A brother isn't the same when he comes home from the Army
This story has some very dark themes and will undoubtedly offend quite a few readers. Don't bother telling me how sick I am, it's fiction, I don't either do or condone things like this. But if you enjoy stories like this, have fun.

Justin enlisted in the Army the day he turned eighteen. His little sister Kayla was devastated. She was twelve at the time, and even though they were six years apart, she and Justin had been almost inseparable. Their parents were always so busy with work that they didn't spend a lot of time with the kids, and Justin had spent more time raising Kayla than their parents had.

Over the next two years, Justin made it home a handful of times on leave, but he usually spent his time with his Army buddies and didn't have much time for Kayla. But now, after two years of mostly being away, and a tour in the Middle East, Justin was coming home. Kayla was ecstatic to finally be getting her brother back.

Her joy didn't last very long, though. It was obvious as soon as Justin got home for good that he wasn't the brother she remembered. When he'd been home on leave he hadn't really been around enough for her to notice the changes, but now she couldn't avoid them. The brother she'd grown up with had been open, friendly, always smiling and upbeat. The one who came back from the war was withdrawn, sullen. He spent a lot of time with buddies from the Army, like he had when he'd been on leave, and when he was home he mostly just stayed in his room. He didn't seem to want to have anything to do with anybody. And then there was the smile. Justin's smile had always been the best thing about him, a kind of big, goofy grin that always made Kayla feel warm, safe and comforting. Even that had changed. Now when he smiled, which wasn't often, it was a twisted smirk, like he was thinking about some dirty little secret. Kayla was beginning to feel like her whole life had gone to shit.

It was summer. Her parents had gone to the cabin for a week's vacation, leaving Kayla and Justin at home. Kayla couldn't quite understand why her parents didn't see the changes in Justin, but then they'd never really paid too much attention to their kids. Kayla actually felt a little uncomfortable about being alone in the house with her brother.

Kayla had gone shopping with some of her friends, planning to be out for the entire afternoon. But after about half an hour she started to get a nasty headache and decided to go home and lie down so it wouldn't get worse. As she was walking up the stairs to where the bedrooms were, she heard noises, something like moaning and grunting. Then she heard a voice that sounded familiar.

"Justin, yes, fuck me! Hard, do it hard! Mmmm, uh uh uh." The door to Justin's room was open. Justin was on top of a girl doing it with her. Not just any girl, either. It was Taylor, the sluttiest girl in her grade. Kayla's grade. Her brother was doing it with a girl Kayla's age. She stood, stunned, and watched for a few seconds, could actually see Justin's - thing - moving in and out of Taylor's belly. She shuddered, tears starting to run down her cheeks, and ran to her room, grateful that Justin and Taylor were too busy to notice her. She threw herself on her bed and cried herself to sleep.

Justin was just absolutely pounding the little slut, and she loved it. The harder he slammed his cock into her tight little cunt, the more she begged for him to be rougher with her. And her cunt was tight. She was no virgin, though. He'd been pretty sure about that as soon as she'd come over to see him.

He hadn't gotten much since he came home from his tour in Iraq. Not like over there, where he could always find some slut who was willing to take some money from the Americans. And, well, if he couldn't he could always just take what he wanted. It wasn't like anybody was going to do anything about it.

But then, this afternoon, Taylor had knocked on the door, with her long blond hair and blue eyes and hot fourteen-year-old body, wearing a tank top and tight shorts that didn't cover up much, and practically jumped on him. It was nice to finally sink his cock into something hot and wet.

Taylor thought she'd died and gone to heaven. She'd been sucking cock since she was ten, and had gotten fucked the first time at twelve, but she'd never had anything like this. She'd started out blowing the boys from her junior high, and eventually moved on to "older" guys - high schoolers. It always felt nice to have a cock in her, but she usually had to finger herself afterwards to get off.

Justin was something else, a man, back from the Army. He knew what to do with a woman, and Taylor was glad she'd decided to come over and see if she could get him to do something. As soon as she saw the look on his face when he ran his eyes up and down her, she knew she'd made the right decision.

Justin had barely even said anything, just dragged her up to his room and practically ripped her clothes off. By the time he had her naked, her pussy was already dripping wet, without him even touching it yet. He threw her down on the bed, stripped off his own clothes, and shoved his dick up her hole. She didn't get a good look at his dick, but it looked pretty big, and it definitely felt big when he pushed it into her.

She started to moan as soon as he was inside her. This was what getting fucked was supposed to be like. She felt his dick driving into her, farther than she'd ever had anything in her before. His hands were all over her, grabbing, pinching, clawing. He used his mouth to kiss, lick, suck, bite - anything he could reach. Taylor was pretty sure she was going to have bruises and marks all over when they were done, but she didn't care.

"Oh fuck yes! I'm gonna fuckin' cum! Uh! Uh! Aaaaahhhhh!" Taylor's body shuddered on the bed, the muscles of her pussy spasming around Justin's dick. She clawed at the sheets with her hands. Then she went completely stiff, her head and heels digging into the bed, lifting her up, before she collapsed down onto her back. Then she heard Justin grunt, and felt his cum start to pump into her. Shit, she hadn't even thought about that, she'd been so horny. She usually made a guy wear a rubber or pull out. But now, feeling her pussy being flooded with cum, she didn't care about that, either.

Justin finished shooting his load inside the little slut, then climbed off. Damn, that had been pretty good. But he was going to make it even better.

"Hey, you better get going, baby, my sister's gonna be home pretty soon. But I've got some of my Army buddies coming over later. Why don't you swing by tonight and we can have some real fun."

The little bitch licked her lips and nodded while she was getting dressed. Justin couldn't wait.

It was almost dark by the time Kayla woke up. She headed downstairs, making sure that Justin's room was empty when she walked by. Justin was sitting on the couch, watching TV.

He looked up. "Hey, sis, I didn't even know you were home. When'd you get back?"

"I saw what you did, Justin." She was standing next to the couch by now, looking at her brother, trying to choke back the tears that were threatening again.

"Huh? What do you mean?" He looked genuinely puzzled.

"I saw what you were doing with that slut Taylor. How could you do that, she's only fourteen, like me."

"Yeah, well she doesn't act like it. Little bitch begged me for it, kept telling me to shove my cock in harder and deeper." Justin had that nasty smirk on his face, the one Kayla'd never seen before he went away. It was there a lot now.

Kayla was blushing from the language that Justin used, and the tears were starting to run down her face again. "I just don't know how you could do that." She stamped her foot like a little girl throwing a tantrum. Justin stood up, laughing, stepped over to her.

"What's wrong, sis? You jealous? Wish I'd put my cock in your cunt instead of Taylor's?"

Kayla was stunned by what he was saying. She stood, her mouth gaping, couldn't respond, couldn't even seem to think. Then Justin moved so quickly she didn't know what was happening. His hand pulled her face up to his, his body pressed against her. She felt his mouth cover hers, his tongue slide between her lips. His other hand closed over her breast through her shirt, squeezing so hard it hurt. Kayla was paralyzed for a few seconds, felt like she wasn't even there. Then the feel of her brother's hands on her, the taste of his tongue in her mouth cut through the fog and she started to struggle, tried to get away. But Justin was too strong. He pushed her back, holding her by her shoulders, then slapped her hard across the face. The pain shot through Kayla like an electric shock, causing her to gasp.

"Don't go acting all innocent. You're a slut just like all the rest. Just too goody-goody to admit it." Justin threw her down onto the couch, and she lay there trembling, too shocked to do move. "Go back up to your room, and stay there. I've got some guys coming over in a little while, and you don't want to know what they'd do to a girl like you. Oh, your little friend Taylor is coming back, too."

Kayla was shaking as she dragged herself off the couch and upstairs to her bedroom. She locked the door and curled up on her bed, crying again.

Justin's friends showed up about half an hour after he'd run his whiny little sister upstairs. There were three of them that night, all about his age. Chris was a tall, skinny kid from the South, didn't say much but was always ready for action, no matter what kind. Pete, who was from California, was short and stocky, maybe the nastiest one of the bunch. None of them were going to worry about killing an enemy or a whore, but Pete was just a fuckin' sadist. Liked making people hurt for no reason. Julius was from Chicago. Black as the Ace of Spades, and half the size of an ox. About 6'6", probably 250. Nobody wanted to mess with him.

They cracked open some beers and spent a little time talking about their tours. Then Pete was the first one to get around to it.

"So, dude, there any place to get any pussy in this god-forsaken hole?" He had a nasty, lopsided grin. Justin had seen it before. Pete was really dangerous when he was grinning.

"Yeah, in fact, I've got somebody coming over. Should be here any time. I had a little fun with her this afternoon. I think you guys will like her." Justin put on his own grin. "And I've got something saved up for myself, while you're busy." He nodded toward the stairs. They all laughed. Justin had gotten drunk enough to talk about his sister more than once while they'd been on duty. They'd just started on the second round of beers when the doorbell rang.

Taylor was a little nervous while she waited for the door to open, which was strange for her. She wondered how many guys there'd be, if they'd all be as hot as Justin. What they'd want her to do.

Justin let her in, introduced her to his friends. She heard the names, but they didn't really register. She didn't care what their names were. She was surprised to see a black guy there, but she licked her lips when she saw how big he was, and wondered if it meant his dick would be that big, too.

"Want a beer?" Taylor looked at Justin, who was on his way to the kitchen, and nodded. And felt one of the guys running his hand between her legs from behind. It was the short stocky one. He was breathing heavily as he pawed at her. She pushed her crotch against his hand, feeling herself get wet.

Justin got back with the beers. Taylor grabbed hers, took a big gulp trying to impress the guys. And choked as it burned her throat going down, and tickled her nose when it almost came back up. The men laughed at her. She didn't care. The guy who was fondling her moved closer, reached around her to undo her pants. She took another swig of the beer. This one went down easier.

Justin watched as Pete clawed at Taylor from behind, while Chris moved in front of her and started unbuckling his belt. The little slut was going to get more than she bargained for by the time they got done. Chris dropped his pants, grabbed Taylor's hair. "Get down on the floor so you can suck this thing, baby."

"Hang on a minute, will ya." That was Pete. "Let me get her fuckin' pants off first."

Pete finished pulling down Taylor's jeans, and Chris jerked on her hair again, forcing her to her knees in front of him. He pulled her face to his crotch and grunted as Taylor opened her mouth and took his cock in. Pete had his own pants down now, and was kneeling behind Taylor, ready to ram his cock into her pussy. Justin started to slowly strip off his own clothes, trying to decide if he should have some more of the little slut Taylor before he got around to what he really wanted.

Taylor shuddered as she felt Pete's cock slide into her dripping pussy. It felt like it was about the same size as Justin's, nice and big. So was Chris's, and he was forcing it farther and farther back into her mouth. She'd sucked cock plenty of times, but never like this. Not with the guy holding her hair so tight it hurt and pumping his cock into her mouth. Pete was ramming into her cunt pretty hard, too, but she'd had that before. What was happening with her mouth was new. She felt the head of Chris's cock hit the back of her throat, and she gagged, then almost panicked as she realized she couldn't breathe. Just as she was going to try to get Chris to ease up, he pulled back enough so she could suck in a ragged, gasping breath.

Chris shoved forward into her mouth again, and this time the head of his cock rammed all the way into her throat. Taylor's body tensed, and she was on the verge of panic again. Then something slammed against her ass, and she realized that Pete had slapped her. She tried to gasp, but just choked on Chris's cock. Then Pete slapped her again, harder this time, as his cock plowed into her pussy. Taylor moaned, her body trembled, overcome by the combination of arousal, pain, and fear. She could see Justin and Julius, off to the side, taking off their clothes. She'd seen Justin naked, she wanted to see if Julius' black cock was as big as they were supposed to be. Chris pulled back until only the head of his cock was in her mouth, and she grabbed another breath. Then Chris and Pete both rammed into her at the same time. Chris jerked on her hair, Pete slapped her ass again with one hand, while the other clawed at her belly. She felt like she was being crushed between them, as Chris's cock slid back into her throat and Pete's reached for her cervix. Pete's fingers dragged across her clit. And Taylor's body exploded. She'd never had an orgasm like it, her body was shaking like a rag doll, like she was suspended between the two cocks. She couldn't breathe, felt like she was going to pass out, and the pain from being spanked and having her hair pulled was shooting through her. But it didn't matter, it all just made her cum harder. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't.

"Here it comes, baby!" That was Chris, and a split-second later she felt his cock pulse in her mouth and his cum boil out into her throat, shooting straight down into her stomach. Pete didn't say anything, just grunted, but she could feel him cumming in her pussy, filling her up. Both pulled out of her, and Taylor collapsed on the floor, panting, gasping for breath, her body shaking. She wanted to curl up into a little ball, and at the same time she wanted more. Then she saw Julius push down his pants, and got her first look at his cock. It was enormous. And he was headed straight for her.

She couldn't take her eyes off his cock. It looked like it was a foot long and as big around as her wrist. She wondered what it would feel like inside her, if it would hurt because it was so big. She didn't have to wonder long, because Julius grabbed her by the arm, dragged her to the couch, then sat down and pulled her into his lap. She straddled him and he put his hands on her hips to position her over his dick. She looked down at him for a second, feeling like a toy in his hands. Then he pulled her down onto his rod, and she felt it slide into her. Way into her. Taylor felt like she was being pulled apart, like it was never going to stop opening her. Her head lolled back, her eyes closed. Everything in her belly seemed to be pushed out of place, and she wasn't sure she was going to be able to breathe. Then her crotch bumped against his, and she knew he was all the way in. She opened her eyes again.

"You just love that big black dick, dontcha, bitch?" Julius was grinning, licking his lips.

"Yeah, I love it. Fuck me, you bastard!" Taylor put her hands on Julius' shoulders and started bouncing up and down on his cock, wondering just how far inside her she could get it.

Justin had watched enough. He knew what the guys would do with Taylor for the rest of the night. He started up the stairs, looking for what he really wanted.

Kayla wanted to scream when she saw her brother walk into her bedroom naked, but she couldn't even get the sound out. It was all just too much for her. She could hear what was going on downstairs, and it was making her tremble. She watched as Justin stepped over to her bed.

Kayla tried not to look at Justin, but he was standing over her and she really couldn't avoid it. Kayla felt like she was going to be sick to her stomach as she looked at her brother's penis, sticking out, pointing at her. It looked huge. She'd never seen one before today, not even a picture. Justin had been right about that, she was a goody-goody, the girl who'd never been in trouble, never done anything she shouldn't. Justin's forced kiss earlier was the first she'd ever had.

Now Justin dragged Kayla to her feet, began pulling her t-shirt off over her head. That finally got a reaction from her, as she tried to pull away from him. He stopped, held her by her shoulders, shook her, hard. His face was a twisted thing as he looked into her eyes and growled softly.

"Don't fight me bitch. I'll kill you to get what I want. I've done it before."

She knew it was true. Knew he would kill her, knew he'd done it. Knew there was nothing she could do except let her brother do whatever he wanted to her.

Kayla trembled as Justin stripped off her clothes - t-shirt, bra, jeans, panties. He was quick, and didn't worry about being gentle. Kayla tried to cover her naked breasts and crotch with her hands, but Justin shook his head at her. She lowered her hands, afraid to make him do it for her. She looked up into his face, saw an expression she'd never seen before. Justin was licking his lips, looked like he was going to start panting like a dog. He grabbed her, pulled her against him, crushed his mouth against hers again. She knew better than to fight him, simply opened her mouth and let him put his tongue in, felt it glide over her own tongue, across her teeth, the roof of her mouth.

Justin held her tight, and her body pressed against his, her small breasts flattening against his chest. She could feel his penis, hard and long, pressing against her belly. His hands were all over her, running up and down her sides, touching her breasts, cupping the cheeks of her butt. Kayla was trying to just stand there, passive, not do anything that would make Justin mad. But then she felt his hand move between her legs.

Kayla jerked her head back, pulling away from Justin's kiss, and her body twitched, her legs clamping together. Justin's face twisted in anger, and she knew she'd made a mistake. He moved like lightning, bringing his other hand up to her throat, tightening it. Kayla struggled a little, couldn't help herself, she couldn't breathe. But as Justin spoke to her, softly, his voice tight with rage, she forced herself to hold still.

"You fucking little slut, I told you I'd kill you and I meant it. Now stop fighting me and let me give you what you want, bitch." Justin's hand pulled away from her throat and Kayla gasped in air, her body shaking. At the same time she felt her brother's finger slide in between her legs, penetrating her most private place. She gasped again, moaned a little, felt something fluttering in her belly.

Justin laughed. It was an evil thing, even worse than the twisted smile he'd been showing since he came home. "You fuckin' love it, don't you, you little slut?" His finger slid deeper into her, twisted inside her. Kayla felt like she was going to retch.

Justin's cock was as hard as it had ever been. He couldn't believe what looking at his naked sister, touching her, was doing to him. She was always the one he'd wanted, from the first time he'd ever thought about it, when he was twelve and little Kayla was six. He felt guilty about it back then, thought that it was wrong, that there was something wrong with him. It got worse as he got older, and by the time he graduated from high school he knew he couldn't control it any more. He went into the army to get away from Kayla, to avoid the temptation.

In the army, overseas in the war, he learned how to treat women. Rape 'em, beat 'em, choke 'em. Hell, kill 'em if you have to, or if you just feel like it. Rag-head sluts in the villages they shot up. Women in the army units, shit most of them were dykes anyway, needed to find out what it was like to have a man. Even a reporter from back home that one time. Didn't matter. He knew the officers weren't going to do anything about it. And every time he stuck his dick or a knife in one of them, he imagined it was his sweet little sister Kayla. Now he was back home, and he was going to do what he'd been dreaming about for years.

Kayla's pussy was wet and pulsing around his finger. He knew it, she wanted it. She was a fucking slut just like all the rest. None of them were any different. He pulled her face back to his again, pressed his mouth against hers, tasted her. She was sweet, like he knew she would be. He could feel her tits pressing against his chest, his cock rubbing against her belly. Her skin was smooth and soft. Jason's mind was racing now. He wasn't sure if he wanted to make her blow him first, or if he should just stick his cock in her cunt.

Taylor was moaning, squealing, whimpering as she slid up and down Julius' massive cock. It was so big it actually hurt when she took it in her at first, but that didn't last long. And it didn't matter anyway, because she found out that she kind of liked it when it hurt. But now she felt a different pair of hands on her, touching her butt, pulling her cheeks apart.

"Hold still for a minute, bitch." That was Chris, the one she'd sucked off. He was behind her, the one spreading her butt apart. Then she felt something pressing against her anal ring.

"Shit, what are you doing?" She knew some girls took it up the ass, she'd seen enough vids of it online, but she'd never been touched there before.

"This, slut, what do you think?" Taylor felt Chris push forward, the head of his cock opening her little ring. Taylor squealed, almost screamed, as the head popped inside her, then just kept pushing up into her bowels. Having her ass opened for the first time hurt, but she was finding she like the pain more and more. She'd thought she felt filled up with Julius' cock inside her, but with both holes filled, it was like she was going to explode any minute. Then both guys started fucking her at once.

"Ooooohhhhh fuuuuuck yes!" Taylor's entire body was tingling, she felt like she was on fire. The mens' hands were all over her as they fucked both of her holes, scratching, clawing at her. More pain to go along with the incredible horniness that was causing her to shake.

A hand on her head, twisting in her hair, jerking her head to the side and up. Pete's face, nasty, something out of a bad horror movie.

"Suck it, whore." The hand moved her head to his cock, hard and thick. She opened her mouth, and he shoved it in, all the way back into her throat, until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. But he didn't start fucking her mouth. He just held it there, in her throat, cutting off her air. Taylor started to panic because she couldn't breathe. At the same time, it seemed to make her body even more sensitive, and the pain from Pete pulling her hair was turning her on. With no warning, she came, violently, her body trembling, vibrating. She couldn't believe the way it felt, couldn't believe what was happening today.

Pete pulled his cock out of her throat and Taylor sucked in air. It seemed to burn her throat and lungs as she took it in and then coughed violently, choking. Pete jerked her face back to his cock.

"We're not done, whore." His voice was maybe the most frightening thing she'd ever experienced. It was empty, almost like he wasn't even human. He forced his cock back into her mouth, down her throat, and Taylor's body started to shake again, starved for air. And the whole time Julius and Chris were ramming their cocks into her holes as viciously as they could.

This time Pete held his cock down her throat even longer than before. Taylor started to panic again, felt her body going into convulsions. She couldn't tell where her orgasm ended and something darker and dangerous started. Something exploded behind her eyes, blinding her, and then her mind and body shut down.

Kayla trembled as her brother's finger moved inside her. She'd known ever since he got home that he wasn't the same, but until today she didn't know just how much he'd changed. It scared her. But what scared her more was the way she was responding to what he was doing. He was right, she was wet down there. And something was happening to her. When this had started she'd just been disgusted. But now, with Justin's tongue in her mouth, his finger sliding in and out of her, she was starting to feel excited.

Kayla realized that Justin's... thing, she just couldn't think of it as anything else, was not just resting against her belly, it was moving, twitching, as he kissed her and, well, fingered her. She could feel something damp at the end of it, being smeared on her belly. Something crawled into the back of her mind that made her wonder what it would feel like to have it in her instead of Justin's finger. It was bigger than his finger, it would probably hurt. But other girls, like Taylor seemed to like it. But Taylor was a slut. And Justin was her brother, so doing anything with him was wrong.

She found herself on her back, Justin on top of her, so heavy that she couldn't move. Justin's hands forced her legs apart. His finger was gone from inside her, but now she felt something else, larger, pressing against her opening. She knew what it was. Her mind was at war against itself.

God, yes, please put it in! No! You can't, he's your brother! You're not a slut like Taylor! But I want it so bad!

Justin's hips moved, something ripped inside her, and what her mind was saying didn't matter any more either way. She squealed in pain, then whined and whimpered like a whipped dog. Justin was in her, was doing it to her, raping her. She couldn't feel anything but the pain radiating from deep in her belly, and her brother moving in and out of her.

"Fuck yeah, baby, I knew your cunt would be tight! Shit, I wanted you so long!" Justin's voice was a growl in her ear, almost unrecognizable. His words were nasty, evil. But as he kept ramming his thing into her the pain slowly started to go away. And Kayla felt her body start to move against his.

Taylor's cheek's burned, stung, her neck felt like it was twisted at an odd angle. She struggled to remember what was going on. A hand crashed against her face again, her eyes snapped open.

"There she is, let's get this finished." It was Pete's voice, followed by his laugh, dripping with malice. She didn't know how long she'd been out, but it couldn't have been too long, she could still feel hard cocks in her pussy and ass, and they were still moving in and out. They'd kept fucking her while she was unconscious. It didn't matter. Pete pushed his cock back into her mouth and she sucked it in greedily, let him shove it back into her throat again. But this time he started fucking her face instead of just holding it there. He must be about ready to cum. She closed her eyes and sucked him, swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, while she felt Julius and Chris ramming into her. She could feel another orgasm building up.

Chris came first, Taylor felt her bowels being flooded with his semen. Taking a load up her ass for the first time on top of everything else was enough to send her over the edge. She'd have screamed if hadn't had a mouth full of dick. As it was, she thrashed, her body jerking and twisting. Then Pete's cum exploded into her mouth, and she had to swallow furiously to keep from having it choke her. A handful of seconds later, while she was still gulping down Pete's cum, Chris' cock still pulsing in her ass, Julius' monster started spurting into her cunt. She was still cumming, and Julius pumped much cum into her that she was afraid her belly would explode. Finally Pete and Chris pulled back, and Julius just sort of pushed her off him. Her body was still shuddering as she slumped onto the floor. Then she heard Pete's voice again

"Should we kill her now, or wait until Justin gets done with his sister?"

Red mist covered Justin's mind. Nothing existed but his hard cock and his little sister's tight, hot pussy. The pussy he'd wanted so long. Now it was his. And it was going to stay his. He pounded himself into Kayla viciously, knowing that no matter how many men he shared her with, she would never belong to anyone but him.

Kayla couldn't believe what her body was doing. Her hips were moving against Justin's, arching up to meet him as he drove into her. There was a fire between her legs that she'd never experienced, and her skin was tingling. She tried to relax, give herself over to the feelings, but something down deep was still trying to tell her it was wrong. Wrong with anybody, she was only fourteen, but especially wrong with her brother.

Justin's hand went to her throat, forced her to look at him. "I'm gonna cum inside you, little sister!"

No, not that! He couldn't. She couldn't get pregnant, not with Justin, couldn't have a baby that would probably be a freak. He slid deeper into her than ever, his body jerked, stiffened, and Kayla felt something pumping out of him into her. She started to cry. Partly because she didn't want to be pregnant. But partly because Justin had finished just when she was starting to enjoy it.

It took a few seconds for what Pete had said to register. Once it did, Taylor wanted to jump up, run away, but she couldn't. She was too wasted, from the beer, the sex, the choking. She was still trying to catch her breath, wasn't sure she could even stand up yet. And she knew it wouldn't matter, there was no way she could get away from these guys.

"We oughta wait for him. He set it up, he should get a piece of the fun." That was Julius, his voice a low rumble.

"Yeah," Chris added, "besides, maybe he'll bring his sister down and we can do both of them together."

"Okay." Pete didn't sound too thrilled about waiting. "But I want to decide how to do this one. I've got a couple of ideas." He let out the laugh again. Taylor shuddered on the floor.

"Damn, sis, I'm still hard. That doesn't happen very often." Kayla felt Justin moving inside her again. He was still hard. And her body was still on fire, now really ready for this. The disappointment she'd felt when he'd finished gave way to excitement. Her hands went to his shoulders. Her legs wrapped around his hips, trapping him against her. She moaned as he pumped into her, her hips moving against his again.

"Yeah, I knew you wanted it." And she did. The fire spread from between her legs to the rest of her body. She gasped as Justin grabbed her breasts roughly, squeezed, twisted, pinched her nipples. Shocks ran from her nipples to her opening. She couldn't tell how long they were doing it, but it felt like a lot longer than the first time.

"Uh uh uh oooohhhh mmmm." As Kayla started to moan, to grunt, with every stroke, Justin increased his speed, ramming into her faster and faster. The faster he went, the harder the jolts shooting through her.

"Oh god yes!" Kayla was struck by lightning, her back arching off the bed, every nerve in her body screaming. Her nails dug into her brother's shoulders, her legs convulsed around his hips. She couldn't breathe, couldn't think. Her muscles spasmed, especially the ones holding her brother inside her. Sometime during it all, she felt Justin's stuff squirt out into her again. After what seemed like hours, her body stopped pulsing and she lay still, her brother still on top of her.

"What was that?" She was short of breath, having trouble talking.

"I made you cum. And I came inside you again." Justin had that nasty smirk on his face again, but for some reason this time Kayla didn't care. "We need to go downstairs now, so you can meet my buddies."

He climbed off her, grabbed her wrist and jerked her up off the bed. He started walking, pulling her behind him. Something in the back of her brain, the part that had been quiet for a while, was trying to tell her that this wasn't right.

Kayla almost screamed when they got to the head of the stairs and she could see what was going on. There were three guys down there, and that slut Taylor, all naked. One of the guys, a short, nasty-looking one, was holding Taylor by the hair with one hand, pressing the tip of a knife against her throat with the other. Kayla was starting to feel sick again.

Taylor was sobbing, gasping for breath. Pete was pulling up on her hair, stretching her out, and she could feel the point of the knife digging into the skin of her throat. She was scared shitless, felt like she was going to pass out, or maybe have a stroke. But her body was still on fire from the fucking, she could still almost feel the cocks in her pussy and ass and throat, and somehow the danger made it more exciting. Scared as she was, Taylor wanted more.

"Fuck you doin', dipshit?" Justin's voice carried the command he'd learned in the army. "I told you none of that shit at the house!" He hustled down the stairs, still dragging Kayla behind him.

Kayla's wrist hurt, it felt like Justin was trying to crush it in his hand. She struggled to keep up with him going down the stairs, afraid she was going to fall. She couldn't keep herself from looking at the men, Justin's friends. At their members, all hard and long. The one, the black guy, his was so big, a lot bigger than Justin's. She couldn't imagine it fitting inside her. But it must have fit inside Taylor, it was pretty obvious that little slut had been doing it with all three guys. She looked at Taylor, at the raw fear on her face, mixed with something else. And at her body. Kayla was suddenly aware that Taylor's body was a lot more developed than her own, her boobs were bigger, her hips wider, everything a little curvier. She was suddenly jealous.

Justin let go of Kayla's wrist just before he got to Pete, then slapped the knife out of his hand. The look on his face was deadly. Pete let go of Taylor's hair, stepped back, and Taylor slumped a little. Justin caught her, pulled her against him, looked back at Kayla. The jealousy flared through Kayla as she saw her brother holding Taylor.

"Besides, we can't let these two sluts have fun together if you kill one of them now." Hearing Justin's words, Taylor looked at Kayla, licked her lips. Kayla found the jealousy joined by something else as she took another long look at Taylor's body.

Cradling Taylor in one arm, Justin reached out with his other hand, took Kayla by the shoulder, and shoved her against the couch, causing her to sit down roughly. He growled into Taylor's ear.

"Eat her pussy, bitch. Lick my slut sister's cunt." Taylor didn't hesitate. The little fourteen-year-old had always wondered what another girl's pussy would taste like, but she'd never had a chance to find out. It was just a bonus that the first one she'd get to taste was that uptight bitch Kayla. She buried her face between Kayla's legs, spread the girl's lips with her fingers and plunged her tongue in. The sweet musky taste drove her wild, and she started lapping at Kayla's cunt like a dog with its water dish.

Kayla was stunned by the shocks that rippled through her when Taylor's tongue started working on her. She was no lezzie, why should she like this? But then, she thought she was a good girl until she felt her brother enter her She moaned, reach down to pull Taylor's face tighter against her pelvis.

Taylor wrapped her arms around Kayla's legs, started running her fingers over her belly and up to her tits. She was driving her tongue into the other girl's pussy now, her nose mashed against Kayla's clit. She watched as Justin climbed up on the couch, straddling Kayla with his legs, facing her. She could see Justin's cock start to disappear into his sister's mouth. Kayla's crotch jerked against Taylor's tongue.

At first Kayla wasn't sure what was happening when Justin crawled onto the couch with her. When his legs went on either side of her, and she saw his penis in front of her face she realized what he was going to do. God, he's going to put it in my mouth! Kayla looked up at Justin, saw that look on his face again, the one that told her she better not try to stop him. But she wasn't sure any more that she even wanted to. She opened her mouth, wide, felt the end of his thing slide in between her lips. It tasted strong, and she realized that part of what she was tasting might be herself. Both his hands went to her head, holding it steady, and she twitched and gagged as he shoved himself into her mouth. It seemed to happen in slow motion, slipping back against the roof of her mouth, all the way to her throat. When she gagged he stopped, pulled back, then shoved in even farther. Oh god, no, I'm going to choke to death!

Taylor felt someone move up behind her, hands pushing her legs apart, a cock head rubbing against her pussy lips. Then it was inside her, beginning to ram in and out, fast and hard. Hands were slapping her ass, clawing at it, nails digging into her lower back. It had to be Pete, the sadistic little bastard. She didn't care. She was getting fucked, that was all that mattered. A hand grabbed her hair, jerked her head away from Kayla's pussy.

"Suck me, bitch." It was Chris, the one who'd been in her ass earlier. Taylor gobbled up his cock, tasting something strong and bitter that she knew had to be her own ass. It just made her hornier, made her wonder what it would be like to lick a guy's ass, or a girl's. With Kayla's pussy unoccupied, she watched as Julius moved between the girl's legs, positioning his cock against her opening.

Kayla couldn't see anything, her vision was blocked by Justin's body, but when Taylor's mouth moved away from her and she heard one of the men ordering her to suck, it wasn't hard to figure out what had happened. Kayla's body wanted Taylor's mouth back, but she couldn't think too much about it, all she could think about was whether her brother was going to strangle her with his penis. Then there were hands on her legs, spreading them farther apart, forcing them up along her sides, against the backs of her brother's legs. Something was pushing against her hole, and this time she didn't have to wonder about what it was. Not her brother, though, one of his friends. Then something huge split her open and she knew that it was the gigantic black man. It was so much bigger than Justin's, she felt like it was going to rip her in half. As it opened her up she tried to scream, but all she managed to do was let her mouth gape open wider, and Justin slid even farther down her throat.

"Goddam, that is the tightest white cunt I've ever had!" The black man started pounding her like a jackhammer. His arms pinned her legs back and she couldn't move. He was so far inside her that she was afraid he was going to tear something. Then she felt Justin's body twitch and his stuff came pouring out down her throat. She gulped reflexively, swallowing without ever tasting it, wondering if it would make her sick. Justin pulled out of her mouth and moved away. Kayla looked down between her legs. It was even bigger than she thought. She couldn't believe how much it was stretching her out. Or how good it felt. When Justin was inside her she thought that maybe it was just because he was her brother, that she wouldn't want anyone else. But now she knew that Justin was right, she was as much of a slut as Taylor.

"You like gettin' fucked by that big black cock, don't you, slut?" She was still trying to catch her breath from having Justin shoot down her throat. She just nodded, looking up at him. He spread her legs farther, slammed into her harder, his hands gripping her hips to keep her from sliding up the couch. "Tell me, bitch! Tell me how much you like to be fucked!"

Kayla found her voice. "Yes, god, I love it. Fuck me! Fuck me with your black cock!" Once she had the words out, in language that she'd never used before, she leaned back against the couch gasping as her body responded to the pounding she was getting. She was thrusting her hips out at him now, taking him even deeper inside, learning that she could handle something that big. She glanced over at Taylor, with one guy in her mouth and another between her legs from behind. She looked the other way and saw Justin, still sitting on the couch, stroking his cock, trying to get it hard again. Then she just leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and let her body go crazy wrapping itself around the black guy's cock.

Taylor was cumming again, moaning and thrashing, pinching her own clit as Pete's cock rammed her, feeling Chris's cock plunging all the way back into her throat. Her mind had completely disengaged since Pete had held the knife to her throat, and she knew that she might die any minute. There was only her body now, taking in every sensation possible, since she might not get many more chances. Chris groaned and she felt his cum spurt down her throat. She gulped it down, then her pussy pulsed again as Chris emptied himself into it. She was trembling as the two pulled out of her. She looked over at Julius fucking Kayla. She wanted to do something, decided to take a chance.

"Dude, turn around with her. I want to lick the bitch's ass while you fuck her." Julius surprised Taylor by doing what she asked. He stood up, taking Kayla with him, his cock still buried in her. She looked like a rag doll against his huge body. He turned and sat down on the couch, Kayla now straddling him. He put his hands on her hips and started moving her up and down on his cock. Taylor moved behind Kayla, spread her ass cheeks, pressed her mouth against the tight little brown hole. She licked, then purred when she got a stronger version of the taste of her own shitter that she'd gotten from Chris's cock. Taylor shoved her tongue as far up Kayla's ass as it would go, began licking, sucking, tasting. She had to struggle to keep up with the rhythm of Julius and Kayla's fucking, but she managed.

Justin watched, stroking his cock idly. He wasn't sure how he'd feel when Julius shoved his cock up Kayla's cunt, but once he saw it, it did nothing but turn him on. It didn't matter that another man was fucking his little sister. He'd had her first, and he'd have her last. She was his, and lending her out to other men was one of the rights of ownership. Now, watching that little slut Taylor tonguing Kayla's ass was really making him hard. Taylor was one hot little piece. Too bad she wasn't going to be around much longer. No biggie, there were plenty more just like her.

Kayla was going wild. God, it felt even bigger when she was sitting on his lap like this. And having Taylor's mouth on her butt was yummy. When Taylor said she wanted to do it, Kayla was not only shocked, she was sure she'd hate it. But like everything else today, it turned out to be incredible. Kayla could feel her body reaching its peak again. She was going to cum, that was what Justin called it.

"Oh fuck! Oooohhhh yes!" Kayla's muscles spasmed around the black guy's cock. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned deep in her throat. Taylor's mouth moved away from her ass and she wanted to tell her to put it back, but then something else replaced it, long and thin, slipping up into her bowels, and she knew that Taylor was finger-fucking her ass. She seemed to cum forever, then with a huge grunt Julius pulled her down as tight against him as he could, his cock so deep in her she thought it might never come out, and she felt his stuff pouring out into her, hot and wet, much more than her brother had pumped into her. At the same time Taylor's finger dug deeper into her ass, twisted. Kayla twitched and shuddered, then slumped forward onto the black guy's massive chest. Taylor's finger slipped out of her ass, and the black man lifted her up, deposited her on the couch so that she was leaning against her brother.

Justin was completely hard now, but there was no time. He had other things to do. "All right, you guys need to hit the road now." There was general grumbling from the other three, but he wasn't having any. "I don't know when my parents will get back. You don't want them walking in on this, do you?" It was blatant lie, they wouldn't be back until late the next day. Didn't matter. He needed them out of the house. It took a bit, but eventually they got dressed and headed out, leaving Justin with the two girls.

Taylor just stretched out on the floor, spent. Between the sex and the fear, she had nothing left at that point. She'd been sure she was going to die, and had been both shocked and relieved when Justin had ordered his friends out of the house. She slipped into something between sleep and being passed out.

Justin pulled Kayla close to him. He whispered in her ear, "Know what we're going to do, sis? After Taylor sleeps a little, we're going to fuck her, both of us together. Then we're going to kill the little slut."

Kayla recoiled, tried to pull away, but Justin was too strong. He'd always been too strong. She looked at him in horror, unable to say anything.

"Come on, sis, you know we've got to do it. We can't let her tell anybody what we did. I don't have to worry about my buddies, we've all done worse together, they'll never talk. But do you really think we can trust Taylor not to blab?"

Kayla shook her head numbly. She knew he was right, Taylor was sure to say something eventually. And Kayla didn't even like her, never had. She was nothing but a dirty little slut.

"And I think you'll like it, sis. I do. And you're my sister, you're just like me, whether you want to admit it or not."

Kayla shuddered, but she was beginning to be afraid he was right. Maybe she was just like him. He'd been right about everything else. She loved fucking, even fucking her brother, especially fucking her brother. She must be as sick as he was.

They rested. They were as worn out as Taylor was. It was dark by the time she woke up. Justin suggested they all go up to his bedroom. Once they were there, Kayla was ready to take some initiative instead of just reacting to what other people were doing. She looked at Taylor.

"I want you to do my ass again. Like you did when the black guy was fucking me."

Taylor smiled. "Sure but what do I get."

"You get my cock, to start out with. Then we'll see what develops." Justin had that nasty grin on his face again. And his cock was hard.

They started with Kayla on her knees, body lying across the bed. Taylor was also on her knees behind her, face buried between Kayla's ass cheeks, while Justin shoved his cock up Taylor's pussy doggy style.

Kayla decided that maybe she was a lezzie after all, or that she liked it both ways. The feeling of Taylor's tongue licking her ass was incredible. And Taylor didn't stop there. She fingered Kayla's pussy, rubbed her fingers over her clit, pulled her mouth off her ass so she could stuff a finger in it. Kayla began to wonder what it would feel like to have a cock, Justin's cock, in that hole instead of the one where it was supposed to go.

Justin was fucking Taylor for all he was worth, slamming to her hard and deep. This was going to be the last fuck session she ever had, so he figured he might as well make it worth it for her. And she really was a good fuck. He actually wished he could think of some way to let her off, but it just wasn't going to happen.

Taylor came twice while Justin was ramming her from behind. The first one was a standard orgasm, but the second time she felt like she was exploding, one of those full body spasms that leaves you feeling wasted. She was sure the taste of Kayla's ass was part of what got her off so hard. She couldn't believe she'd never tried it before, it was so good.

Justin growled like a wild animal when his cum started spurting into Taylor's tight little cunt. Her muscles were gripping him as she thrashed. He watched her shove a finger up Kayla's ass again, listened to his sister moan. He was ready now, it was time. And Kayla had to do it, so she'd be part of it, tied to him. He pulled out of Taylor, stood, picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. Quick, he had to be quick now. The knife was in the drawer of the small table next to his bed. Get it out, hand it to Kayla. Good, Taylor wasn't watching, just laying there, eyes closed, resting again.

Kayla's eyes widened when she saw the knife, even more when her brother pressed it into her hand. She knew what he wanted her to do. And she knew that if she didn't, he would. And she had no doubt that when he was done he'd do the same to her. But it didn't matter any more. Because Kayla knew that Justin was right about her. She was his sister, and she was like him. He'd showed her how much she wanted to be a slut, and now she'd do anything for him. Even this. She looked down at Taylor, then up at her brother, licking her lips.

"I'll do it. But how do I make her die slow? I want to lick her, and then stab her and lick her some more while she dies. And you have to fuck me while I do it." Somehow she still couldn't believe she was saying these things, feeling these things. But most of all she was shocked that it all felt right to her, felt like she was finally free to be the person she was supposed to be. Justin smiled at her, that twisted smirk. She couldn't believe that it used to scare her. Now it was almost comforting.

"Stick it in her belly, not too far in. Let her bleed to death slow while you do her. See if you can make her cum before she dies."

Taylor squirmed, opened her eyes, when she felt her legs being spread. She watched Kayla lower her face between them. She didn't see the knife resting on the bed next to her.

"Mmmm, yeah, eat me bitch!" Then just soft moans as she felt Kayla's tongue lapping at her cunt, poking in, pulling back, flicking over her clit. The little slut learned fast. And she was letting her brother fuck her again, pounding her from behind. Shit, how much of whore did you have to be to fuck your own brother?

Kayla found out that she loved the taste of another girl's pussy. Shouldn't have been any surprise, she'd loved everything else that had happened today once she let herself go and stopped worrying about it. She even let her tongue wander down to Taylor's asshole and taste it the way Taylor had tasted hers. Yeah, that was good, too. And Justin's cock was really slamming into her, he was holding her hips to keep her steady while he fucked her.

Justin was almost ready for the finale, but there was one more thing he had to do. He pulled his cock out of his sister's cunt, pressed the tip against the tight ring of her anus. He didn't push in yet, though, just held it there.

"Now, Kayla, do it now."

Kayla had almost whimpered when Justin pulled out of her, but a thrill of excitement shot through her when she felt him pressing against her asshole. She knew what she had to do now. She lifted herself away from Taylor's crotch, grabbed the knife from the bed, and jammed it into Taylor's belly. She heard Taylor scream and felt Justin's cock plunge into her ass at the same time. It ripped her open and the pain that speared through her body was like nothing she'd ever felt, even when he'd raped her earlier. It was exquisite.

Taylor's body jerked with the pain of the blade sliding into her belly. She couldn't say anything beyond the initial scream because the pain took her breath. She watched blood ooze out of her as Kayla pulled the blade back out.

Kayla was stunned by the rush as she watched Taylor bleed. She reached down, ran her fingers over the gash, brought them to her mouth. She thought she was going to cum just from the taste of the blood on her tongue. She wasn't sure which was better, waiting for Taylor to die, or the way her brother's cock was ripping up her bowels.

"Finger fuck her. Stick as many fingers into her cunt as you can."

Kayla did what Justin told her to do. By now his dirty talk just made her hotter. She pushed a finger into Taylor, two, three. Finally she had all four of her fingers moving in and out of the little slut's pussy. Taylor was writhing on the bed. Kayla didn't know if it was the knife wound or her fingers doing it, and didn't care.

Taylor's felt like she was having convulsions. Her entire body was jerking, and it was being led by her cunt, wildly spasming around Kayla's fingers. She'd never felt anything so good as Kayla's hand stretched her open wider than she'd ever been before. The pain in her gut just made it more intense. She knew, in the back of her mind, that they were going to let her die. But it didn't make any difference.

"My ass! Fingers. In my. Ass." She could barely talk, weak from bleeding, and breathless from sexual pleasure. She felt Kayla reach under her with her other hand. Her ass stretched to take in a couple of Kayla's fingers, and her body convulsed again.

Kayla twisted her fingers inside Taylor, clawing at her, letting her fingernails scratch at the walls of the girl's pussy and ass. She wanted to draw blood from both holes, add it to what was pooling on Taylor's belly, tear the girl apart. She could feel Justin's fingers playing with her clit as he fucked her ass, knew she was going to cum soon. She reached deeper into Taylor, dug her fingers in, felt the slut's body thrash.

Taylor screamed as the most incredible orgasm of her young life ripped through her, shock after shock slamming out from her pussy to the rest of her body. She flailed on the bed, helpless to control her muscles. Finally her head jerked up off the bed and she looked into Kayla's eyes. Then her own eyes rolled back in her head as her body went limp.

"FUCK YES!!" It was a scream of joy and triumph as Kayla felt Taylor's body go slack, felt her own orgasm rippling through her, felt her brother's cum pumping into her bowels. She breathed in huge, heaving gasps, looked down at the dead girl on the bed. She slowly pulled her hands out of Taylor's pussy and ass, saw the blood coating her fingertips. She stood, turned to face her brother, brought her hands to her face. She smelled them, felt a shiver run through her, then licked her fingers, tasting Taylor one last time. Kayla fell to knees, took her brother's cock into her mouth and began sucking it while she reached with both hands between her legs and put her fingers into her own pussy and ass.

Justin groaned and smiled down at his little sister, knowing that she was his forever.

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