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Hey, this is my first story on here. I have been a huge fan of many and finally decided to write my own. Enjoy
John pulled into the driveway at 9 P.M. unlike his usual 3 on a Friday afternoon. He had to work late on a project his company had taken over earlier that year. During these late nights Natasha knew that he just wanted to come home and relax. John half asleep slide out of his truck made his way to the front door. “Hey babe how was work?” Natasha said with her usual kiss on the cheek and a flirty pat on the ass as John entered. “Good hun, this new project is going to be the death of me. Sorry I’m so late…again.” Sighed John pulling his shirt off, making his way to the living room. Natasha right behind him playfully grabbing his ass. “Hun I’m tired…” John said as he flopped on the couch. Natasha straddling him with a pouty puppy dog face “ I just was playing around” As she bent over and started to kiss him neck making cute little whimpers. Johns hands found her back and slowly slid down to her ass. She continued to kiss his neck and after a few moments she started to grind her hips against his. “Someone missed me” John said in his deep voice. Natasha sat up straight looking at him in a mischievous way and said “I missed this” Reaching between her legs to find his growing cock. “You look so good right now babe” John said. Natasha stayed at home while John was working. They could afford it. John was recently given a hefty pay raise and promoted to facilities manager over seven warehouses. She regularly worked out and kept fit. She is 5’6” and weighs 120 pounds. On that little frame she had the most perfect set of 34 C boobs and nipples to die for. She tanned just the right amount too. He stomach is flat and in John’s eyes her prized piece was her ass. He thinks about it all day long. Firm, tight and round. John told Natasha he needed to shower and Natasha told him to meet her in the bedroom after he was done. John while in the shower could not stop thinking about her. As he soaped his body he would grab his dick and stroke it back and forth. He didn’t want to get too excited though because he knew what was to come…so he thought. John got out of the shower with just a towel on and made his way to the bedroom. What he saw when he entered almost made him cum standing in the door way. Natasha had the lights dimmed and candles lit. She had all the blankets off the bed and was lying face down naked. She had her legs spread just enough that John could make out her pussy and tight little asshole. Natasha was looking over her shoulder and said “That didn’t take long” Looking over at Johns now rock hard dick. He dropped the towel where he stood and jumped on the bed lying on top of her, his dick sliding between her ass cheeks and his balls fitting tight against her asshole. John slid his cock up and down her ass while kissing her neck. He slid one hand under her and grabbed one of her perfect tits. The other slid under her hip and found her clit. He continued to kiss and squeeze and slid his cock up and down between her ass. Natasha soon said “This nights for you babe” and slid out from underneath him and wrestled him on to his stomach. “Relax hun, I want to give you a massage” John lying there crossed is arms under his head and take in a deep breath, and then out. He felt something cool on the small of his back and flinched. It was massage oil she picked up earlier that day. Natasha sitting between his legs slowly started to work the oil into his back. She soon couldn’t reach his shoulders and straddled one of his legs. He could feel one of her legs press up against is cock and then against his ass. She began to rub his shoulders and back down to the small of his back. Every once in a while playfully touching the top of his ass. John would lift his head in disagreement and she would smile and look away like nothing happened. She worked his shoulders, back, arms and now she moved down to his muscular legs. She now sat to the side of one of his legs. Needing more oil she poured it right in the middle of Johns ass knowing it would get a rise out of him. Again she just looked away like nothing happened. John noticed her tits had oil all over them. While she was giving him the massage she would stop for a few seconds and play with her tits. This made Johns cock even more hard. He loved watching Natasha play with herself. She began rubbing the oil down his left leg. She started at the top right below his ass and worked her way down to his ankles. When she would go back up she would bush her hand against his cock and balls. This would give John and tickling feeling in his stomach that damn near made him cum. She knew she was making him feel good and it drove her crazy. He shaved pussy was already soaked. She continued back down and then up this time letting one of her hands slide between Johns ass. While she passed his ass she put a little pressure on his hole. Natasha had always wanted to play with Johns ass. She had never done it before and John never seemed to up for it. This time she was going to get her way. John turned to her but before he could say anything she lend over and whispered “Just relax babe” into his her letting her tongue reach his ear lobe. John again took a big breath in and then out. Natasha still having her hand on his ass, slide it back down to his ankle. She repositioned herself between his legs again and spread his legs even further. She was the horniest she had ever been. In her mind there was just something about taking over her man like this that made her pussy drip. She placed each hand on each of his thighs and began to work her way up to his ass. She moved them to the inside of his thighs and found his dick. She gently grabbed the head of his rod and began to squeeze. She then grabbed both balls in the other hand and held them tightly. By this time John could smell her sweet pussy and all the time he could hear her make low moaning sounds. He then felt her let go of his balls and then she placed two fingers on his lips. He could tell what she did. She took her fingers and plunged them deep into her pussy. John licked them dry and she placed them back on his balls. She worked his dick for a bit then let go. She moved to his ass. She started with his ass cheeks. Massaging them. She slowly moved in to his crack and then eventually to his hole. She started slowly by just rubbing gently with one hand, the other was working on her soaking wet pussy. Even if that is as far as he wanted to go she was fine with it. She had her first orgasm of the night while she had her hand underneath his cock and her thumb on his ass. Now she wanted him to work on her. John sat up and laid Natasha on her back. Johns rock hard dick teased her pussy while he kissed her neck. John slowly made his way to her nipples where is licked and sucked. Natasha pulled one of his hands to her mouth and began sucking on his fingers, throwing in a playful bit here and there. John soon kissed his way down to her bellybutton. He traced his tongue around is and licked down to the top of her pussy. He teased her again by kissing and licking everywhere but her clit. Wanting to feel his tongue Natasha pushed his head down and wrapped her legs around his head. This always drove John crazy. He sucked in her clit and flicked his tongue in a figure eight motion. He loved eating her out. John moved down to her hole where he stuck his tongue as far in as he could. He loved the taste of her shaved pussy. He licked from her clit to her hole. Wanted to return the favor of ass play he let his tongue roam further than normal. He let his tongue reach her clit but while coming down her let it reach her little tight asshole. She jumped slightly at the feeling. Her body language felt a new feeling and her mind almost went off the handle. Her pussy tingled and her asshole flexed at the new sensation. She wanted him to lick her little bud again for the first time. He knew it found something new she liked so he made his way back up to her clit and again let his tongue slide against her ass. She jumped slightly again. Her legs tightened around his head and he moved a little faster. Soon he had his tongue all over her ass. He loved it and she did too, grinding her ass up and down. John knew she was going to cum and cum hard. He reached up with one hand and grabbed her nipple. The other hand slide under her ass and he continued to lick. When he started to rub her nipples and lick harder and faster he felt her legs close around him. He heard her take a deep breath in, that was followed by a slight body tremble. She had came again tonight. John instantly made his way up to her pussy. She tasted amazing. John sat up and grabbed his cock in his hand and put it in line with her soaked pussy. He entered slow, just the tip first. He let Natasha work her hips toward him to let his dick fill her up. Once he was in all the way he worked his cock in and out. He loved the sound of his big balls slapping against her ass. He went harder and faster while sucking on her nipples. Back and forth he went until he felt his ball tighten up. He knew he wasn’t going to last long. John slowed down and bit, enough to feel his balls press up on her little asshole. Natasha wanted his cum inside her. She loved the feeling of his dick swell when he shot inside her pussy. John seeing she wanted it picked up the pace. Natasha was right on the edge when Johns dick twitched for the first time. When she felt the first shot of thick cum it sent her over the edge. John pushed deep inside of her and unloaded his cum. He felt her pussy grab his dick and suck him for every last drop. John collapsed on her after he was finished. His cock still trying to pump. Natasha squeezed her pussy around his cock tight. He flexed his cock. John pulled out slowly and cum dripped out of her pussy down to her asshole. She took one of her hands and rubbed the cum on her little bud and on her clit. With the other hand she pulled Johns head close to hers and said “Next time you’ll let me go even further” while she took her free hand and planted it on Johns ass….


2012-04-28 16:06:26
Potentially very good story spoiled by being a solid block of text. Paragraphs, paragraphs, paragraphs. . . .like a fine meal - break the story down to tasty bites that can be savoured. 4/10

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