There might be a few more parts than six, i might cut them down, and this pick up from the conversation about sams brothers. Enjoy
"Just checking. Do you mind if we sit out a few songs? I am bushed."

"Not at all. I was beginning to think you would never get tired."

"What did you mean when you said your brothers taught you how to kiss?"

"Just what it sounded like. Ask me again when you know me better and I might tell you."

"Sounds intriguing," I pulled her closer and we kissed, tenderly at first but soon with increasing passion. Her lips opened and her tongue met mine, probing and dashing, until we both had to come up for air.

"Whew! You kiss even better than you dance! What else are you good at?" She asked, almost panting.

"Stick with me and I'll show you." I pulled her back to me. My lips sucked softly on her earlobe while my fingers were gently massaging up and down the outside of her thigh. My lips brushed hers and she whimpered longingly.

I opened the top two buttons of her shirt, slid my other hand inside and under her bra to fondle her firm tits. Her head sagged against my shoulder when I found a nipple and began to roll it between my thumb and forefinger. She squirmed on the seat of the booth. My mouth smothered hers and she moaned as my tongue parted her lips.

"I'll be right back," she said suddenly, breaking out of my embrace and headed towards the ladies room.

I sat there in disbelief. As I watched her rapidly move away I wondered if Tom had been right about her.

When she came back a few minutes later instead of sitting back down she grabbed my hand.

"Come dance with me again," she said tugging me towards the dance floor.

The band was playing a slow song so I let her lead the way. When we reached the dance floor she clasped her arms around my waist and laid her head on my chest.

I put my arms around her and we swayed in time to the music. I caressed my hands up and down her back and was surprised to find the strap of her bra missing. Evidentially she had removed it while she was in the powder room. I could feel her taut breasts jabbing into my chest through the thin satin of our shirts and dropped a hand to cup her delectable ass. She moaned softly and tried to snuggle closer.

Feeling her push her sexy body against me caused my cock to begin to erect itself. A few moments later she tilted her head back to look at me in amazement, as if she could not believe the size of the organ pressing against her soft belly. She smiled and laid her head back on my chest pressing herself even harder against my now fully erect tool.

When the song was over I started to take us back to our table but she had other ideas. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door stopping only long enough to retrieve her Stetson from the hat check girl.

Once we had reached my truck I stopped and refused to go any further.

"Whoa there little lady. What's the hurry?" I asked, pulling her back into my arms.

"I want to get us somewhere more private so I can find out if that monster in your pants is real or not!" she explained.

"You had better not be teasing me."

"What ever gave you that idea?"

"Something a little birdie told me about you."

"It must have been your `friend' Tommy," she said venomously.

"Yeah. How did you know that?"

"Well, he and I went out a few months ago and after we had been petting a bit and I got a feel of what he has between his legs. If I tell you he has four inches there I would be stretching the truth a lot. When he tried to get his hand in my panties I told him to go to Hell. If I wanted to make it with a little boy I would seduce a six year old.

Needless to say he was plenty pissed off. He swore he would get even with me and he almost did. If he had talked you out of going out with me and I found out later that you were hung like a bull moose I would have wanted to die. It's not every day a girl gets to experience the kind of cock you seem to have. Now will you come back to my apartment with me? Please?"

With that final remark she put her hand on my now half-hard cock and licked her lips lustfully, causing it to lurch back to life.

"Ok. Ok. Let's go. You convinced me." I hurriedly opened the door of the truck, lifted her in and scrambled in after her. I must have burned off five thousand miles worth of rubber leaving the club.

After I had us safely on the freeway headed back to her apartment she snuggled up real close, boldly caressing my throbbing love muscle.

My right arm was around her waist, I opened the snaps of her shirt and slid my hand inside until I was cupping her petite breast. Teasingly I pinched her nipple until it was as hard as a rock. She moaned into my neck and started to open my jeans with her trembling fingers. With the belt out of the way and my fly open, she reached into my shorts to fondle my tool. She hauled it out into the warm night air.

"My God, it wasn't my imagination! You've got a real nice tool there," she gasped in admiration as she stroked up and down my eight inches of hardness.

She bent down to kiss it lovingly, then opened her lips and her hot tongue began to rake over my cock-head. She took the entire knob into the softness of her lips, sliding the throbbing bulb to the roof of her mouth and along her tongue. Back it went, back even further until I felt the tip of my cock touch the velvet cup of her throat.

My hands clutched the steering wheel and my hips lifted in erotic response. I had never before experienced such a wild, wet thrill as the feeling of Samantha's mouth building up suction on my prick. The stroking of her mobile and talented tongue was driving me wild.

Luckily, I was nearing her apartment and was able to maintain control of the vehicle until I could safely park the truck. My head was spinning, my chest rising and falling as I labored to catch my breath, I realized that this beautiful girl was eating my cock like no one had ever eaten it before. She was chewing tenderly upon my shaft and licking the head teasingly. My heart pounded and my hands groped for the rich cascade of her golden hair. Her inner cheeks dipping in and out as Samantha started bobbing her head up and down.

Samantha moaned around my surging cock-head, her fingers stirring my balls. The pressure was building in my nuts and I held her hair in both hands as I thrust up into the adoring suction of her mouth.

"Oh!!!! You're eating me alive! Ah. . . I'm going to come in your mouth. . . here it comes. . . get ready. . .!"

She groaned some kind of answer as I shuddered and forced my cock-head against the back of her silken throat. The glans swelled even bigger and flexed as a thick stream of hot come shot into her mouth. Avidly, she pulled upon it, gulping and swallowing as rich juice hosed her throat. Her cheeks filling with my hot cream as I pumped my cock into her siphoning mouth.

"Oh! You beautiful bitch, you adorable cock-sucker. . . You're sucking me dry! Swallow it all. Ah. . ."

She continued to gobble my meat, even as I slumped back against the seat of the truck and let go of her hair. I was weak all over, and still she licked at my knob, still caressed my balls.

Finally I pulled her head away from my still hard cock. She raised up, her gorgeous blonde hair thoroughly mussed. Her satin shirt had been pulled free of her jeans and was hanging completely open, exposing her delectable breasts to my hungry eyes. Licking the come from her lips, she swallowed and looked at me with a smoldering, lustful gaze.

"Let's go inside," I said huskily as I struggled to close my jeans around my throbbing cock.

"I don't think you are going to live to see the dawn." she replied, her voice thick with lust. "I'm going to fuck you within an inch of your life and then fuck you some more."

"Sounds exciting but why are we talking and not doing?" I asked as I hastily got out of the truck.

She quickly followed, grabbed my hand and quickly led me into her apartment.
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