high this is the next story in my rape series but i tell u this again i do not condone real rape i only enjoy fake rape scenarios and fantasys enjoy ;)
his sister should have stayed in her room

ok i was headed over to my bud jacks house to crash(a sleep over but when u get older sleeping over becomes crashing) as i knocked on the door i was just hoping his sister maria would answer it she was 16 one year more than me and jack she had blonde hair with nice full double D's legs that you could just stare at forever and a wonderful heart shaped ass unfortunately jack answered the door and told me his sis was not gonna be home till dinner time so to pass the time we hung out played some vid games and just watched tv then maria came home thank god now i got to see her gorgeous body stroll across the living room wiggling her ass a little as she did (apparently she knew i liked her) after awhile we ate and jacks mom headed out to her night shift as a nurse then mark and dean showed up they both looked average like me one with red hair the other blonde we headed to jacks room to watch some tv then after awhile i heard some kind of sound coming from down the hall so i told them id be right back as i walked down the hallway the noise got louder i finally reached my destination it was maria with her door slightly open i could see her on her bed rubbing her right tit and shoving a red dildo in her sweet sweet pussy i instantly became hard and freed myself from my shorts slowly stroking myself i watched his sister pleasure herself imagining that dildo was my rod giving her a good fucking just then she orgazimed unfortunately she wanted to grab a soda and i tried to get back to jacks room before she saw me i barley got inside his door when she came into the hallway "holy shit man whys ur cock out and why did u fly in here like a bat out of hell?" jack said i then told him of my tale and we all started to jack it after awhile we devised a plan to fuck maria so we left the door slightly open then all jumped up and down till we heard her coming then i positioned myself behind the door "what the hells going on in here" she said bursting into the room i quickly locked the door and then started to strip "what the fuck are you doing!" she said "what do you think ur hot and im sick of waiting for the chance so were gonna have some fun" i said noooooo!!! she screamed as jack placed his hand around her mouth "don't worry sis well be gentle at first" jack whispered with an evil grin as i finished undressing jack held her arms behind her back as mark and dean took her pajamas off "no this isn't right jack im ur sister!" she yelled i then grabbed the sides of her mouth with one hand and said "u can just accept this and enjoy urself or u can try to resist and torture urself" she nodded in agreement and then i ordered her to her knees she complied then i shoved my cock down her throat ordering her to suck me off while she jerked off mark and dean she did as jack sat there and pulled on his plump man meat she sucked me then mark then dean and then we came all over her face calling her a 'cum slut' and having her clean our cocks then jack told her to lie on him as she did he began to slowly fill her pussy with his dick inch by inch making her moan slight mark dean and i then positioned ourselves in front of her once again having our dicks sucked but i only had her do it to help lube my cock up for the ass fucking i was gonna give her but as i tried she wiggled a bit not wanting my meaty cock to be rammed up her as luckily mark and dean stepped in holding her arms as jack wrapped his arms around her back to help restrain her i then guided my cock towards her tiny hole as i spat more on my cock it was hard getting my head in there but she finally became less tense and boy when i got in there she screamed like never before i thought shed be heard by a neighbor so i had mark shut her up with his rod as dean forced her hand around his after about 10 minutes of the fucking and sucking we all came mark down her throat dean on her face me in her ass and jack in her pussy but it was ok she was on the pill then we all kind of played musical holes for the next hour and a half afterwards we were all so tired i grabbed a bunch of soda and came back upstairs after a nice refreshing coke we all helped maria now covered in cum dripping form her ass and pussy all over her face and in her hair down her chest i mean she was more cum than girl we helped her wash up as did we then after that we sat watched tv and she sobbed a bit hating what we did i thought and really expected her to tell her mom but when 8 am rolled around her mom asked how was ur night get good sleep maria said "great but we stayed up late as for the sleep we were all so tired it felt like we had slept for a long time"oh really what did you guys stay up doing" her mom replied looking at me with a devilish smile she said "oh this and that and were planning on doing it again next week" she winked and i nearly came in my pants right there thinking of all the fun we were gonna have next week but that's a different story

the end so once again a sleep over has turned sour then became oh so sweet for one person this one will definitely have a sequel and for those who look forward to it ill make sure to make it good also im going to start righting family guy fan fiction because theres really not enough of it on here and im sure some of you would really like to see that

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2013-03-20 13:15:16
i wish i could be in a situation like this, except for the incest. wonder how many chicks would admit that

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2013-01-13 13:40:41
Stfu stop moaning bout punctuation when halve you dickheads had to use spellcheck :) ooh Learn how to spell and do paragraphs omg xD Your on here reading a sex story not an english essay

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2012-05-23 16:01:52

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2012-04-27 09:29:06
This isn't that bad of a story but most people aren't going to read it because it's just one large paragraph. This isn't a slam on you at all just a helpful hint.

Look, I think that it's good that you are writing your stories and I admire you for doing it. Stick with it. The process will get easier and you can only learn by doing and learning from your own mistakes. Furthermore, don't listen to the people who make fun of you and your writing. At least you have the courage to write and post your stories.

Good look in your future writing. And have a nice weekend.

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2012-04-27 09:10:08
look no ones asking you to read it and did you have to read it before criticizing it you could have just gone back and found some other sex story there's thousands on here so go find something else if you don't like my work and you know what im always getting negative shit about my storys so no more comments cuz there bullshit

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