Part 1 Eric (16) Asha (16) Lamar (17) -Ages
Eric and Asha always stayed up on the phone for hours at night talking. Eric secretly wanted to fuck her but it was one problem... Asha belonged to Lamar, Eric's bestfriend, Eric didnt care at some points because he felt Lamar wasn't treating her right which he knew. One night Asha and Eric's late night phone calls got more complexed then usual. "Lets play a game" Asha said to Eric "haha sure you go first." "Ok ummmm are you a virgin still?" Asha would ask "No i'm not are you?" "Yes i am" Asha said. Instantly Eric got hard just by thinking about how good her pussy would feel and tight it would be and how good it would be to pop her cherry. "Thats cool when do you wanna lose your virginity?" Eric didnt realize what he said he then realized how goofy that question sounded and how bold it sounded. *Asha laughs* "I dont know whenever it happens i guess." Eric then changed the subject to the upcomming party he was going to and the two began to discuss that unil about 3 a.m. When the two fell asleep on the phone. The next day the two didnt talk all day and then a text came to Eric's phone around 6 p.m. Eric was excited to see a text from Asha on his phone. The text read "Can you come over Lamar is over here and we are going to go the party." Eric would respond with an okay and then begans to make his way over. When Eric got to Asha's house he them knocked on the door and Asha opened the door. She stood there looking then and sexy wearing booty shorts and a T shirt that hugged her upper body so tight til if she moved wrong the shirt would pop. Eric couldnt stop his eyes from roaming her body but he didnt wanther to notice he was looking so he stopped and walked in. "Where's Lamar?" Eric said. "Oh he had to go back home for his wallet, he is on his way back." "Oh cool umm do u wanna change that tight ass shirt?" Eric said as he laughed. "Why whats wrong with it?" "It's really tight Asha" Eric said "Okay fine" Asha then goes into her room and comes back out with her shirt off and just a bra and Eric went crazy his dick instantly hard. Asha was so beautiful and her bra was having trouble holding those double D titties. "maybe i should go like this." Asha joked. She then looked down and saw how hard and long Erics dick had gotten and began to laugh. "Ewww your dick is all hard hahaha" exclaimed Asha "And throbbing for being in these jeans haha" at the moment the two joked about it but they knew what they wanted to hAppen. "why dont you take it out the jeans then?" said asha."why dont u take it out for me?" said Eric. Asha laughed. I can do that. Then asha got on her knees and then unbuckled erics belt and pulled out eric's 8 inch dick and without a word began to suck erics dick. She did it better then Eric imagined she sucked and licked all over his dick as if it was a popsicle. "Aw shit baby" Eric said in satisfaction. The feeling eric got when Asha sucked his dick was like a feeling he never felt before. Eric then pulled down one of Asha's bra straps exposing one of her titties. It was the biggest he had ever seen he then pulled down the other one then Asha's titties were then exposed big and giggly. This turned eric on more he then couldn't help himself he grabbed Asha and leaned her against a wall and began to fuck her face. Jamming his big dick down her throat ramming it so hard til Asha's head hit the wall. "Aw shit Asha suck this dick!" he began to ram so hard til all you heard was BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM as Asha's head hit the wall. Eric was so horny he lost complete control of himself he grabbed Asha bent her over Her mothers office desk and pulled down her booty shorts and pulled her thong down and began to ram his dick into her fucking her from behind and pulling her hair from behind. "OH MY GOD ERIC DONT STOP OHH FUCK FUCK ME BABY DONT STOP OHHH SHIT FUCK!!" hearing Asha say that only turned eric on more. "OH SHIT ASHA UR ASS IS SO FAT!!!" asha then started to back her ass up on Erics dick making for a loud slapping noise as eric's balls smacked against her ass. He fucked her so hard. He then began to switch positions laying on the floot he got in between her legs and jammed his dick so deep instantlly knocked down her walls. "OHHHHHHHH SHIT ERIC!!!!!!!!" "Asha screamed with uncotrolably. "are you okay baby?" eric asked. "Yes just keep going" Eric then continued to fuck her he was so horny and excited he couldnt't believe he was fucking Asha and he couldnt believe how good her tight pussy felt and he had completely fogotten about Lamar, his bestfriend, but at the moment he didnt care he continued to ramm his dick into Asha. "OHHH BABY IMMA GONNA CUM OHHHH SHIT DON'T STOP BABY OHHH OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Asha came all over Eric's dick Eric jus kept right along fucking Asha's virgin pussy he was biting on her neck and fucking her so hard ramming his dick nice and deep. The two were grabbing all on each other and sweating from the sex. "ASHA UR PUSSY IS SOO GOOD AWWW FUCK!" Eric was going crazy fucking asha and the two were so into it until they didn't notice Lamar walking in....


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2012-05-01 00:58:09
Noone fucks a virgin like that...let alone a friend unless they are a complete asshole.
just stop...leave literature alone for christ sakes. i was hard till i read "awe shit"....fucking terrible...

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2012-04-28 01:30:29
No. this is awful. It's short, had terrible misspellings and grammar and no spacing. Don't encourage this kind of writing.

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2012-04-27 14:21:59
needs some paragraphs. good start tho.

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