiting to see if you all like this part also ive split the parts into chapters :)
Spring was in the air, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and a young man's fancies turn to love. Or so the saying goes. Beyond a shadow of a doubt my thoughts were most definitely on love or at the very least I was thinking of making love.

I was in my final semester at ASU eagerly looking forward to the coming summer. My brother, Jim, had invited me to stay with him at his ranch outside of Flagstaff and take it easy before going out to look for a job.

The idea of spending the summer in the cool pines of northern Arizona was very tempting. Anything to escape from the oppressive heat of summer in the Valley of the Sun.

I loved my parents very much, but I was anxious to get out on my own. Here I was almost twenty two and I was still living at home.

Living at home has it's advantages, don't get me wrong. No rent to pay, no groceries to buy. My parents didn't expect me to pay anything so I didn't. That was part of the deal we made when it was time for me to go to college. As long as I maintained a three point seven five grade point average I would not be required to pay any room and board.

My uncle Jack had died when I was only five and left me some money, it went into a trust fund earning a high rate of interest. No one ever told me how much money there was and other than the lawyer, I don't think anyone in the family even knew.

While growing up I was encouraged to save my money and what ever I managed to put away Dad matched it, penny for penny. By the time I entered college there was enough to pay my tuition, books and whatever lab fees there might be from the trust fund. While the money I had saved paid my living expenses, providing I was frugal. Between much studying and little money, I led a very boring life.

But soon things were going to change. In a few more months I would graduate

Spring break was a short two weeks away and I was preparing my mind for a difficult exam that we were told to expect in one of my business classes.

There were several girls in that particular class and watching them strive to get their point across to the professor always made my day.

One of the most pleasant to watch was a little fox named Samantha. I sat two rows in front of her during class and, when I would glance back at her while she talked to the prof, was frequently blessed with fleeting glimpses under her skirts, which always seemed to be too short and tight. We often made eye contact during class but I never pursued it any further.

I was sitting in the library one evening, studying for that exam, when I noticed Samantha across the room. She looked up, saw me watching her and smiled. I quickly looked away and went back to my studies. A little while later I looked up at her again and this time it was her turn to glance away. She looked back a moment later and I was still staring at her. This time we both smiled. I decided now was as good a time as any to see if anything might be made of the situation and got up to walked over to where she was sitting.

"Hi, Samantha," I said, settling down on the table next to her books. "I think we both need a break."

"Hi Dave, how are you?" she asked, leaning back in her chair and crossing her legs. The movement caused her tight mini-skirt to slip high up her legs, exposing a large portion of her shapely thighs.

"Not bad. Are you ready for the exam tomorrow?"

"No, and I really hate cramming," she stated, "I've been waiting for you to ask me out since the first day of class. I know you've been interested, what with the way you try peek up my skirts during class."

"Opps, caught me. Sorry if I offended you," I said, blushing slightly and diverting my eyes. "The only thing I can say in my only defense is that you have a great pair of legs. And you have to admit, you do tend to invite it with the way that you dress."

"I dress this way to try to entice you. But you never seemed interested enough. What is there about me that you don't like? Aren't I attractive enough for you?"

"Don't put yourself down. Quite the contrary, I think you are gorgeous. I've wanted to ask you out but I couldn't take a chance."

"What do you mean, take a chance? Take a chance on what?"

"I can't afford to have much of a social life," I explained.

"From what I've been able to find out you don't have any social life at all," she interrupted. "I've never seen you anywhere with a girl. And everyone I've asked has said the same thing. I was beginning to think you were weird or something."

"Oh, I'm weird all right, but not the way you might think."

"Hmm. Well, you've aroused my curiosity."

"I think girls are the most fantastic and mysterious creatures in all the world. Like I said earlier I can't afford much of a social life. I still live at home because it is cheaper. I don't go out because I have to spend so much time studying. I'm not super brilliant so it takes a lot of work to maintain the grades I need."

"I was wondering about that. You're a business major, right? What can you expect to gain by being in the top five percent of your class? Why try so hard?"

I went on to explain about my uncle's will and the deal I had made with my parents. About how I wanted to date more but just couldn't take the chance of becoming side-tracked and having my grades slip.

"But now my expenses are all paid, including graduation. Now I'm ready to bust loose a little. Would you care to go out with me this Saturday?"

"I think you're going to get a little crazy and I'd like to be with you when it happens. Do you know where I live?" she asked.

I admitted that I didn't and when she leaned forward xxxxx proceeded to give me directions to the apartment she was sharing with another girl.

"Ok see you later. Good luck on the exam tomorrow," I said and started to go back to my books.

"Wait a minute. Come back here, I have something I want to give you so you won't change your mind about our date Saturday night."

"What is it?"

"Just come a little closer. I want to whisper it in your ear."

I bent over and, when I was within her reach, she wrapped an arm around my neck and pulled my lips down to meet hers. Her tongue burrowed between my lips and she gave me a wild French kiss.

I lost my balance and, in reaching out for something to steady myself with, my flailing hand came to rest on her warm thigh just below the hem of her hiked-up mini-skirt. She moaned into my mouth as I grasped her leg for support. The feeling of her smooth thigh in my clutching hand coupled with her sensuous kiss was extremely exciting.

"Sorry about that, it was an accident," I apologized, pulling away from her.

"Mmmm," she smiled impishly, "that's alright. Some of the best things in life happen by accident."

"I mean it. I wasn't trying to cop a feel. It's just that I lost my balance when you pulled me down like that."

"I understand, it's okay. See you tomorrow in class."

I walked back to my seat in a daze and tried to remember what I was studying. My mind was not cooperating, all I could see were Samantha's temptingly parted legs and how soft her thigh had felt. Finally after five minutes or so I was back in the swing of things. When I looked up a little later, she was gone.

* * * * *

The next day in class she arrived a little late so we didn't get a chance to say anything to her other than hello.

The exam was a real bear. I was glad I had decided to put in that extra time studying the night before. Especially happy because I had broken the ice with Samantha. After I had finished the exam I glanced back at her and found her staring at me. When our eyes meet she smiled broadly and dropped her pencil. My eyes fell to the floor automatically but stopped half way to the floor and came to rest on her luscious legs.

Her mini-skirt was a little shorter than normal and she had turned in her seat until I was staring directly between her thighs. Either she was wearing yellow panties or none at all, I couldn't be sure.

All doubt was erased when she parted her thighs a few inches and I was able to discern the pink lips of her vagina hiding peeking through her blonde pubic hair.

She quickly closed her legs and tugged down her skirt. When I looked back up to her eyes she was trying to stifle a giggle. The bell rang signifying the end of the class and everyone stood up to leave.

"What was so funny," I asked when we were near enough to be heard without having to shout.

"Nothing, except that your eyes opened so wide when you saw my naked pussy I thought they were going to pop right out of your head," she replied, unable to hold back her laughter any longer. "I'm not making fun of you, believe me, it's just that your expression was so comical."

"Yeah, I guess I must have looked pretty funny but I have to say that you shocked me a little. Why aren't you wearing any pants?"

"I took them off just for this class. That was why I was almost late getting here."

"Fine, but why did you do it?"

"I wanted to keep your interest piqued."

"Well, I think your scheme worked, if I was anymore interested they would arrest me for rape or at the very least for making a spectacle of myself. Anyway, back to reality. How do you think you made out on the exam?" I asked her as we were leaving the classroom.

"Not bad but I think I'll do a lot better tomorrow night," she said smiling impishly. "Where are you planning to take me?"

"Well, with my bank account being in the shape that it is, I was hoping pizza and beer and then Tullies' for some country music and dancing would be okay. Although right now I'm not to sure."

"Sounds great to me, but why aren't you sure? Are you afraid I'll do something to embarrass you?"

"Not at all, quite the contrary actually."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"The way I feel right now, all I want to do is find the nearest bed."

"And what would we do there?"

"Keep our date tomorrow night and you'll find out," I teased.

"Oh really? You can bet that it will take an act of war to keep me away from you now," she said before brushing her lips teasingly across mine. "See you at seven-thirty. Bye." And then she was gone.

One of my good friends, Tom, was standing near by and had over heard some of our conversation.

"You are just wasting your time with Samantha. She's nothing but a little prick tease. She'll get you all hot and bothered and then cut you off by saying that you aren't good enough to fuck her little pussy," he said, adding the last rather venomously.

"We'll see about that," I told him.

"Ok, have it your own way, but don't say I didn't warn you," he said as he left.


I got up early the next morning which was totally out of character for me. I usually sleep late on Saturdays. I decided that it was because I was all keyed up about my date that night with Samantha. I decided I should stay up and try to burn off some of that nervous energy. I put on my running suit and went out to put in a few miles before it got to hot.

When I got back from jogging I changed into my work clothes and ate breakfast. After letting the meal settle for a while I went out to the garage.

I spent the rest of the morning and all afternoon cleaning up my classic '55 Chevy four-by-four pick-up truck. When my brother, Jim, gave it to me as a high school graduation present it was not much more than an ugly pile of junk. But he and I both saw it's potential and now it was truly a thing of beauty.

I had done most of the restoration myself. For every birthday and Christmas Jim and my parents would come up with some of the more expensive items needed for it's completion. When I decided that it could not be any more polished I put away the wax and went back into the house.

I took a quick shower to get rid of the grease and grime. Since no one else was home I went straight from the shower to the pool without bothering to put on any swimming trunks. Our yard was totally cut off from the neighbors by a high fence and even higher shrubbery. After relaxing in the pool for a while I got out and went in to work out with my weights for about an hour.

When the clock chimed five o'clock I took another shower and then got dressed for my date. I decided on boots, blue jeans, a bright red satin cowboy shirt and my favorite Stetson hat. I picked up the dozen yellow roses that the florist had delivered earlier and by seven I was on my way over to Samantha's apartment to pick her up.

I arrived at the apartment at about five minutes early and Samantha's room-mate let me in.

"Hi, I'm Paula," she said as she openly stared at me." You must be the guy Sam has been raving about, and now I can see why."

"Hi Paula. I'm David." I said, returning her stare with one of my own, admiring her body, scantily clad in only a brief string bikini.

"Would you like a beer or something?" Paula asked. With an pert smile on her lips she turned to go into the kitchen.

"What else are you offering?" I asked as I followed her.

"Ask me again when Samantha isn't around and maybe I'll surprise you," she said quietly. She opened the refrigerator door and bent over provocatively while trying to find a can of beer for me on the bottom shelf. Her appetizing rump was pointing at me and I could not resist the temptation. Moving silently up behind her I reached out my hand to boldly fondle the twin hillocks of her perfectly formed butt.

Paula gasped as she felt my caress, but did not try to move away. If anything she pushed back slightly.

Emboldened by her unexpected go ahead, my wandering fingers stole around to the front of her abdomen until they cupped her prominent mound through her bikini. Meanwhile my other hand began to fondle the lush fullness of her breast through her skimpy bikini bra.

"Oh God," she moaned as my fingers pinched her erect nipple. "That feels good. I don't want you to stop but you must. What about Sam? She is the one you are here for."

With that she spun around and shoved a cold can of beer into my chest.

I caught her in my arms and lowered my mouth to hers. My hands stroked her back, pulling her tightly to me.

She started to respond to my kiss by opening her lips to my probing tongue, the can of beer fell to the floor as she clung to me, her lust growing.

"NO!" she cried as she suddenly broke away. "We can't do this!"

She stood there looking at me, her eyes filled with desire, while she tried to catch her breath. Her full breasts rising and falling temptingly with each labored breath.

I started to move towards her but she pushed past me and ran into her bedroom.

I picked up the dropped can of beer and carefully opened it in the sink. Drinking half of it as I went back into the living room to sit down on the sofa.

Samantha called out that she would be ready in a minute or two and I should make myself comfortable. A half hour later she emerged and the way she looked, it was well worth the wait.

She had forsaken her customary mini-skirt in favor of a pair of faded blue jeans that were so tight that they looked like they were spray painted on. A shocking pink satin cowboy shirt, high heeled boots and a Stetson completed the look. Our outfits matched perfectly and we were both pleased with the similarity.

I gave her a long, low wolf whistle and got up to greet her. "You look fantastic! These are for you," as I gave her the roses.

"Oh, flowers! You're sweet, no one has given me flowers since high school. Thank you! You look pretty good yourself," and she reached up to give me a warm, wet kiss.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. My encounter with Paula had whetted my appetite.

Samantha returned my embrace, but only for a moment before extricating herself from my grasp. "Whoa there big fella, I thought you wanted to go out."

"I did."

"Why, `did'?"

"I've got everything I need right here."

"Maybe I do, also, but I still want to go out. You promised to feed me and take me dancing. I'm going to make you spend some money on me before we move on to more pleasant activities."

"Is that so? What if I were to get stubborn?"

"Well, I can be just as stubborn as you can. So let's make it easy on each other and do what we had originally planned. Okay?"


Paula was nowhere to be seen but Samantha yelled a good night and don't wait up and we were off.

Upon reaching my truck it was her turn to whistle. She walked around it appreciably.

"David, it's beautiful. When and where did you get this gorgeous hunk of iron?"

"This is my pride and joy. I have spent the last four years and a lot of B S & T to make it look like it is now. You should have seen it when I got it. You wouldn't believe that it was the same truck."

"I can see why, it's magnificent. Will you help me please? I don't think I can step high enough to get in."

"Watch your head," I opened the door on the passenger side, grasped her firmly by her hips and easily lifted her up into the cab.

"My Lord, those muscles I've rippling under your shirts are for real, aren't they? Thanks."

I closed her door and walked around to the driver's side. The door was open and waiting for me so I climbed in and started the powerful engine to leave.

Samantha snuggled up next to me as I drove to the pizza place.

During dinner we talked about my truck and all that I had done to it. I was surprised at how much she knew about cars. She surprised me again when she changed the subject to ask me what I thought the Phoenix Suns' chances were in the upcoming basketball play-offs. We decided that they would probably be nosed out by the Lakers again.

"Where did you learn so much about such unladylike things such as cars and sports? Most girls I've known couldn't tell the difference between a distributor cap and a carburetor, a stolen base from an interception. Not only do you know the difference, you seem to know a lot more."

"Well, it's like this," she went on to explain that she was the only girl in her family, beside her mom, with three older brothers who were very much into basketball, football, cars and such.

It was going on ten o'clock when we headed over to Tullies'. During the ride over there she sat very close and with her encouragement, I put my arm around her shoulders.

When we arrived, the place was packed. There wasn't an empty table to be found. So we ordered a beer from the crowded bar while we both scanned the other people there in hopes of finding someone that we knew and could share a table with. After a couple of minutes we gave up the idea and joined the throng on the dance floor.

Her style of dancing fit mine perfectly and soon it was as if we had been dancing together for years. Just the slightest pressure with my fingers would send her twirling away and she always rejoined me at the right instant. After one particularly tiring two-step, where we seemed to take over the floor, we decided to take a break. On our way back to the bar I spied a couple leaving a secluded booth in a corner and I sent her scurrying over to it while I fetched our drinks.

After joining her at the booth, I sat down with an exhausted sigh and took a long pull on my beer.

"Where did you learn to dance like that?" I asked. "I've never had such a first class partner!"

"Why thank you, Davie," she answered and leaned over to give me a tender kiss. "Remember, I have three brothers. How about you?"

"Here and there. Was that a warning or an explanation?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well you kissed me and in the same breath you mentioned your brothers again. I was just wondering if you were telling me that your brothers taught you how to kiss and were very protective. Or they taught you how to dance?"

"Both, but it was more of an explanation. I'm my own woman. I don't bother them about their love lives and they leave me alone about mine. Besides the nearest one is in Texas and the other two are somewhere in Alaska."


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