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Mystress Patience Assail

Many have asked about my history. Many are intrigued to know the secrets I keep behind my cold, dead, grey eyes. Though, when I uncover those hidden portals... when I begin to speak of them, most who have longed to know... usually back away with disgust, unable to speak. Then, they run, quickly, and as far away from me as they can get. Though I get much pleasure in watching the horror bubble up in their eyes, I take much precaution to keep my past, the life... and the unlife... I have lived just as hidden as the Kindred keep their masquerade. My own sire doesn’t even know much of my life before him.... and my unlife after him. The nature of which I have lived it... survived it. However, I suppose, one cannot deny one’s own nature. The way they were born to be. The way they were... breed... to be. My name was not "Patience" at the time. That is a stage name I have picked up through the years. Even I forget my last name. My “sir” name. I do know my first was Dominique.

Though, here you sit, asking me to reveal all of my secrets to yet another. You, to be exact. Are you sure? Are you sure you are willing to travel the deep, dark, and sometimes vile path known as my past? Even though some parts may disgust you? Turn your stomach? Make you not like me? Can you handle it?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was born into a wealthy family in the year 1705 in a land that is now called Germany. Well, It was more like I was bread into it. Both of my parents had been breed to be a perfect a human beings as possible. Physically and mentally that is. They were both part of a new, secret, underground society trying to raise Germany above all. This was a society where certain women were chosen to give birth to the next few perfect generations. Generations that would make Germany the strongest power in the world. Well, anyway, that was what they thought would happen anyway. My mother was one such woman.

My father was a soldier who could weald a sword like it were nothing more than a twig. No man stood in his way when he was on the battle field. He stood to a good 6 feet 5 inches. Crowds parted like the red sea when my father walked the streets. He was not the father of my brothers. They all had separate fathers. It was the society’s way of keeping the line pure.

My mother was a perfect lady. Trained in all the proper ways of society.... as well as all the proper ways in the bed. She stood 5 feet 11 inches. Her hair, blond, eyes blue, and a body that was the German perfection of woman. Breasts large, supple, and round, hips swollen from many childbirths. She had been doing so since she was 14 years old. People adored her for what she was. She was treated as if she were royalty because she was doing what she was breed to do. To give birth to more German perfect human beings. She was paid amounts beyond fathom for every son. Sons who would one day be well trained soldiers like their fathers.

Then, there was me. A daughter. Different from all because of my red hair, but stronger than them as well. Which made me the ideal woman. My mother was moved into a large house fit for a queen after she had me. This was because when a breeding woman gives birth to a girl, she has now made it possible for the next generation to also go on breeding. My father was given a hire place in the army for siring a perfect breeder.

And so, my mother’s destiny, was now my own. I was raised knowing full well, what I was brought onto this planet for and was honed with the knowledge of intriguing men, alluring them.... the proper bedroom etiquette, as well as being taught the ways of society. I was taught to be a lady in public, yet know how to make every man happy that would come to my bed. All of this I learned before I even saw a naked man. I was to be put up for breeding after my first period. I both anticipated that day, and I dreaded it with every nerve in my body. Though I had been trained and studied to be the perfect mate, I had no knowledge of what it would really entail.

In secret, my father also taught me things. He taught me how to fight. Defend myself. How to weald a sword. Crack a whip. Ride a horse. He taught me things my mother would have had a fit if she’d known. These were things a breeding woman... girl... was to never know. The society did not like a breeder to be able to push her mates away. My father taught me a few other things that even he was not aware of. I would notice his hands lingering a little longer on certain parts of my body than a father’s hands should. I learned that if I moved just the right way so that he had a better feel, he treated me better. So I did. And often. Many times, I would sit beside him at dinners or stand close to him in the field. Allowing his hands to be anywhere they wished to be. He never did more than touch me... then. However, my willingness pleased him... greatly.

Exactly on my 12th birthday, I "became a woman". And a week after, my parents were so proud that their daughter had become ready at such a young age, They held a huge, lavish party held in honor of it. My father had invited all of his best soldiers. And there were a lot of them. My mother invited the wealthy men from society. There were few women invited. My mother explained that women were not needed for this sort of party as she took me ‘‘round to meet all of the men one by one. Some were old, others big, others still were very young, yet all were known to be "perfection". The men would look me up and down, with eyes full of pure animalistic lust. The sheer silk my mother had made me wear showed my breasts had barely begun to mature, I hadn’t any hips yet, a small mound of red fur had just begun to grow on my young pussy. I looked young, healthy, supple, and ripe. As they met me, the would quote a number. My mother would either take money from them or laugh at, what I learned to be, their offer.

This, I realized, was the men bartering for the right to sire my first child. I had no choice to whom it may be. The highest bidder was the one who got to me first. The party had simply been a way for my parents to show case me to the healthiest, richest, and strongest men in the society. So that my destiny would be fulfilled.

That night, after the party, my mother took me to a huge room filled will cushions and pillows. All vibrantly colored. There was a large bed in the center. Fruits and wine on tables around it. She had me get undressed and stay that way. She told me that my first mate would be in soon and I must prepare myself and remember all that she had taught me. She took me to the bed and when I crawled onto it, she left me alone, leaving the room.

I laid on the bed and leaned on a cushion. The silk was cold on my skin and I could feel its chill on my young pussy lips. I squirmed my hips a little, liking the feel of the silk below me. I reached down and played with the soft fur and waited for the man who would fill my young girl womb with fire and life.

The door at the other end of the room opened again and I turned to greet my night’s lover, and saw my father standing there. I covered myself up with a coverlet thinking he should not see me like this. "Yes Father?" I asked innocently. Oh how innocent I was. He smiled as to laugh at me. Then he began removing his clothes. I looked at him in shock. He came at me, ripped the coverlet off of me, and the next thing I knew, he was on top of me. I screamed and in an instant his hand was over my mouth.

My eyes were wide as I stared into his icy blue eyes. My father was handsome. Fierce and cold. He didn’t say a word. Just stared into my eyes like a tiger. I was frozen with fear and shame. He had no kindness in his eyes. My father was not behind the eyes staring into mine. This man who raised me, taught me to fight, showed me love, caressed my young nipples and pussy to orgasm many times before... this man was now on top of me looking at me with lust and ownership. With the hand not covering my mouth, he pried my virgin legs open and settled between them. He guided his huge dick between my pussy lips and slowly pushed in and out making me wet. I began to cry. I knew I was supposed to so this. I knew this was what I was born to do... but did it have to be my own father? He took his hand away from my mouth, never said a word, grabbed my hands and pinned them under his, bracing himself. There I was, spread wide. My arms being held open by his huge hands. My legs forced open by his thick hips. And my pussy lips being torn open by his huge dick. I closed my eyes and began to beg him to stop. This only made his cock larger. I looked him in the eyes. The eyes full of primal hunger.

I screamed as his hips rammed his cock deep into me ripping my pussy open. Pain ran through every nerve of my young body. A look of pure ecstasy went into his face and eyes as my scream escaped my lips. “That’s what Daddy likes to hear”. He said in a husky tone just before he thrust again. More pain. Tears poured out of my eyes and I cried and moaned. I begged him to stop and told him he hurt me. He thrust and thrust. Grunts came from his throat like a roaring lion. He kept thrusting slowly until my pussy was wet enough for him to move faster. Still holding my arms at my side, my father moved his gaze to my body. Watched my small breasts sway as he pumped me faster and faster. His eyes were glazed over like he was drunk or high or something. This was impossible because he would be thrown out of the society if he were. It was my little body making him high. My tight pussy. Watching him get so engulfed in my body made me both fear him and excited too. I felt my pussy get wetter and shame came over me. He looked up at me when he noticed my getting wetter. “Daddy’s little slut likes it!” He sounded so enraptured. I didn’t like it. I shouted it to him. I tried to buck him off me, but it only made his dick go deeper. I screamed. “Yes! Scream like a bitch little girl. Make Daddy cum.” He fucked me harder. One of his hands came to my face, covered it and held my head down. My back arched as his pounding and fucking. His head went back and a massive roar escaped his opened mouth, I felt him pump loads of cum into my small pussy. I felt is leaking out and down my ass crack. He collapsed on top of me, pinning me under his large body. His other hand still clasping my wrist, the fingers of the one on my face slipping into my mouth, and his softening dick still in my sore pussy. I moaned in pain and as the moan reached my father’s ears, it quickened his dick to life again.

He raised up again and I lay there in shock as my own father continued to rape me yet again. After he’d spilt himself into me, he held tight onto me, then raped me again. He did this several times until he finally pulled himself off of me. I remained silent and in shock as he got dressed and walked out of the room saying, "I payed the highest. It was my right to be your first."

I laid in the bed sobbing at the betrayal of both my father’s rape and my mother’s selling me to him. I thought even she... even the society had the decency to not sell to the girl’s own father. Yes, as it was, here it had been done.

As I lay crying, the door opened again. I jumped up, fearing that my father had come back... but it was not him, it was another man. He too began to remove his clothes. Stunned, I asked what he was doing. He also laughed at me.

"I am to be your mate for the night." He said lustfully.

I began with the "but... but”s, but he was on top of me before I could get a sentence out. When he had finished and left, another took his place. A total of ten men had come to my bed that night.

The next day, I ran to my mother crying. She. Along with the men, laughed at me. "You never mate a mare with only one stallion and hope it takes the first time, dear." Was her response. "We need you to bare children. And in case one mate can’t ‘‘perform’’, we give you several more. ‘‘Tis the way of our destiny." She looked at my tear swollen eyes. "You might as well learn to like it." She smiled at the few men in the other corridor who were waiting to be between her own legs. "I have learned to love it." She hadn’t sold me to the top bidder, she had sold me to the finest men in the society. All of whom were to have their turn. For several nights after that, men visited me. I never knew their names. Were not important. All that was important was that I get pregnant. This way, they could claim the society as the sire to my children.

------ To Be Continued -----


2018-05-21 08:54:15
"Mystress Patience Assail (Part One" - Twelve Year Old Nubile Virgin, Dominique (aka 'Patience') and Unnamed Father.

It's 1705 AD, Germany, and preteen girls are expected to breed upon their first menses (period). The mother takes offers of bids from numbers of men that wish to have highest enough for the privilege of being first.

When 'Patience' has her first period, she is laid out on her large bed adorned with large pillows and cushions, silk bedding, and fruits and wine for the male visitors.

Her father is her first suitor, male caller due to his highest bid/offer. He is not gentle with her, as he takes her virginity, but for some reason she does not willing accept him as a suitor, but as someone she immensely dislikes as he forces himself to rape her twice. Before the night is over, as many as ten (10) other males manage to "make her a woman".

The story IS strange, weird and violent, but it is three hundred (300) plus years ago!!


2013-05-21 21:14:41
This story is quite yummy

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2011-12-21 00:24:57
what a hell out of story


2008-02-15 15:26:34
no need for people to become offensive about a story she didnt eat you cat or decapitate your tulips.


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G A R B A G E !!!

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