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This man buys a brand new Mustang. He decides to take it out and see what it can really do. So he is traveling down the highway going around 90. Suddenly he see a patrol car behind him with its sirens on. He thinks "I can out run that car easy." So he starts speeding faster. Cop keeps pace. Faster and fast. Finally the man gives up and pulls over. The officer gets out and approaches the man. He says "I've had a long day and am almost done with alot of paper work, If you can give me one excuse for your driving that I've never heard before you can go."

The man thinks for a second then says. "I just found out that my wife was having an affair with a police man. I though you were coming to return her.

The officer says. "Have a nice day!"


2005-10-01 17:21:26
at least it wasent as bad as the one about the oranges


2005-08-27 20:39:49
1ladyuwant is very stupid and who wants her?


2005-08-13 03:03:35
very stupid

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