This is a long story, so make sure you have plenty of time

Part 1

George was feeling nervous. He was 55 years old and set in his ways. He'd lived alone for 12 years, since his wife had been killed in an auto accident. He was used to the absolute freedom that living alone and not having to answer to anyone. And that was about to come to an end.

George's daughter Jeannie had finally gotten rid of her useless husband, Jack, leaving Jeannie on her own with George's 13-year-old granddaughter, Kylie. Jeannie couldn't afford to stay in the apartment she and Jack had rented on just her salary, so George had offered to let Jeannie and Kylie stay with him, rent-free, until Jeannie got back on her feet and was able to find a smaller place. George's house wasn't huge by any means, but it was certainly big enough to be comfortable for the three of them. The move was happening this weekend, and on Saturday George treated himself to a large breakfast at the local diner to get ready. At his age, a day of moving furniture would take plenty of fuel.

George had rented a small truck for the move, and recruited his friend Bill to help. There were just enough big pieces of furniture that trying to do it any other way wouldn't have worked. They pulled up at Jeannie's apartment about 9:00 in the morning to get things started.

Jeannie was 34, about 5'4", fairly medium in size all around, dark hair and brown eyes.. She had nice sized breasts and flaring hips. Kylie was a typical 13-year-old, about five feet tall, skinny, without much in the way of curves. Her hair was naturally the same color as Jeannie's, but now it was more of an auburn color with lighter streaks. George noticed all of this as the day went along without paying too much attention to it. It registered mainly because it had been several months since he'd spent this much time with his family.

The move went quickly and smoothly. George and Bill took care of the larger items, the females handled the clothes, kitchen things, and some smaller furniture. A few things that weren't needed wound up in the garage, to be sold later. Once everything was pretty well organized, it was time for the standard ritual that caps off all moving days - pizza and beer. There was plenty of both. Jeannie even let Kylie have a beer, since she'd been such a big help with the move. Kylie managed to work it so that she actually got two, which left her feeling a little crispy by the time everybody finished dinner. Bill had hung around to have pizza, but then had to head home to his wife, so by about 8:00 that night, it was just the three family members.

Kylie said, "I'm going to go call Britney," and headed for her bedroom, leaving her mother and grandfather in the living room.

"I'm still a little worried about her, Dad," said Jeannie. "I know she seems to be taking everything OK now, but what's going to happen when school starts and she has to make all new friends because she's in a different district?" The move had been timed partly so that it would fall during Kylie's Summer vacation and not disrupt a school year.

"Oh, she'll be fine, Jean. We moved to a completely different city when I was in high school, and I managed to survive. And I wasn't anywhere near as well-adjusted as a kid as Kylie is. Besides, these days with their cell phones and Facebook and all that crap, she can still keep in touch with all her old friends if she wants to."

"Well, I suppose. I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

"That's right. And right now I'm just going to relax and have another beer instead of worrying about it."

Kylie curled up on her bed in her new bedroom and called Britney. Brit was her BFF and had texted her that she needed to talk about Derek. Derek was the hot guy at their school, he'd just finished 8th grade, a year ahead of Kylie and Britney.

"Hey, Ky, how's everything? Move go OK?"

"Yeah, we're all settled in. Mom let me have a beer with dinner, and I snuck another one, so I'm a little buzzed. What happened with Derek."

"I ran into him at the mall, and he totally kissed me!"

"No way! Tongue?"

"Yes! And that's not all. He like felt me up, and he let me touch his dick!"

"He did not! You are totally a liar!"

"He did too! Here's what happened..."

As Britney began her story, Kylie felt an unfamiliar heat rising through her body.

George finished another beer and said to Jeannie, "Well, I think I'm going to call it a day. Between the heavy lifting and the beer, I'm about worn out. See you in the morning."

"Goodnight, Dad." Most of Jeannie's attention was on the TV show she was watching.

Once in his bedroom, with the door locked, George started getting undressed, but made no move to go to bed. Instead, wearing only his boxers, he plopped down in a chair in front of his computer, and started browsing his collection of porn videos. (Moving the computer into the bedroom was one of the changes that had to be made with Jeannie and Kylie moving in. He couldn't be doing stuff like this in the living room any more.) George didn't check out porn a lot, not as much as some other guys he knew, but he was certainly no stranger to it. And tonight he needed something.

Maybe it was all the exercise of moving furniture around. He was no couch potato, but wasn't a world-class athlete, either. Maybe it was the beer. Maybe (although he didn't want to think about it) it was having two good-looking women (or one woman, one girl) in the house after so many years alone. Maybe it was just a good time for him. Whatever the reason, George was hornier than he had been in months, at least, and needed to do something about it.

George preferred "amateur" videos. He knew the people weren't really amateurs, but at least they weren't the dead-eyed pros just going through the motions for a paycheck. He found one with a woman in her mid-twenties who resembled a younger version of Jeannie, and got it ready to start. He pulled off his boxers, put on this headphones (didn't want anybody else hearing the video) and hit Play.

Jeannie headed for her room not long after her father had turned in for the night. She was feeling nervous, and wasn't quite sure why. She had the same bedroom she'd had before she had moved out of the house, although everything in it was different. Still, there were lots of memories here, including losing her virginity to a neighbor kid at the age of 15. Now why did she think of that all of a sudden? It had been pretty much a disaster anyway. The boy was only 16 and a virgin, too, and neither one of them had really had any idea of how things were supposed to work. Jeannie had learned quickly after that first time. She didn't know about the boy... what was his name, David maybe? He'd been so embarrassed by the way things had gone that he'd barely ever talked to her again.

Jeannie suddenly realized that while she'd been thinking about her first time, she'd been undressing. Now she had nothing left on but her bra and panties. She checked herself out in the full-length mirror on the closet door. Surprised Dad hadn't taken it down. Probably never even thought about it. Jeannie had demanded it when she was about 12, so she could see how she looked.

Now, she didn't look too bad, if she did say so herself. Her hair was dark brown, medium length, framing a face that was slightly round, pretty, with an upturned nose and full mouth, small cleft in her chin. She no longer had the skinny girl's body of the days when David (yes, that was his name) had first stuck his cock into her. There was a slight swell to her lower belly that hadn't been there in years past, but she thought it looked sexy. She had fairly large, upturned breasts that still stood out. Or at least, she thought they did. She hadn't really looked lately. She reached behind her back, unfastened the clasp of her bra, and let it fall to the floor. Yes, they still stood out, maybe not as high as when she was 20, but there was no real sag.

Almost unconsciously, Jeannie raised her hands to her breasts and cupped them, rolling her fingers around them, massaging, squeezing lightly. God that felt good! Jack was an asshole, and useless for most things (like keeping a job), but he was always horny and was decent in bed, which meant that Jeannie had been able to stay satisfied most of the time. Since their relationship had deteriorated, though, she hadn't had any attention in several months. She'd been too busy worrying about her marriage falling apart to be concerned about her sex life. Now she could finally relax enough to do something about that. Still massaging her breasts, she walked over to her bed and lay down on her back, pulling off her panties in the process..

Kylie had propped her pillows up against the headboard of her bed, and was half-sitting with her back against the pillow, as she listened to Britney tell her about the adventure at the mall with Derek.

"So, what happened at the mall? And don't even think of lying to me!"

"Don't worry, I don't have to lie. This was so cool! I just like ran into him out at the mall by accident. He was with a couple of other guys that I didn't know, and when he saw me he was like, 'Brit, hi, can I talk to you for minute,' and he like dragged me off and said, 'Do you want to hang out with me. I want to get rid of these two dweebs.'"

"Oh," Kylie chuckled, "so he wasn't really interested in you, he just wanted an excuse to ditch the other guys?"

"Oh just be quiet and listen. You'll see. So he told these guys that he was going to hang out with me, and then he got like this really funny look on his face and said, 'So, do you want to go someplace where we can be alone?' I was all 'Yeah, totally,' but I didn't know where we could do that. But you know where they're doing all that remodeling shit there at the mall?"

"Over by the theater?"

"Yeah. He took me over there, and there's this little hole in the boards they've got put up around it, and we went back in there through the hole and nobody could see us. He was like, 'Brit, I think you're really hot and I want you to be my girlfriend,' and I was all 'Wow, Derek, I think you' re really hot, too,' and then he like put his arms around me and kissed me. He put his tongue in my mouth and we kind of wiggled our tongues around, and it was really hot and I started to feel kind of funny."

Kylie was starting to feel kind of funny by now, too. She wondered what it would be like to kiss Derek. Or to kiss any guy.

"So? What happened next?"

"He like grabbed my boob and started squeezing it, and I'm all 'What are you doing,' and he's like, 'Do you want to be my girlfriend or not?' So I shut up and let him keep doing it, and pretty soon it started to feel pretty good, except he was squeezing a little too hard, so I told him to take it easy and then it was better, but then all of a sudden he took his hand away and started trying to put it down my pants!"

"No fuckin' way!" Kylie was genuinely shocked. She knew things like that happened, but they weren't supposed to happen until you were older.

"Yeah way! I told him to stop but he just said, 'It'll feel good. Besides, you're my girlfriend now, right? That's what boyfriends and girlfriends do!' So I let him put his hand in my pants, and he like stuck it all the way down until it was inside my panties, then he put his fingers between my legs and starting rubbing me down there!"

Kylie found herself starting to breathe heavily. The thought of having a boy squeeze her boob, or touch her down there was having an affect.

"And he was right, it did feel good. I started to get all hot, and I had this really funny feeling my belly." Like the one I'm getting now, thought Kylie. "And then he undid his pants, and he took his dick out, and I actually saw it! It was was all straight and hard. He made me put my hand on it and kinda... you remember when we had a field trip to that farm a couple of years ago and that guy was milking a cow? Well that's kinda what Derek made me do with my hand. And when I started doing that, then he took one of his fingers and stuck it in my hole!"

"Oh my god! What was that like?"

"It felt really good. I like can't even tell you how it felt, except it was really good. And he was kind of sliding his finger in and out of my pussy," (both girls were secretly shocked that Britney had used the word) "and I was pulling on his dick, and then he sort of shook all over and this stuff came out of his dick, it wasn't pee, it was something else, and then his dick got all soft and got smaller. He said, 'Wow, Brit, that was great!' and I said it was too, then he kissed me again, and he said, 'We better get out of here before somebody finds us!' And we went back out through the hole. And that was it."

"So, are you going to do it with him again?"

"Yeah, if I get a chance. Ky, it felt really good when his finger was in me!"

They talked for a few more minutes, but Kylie got Britney off the phone as soon as she could. She had better things to do than talk to one of her friends.

George watched as the woman in the video dropped to her knees and pulled the man's cock out of his pants, began licking and sucking it. George thought about how it would feel to have a woman's mouth wrapped around his dick again. It was something he hadn't experienced in a long time.

He'd just have to make d?":%^o with his own resources, and he proceeded to do just that, stroking his cock lightly with his fingers as he watched the on-screen blowjob. He was taking it easy so far, he didn't want to cum too soon. He wanted to make this last and enjoy it for a while.

Now the young woman was on her back on the bed, getting her pussy licked by her partner. The guy was tall and muscular, and appeared to be very good with his tongue. The woman was making very satisfied noises, and her pussy was definitely wet. George's cock was throbbing now, he wasn't sure how much longer he was going to last.

"Go on, man, fuck her, damn it!" he mumbled under his breath at his computer screen. As if listening to George, the man rolled the woman over, positioned her so she was leaning over the side of the bed, and rammed his cock into her from behind, fucking her mercilessly, doggy-style. George was stroking his cock faster now, feeling his cum start to churn in his balls. The camera angle on the video cut to a close-up of the woman's face, contorted in that pleasure that's so intense it's just this side of being pain. Somewhere in George's brain it registered that she really did look like a younger version of Jeannie. Anything happening in his brain, though, was overwhelmed by the rush of his semen out through his cock and onto his naked belly, as his body bucked and jerked on the chair. After shooting all of his load, George relaxed for a few minutes, then stopped the video and took off his headphones. He made a trip to the bathroom, to piss and wipe the cum off his belly, then flopped down on the bed, still naked, anticipating the dreams that always came when he jerked off right before going to sleep.

Jeannie stretched out on her back on the bed, spreading her legs slightly. She squeezed her breasts again, and moved her fingers up to her nipples, teasing them, then pinching lightly. She gasped, then bit down on her lower lip to keep from making too much noise.

Keeping her left hand at work on her breasts, she let her right drift down over her belly, her fingers tickling slightly as they brushed over her skin. Jeannie ran her fingertips up and down her belly several times, then let her hand drift down through her dark pubic hair to her crotch. She held her fingers flat and rubbed them over her slit several times, feeling her pussy start to get wet. Her legs involuntarily spread wider as she stimulated herself. She was starting to breathe more deeply as sensations coursed through her body that she hadn't felt in months, at least.

Jeannie brought her right hand up to her mouth and licked her middle finger, then sucked it deeply into her mouth. She hadn't sucked anything in a long time, and it felt good to have something in her mouth, touching her teeth, gums, palate; something to wrap her tongue around. And, even though the finger hadn't actually been in her pussy, she could smell and taste herself on it, and that excited her even more.

After sucking on her finger for about thirty seconds, she lowered her hand back between her legs. This time as she laid her hand over her crotch, she curled her middle finger, so the tip slipped between the lips of her pussy.

"Mmmm... yessss!" It had been so long since anything had entered her, she'd almost forgotten how good it felt. Down went her hand, her finger moving deeper inside her, her legs again spreading farther outward to give her hand more access. She pushed until her finger was completely inside her, then drew it out, slowly, scraping it across her clit as it came out.

"Aaaahhhh!" In again, then back out. In, and out. Jeannie felt her pussy getting wetter, felt her belly heave when her finger ran over her clit. She stopped, pulled her finger out and brought it back to her mouth. She sucked again, this time getting the full taste of her pussy juices. Her mind swam as she tasted herself. Jeannie had never made love to a woman, but if this was what it tasted like, she might have to add it to her list. Now the finger returned to her pussy, this time to be joined by a second. They drove in as far as they would reach, and Jeannie was getting hotter and hotter, but it wasn't quite enough. She needed something that would reach deeper. With her left hand she fumbled around on the table next to the bed, finally coming up with what she was looking for. Her hairbrush had a cylindrical handle, smaller than what she really wanted, but thicker and longer than her finger. She guided the brush between her legs, and thrust the handle into her pussy. As it entered her, she felt her pussy clamp down around it, and when she had the handle all the way inside, she discovered another benefit - the bristles of the brush rubbed against her clit, sending a shock rippling through her body. She began pumping the brush in and out of her pussy, thrusting her pelvis out against it as she drove it in. She had never fucked herself this way, and she liked it.

Her held tilted back, her eyes closed. She bit her lip again to make sure she wouldn't make so much noise that her father or daughter would hear and wonder what was going on. The noises she did make were low, back in her throat, almost animalistic.

"Uhnnnn... Uhnnnn... Uhn, uhn, uhn." Her pussy spasmed, squeezing hard against the hairbrush. She twisted it inside her, raking the bristles over her clit. Her legs clenched together around her hand and the brush, causing the bristles to dig into the skin of her thighs, intensifying her sensations. Her belly jerked several times, and she bit down hard on her lip now to keep from screaming, as the best orgasm she'd had in years surged through her body like a bolt of lightning.

She rolled over onto her side, and pulled the blankets up over her, drifting off toward sleep. She'd need a new hairbrush. And she might want to invest in some sort of dildo, too.

Kylie's mind was working overtime, imagining how it must have felt to Britney, being with Derek that way. Even more, thinking about what it would feel like to have Derek's dick in her hand, to have Derek's finger in her pussy. Kylie pulled off her T-shirt, reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, freeing her budding breasts. She cupped her breasts in her hands, squeezed them. She felt a tingle as her fingers coursed over her nipples. Experimenting, she pinched her nipples, and gasped at the feeling.

"Wow, cool," she mumbled under her breath, as she felt something warm and dark start to rise in her belly. With her left hand still massaging her breasts, she moved her right down, her fingertips tickling her belly lightly as they went. Her fingers reached the waistband of her shorts. She hesitated. She'd never done anything remotely like this, and if her mother found out, she'd be in big trouble. Then she thought about Britney's description of how Derek's fingers had felt. She unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, and let her hand glide down, inside her shorts, into her panties, her fingers brushing through the light downy hair that covered her mound. She spread her legs and allowed her fingers to run over the outside of her slit.

"Mmmm... Ahhhhh." She'd never felt anything like this before. She felt like her belly was on fire, and she clamped her lips together tightly to keep from making too much noise. Kylie rubbed her hand up and down over her crotch several times, moaning, then slowly pressed the tip of her middle finger against the opening of her virgin pussy. She wiggled her finger slightly against her pussy lips, then felt the tip pop through inside her.

"Ohmygod!" Her breath exploded out of her in a single blast. Her eyes widened, her pussy rippled, the muscles of her belly clenched and relaxed. It was the first time anything had ever been in her pussy, and it felt incredible. Kylie slowly pressed her finger deeper into herself, amazed at how warm and wet her pussy felt around her finger, at how the walls of her pussy seemed to grip her finger as it moved into her. While her finger explored her pussy, she continued to massage her breasts with her other hand. Her body responded, her breath becoming short, tiny fingers of ice and fire alternately coursing over her skin.

"Ohhhh. Uhhhh." Her moans were becoming more pronounced. A little afraid of what she was feeling, she pulled her finger out of her pussy. It was wet, and the air made it feel cool. She raised her hand in front of face, moved it closer, smelled her own juices on her finger. Kylie snaked her tongue out, licked her finger lightly, tasting her own juices for the first time. The taste was sharp and sweet at the same time. She opened her mouth, took her finger in and began sucking her juice off. She'd heard older girls talk about taking boys' dicks in their mouths and sucking on them. She wondered if it was anything like this, if a boy's dick tasted anything like her pussy.

"Mmmmm, good," she moaned. No longer scared, only aroused, she moved her hand back down, pushed off her shorts and panties, and slid her hand between her legs again. This time as she spread the lips of her pussy, she slid both her index and middle fingers inside, unconsciously thinking that a boy's dick would be bigger than just her finger, at least, from what she'd heard and seen in pictures.

"Aaaahhhh, aaaahhhh." She began fucking herself with her fingers, slowly feeling the sensations coursing through her body intensifying with each stroke. She found that using the two fingers, not only did she open her pussy up wider, but she could reach farther inside herself, heightening the feelings even more. Then, as she pulled her fingers back from one stroke, she brushed against her clit for the first time.

"Fuck! God!" An electric shock shot through her entire body. The muscles in her belly convulsed. Her shoulders came up off the bed with a jerk. Her thighs clamped together around her hand, trapping it against her pussy and clit. Her pussy muscles tightened around her fingers.

Slowly, she relaxed, and began finger-fucking herself again, this time making sure that each stroke included the tiny bud at the top of her slit. Her chest and belly heaved with the strain of her gasping breaths. She discovered that she could use her thumb to rub her clit, allowing her fingers to concentrate on violating her pussy. A tingling sensation started to spread through her, beginning deep in her belly where her fingers strained to reach even deeper. She could feel her entire body start to vibrate. Suddenly, she was struck by a lightning bolt. It was like the first touch of her finger on her clit, but that was a tiny Fourth of July firecracker compared to the massive bomb that shook her body now.

"Ohhhh... fuck! Fuckfuckfuck! Uh uh uh!" Her head thrashed from side to side on her pillow, her hair flying. The muscles in her pussy and her lower belly spasmed uncontrollably. Her toes curled, her feet driving into the bed, lifting her ass up into the air. She wanted to scream, but she had no breath. Her pussy flooded with juice; she could feel it spilling out past her fingers onto the bed. Wave after wave of her first orgasm rolled over her, until she simply wore out. Exhausted, she curled up on her side on the bed, ready to sleep.

"Now I've got something to tell Britney," smiling at the thought of being able to out-do her friend..

George rolled over, looked at the clock. Two AM. He needed to piss again. That's what you get for drinking more beer than you're used to. He levered himself up off the bed and walked into the bathroom. And stopped dead, staring at Jeannie, naked on the toilet, wiping herself after peeing.

Jeannie was startled when the bathroom door opened. And even more startled to see her father walk in, naked as she was. Neither had quite gotten used to the new living arrangements, or the fact that the bathroom had two doors, one opening directly into George's bedroom.

Jeannie's attention immediately went to her father's cock. It wasn't the first time she'd seen it. When she was 14, she'd walked past her parents' bedroom in the middle of the night. They'd neglected to close the door, and Jeannie saw her mother on all fours on the bed, her father behind her on his knees, fucking her doggie style (although Jeannie hadn't even known that was what it was called then). She could clearly see her father's big cock ramming in and out of her mother's pussy. She'd stood there as long as she could, watching, feeling dirty as she imagined what it would feel like if her father's cock were plowing into her own virgin pussy instead of her mother's. Finally, she went back to her own room, afraid that she'd be caught if she stayed any longer. Back in her bed, she masturbated to a massive orgasm, fantasizing that it was her father's mouth, and fingers, and cock bringing her to a climax instead of her own hands. For several years afterward, her father was one of her favorite fantasy partners when she masturbated.

And now she saw her father's cock again. And as she stared at it, she could see that it was stiffening. And she decided she needed to do something about that.

George was frozen. He simply couldn't move. The sight of his daughter, naked, was too much for him. He didn't know whether to move towards her, run away screaming, or simply give his soul to Jesus. So he did nothing, as Jeannie finished wiping herself, rose off the toilet, and began to walk toward him. He knew his cock was beginning to get hard, and he was ashamed. But his shame was nothing compared to the lust that began to race through him as Jeannie approached.

As Jeannie walked toward her father, she finally took her eyes off his cock and looked up at his face. She saw the lust, knew that he wanted her. Her body was on fire as she dropped to her knees in front of him. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft or his cock, and took the head into her mouth. Her father's deep groan told her that he wanted this as much as she did.

George's body twitched as Jeannie began sucking his cock. He felt the warmth and wetness of her, felt her tongue sliding over his shaft, her lips circling the head as she pulled back. The feeling as she sucked hard, hollowing her cheeks around him, was like nothing he'd felt before. She really knew what she was doing. Good as the blowjob was, though, George wanted more. He reached down, lifted Jeannie's face away from his cock, and said, "You don't want me to come in your mouth, do you?"

Jeannie looked up at him with an evil grin and replied, "Not this time!"

Jeannie stood up, they faced each other, and clutched at each other, embracing, kissing, their hands and mouths exploring. George lifted Jeannie up, sat her down on the edge of the washbowl, and moved toward her. Jeannie reached out and took George's cock in her hand, guided it to the opening of her pussy. George hesitated for second, thinking about exactly what it was he was about to do, realizing that it couldn't be undone.

"Fuck me, daddy!" It was what she'd always said in her fantasies, and as she finally spoke the words for real, her mind went blank, letting her body take over completely. For George, hearing his daughter ask him, no beg him, to fuck her was all he needed. He drove forward into her with a grunt. and felt his shaft sink all the way inside her.

"God, daddy, it feels so good!" She hadn't called him "daddy" in years, but now she felt like a little girl again, as she lived out her fantasy of having her father's cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. She clutched at him with her hands, wrapped her legs around his hips. His cock filled her, sliding over her clit as he drove in and out.

They were like two animals, their minds blank, controlled by their bodies and their instincts. George felt like his cock had grown an extra inch since he'd buried it inside his daughter. He assaulted her with his mouth as well, sucking on her neck, her throat, her earlobe, raking his teeth over her, biting lightly. Jeannie dug her fingers into the flesh of his shoulders, leaned her head back, closed her eyes. The feelings were overwhelming. His cock inside her. His mouth on her throat. Her nipples pressing into his chest. Their bellies flattened against one another.

"Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh. Please, daddy, fuck me hard, make me cum!"

Hearing his daughter talk like such a slut was driving George wild. He was pounding his cock into her pussy harder and harder, and could feel her muscles clenching at him as he fucked her. He could feel himself getting close to a climax, his balls feeling heavy and full. He felt her fingernails rake across his shoulders, and the addition of the pain was too much. He felt his cum start to rise from his balls into his cock.

"Shit, honey, I'm going to cum inside you!"

"Yes, da... Oh, fuck! FUUUUCK!" Feeling her father's semen pour into her was just what she needed to trigger her orgasm. She felt the spasms in her belly, clutched at him convulsively. Her mind dissolved into shards of broken glass, as she felt her father's cum mix with her own, filling her pussy until she couldn't hold it all and it began to seep out of her where her pussy lips clenched his cock.

As the last spurt finally squirted out of his cock, George moved to pull out of his daughter. Jeannie kept her legs locked tightly around him, saying, "No, dad, don't take it out yet."

George chuckled slightly. "Remember why I came in here in the first place, honey?"
Part 2

On Sunday morning, George was relieved to find that Jeannie didn't seem to be upset about what had happened the night before. In fact, she seemed to be in a particularly good mood, which is how George felt himself. Kylie was pretty chipper, too, for some reason. Maybe things were going to work out okay.

After breakfast, George headed off to his usual Sunday retreat, joining what he referred to as the "old farts" at the local sports bar to drink beer, watch ballgames (whatever sport was on, didn't matter), and shoot the bull. George was actually one of the younger members of the bunch, and he often wondered if he was there because he liked being in a group where he was considered one of the kids.

With Grandpa gone, Kylie decided it was time to talk to her mother. About boys. And things like that.

"Mom, when you were my age, did you do things with boys?"

"What kinds of things?" was what Jeannie said. What she thought was, "Oh, shit! What's she doing? She didn't hear dad and me last night, did she? Oh, god, what if she's pregnant?"

"Oh, you know, kissing, touching their dicks, letting them touch you."

"Damn it, Kylie, have you been doing things like that?" Jeannie was about to have a nervous breakdown.

"No, mom, not me! God! Britney was telling me about some things she was doing with one of the guys from school, so I got curious."

"Thank god. Maybe you shouldn't spend any more time talking to Britney." Jeannie was relieved, but still concerned.

"Oh come on, she's my best friend. Besides, you didn't answer my question. Did you do things like that when you were my age?"

Jeannie suddenly felt guilty. "Well, yeah, actually I did do some things like that when I was about your age. I might have been 14 before I started doing any of it, but I was pretty young."

"How old were you when you got your cherry popped?"

Jeannie squirmed. She should have been jumping all over Kylie for asking her something like that, but somehow she felt like she was on the defensive. What had happened with her father the night before had to be a big part of it. But she also really didn't feel like lying to Kylie was going to help, especially since Kylie would probably know it.

"All right, I was 15. And, no, I'm not going to tell you anything more about it, except that it wasn't all that great. It usually isn't the first time, so don't expect a bunch of fireworks to go off. And don't get the idea that you have to do everything that Britney does, either."

"Don't worry, mom, I can make my own decisions. But you know that means I might make the same decisions she does!"

"Yeah, I know. Just be careful. And if you have to do things, do them with somebody who won't just wind up using you for sex and hurting you."

Jeannie wasn't entirely happy with the way the conversation had gone, but she had to admit that it could have been a lot worse. She at least felt like Kylie would be honest with her about what she was doing, and listen to whatever advice Jeannie gave her.

That night at dinner, Kylie asked if Britney could come over the next day to see her "new" house.

Jeannie replied, "I've got to work tomorrow, remember? And I think Britney's parents do, too, so I don't know how she'd get here." Jeannie was also thinking, but not saying, that she wasn't sure she wanted Kylie spending the day alone with Britney after the conversation they'd had that morning.

"I'll be home most of the day, Jean." George's work these days was mostly free-lance consulting, and he worked mainly from home. "I could go pick Kylie's friend up and bring her over here, and I'd be here to make sure they didn't get into too much trouble." He added the last with a grin at Kylie.

Kylie said, "Thanks, grampa," grinning herself. She was planning to see if she could get into some trouble.

"Well, if you're sure it won't be any trouble for you, dad." Jeannie still wasn't sure it was a good idea, but didn't have a reasonable argument about why.

All three headed for bed about 10:00. George was getting undressed, just pulling down his pants, when Jeannie appeared in his bedroom through the bathroom door, absolutely naked. She walked over to him, put her arms around him, and gave him a long, deep kiss. Then she lowered herself in front of him, pulling his pants and boxers down the rest of the way. Just before she took him into her mouth, she looked up at him and said, "This time I do want you to cum in my mouth!"

George had been completely unprepared for this. He'd figured that what happened the night before was a one-time thing. His dick hadn't yet started to rise when Jeannie took the entire thing into her mouth and began to suck it, at the same time cupping his balls in her hand, massaging them.

"Uuuuhhhh! Shit, honey!" he grunted, as his cock began to harden and fill up his daughter's mouth. He felt her lips circling the head, then plunging down until they reached the base of his shaft, the head of his cock wedged in the back of her throat. The entire time her tongue swirled around his cock, licking up and down, flicking open his pee hole, sending shivers through his entire body. Her fingers squeezed and released his balls rhythmically. This wasn't going to take long at all. George could already feel his balls starting to churn with cum.

"Oh, fuck, I'm going to shoot it down your throat, Jean!" He twisted his fingers into Jeannie's hair, pulled her face to him, burying himself completely in her mouth. His balls spasmed, his cum spurted out through his cock into Jeannie's mouth. She swallowed furiously, and surprised George by being able to take every drop down her throat. George's legs almost buckled as his body responded to his orgasm.

As Jeannie gulped down her father's cum, she tried to think of the last time she'd had a man cum in her mouth. It had been a while, Jack had been more into straight fucking the last couple of years, hadn't really wanted to do anything oral. Now she realized how much she'd missed it. Now she needed to feel a mouth on her pussy.

"Dad," she gasped, "I really want you to eat me out!" She couldn't believe she was saying that. And George couldn't believe he was hearing it.

"I thought you'd never ask, honey."

George helped Jeannie up onto his bed, and immediately buried his face between her legs. He began licking her pussy, long strokes of his tongue, moving the entire length of her slit, letting the tip of his tongue dip in between her lips. The first taste and smell of his daughter's pussy left him helpless, unable to think or reason, now simply reacting to the situation.

Jeannie lay back on the bed, closed her eyes, and began to moan as her father's tongue violated her pussy and she felt her juices begin to flow. Again, she was living out one of the fantasies of her teenage years, when she'd imagined what it would be like to have her father eat her pussy. Fantasies could still be a part of her life, she found, as in her mind she imagined herself at 14 again, having just seen her father's cock for the first time. Her fantasy carried her away.

"God, daddy, yes, lick me. It feels so good!"

George lapped the juice out of Jeannie's pussy, driven on by the sound of her talking dirty to him. He felt her body respond, her hips moving against his mouth, her belly heaving. Jeannie's breathing turned to shallow gasps. Her hands gripped George's head, pulled his face tighter against her cunt. His mouth moved up, his lips fastened on her clit and sucked it in.

Jeannie had been close to an orgasm anyway, and when her father sucked on her clit it pushed her over the edge. Her backed arched up off the bed, slammed back down. Her shoulders jerked up, her eyes wide, as she felt her pussy spasm.

"Daddy... cumming...yesssss! Ohhhh, ohhhh!!!" Her father was still sucking on her clit as the orgasm shook Jeannie's body. Finally she pushed him away, moaning, "Stop! Please!"

After she recuperated from her orgasm for a couple of minutes, Jeannie, said, apologetically, "I really need to get some sleep, so I can get work in the morning. Is that okay?"

"Sure, honey, that blow job was plenty for me tonight anyway! Besides, now I know you'll be back!"

On Monday morning, after Jeannie headed for work, George relaxed with his coffee and a doughnut. He'd promised to take Kylie over to see her friend Britney, but that would be later in the morning. Now he had some time to think about what had happened over the weekend. He knew he should feel guilty, dirty, about having fucked his own daughter, but he didn't. She was an adult, she'd wanted it as much as he had; in fact, she'd started it. And she clearly didn't have any remorse over it. No, there was no guilt there, only a pleasant feeling at finally being able to get laid.

Kylie finally dragged herself out of bed about the time George finished his coffee and pranced into the kitchen with a breezy, "Morning, Grampa! When can we go pick up Britney?"

"Whenever you're ready." Kylie was wearing her usual tank top and jeans, and George idly thought, "She's going to be driving the boys crazy pretty soon. If she's not already." He realized that he had no idea when kids these days started doing... well, pretty much anything. He might need some time to actually get to know his granddaughter and figure out where she was on the maturity scale.

"Okay, let's go! I've got a lot to talk to her about so I want to get her over here." Kylie was clearly excited that her friend would be coming over.

On the way over to Britney's house, George and Kylie actually talked for the first time in ages. George found out what Kylie thought about his house (pretty cool), school in general (mostly lame), having to go to a new school after the move (a hassle, but she'd get used to it), and her mother (not bad, for a mom). There was no talk about boys, which suited George just fine, since he figured he'd probably be too embarrassed to talk to Kylie about anything like that.

Kylie, meanwhile, found out that her grampa was really happy to have her, and her mom, living with him, and that he actually listened to some of the same music she did. Kylie was into things like alternative rock instead of the bubble-gum pop girls her age usually liked, and George's taste in music had always been pretty wide-ranging. They agreed to compare their music lists and see about trading tracks for their MP3 players.

George did a double-take the first time he saw Britney. He knew, of course, that 13-year-old girls didn't dress the way they did when he was that age, but he wasn't quite expecting what he saw. First of all, the girl was absolutely gorgeous, with a heart-shaped face, full mouth with just a hint of a pouty lower lip, straight nose with light freckles, long light brown hair with reddish highlights. She had a typical 13-year-old body, mostly flat and straight, although her breasts were definitely developing. What was on the body, though, was something else. Like Kylie, she was wearing a tank top and jeans, but comparing their outfits would be like saying a house cat and a black panther are both felines. Britney's tank top was skin tight, and ended at about the bottom of her rib cage. It left no doubt that she wasn't wearing a bra. And her jeans were cut so low on her hips that when Britney turned away to close the door behind her, George could see the curve of her ass cheeks above them. The little girl's belly was completely exposed. No, they definitely didn't dress like that when he was that age.

When they got back to the house, Kylie and Britney disappeared into Kylie's room. George told them to let him know when they wanted some lunch. He headed for his computer. To do some work. Even though he would have rather called up a little porn after looking at Britney in her "little-girl slut" outfit. That wouldn't be a good idea with both girls in the house, though.

As soon as the girls were in Kylie's room by themselves, and plopped down on the bed. Britney said, "Your grandfather's hot!"

"What?!" Kylie was shocked.

"He's hot. And I was talking to my cousin Lisa, she's like 18 and she's done sex with guys and stuff. And she said that older guys are better because they've got more experience and know what's good for a girl. And she said their dicks are bigger than guys our age, too."

"God, Britney, you are so sick!"

"Oh, come on, like you never think about things like that! Have you ever seen his dick?"

"Brit, he's my grampa! It's not even right to think about that. Besides, shut up, I've got something to tell you."

"All right, go ahead, brat."

"After you told about what you did with Derek, I was... all horny." Kylie didn't usually talk that way, but she didn't know how else to explain it. "And I took off my clothes, and I played with myself!"

"Wow, Ky, what did you do?"

"I did all the stuff to myself that you said Derek did to you. I played with my boobs, and I rubbed myself... down there. And then I put my finger in... and then another finger. And I found something."

"What, that you're actually a girl after all?"

"Oh, stop it! No, I hit something with my finger, and it felt like... I can't even explain it, it was like incredible. And I kept touching it and it got better and better until it was like it was so good I couldn't even stand it any more."

"That doesn't even make sense."

"I know. I just have to show you. Pull down your pants."

"Oh, now you think you're a lezzie or something?"

"No, silly! I'm not going to touch you. Oh, here, I'll show you!" Kylie unfastened her jeans and pulled them down, along with her panties, to around her ankles, and spread her knees apart. She moved her hand between her legs and pointed with her finger, so Britney could see. "It's right here, at the top of your... pussy." Kylie was still trying to get used to talking like that. "Now pull your pants down and touch yours."

"Okay, if it'll shut you up!" Britney undid her jeans, and pulled them down the way. Kylie had. Britney reach between her legs, run her finger along her slit. She could feel the heat starting to rise inside her.

"A little higher," Kylie instructed her. Britney moved her finger up, let it slip just inside the lips of her pussy. Then she felt it.

"Oh my fucking god!" The shock that went through her body when her finger hit her clit was like nothing she'd ever experienced. Derek hadn't done anything like this to her. She could feel it through her entire body. Her eyes were wide as she looked over at Kylie.

"Yeah, that's it." Kylie was giggling. "And it gets better. Let's both do it. But don't make too much noise, we don't want Grampa to walk in on us."

Britney bit her tongue. What she wanted to say was, "Maybe you don't want him to walk in on us!"

The two girls lay back on the bed and started masturbating together. For once, Kylie had more experience than Britney, and could give her pointers.

"If you put two fingers in instead of one, it fills you up more. And you can get them in farther. And then you can use your thumb on the little thing at the top." Neither one of them really knew what the clit was called yet.

Kylie knew what to expect, and relaxed as her breathing got deeper. She could feel her juices flowing in her pussy, and her muscles pulsing around her fingers. Her clit was hard and throbbing.

For Britney, this was new. She'd had Derek's finger in her, but, as she realized now, he hadn't really known what he was doing. He'd only had one finger in her, and had never touched the little bud at the top of her slit. Her cousin Lisa was probably right - older guys would know what to better than guys her age.

Those thoughts vanished from Britney's mind, along with everything else, as her body responded to the touch of her fingers, and the feelings surging through her body made everything else irrelevant. As her fingers drove into her pussy, her juices coated them, her pussy gripped them. Every time she touched the bud at the top of her pussy, a small shock coursed through her. She was breathing heavily, and moaning, biting her lower lip to keep from crying out. And then she was hit by the full force of a sexual climax.

Britney's pussy spasmed wildly, pulsing around her fingers. The muscles in her lower belly clenched tightly, bringing her head and shoulders up off the bed. Her body shook, and her mind, unable to take it all in, simply gave up and went blank. She gasped for breath, opened her eyes wide, and looked over at Kylie, who was shaking on the bed and moaning softly.

"Oh... fuck... fuck... aaaahhhh!" As the final convulsions of her first orgasm wracked Britney's body, she flopped back onto the bed trying to catch her breath. She realized her fingers were still inside herself, and she slowly drew them out, the feeling almost painful because of her sudden sensitivity.

She heard Kylie's voice, seeming faint and far away. "Did it happen to you?"

"Yeah, god, that was incredible!"

"See, I told you." Kylie's voice was coming into focus now. "Lick your fingers, it tastes really good!"

Britney lifter her hand to her mouth, sniffed, then slowly licked her fingers. Kylie was right again. It did taste good. She might have to find out more about that.

The girls rested for a few minutes, then pulled their pants back up and put themselves back together. They spent the next couple of hours alternately surfing the web, talking about boys, and discussing how it felt when they played with themselves.

Britney now definitely wanted to find out what it was like to do something with an older guy. It was so much better when she played with herself than when Derek did it that she wanted to know if an older guy could do it as well as she did, or if it would be just like with somebody her own age. She wasn't about to say anything more to Kylie, though, because she was beginning to develop a plan.

Eventually, Kylie went to the bathroom. While she was gone, Britney checked out Kylie's address book on the computer. Sure enough, there was an entry for "Grandpa." Britney wrote down the email address for future reference.

George finished up the work he needed to do, then relaxed and worked on catching up on his reading while he waited for the girls to decide they needed lunch. About 12:30 the girls appeared from Kylie's room and announced they were ready to eat lunch and go the mall for some shopping.

"Hope you've got some money, then!" George grinned wickedly.

"Grampa!" Kylie could whine as well as any 13-year-old girl when she decided she needed to.

"Just kidding! Don't hit me! But don't expect to spend a fortune, I'm not a rich man, you know."

They stopped for pizza on the way to the mall, then spent about three hours shopping, which was about two and a half hours more than optimum for George. He took it well, though, partly because he hadn't had to do anything like that for years, partly because it was the first chance he'd had in a long time to spend so much time with his granddaughter, and partly (he had to admit it) because he was enjoying being around Britney. He'd never really thought of himself as a dirty old man, but maybe he'd have to reconsider. The girl was definitely hot. And seemed to know it. And a few times during the day, he got the impression she was flirting with him. He'd have brushed it off as an old man's fantasy, except that one of the times Kylie gave Britney a really disgusted look. He didn't think Britney caught it, but it was almost like Kylie saw what Britney was doing and didn't like it. Not that it made any difference, even if she was flirting with him, nothing was ever going to come of it.

The girls each bought a few things, nothing extravagant, and Kylie asked if Britney could stay for dinner so both girls could show Kylie's mother what they'd bought. That was fine with George, and he checked with Britney's mother to make sure she didn't have any objections.

George fixed dinner so it was ready when Jeannie got home from work. After they ate, Jeannie drove Britney back home. George watched some TV, with Jeannie and Kylie joining him when they got back.

At one point, when Kylie was out of the room, Jeannie said, "Rough day at work today, Dad. I'd just like to get some sleep tonight, if that's okay. I can make a visit to your room tomorrow night."

"Sure, honey. That's up to you. I'll be ready any time you are." George grinned. He still couldn't quite believe what was happening with his daughter, but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Oh, I'll be ready a lot!" Jeannie was getting to live out one of her fantasies with her father, and was going to keep doing it as long as she could.

George headed for his bedroom about 10:30 and fired up the computer. He didn't need to worry about watching porn before he went to sleep anymore, since he was actually getting the real thing, he just wanted to check his email. When he opened it up, there was a message with the subject "c u" from an email address he didn't recognize. He opened the email.

{Want 2 c u bad email back. b}

"What the fuck?" George was at a loss. Who the hell was that? Then it hit him. It had to be Britney. Maybe she really had been flirting with him. And maybe she wanted to do more than just flirt. And maybe he should get his ass as far away from this situation as possible as fast as he could.

He looked at the time on the email. Just a few minutes ago. Against his better judgment, he hit <Reply> and typed in a message.

{Why did you send me that?}

He hit <Send>. The reply seemed to take only seconds.

{Do u have im?}

{Yes.} He added his instant messaging address. Hit <Send>. Cursed himself for being an idiot. And waited to see what would happen. He was already signed on to his IM service. He always did out of habit, even though he almost never used it anymore.

The message came quickly.

{Want u} Suddenly a webcam image appeared on his screen. There was Britney sitting at the computer, wearing a T-shirt and not much else. What kind of parent let a 13-year-old girl have a webcam? Probably the same kind that let her go out dressed the way she'd been today.

Britney smiled, then stood up. George could see that all she had on besides the T-shirt was a pair of panties. Probably what she wore to bed. Britney slowly raised the hem of the T-shirt. George's mind told him to shut down his IM service, but his body refused to obey. He couldn't take his eyes off the screen as the little girl pulled the T-shirt off, showing him her small, perfect breasts. She ran her fingers over them lightly, then licked her lips. George could feel his cock starting to stiffen in his boxers. Britney smiled again, then bent down and slipped out of her panties, dropping them on the floor. George could see the downy hair between her legs, the outline of her pussy. Britney sat down again, completely naked, and typed.

{b hr 2morrow 10 mom wll b at work} The webcam image disappeared, the IM screen showed she had gone offline. George shut down his computer and went to bed, shaking.

Britney trembled with anticipation. She was sure Kylie's grandfather thought she was hot, she'd seen the way he looked at her today, and the way he'd reacted when she'd flirted with him. Kylie had given her a dirty look one time, and Britney had been afraid she was going to say something and blow it all for her, but Kylie had kept it to just the look. Britney was pretty sure that the look she'd given the old man over her webcam was enough so that he'd show up in the morning. She sure hoped so.

The next morning George had to force himself to act calm as he drank his morning coffee at the kitchen table with Jeannie and Kylie. He wasn't sure what he was going to do when 10:00 approached. He was afraid to think about it.

As Jeannie prepared to leave for work, George said, "Hey, Jean, I have to go out to see a client this morning. Kylie's old enough to stay by herself for a while, isn't she?"

"God, of course I am, Grampa!" Kylie sounded exasperated.

Jeannie laughed at her daughter. "Yes, Dad, she can stay by herself. Just make sure you lock up anything dangerous!"

With that, Jeannie headed off to work, and George started doing some actual work on his computer to occupy his time until just before 10:00. Kylie disappeared into her bedroom.

At about a quarter to 10, George knocked on the door of Kylie's room and said, "I'm heading out, kiddo, I'll see you later."

"Okay, Grampa, see you when you get back."

George headed out to his car and started the drive to Britney's house, almost shaking with anticipation. He wasn't sure what his granddaughter's friend wanted from him, but he was definitely sure of what he was hoping to get from her.

By the time George reached Britney's house he was so charged up that he practically ran from the car to the front door. He knocked, had to wait only a few seconds before the door opened. She must have been waiting for him. Britney was dressed the way she had been on the webcam the night before, T-shirt and panties.

"I wasn't sure if you'd come," she said, smiling nervously.

"What, you thought I wouldn't want to see more of that?" George chuckled. "Speaking of which, let's see more of that!"

"You first. I haven't seen you without anything on yet." Britney surprised herself by being so aggressive.

"Okay, but first you've gotta answer a question for me. Why did you want me to come over here?"

"Uh, well, my cousin told me that older guys are better to do things with. That they do things better than guys our age."

"What kinds of things? What have you done with guys so far?"

"Well..." Britney decided to tell him. "I held a guy's dick in my hand and played with it, and I let him put his finger in me. Oh, and I kissed him." She giggled.

"That's it, huh? Have you ever had an orgasm?"

"Uh, is that where you feel funny and kinda shake all over?"

George chuckled again. "That's it. I guess you must have had one, then."

"Yeah, but not with a boy. I... uh I did that to myself... Kylie showed me how."

"I see." George was thinking to himself that his granddaughter might not be quite as innocent as she put on.

"So, do you not want me because I haven't really done anything?" Britney was afraid that he might think she wouldn't be good enough.

"Don't worry about that, by the time we're finished you'll have done plenty. Are you ready for that look now?" George was trying to keep from looking too eager, or too excited.

"Yeah, I want to see you naked!" Again, Britney was shocked at how forward she was. She licked her lips as she waited for him to undress.

"Okay, but let's go into your bedroom first."

Britney giggled as she led George down the hall to her room. She was a little embarrassed when he looked around at the girlie things and the posters on her walls, but he didn't say anything. He just started undressing. Britney realized she was holding her breath as she watched, and began breathing, heavily. When George finally slipped off his boxers, she stared at his dick. It was hard. And it was a lot bigger than Derek's, both longer and thicker. Britney licked her lips again as she thought about what it would feel like to touch it the way she had Derek's. And maybe even do other things with it.

As George stood naked in front of the little girl, he realized how long it had been since he'd been with anyone even remotely this young. And that he'd better take advantage of it, because he'd probably never get another chance like this.

"Okay, Britney, your turn. Take it off, like you did last night."

Britney took in a large breath, and held it as she lifted the T-shirt over her head. She'd never been naked with a guy before. When she was with Derek they hadn't taken off their clothes. And the night before, when she was naked, Kylie's grandpa could see her, but he wasn't there. And she couldn't see him. Now he was in the room with her, and naked himself. But as she tossed her T-shirt onto the floor and began pulling down her panties, she realized she didn't care. She wanted him to be there with her, and she wanted to be naked. And she was. And she looked at him and saw him staring at her with a wicked grin on his face.

George pulled Britney against him and pressed his lips against hers. His tongue snaked out into her mouth and began searching it. Britney rolled her tongue against his, reached in between them and wrapped her fingers around his dick and began stroking it the way she had Derek's. She felt his hands running over her breasts, and down along her sides and belly. Britney's cousin Lisa had been right about older guys; she could tell already that this was going to be a lot better than what she'd done with Derek. Kylie's grandpa was stronger, knew exactly what he was doing, but was gentler at the same time. Britney closed her eyes and felt his hands roam over her body as she stroked his dick.

George's cock was hard as a rock and ready for some action, and Britney's hand was going to bring him off before long if this kept up. He wasn't sure what Britney wanted, but he knew that he didn't want to just shoot his load all over her.

"Have you ever had anybody lick you?"

"Uh, no. Lick me where?" Britney wasn't sure what he was talking about, but she thought it sounded a little weird and maybe yucky.

"All over." Kylie's grandpa gave her that smile again, then added, "Let's try it. If you don't like it, tell me and I'll stop."

"Okay. Uh, what's your name?" This time Britney smiled. "If we're doing things like this I can't call you 'Kylie's grandpa.'"

"It's George. Just don't call me that unless we're doing things like this, okay."

"Yeah. George."

George suddenly put his hands on Britney's waist, picked her up, and tossed her onto the bed on her back. She giggled, then watched him walk over to the bed and hover over her, looking at her body, before he bent over, dropping his head to her chest, and began licking her left breast. When he started licking it tickled, and Britney giggled again. Within seconds, though, the giggles turned to low moans, as she felt his tongue glide around the base of her breast, then move up, flicking over her nipple, before moving to her other breast and repeating the motions. The feeling of his tongue on her skin was sending shivers through her, and her breath was becoming short. When George's mouth reached her right nipple, instead of merely swirling his tongue around it, he drew the nipple into his mouth and sucked it.

"Uh! Wow!" A jolt shot through Britney's body as she felt the tug of George's lips on her nipple. She couldn't believe she was afraid this would be yucky and she wouldn't like it. She didn't want him to stop.

George hadn't had this much fun in years. He'd always enjoyed showing women new things, and the taste and smell of Britney's body were putting an incredible charge into him. It was just as good as fucking his own daughter. As that realization hit him another thought raced through his head - has Jeannie ever been with another woman? Would she be interested in a three-way? Those thoughts only lasted for seconds, though, as he had other things to occupy his attention.

Britney was a little disappointed when George's mouth moved away from her breasts, but that didn't last long when she felt his lips and tongue glide down the middle of her belly, licking, his teeth nipping lightly at her skin. His tongue swirled around her belly button, licking inside the little hollow, then moved lower, to where downy hair covered her skin. George put his hands on Britney's inner thighs and spread them apart, opening her pussy, then moved his face in between her legs. She felt his breath, hot against the lips of her pussy.

"Uh! Mmmmm." Britney moaned and purred as she felt George's mouth close on her pussy, his tongue spreading her lips and poking inside her. It felt different than having Derek's finger, or hers, inside her. The tongue was softer, wetter. Britney felt the juices start to run through her pussy.

Maybe it was just because the girl was so young and innocent, but George thought Britney's pussy was the sweetest he'd ever tasted. As he ran his tongue up and down along her slit, he knew he was going to have to fuck her soon or he'd go crazy. But he wanted to make sure he made her cum first.

Britney leaned back, closed her eyes, and let the feeling of George's tongue on her pussy carry her away. Up and down her slit, flicking in and out between her lips. Then it charged upward, hit the bud that sat at the top of her slit.

"Ahhh! God, yes!" It was like the first time she'd touched it herself, but different somehow, more intense. Maybe because it was a tongue instead of a finger. Maybe just that it was someone else doing it.

Licking the little girl's clit got the reaction that George was looking for. Now he attacked it with his tongue, lashing it. He flicked his tongue against her clit over and over, fast and quick, and felt her body respond.

Britney began to gasp as George's tongue worked over her bud. She reached down and gripped his hair with her hands, pulling his face tightly against her pussy. She was beginning to feel like she had when she'd played with herself while Kylie had showed where to touch herself. Then George's mouth closed over her bud, sucking on it, and the climax hit Britney.

"Oh god! Yes! Uh... uh... uh... Aaaahhh!" The spasms started in Britney's pussy, then tore through her entire body. The muscles in her lower belly clenched. Her shoulders shot up off the bed. Her thighs clamped together around Georges' head. She twitched, once, then again, and again. Finally, she collapsed back onto the bed, mewling like a kitten. As good as her first orgasm had been when she'd played with herself along with Kylie, this was better. Much better.

George pulled himself up, hovered over Britney's still-quivering body.

"Do you want more?" He certainly hoped so. If he had to quit here, he'd lose his mind for sure.

"Yes! God, yes! I want you to do it to me!" Britney's eyes were wide, her breath still coming in gasps.

"You want me to do what to you?" George was in a playful mood, teasing.

"You know what!"

"Maybe I don't. Or maybe I just want you to say it. Tell me what you want me to do!"

"I want you to..." In spite of what she'd been doing lately, talking dirty to someone else was still something Britney had trouble with.

"To what? Come on, baby, say it!"

"FUCK ME!" Britney forced it out, almost a scream. That was all George needed.

George pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy lips, then forced just the head inside her virgin hole. He groaned as he felt the lips of her pussy grip his cockhead tightly. She was as tight as anyone he'd ever had, and he suddenly worried if he'd even fit inside the thirteen-year-old.

Britney groaned and moaned as she felt the head of George's cock enter her. She was breathing in gasps now. This was a lot bigger than anything she'd ever had inside her. But she didn't care. She had to know what it was like.

"You ready for this?" George wanted to make sure the little girl really wanted it. He wasn't about to force anyone into sex.

"Yes, do it to me. Fuck me!" With that, George drove himself into Britney's pussy in one vicious stroke. His cock felt like it was being held in a vise, her pussy was so tight.

"GOD!!!!" Britney sucked in a huge breath, then felt it explode out of her as she felt George's cock rip her open. The walls of her pussy were forced apart, violently, and she felt pain knife through her as her hymen was shredded. "Ohhhh, that really hurts!"

It had been a long time, but George was no stranger to virgins. "Hold still, try to relax and see if the pain will ease up. I don't want to hurt you." As George looked down at Britney's face, he saw tears leaking from the corners of her eyes. "Do you want to stop and not do this?"

"No! You have to ... fuck me!" Britney had gone too far to stop now. And George could no longer wait. He saw Britney's face begin to relax, felt her pussy pulsing around his cock, and he began to fuck her. Long, slow strokes at first, getting her used to having a cock inside her, then, as he felt her start to respond, shorter, quicker, more violent thrusts, the kind intended to bring a woman to a screaming orgasm.

Britney felt her pussy begin to relax around George's dick as he moved it in an out of her. She was filled with new experiences. The way her belly felt filled up by George's cock. The sensation of her pussy opening to take his cock in, then shrinking back again as he pulled back out of her. Her entire body vibrating as his cock drove all the way into her, and his pelvis crushed against the bud that gave her so much pleasure. She stared into his eyes, her breath deepening with each stroke of his cock up the entire length of her pussy. Britney slowly realized that she wasn't a virgin any more. That she would never again feel the exquisite pain of having her cherry popped. And somewhere in the back of her mind, she realized that there would be many more pleasures, some mixed with equal amounts of pain, to take the place of this one.

Britney felt the spasms overcoming her again. Her pussy squeezed George's cock, while her legs locked together around his hips, trapping him inside her. Her fingers dug into the flesh of his shoulders. Her belly and chest pushed hard against his, needing to feel as much of his body against her as she could.

"GOD!!! FUCK!!! YES!!! Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!!!" Britney's body convulsed against George's as the orgasm shook her. If he hadn't held her tightly, she'd have been thrashing all over the bed. And the pulsing of Britney's pussy around his cock was all George needed to send him over the edge. He felt his balls tighten, then twitch, and stream after stream of cum shot out into Britney's unprotected pussy.

Britney's orgasm intensified as she felt George's cum flood her pussy. Since her pussy was already filled with his cock, his semen squeezed around his cock, some oozing out past her pussy lips onto the bed. Still more forced its way through her cervix and into her womb. Britney was completely filled now, by George's cock and his cum, and she couldn't think of anything that could be better. She looked up at George, who was still staring at her face.

"Did I do okay?" She was still afraid she might not be good enough.

"God, baby, you were great! I've never had anything better. Did it feel good to you?"

"God, yes! I want your dick in me all the time!"

Part 3

As George drove away from Britney's house, he considered how good his life had suddenly become. He had an experienced lover, who knew how to make his cock beg for mercy, and he was pretty sure she'd be willing to try anything that he wanted her to. The fact that she was his daughter only made it more exciting. And now he had a teenager who needed (and wanted) to learn everything about sex that he could teach her. No, things were just about as good as he could ever imagine them being right now.

After George left, Britney flopped back on her bed, still naked. She rested for several minutes breathing deeply, letting her body relax after what it just been through. Then she reached for her phone. She just had to tell Kylie about this.

When Kylie answered, Britney said, "Can you talk? I've got something I have to tell you, but it's really dirty! There can't be anybody else around!"

"It's okay, Mom's at work, and my grampa had to go see a client, so I'm alone." Britney had to force herself not to laugh or say something about what kind of client Kylie's grandfather had been seeing. She wanted to be able to tell Kylie everything about what she'd done, including who she'd been with, but she knew Kylie would just get mad.

"I did it with a guy! All the way!" Britney had wanted to build up to it, but in the end she just blurted it out.

"NO WAY! God, you really did it? Was it Derek?" Kylie's mind was racing. She knew that Britney talked big, but she didn't really think she'd do something like that.

"No, in fact you can have Derek if you want him. I don't need a little boy like that any more, I've got a real man!"

"God, Brit, what did you do?"

"I found an older guy online that likes little girls, and he came over this morning and we did it." And Britney launched into a blow-by-blow description of everything George had done to her, leaving out only who it was she'd been with.

Britney told Kylie what it was like when George licked her. "I was afraid I wouldn't like it. God, it was great!"

When Britney described how she'd had an orgasm as George licked her pussy, Kylie asked, "Was it as good as when you do it yourself?"

"Oh yeah, even better. But just shut up and let me finish, will you?"

"Okay, don't get all pissy!" Kylie was starting to get pretty horny listening to Brit, like she had when Britney had told her about the time with Derek. She laid back on her bed and unfastened her jeans.

Britney continued with her story, finally getting to the point where George had shoved his dick into her and popped her cherry. "God, it hurt so bad! I thought maybe I should tell him to stop, but he was really nice and just waited until the pain started to go away. I don't think some boy like Derek would have done that. Then he started moving it in out of me, and it stopped hurting and started to feel really good."

While Britney rattled on about how it felt to have a dick inside her, Kylie reached down between her legs, slipped her hand inside her pants, stuck her fingers into her pussy and started finger-fucking herself. She still wanted to hear about what had happened to Britney, but she also wanted to make herself cum. Kylie began to stroke herself in rhythm with Britney's voice, speeding up or slowing down as Britney did, thrusting deeper into herself when Britney talked about something that her lover had done, or that she had felt. As she masturbated, Kylie unconciously drew her knees up towards her shoulders, spreading herself open wider. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back, and pretended that it was a nice big dick belonging to a hot older guy inside her instead of her own fingers.

Kylie wished now that she'd taken off her jeans before starting to play with herself, but it was too late for that. Her pussy was wet, her fingers gliding in and out easily. She was holding the mouthpiece of her phone away from her mouth, so Britney wouldn't hear her deep breathing and the low moans that she couldn't keep from letting out.

Britney was coming to the finish of her story now. "And I did the shaking thing again. I couldn't believe it, it was like even harder than when he licked me, and then he shot his stuff into me and I was shaking even more."

Kylie was shaking herself now. As Britney described the end of her sex session, Kylie felt her orgasm roll over her body. She sucked her breath in, biting down on her lip to keep from crying out into the phone. Her thighs clamped together around her hand as her belly heaved and the muscles of her pussy squeezed around her fingers. She shook for several seconds while Britney told her about how her older lover had said she was really good, then relaxed back against the bed, catching her breath. And then something Britney has said registered with her.

"You let him shoot his stuff in you? Brit, that's how you make babies, dummy! You could get pregnant!"

"I don't think you can get pregnant the first time you do it. Besides, if I get pregnant I'm sure he'll take care of it for me."

"Whatever. I gotta go now. Thanks for telling me about that, it was really hot. Bye." Kylie hung up the phone, pulled her hand out of her jeans, and started buttoning them up.

As soon as George heard Kylie tell Britney that she had to go he moved away from the door to Kylie's bedroom. He'd gotten home just about the time that Kylie had put her hand into her pants. She'd left her bedroom door standing part-way open, and when George had walked in, he'd heard her talking on the phone and walked to her bedroom to tell her he was back. When he saw his 13-year-old granddaughter lying on her back on her bed, phone to her ear and hand inside her jeans, he stopped dead. He shouldn't be watching, but he couldn't help himself. He knew that Kylie masturbated, Britney had told him that, but knowing it and seeing it were two different things. George was sure that Kylie was listening to Britney describe what he'd done to her, and that just made watching Kylie that much more exciting. He only wished that she'd taken off her jeans so he could actually see her fingers moving in and out of her pussy. He knew he should feel disgusted about what he was doing, but he just didn't. He'd already found out that he loved incest, and he'd just gotten through having the time of his life with a 13-year-old. There was pretty much nothing that he wasn't willing to do by now.

As he walked away from Kylie's bedroom, he wondered how Kylie's pussy would compare to Britney's. Or to her mother's. And if he'd ever get a chance to find out.

After Kylie got herself put back together, and rested a bit from her orgasm, she wandered out to the kitchen. Her grandfather was back from his client's, and was rummaging through the refrigerator, looking for something to eat.

"Hey, Grampa, anything good in there?"

"Mostly just stuff for sandwiches. I'm going to have one, you hungry?"

"Yeah, make me a sandwich, too. Whatever you're having is fine."

Grampa put together a couple of turkey sandwiches and dug out a bag of chips and some soda, and they had lunch. They didn't say much. Kylie wasn't in a mood to talk, she was preoccupied with thinking about her conversation with Britney. She was kicking herself because she hadn't asked Brit more about exactly how she'd found this older guy she'd had sex with. Now she wasn't sure if she should ask Brit how she found him, or maybe even ask her if she thought the guy would be interested in trying another young virgin.

George didn't really feel much like talking, either. His mind kept kept reliving the way Britney's little body had felt against his, how sweet her pussy had tasted and how tight it was around his cock. And how hot his granddaughter had looked later, as she masturbated while listening to her friend tell her about being fucked by an older guy. He couldn't get his mind running in any other direction, and he really didn't want to.

Jeannie seemed charged up when she got home from work, and while they were eating dinner she said, "Dad, could you do me a really big favor?"

"Like what, honey?"

"Like take care of Kylie while I go away for a few days." Jeannie cringed a little, like she was afraid George was going to say "No."

"I think I could handle that. What have you got planned?"

"My friend Shelly at work just broke up with her boyfriend, and she thought the two of us could really use a long weekend away from everything. We both got Friday and Monday off work and we're going to go up North. Her parents have a cabin up there, and we can have a nice relaxing weekend to do nothing."

"That sounds like just what you need. You go ahead, and don't worry about Kylie and me. We'll be just fine." George's mind was working overtime thinking about just how fine he and his granddaughter could be without her mother around.

That night, Jeannie showed up in George's bedroom, already naked, as soon as everyone had headed off for bed. All George had on was a pair of boxers, Jeannie had them on the floor in no time, and wrapped her fingers around her father's cock. As he felt her start to stroke him, George pulled her close, crushed his mouth against hers, and reached between her legs to start fingering her pussy.

They stood there for several minutes, kissing, fingering each other, like a couple of teenagers in their first grope session. Finally, George pressed Jeannie onto the bed on her back forced her legs apart, and slammed his cock into her.

"Uhhh, yes, Dad, fuck me like a whore!" No fantasies this time, just raw sex. Jeannie moaned and George grunted as he plowed into her as hard as he could. They fucked like teenagers, too, all flying limbs and passion, no technique. It didn't matter. George emptied a huge load of cum into Jeannie, and she climaxed seconds later, her body trembling as she felt her father's semen spurt into her. They lay together on the bed for a few minutes.

"I'm going to miss you while you're gone, honey."

"I know, Dad, but it's only for a few days. It's not like I'm moving out again. Like I'd want to do that any time soon!" She chuckled. "I wish I could just stay in here and sleep with you."

"I know, but that wouldn't be a very smart idea with Kylie in the house."

"Yeah, maybe sometime she'll spend the weekend with one of her friends."

"Let's hope."

Jeannie peeled herself out of her father's arms, and out of his bed, and headed for her own room to get some sleep. George waited until she'd had time to make it back to her bedroom, then got up and opened his email and IM programs on his computer. Britney wasn't online for chat, but when he looked at his email there was a message there from her address. The subject line just said "Hi."

He opened it.

{2day ws grt. Want 2 fuck u agn. Soon! B}

He wanted to send her a reply, but knew that wasn't a good idea. He'd done enough stupid things for one day without compounding them. Not that he regretted a thing.

Part 4

The next couple of days actually went by without much drama, or much (actually any) sex. George had a contract to work on that took up all of his time during the day, and some at night. It wasn't difficult, but it was a rush job that had to be finished quickly, and the amount of effort George put into it in a short period of time left him pretty washed out at the end of the day. Jeannie could see that he was worn out and didn't try to push it, leaving him alone for the most part, except for a quick cuddle session just after bedtime.

George did get another email from Britney She was upset that he hadn't replied to her earlier message. He didn't want to make her mad, but didn't feel like taking any more chances yet, so he didn't answer that one either. He was hoping he'd see her sometime while Jeannie was out of town.

Everyone was happy to see Friday morning come around. George was finished with his project and could have some time to himself. Not to mention the plans he'd been dreaming up for his granddaughter while Jeannie was gone.

Jeannie was happy to have a long weekend, and to be getting out of town. She was overjoyed with what she'd found with her father since they'd moved back in with him, but she'd basically gone directly from kicking out a deadbeat husband to moving in with her father without being able to take even a day for herself, away from everyone and everything. She needed it badly, and now was going to get it.

As for Kylie, she wanted to talk to Britney in person about how she'd found the guy she'd had sex with. Kylie was determined to find one herself. But Mom had been too busy with work and getting ready for her weekend away, and Grandpa had been working on his project, so Kylie had been stuck at home for a couple of days. She'd talked to Brit on the phone a couple of times, but she wanted to wait until they were alone to really grill her about how to find an older man.

Shelly showed up right on time at 8:00 on Friday morning to pick Jeannie up. She was a 25-year-old blond who looked younger. She had long hair that was pulled back in its usual ponytail, and a slim build. She'd started working in Jeannie's department about six months ago, and the two had quickly become friends, spending their break time commiserating about the useless men in their lives. Shelly had even said that Jeannie telling her about getting rid of Jack had given her the push she needed to unload her boyfriend.

They loaded up the car with enough food to last them for the long weekend, along with several bottles of wine, and headed out. It was about a three-hour drive to the cabin, with stops for food and bathroom breaks, and they wanted to get there early enough to get settled in and still be able to do some hiking and poking around on Friday.

The car was no sooner out of the driveway than Kylie started pestering her grandfather about picking up Britney and taking them to the mall.

"You'd live out there if you got a chance." George chuckled. Old as he was, he knew the mall was the hang-out spot for anybody in town below college age.

"Grampa, I haven't been there in days! And I haven't seen Britney, either."

"I thought you kids would rather talk on the phone or text than actually see each other, anyway." George was teasing now. He knew he was going to give Kylie anything she wanted. Especially if it involved Britney. "Give her a call and make sure she can go."

About an hour later, the three of them were at the mall. They wandered around a little bit, then George decided that following two thirteen-year-olds around all day was more than he needed. Especially when every time he looked at Britney and thought about what they'd done, his cock started to stiffen.

"Hey, girls, I'm going to head over and settle down for a while with a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll. Come and get me or call if you find something you just can't live without." Besides wanting to rest his feet (and his dick), he really was hungry. He hadn't had breakfast.

That was just what Kylie wanted to hear. She was finally going to have Britney alone, and would be able to ask her about how she'd found the guy she'd had sex with. Britney wasn't so happy about it. She wanted some time to be alone with George, and find out why he hadn't answered her email. She was afraid maybe he didn't want to see her again.

As soon as they were far enough away from her grampa, Kylie started in, "So, how did you find this older guy? You promised you'd tell me!"

Britney had been thinking about what she was going to say, and had her story all worked out. "There's this website I found. It has all kinds of porno movies and stories, and stuff. And then you can put like ads up there where you say what you're looking for. There are all these horny old men trying to find somebody to fuck." All of that was true. After she'd made out with Derek, she'd started looking for sex stuff on the Internet, and she'd done it even more after masturbating with Kylie. And after George had popped her cherry, well, that was about all she did when she was online. Once she'd started looking, she'd been amazed at how many sites like that there were.

"Don't you have to be eighteen to go on those sites?" Kylie had heard about things like that on the Internet, but never actually visited one.

"Yeah, you're supposed to be, but they don't really check, and if you don't screw up and tell how old you are nobody knows. Anyway, most of these old guys are just looking for stuff online, you know, where you type dirty stuff to each other. But some of them put where they are. And I found one who was around here, and sent him an IM."

"No way, it was that easy? You just sent him an IM and he showed up and fucked you?"

"Well, not quite that quick. I had to wait until he was online one night, then he like answered the IM, so I asked him if he had a cam. I wanted to make sure he wasn't some skanky like 300-pound gross dork or something, you know."

"No duh, that would be so lame, to do it with somebody like that."

"So, anyway, he was okay looking, so I let him see me on my cam."

"What did he say when he saw how young you are?"

"He was totally into it. All he could talk about was how hot I was and how he wanted me. So I like gave him my address, and he came over the next day. And I told you all about what happened then." Britney was smirking now.

"Isn't it like dangerous to give somebody you don't know your address? I mean, what if he turned out to be like a serial killer or something? I don't know if I could do that."

"Yeah, I thought about that later. But it turned out okay, he was a really nice guy. Just a horny really nice guy who likes little girls."

"So, can you like, hook me up with him? If he likes little girls, he should like me."

Britney had thought about this, too. "Sorry, he made me promise I wouldn't tell anybody who he was. He could get in big trouble."

"But I could just say I found him on the website like you did. I wouldn't have to rat you out."

"Uh, he's not on there anymore. He got scared after we did it and decided he didn't want to take any more chances." Britney hoped Kylie was buying her story. She didn't want to have to answer any more questions. "You'll just have to try going on there yourself and see if you can find another guy."

Jeannie and Shelly got to the cabin just after 11:00, and by Noon had everything unloaded and set up. They decided to take a hike around the lake and get their bearings for the long weekend. They were dressed pretty much the same, tank tops and khaki shorts, sneakers. Shelly led the way along the trail, since she had been there before, and Jeannie followed, feeling jealous of Shelly's girlish figure. Well, what did she expect, Shelly was almost ten years younger and had never had any kids. As they walked, Jeannie got a good look at the way Shelly's hips wiggled in her shorts. And she noticed that Shelly's shorts were quite a bit, well, shorter, than her own.

By the time they got back to the cabin, Jeannie was pretty well worn out. Keeping up with a younger woman, who was probably a lot more physically active than she was, had her ready to just sit and relax, for maybe the next twelve hours. Shelly suggested they unwind with a glass of wine before they worried about what to have for dinner, and Jeannie found herself sitting on the couch, wineglass in hand, her shoulder pressed up against Shelly's. She was surprised at how natural and comfortable it felt.

Jeannie finished her glass of wine, leaned forward to set the glass on the table in front of them. When she sat back she felt Shelly's arm curl around her shoulders. The younger woman's fingers pressed against Jeannie's cheek, turning her head toward Shelly. Jeannie felt like she was in a trance. She'd never done anything with another woman. Ever. Never really even thought about it. But she felt helpless, like she didn't have control of what was going to happen next.

What happened next was that Shelly's lips pressed gently against hers. Jeannie felt Shelly's tongue poke out, brush against her lips. She took in a deep breath, let her lips open slightly. She tasted the wine on Shelly's tongue as it slipped inside her mouth, began exploring. Jeannie relaxed, let her tongue roll around Shelly's, reached up and put her hand on the back of Shelly's head to pull her tighter. When Shelly's fingers curled around Jeannie's breast, Jeannie didn't try to pull back, she just moaned into Shelly's mouth.

Jeannie suddenly couldn't understand why she'd never done this before. Her body felt like it was on fire, her pussy was wet and ready to be used. It was different from being with a man. Not better or worse, just different. Shelly's tongue and touch were gentler. Jeannie wanted to know what her friend's fingers and tongue would feel like on her skin, in her pussy. She had a feeling she wouldn't have to wonder for long.

Shelly pulled back, moved her hands to Jeannie's waist, and pulled up her tank top, tossed it to the side. Reached around Jeannie's back and unfastened her bra, sent it in the same direction as the top.

"Nice." Shelly was looking at Jeannie's breasts. It was the first thing either of them had said in a while. Shelly dropped her head to Jeannie's chest, took one of her tits into her mouth, and began sucking it, as her fingers danced along Jeannie's belly, moving lower and lower.

"Ohhh, god, Shelly." The feel of Shelly's lips and teeth on her breast had Jeannie's skin burning. The fingertips gliding down her belly made her pussy twitch in anticipation. Jeannie reached down, unfastened her own shorts so Shelly wouldn't have to. Shelly's fingers slid inside the shorts seconds later, and Jeannie moaned when she felt them open her pussy lips. Two fingers, long and slender, crept into Jeannie's cunt, and she clutched at Shelly's head, pulling it tighter against her breast. Shelly's fingers penetrated Jeannie until they couldn't reach any deeper, then began probing her, moving inside her, not stroking in and out like a man would do, but stretching her, curling and releasing, twisting from side to side. Jeannie let her head loll back against the couch, closed her eyes, and moaned.

After a couple of minutes of having her tits sucked and being finger-fucked, Jeannie was ready for anything. Which was good thing, because about then, Shelly lifted her head up, pulled her hand out of Jeannie's shorts, and started pulling the shorts down off of her legs. Jeannie had a pretty good idea of what was going to come next, and her suspicions were confirmed when Shelly knelt down in front of her and pushed her legs apart. Shelly looked up and gave Jeannie a big grin, then dove face-first into the older woman's pussy.

Jeannie's body jerked when Shelly's tongue and lips began to explore her pussy. She'd had her pussy eaten before, of course, but never by another woman. Again, Shelly's touch was more gentle than man's, although it was plenty forceful. She obviously knew what she was doing. Jeannie had heard many times that being licked by another woman was better because she'd know exactly what a woman wanted. Now she was starting to believe it.

Shelly's tongue was gliding up and down along Jeannie's pussy lips, teasing, dipping just inside for a split second, then pulling back out. Jeannie's breath was starting to come in short gasps, her body was on fire. She could feel her pussy juice leaking out and running over her thighs, mixing with Shelly's saliva.

"Fuck, Shelly, suck on my clit!" As soon as she heard the words come out of her mouth, Jeannie knew that she was out of control. But she didn't care. Nothing mattered except what she was feeling between her legs.

Shelly's lips fastened on Jeannie's clit, and Jeannie stiffened as soon as she felt the younger woman sucking on her. She felt her pussy being opened by Shelly's fingers, at least two, maybe more.

"Fuck, hunh, hunh, hunh, yes, cumming!" Jeannie's body went berserk. She thrashed on the couch, her head snapped back and forth, her hips jerked out against Shelly's mouth and hand. She grabbed Shelly's head, pulled it tighter against her, wrapped her legs around Shelly's shoulders. She felt like she was never going to stop cumming, but at last her body gave a final twitch, then relaxed, and she let go of Shelly with her hands and legs.

"Mmmmm, Shelly, that was wild. If I knew it was that good with another woman I'd have been a lezzie a long time ago."

Shelly was grinning at her. Jeannie could see her juices on Shelly's face. "Hey, woman, that's how I stay sane when the men in my life are being dicks. Now, how would you like to suck on a nice, wet, cunt?"

"Uh, I don't know if I can do that." Jeannie felt a little nervous. She really knew she could do it, she was just afraid she wouldn't do it right. But Shelly was already stripping off her clothes.

"Sure you can, baby. Now come here."

George and the girls stayed at the mall just about all day. George was pretty well worn out by the time they left. He was getting a little old to be trying to keep up with a couple of thirteen-year-olds. They picked up pizza on the way home so he wouldn't have to worry about making dinner. When they got done eating, the girls headed for Kylie's room, and George watched some TV for a while to relax. When he was pretty sure the girls were asleep, he fired up the computer and started looking for something to keep him occupied. He had his dick in his hand and his eyes glued to a hot lesbian scene when the door opened and Britney walked in, wearing nothing but a t-shirt. No panties this time. George froze in mid-stroke.

"What are you doing in here? Do you want Kylie to catch us?" He was trying to ignore the fact that his cock had stiffened even more when the little girl walked in.

"Don't worry, she's asleep. We fingered ourselves while I told her all about what you did to me. Then she fell asleep after she came." Britney was grinning.

"You told her about it before, didn't you? On the phone? I saw her with her hand in her pants while she was listening to you."

"I thought she was doing that. And you were watching? You dirty old man!" Britney giggled.

"You knew I was a dirty old man already. And I didn't hear you complaining about it."

"But she's your granddaughter." George couldn't tell if Britney was playing, or was actually shocked.

"Hey, have you and Kylie ever fingered each other when you're together? I'd love to watch that."

"God, do we look like lezzies to you?" Britney looked shocked. "You're even sicker than I thought."

"Come over here and find out how sick I can be." Britney was still standing in the doorway, and couldn't see what George had on his computer, or that he was holding his stiff dick. She stepped into the room, closing the door behind her, eyes widening as she saw his boner. When she reached George's chair, she sat down on his lap, replacing his hand with her own on his dick, and looked at the computer screen. A blond girl had her face buried in a redhead's crotch and was licking and fingering for all she was worth.

"God, what are you watching?" She had a look on her face like she'd bitten into something sour.

"Hey, you didn't complain when my mouth was between your legs!"

"Yeah, but you're a guy. That's different." George noticed that her hand hadn't missed a beat on his dick. And that she hadn't looked away from the computer.

"Your pussy doesn't know whose tongue it is. Hey, don't you know that all guys just love to watch two girls doing it?" He was grinning widely, now, thinking about all the things this little girl still had to learn, and how much fun it would be to teach her.

"Really? Sounds kinda weird to me." George decided maybe it was better to change the subject.

"Hey, little girl, have you ever had a guy's cock in your mouth?" Britney gave him that tasted-something-nasty look again.

"No, do you like that?" She wasn't sure that sounded like any fun.

"Yeah, I like it. I did you with my mouth, it's only fair."

"Sounds pretty gross to me."

"What, you don't want new experiences?" George was teasing now, the grin on his face even wider.

"Well, I guess I could try it, but if I don't like it I'm gonna stop."

"Sure." George didn't think he should press things too much, he was too close to being in deep shit as it was.

Britney knelt on the floor in front of George's chair, moved her head closer to his hard dick. Perfect, he could still see the video on his computer over her head. Britney was looking at his cock with a puzzled expression on her face.

"So, like what am I supposed to do with it?"

"Lick it like a popsicle, up and down. Especially right under the head, that's where it really feels good. Then put it in your mouth and suck on it."

"Jeez, I can't get that in my mouth, it's too frickin' big!"

George chuckled. "You don't have to put the whole thing in, just the head and a little bit more."

Britney didn't say anything more, just stuck her tongue out and touched the tip to George's shaft, licked up maybe half an inch. George groaned with pleasure. Britney pulled her head back, trying to decide whether the taste was too gross to keep going or not. After a few seconds, she leaned in again, dipped her head toward the base of his shaft and licked all the way up to the head. He tasted salty, kinda sweaty, but not too bad. She felt George jerk when the tip of her tongue slid along the underside of his cock-head, tasted something bitter when she licked the hole in the end.

"Is that pee?" If it was, she didn't want to have anything to do with it.

"No, that's what comes out before a guy shoots his cum."

"Are you gonna shoot?"

"Pretty soon, yeah." Britney licked the pee-hole again and George shuddered. Then she moved down almost to his balls, ran her tongue along the whole length of his shaft again. When she reached the head she opened her mouth as wide as she could, wrapped her lips around the head and took it into her mouth. She had to stretch her mouth a little to get it in, but she did, sucked on it, and heard George groan again.

Britney looked up at George, saw the look of pure lust on his face. She dipped her head a little, took an inch or so more of George's dick into her mouth, then moved her head back up, dipped again, this time getting just a little more of him past her lips than last time. Then everything happened at once.

George moaned, "Fuck, baby, I'm gonna cum in your mouth!" She felt his hands twist in her hair, pull her head forward forcing more of his shaft into her mouth, the head pressing up against the roof of her mouth, then he jerked and grunted, and something hot and salty and nasty-tasting poured over her tongue and back toward her throat. She gulped it, trying not to choke, then kept gulping as more shots of cum pumped out of George's cock. Eventually George slumped back in his chair and the torrent from his dick stopped. Britney slurped down the last of his cum and took a huge gasping breath, looked up at him with her eyes wide.

"Was it okay?" She didn't know if she was supposed to swallow it or not, or if she'd sucked the right way.

"Yeah, honey, quit worrying. You do everything just fine." George was smiling, happy that he hadn't had to take care of his hard-on by himself. "You're sure Kylie's asleep?" He wanted to do more, but wasn't in the mood to have his granddaughter walk in on the festivities.

"Mmm hmm, she's out like a light." Britney was still trying to decide whether she liked the taste of cum.

"Okay, then it's your turn." In one motion, George stood up, swept Britney up off the floor and onto the bed, then quickly stripped off her T-shirt. Her pushed her knees apart and buried his face in her crotch. No foreplay, no fondling or licking of breasts or belly, no kissing. Britney had felt some fluttering in her belly while she had George's dick in her mouth, but now it was a jolt as she felt his tongue scraping across her pussy lips, diving in between them, snaking up to her clit. She was instantly dripping wet, reaching down to pull his head tighter against her, a low moan escaping from her. George's lips fastened on her clit, and she felt his finger slide into her pussy. She'd never been licked and fingered at the same time, and the combination made her tremble. She was humping her hips out against his finger and mouth, and was moaning constantly. A second finger slipped into her, and the fingers turned, the changed pressure on her pussy walls causing her muscles to spasm. Suddenly she felt something creep between the cheeks of her ass, over the little strip of skin between her pussy and her anus. It brushed over the tight ring of her sphincter, and Britney jerked.

"Hey, you do know that's my butt." She could barely get the words out, she was breathing so heavily because of the feelings from her pussy and clit, but she wasn't at all sure she liked having something touching her butt. It felt dirty, even dirtier than what she was already doing. Even dirtier than the lezzie stuff George had been watching when she walked in on him. She felt pressure on her butt now, felt the tiny ring being spread open as George's finger violated it, the tip slipping inside her ass. She wanted to protest, but she couldn't, because a split-second later, George drew her clit between his teeth and actually bit it.

"Ahhh, fuck! MMMMMM!" Britney bit her lower lip trying not to scream, knowing she couldn't do anything that would wake Kylie up. Her whole body went stiff, shoulders jerking up off the bed, fingers clutching at George's hair, hips thrusting out against his fingers and tongue. Pulses shot from her clit and pussy to her brain and back, and from her ass, too, as she felt the invading finger slide deeper into her, her ass clutching at it, trying to spit it out, then almost sucking it into her. The pain from George's teeth on her clit and the pressure inside her ass just seemed to make her orgasm more intense. She tasted a drop of blood as she kept biting her lip, found out even that turned her on. Britney moaned and writhed on the bed for at least thirty seconds before her body went limp and she weakly pushed George awake, gasping, "God, stop, I can't take any more!"

George lifted himself to his feet, looked down at the little girl on his bed, breathing heavily, eyes almost closed, a sheen of sweat covering her tiny, naked body. He hadn't been sure how much he should do this soon, if he should try touching her ass, how rough he should be with his licking, but it had all worked out. Britney was a slut through-and-through, and he'd be willing to put money on her liking pain a lot more than most girls. He looked at his own cock, standing at attention again and ready for action.

"So, baby, you ready to get fucked?"

"Mmmm, yeah, I want you to fuck me. Do it hard."

George stepped toward the bed. Outside the bedroom door, Kylie thought, "So that's why she wouldn't tell me any more about the guy she was with."

Jeannie tossed and turned in bed, trying to sleep. Shelly hadn't had any trouble, she'd been asleep practically as soon as they hit the bed. Jeannie was plenty tired enough, but she was having trouble quieting her mind enough to relax and drift off.

Her first effort at licking a pussy that afternoon had gone pretty well, once she'd simply decided "Fuck it, let's do this." It was all new to her, she'd never even kissed another woman before, but the rest of it, being kissed and fondled and licked, she had done before, only always with men and not women. Putting her face between another woman's legs was a completely new experience. The first thing that hit her was the scent. She obviously knew what a pussy smelled like, but being that close made the scent almost overwhelming, to the point that she actually felt a little light-headed for a moment. She paused, her face a couple of inches from Shelly's crotch, and inhaled deeply, closed her eyes, let the scent permeate her. Then she leaned in, spread Shelly's lips with her fingers, and stuck her tongue into the younger woman's cunt. The taste made her even wilder than the smell had, and having Shelly thrashing on the couch like a crazy woman hadn't done anything to calm her down, either. She actually had to hold onto Shelly's hips to keep her planted in one place so she could keep licking her. Shelly didn't say anything as Jeannie licked her, just panted and moaned, holding Jeannie's face against her crotch. Jeannie licked her tongue as deep into Shelly's pussy as she could, lapping out the juices, letting them slide into her mouth and down her throat. She could feel some of it coating her lips, running down her chin. Finally, when she thought Shelly was about to cum, she sucked her clit into her mouth, flicked it with her tongue, and felt her new lover shudder, her legs locking around Jeannie's head, drawing her closer. Shelly stiffened, then relaxed, letting out a huge sigh. Jeannie lifted her head to stare into Shelly's eyes. Shelly grinned wickedly.

"Thought you couldn't do that."

"Yeah, guess I can still surprise myself.'

The rest of the day was pretty calm by comparison. The two women relaxed, ate dinner, watched some TV. Nothing to write home about. Until it was time for bed. Jeannie expected something to happen, and she wasn't disappointed. About 9:00 Shelly took Jeannie by the hand and, without saying anything, led her into the bedroom. Still silent, Shelly slowly stripped Jeannie, then took off her own clothes. The women melted into each other's arms, kissing deeply, stroking each other's bodies.

Jeannie felt Shelly's finger slip inside her pussy and moaned. A second finger joined the first, and Shelly pushed Jeannie back onto the bed. Jeannie looked up and saw a wicked grin on Shelly's face as she felt her new lover's fingers sliding in an out of her. Jeannie felt her pussy stretch more, and realized that Shelly had added a third finger. She began to wonder how much she could take. Jeannie propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch what Shelly was doing. Shelly gave her another one of those wicked grins, then turned her hand slightly and slid her fourth finger into Jeannie's pussy.

"Fuck yes!!!" Jeannie almost screamed as she watched the palm of Shelly's hand disappear inside her, felt Shelly twisting her hand back and forth. Jeannie knew now what Shelly intended to do, and knew that she wanted it. She spread her legs as wide as she could to give Shelly better access. She watched as Shelly laid her thumb along her other fingers and gave her hand a twisting thrust.

"AAAAIIIIIEEEE!!!!" This time Jeannie did scream, body jerking, head flopping back on the bed, as Shelly's hand ripped her open, reaching inside her. Jeannie's cunt hadn't been open this wide since she'd given birth to Kylie. She forced herself to look between her legs again, could see that Shelly's wrist and half her forearm were inside her.

"Fuck me! Please fuck me!" Jeannie moaned as she felt Shelly pull back til Jeannie's pussy lips were gripping the middle of her hand, then thrust back in so hard Jeannie was a afraid she'd be split in half. But she didn't care. She moved her hips out at Shelly, trying to suck the woman's entire arm into her. Jeannie's body was on fire, the sheer size of what was fucking her causing to almost lose her mind as she thrashed on Shelly's arm. Shelly fucked her hard, reaching deeper inside her with every stroke. Jeannie could see her belly rising and falling, distended by Shelly's arm, until finally Shelly's fingers brushed against Jeannie's cervix.

"Oh god, what...AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Jeannie's body convulsed as Shelly dug her fingernails into her cervix, overcome by the most unbelievable combination of pleasure and pain she'd ever experienced. She screamed like a baby as the orgasm shook every bit of her body, losing track of the difference between agony and ecstasy. Then, at the peak of her orgasm, when she felt like she might simply cum forever, her mind and body shut down and she collapsed back on the bed unconscious.

Kylie hadn't been asleep very long when she woke up, looked around, and realized that she was alone in her bedroom. She wondered where Britney had gone, but didn't worry too much about it, because she had to pee. She took care of that, but when she went back out into the hall from the bathroom, she heard noises coming from her grandfather's bedroom. It only took a few seconds standing outside the door to tell her where Britney was, and why she hadn't said any more about her old man sex partner.

Now, as she heard Britney practically begging Grampa, "Mmmm, yeah, I want you to fuck me. Do it hard," she wondered again what it would feel like to have something beside her own finger in her pussy. She decided to take a big chance and turned the knob on Grampa's door, opened it just a tiny crack, and looked in. Britney was laying across Grampa's bed, all naked. Grampa was naked, too, standing over her. Kylie could see his dick sticking out. It looked really big, but it was the first one she'd ever seen for real, so she couldn't be sure. Grampa had a strange grin on his face.

"So, do you want me to fuck you in the ass?"

"No! God!" Britney sounded shocked to Kylie. But then she said, "Well - maybe later. Right now I want you to fuck me here." She pointed to her pussy. Kylie looked where her friend was pointing. The little girl's legs were spread, and Kylie could see that her pussy lips were wet, and seemed to be pulsing. Kylie slipped her hand into her own panties without even really noticing what she was doing.

Grampa pushed Britney's legs wide apart, stepped up to the bed, and pushed his dick inside Kylie's best friend. Just the tip at first, then he held Brit's legs and shoved it all the way into her. Kylie heeard Brit moan, saw her body jerk, and shoved her own finger as far inside her pussy as she could. She watched Grampa fucking Britney, her eyes locked on his dick moving in and out of the girl's body, her own finger picking up the same rhythm as she imagined taking Britney's place in Grampa's bed. She bit down on her lip to keep from making any noise.

Jeannie had no idea how long she was out, but when she came to, Shelly was curled up in bed next to her.

"Hey, sleepyhead, you ready for some more action?" Jeannie was getting used to that wicked grin of Shelly's by now.

"Damn, I don't know. I feel like I've been fucked by a horse."

"Nah, a horse cock's bigger than that. No fingernails, though. But you have to be careful, it can do some real damage." Jeannie stared, open-mouthed, feeling like she'd been hit with a baseball bat. Shelly just smiled. "There are all sorts of things I can teach you, baby."

This time there was no pain for Britney when George's cock slid into her, just the wonderful feeling of having a cock inside her. She was wet from being licked and cumming, and George's whole dick slid inside easily. She let her head loll back on the bed, closed her eyes, and began thrusting her hips out at George in rhythm with his strokes. She had her legs spread as wide as they'd go, and she felt like George's dick was driving deeper into her every time he shoved in. His hands closed over her breasts, she felt him squeeze them, twist a little, pinch her nipples, and as the slight pain shot through her, her pussy spasmed and her back arched up off the bed. Britney moaned as the orgasm rippled through her, not a big one this time, just a little shake, but enough to make her moan. And make her pussy even more sensitive as George kept ramming his cock into it.

Then Britney almost yelped as she looked over toward the door It was standing open a little ways, even though she knew it had been closed, and Kylie was standing there, watching them. With her hand in her panties. Kylie looked scared when she saw that Britney knew she was there, but Britney was in no position to say anything. She was simply gasping as she felt George's cock pound her. George was panting now, and Britney knew he was going to cum soon. She looked up into his face for a second, then rested her head back on the bed. Her pussy was pulsing again, and she wanted to feel George's cum inside her.

George grunted and she felt his cock throbbing inside her. "Ahh, god yeah, shoot it in me!" She felt George's cum spurt into her pussy, and her body trembled again, harder this time, her breath coming in gasps. "Yeah, fill me up, god, I love it!"

Kylie felt her pussy spasming around her finger as she watched Grampa fuck Britney. She wondered if she had the same kind of expression on her face that Britney did, or if that only happened when you were being fucked by a guy. She watched her friend lay her head back on the bed and saw her shudder, watch Grampa jerking, and she knew that he was shooting his stuff into her. Grampa rolled off Britney and Kylie stared between her legs, where Grampa had put his dick in her, and saw thick white stuff oozing out of her. God, that was Grampa's stuff, the stuff that could get her pregnant.

Then, suddenly, Britney looked straight at her and said, "Hey, Ky, are you going to just stand there and watch?"

When Jeannie picked her jaw up off the floor, she managed to squeak out, "No, you haven't really done things like that, have you?" She was shaking, trying to figure out if her friend was some kind of disgusting pervert. And if it would bother her if she was.

"Oh, yeah, I've plenty of things that most people think are just horrible. I'll tell you all about them if you want me to. But if I do, you might never want to be around me again. And you have to tell me all about your deep dark secrets."

"I don't have any deep dark secrets." Except that I've been fucking my father. And I just let another woman shove her arm up inside me. But Shelly already knew that one. As for never wanting to be around Shelly again, that wasn't going to happen. Not as long as Shelly still had her hands and mouth.

"Everybody has deep dark secrets, baby. Some of us just have more than others." Shelly had that wicked grin on her face again. "Do you want to hear mine, or are you afraid?"

"Uh, I guess I already know one of yours. A pretty big one."

"Big in more ways than one! Yeah, I've had a horse cock in me, and dogs, too. It just seems like anything with a dick turns me on. Plenty of things without dicks, too!" There was that grin again.

"But - how can you fit something the size of a horse's dick in you?" Jeannie was shuddering just thinking about what Shelly was sharing with her.

"Hey, you had my arm up yours. And you had a baby come out, that's pretty good size, too."

"Yeah, and they both hurt like hell!" Now Jeannie was grinning, too.

"So, things can hurt and feel good at the same time. Don't try to tell me you didn't enjoy getting fisted. And don't tell me you've never looked at a horse and wondered what it would be like."

Jeannie shuddered a little at the thought. "Well, maybe." Her mind was racing, trying to keep up with the shocks it had felt today. She made a decision. "So, my deepest darkest secret is that I fucked my dad."

Shelly didn't even flinch. "Did he molest you when you were a kid?"

"No. I wanted him to, I know that now, but he never touched me. Then. I've been fucking him since Kylie and I moved in with him."

Kylie almost panicked. She wasn't sure what to do. She wanted to run away, but knew it wouldn't do any good. So she froze, standing there, hand in her panties, staring at Britney and her grandfather. Grampa was looking at her now, licking his lips.

George felt like he'd been smacked with a board when he realized Kylie had been watching him fuck her best friend, but he recovered quickly. He had no inhibitions left. The only question was whether the thought of joining them would scare Kylie away. Since she had her hand inside her panties he didn't think that was going to be a problem.

"Come on, honey, no reason we should have all the fun." She hesitated for a few seconds, still frozen in place, but then she pulled her hand out of her panties and walked into the bedroom. George decided it was time to go all out.

"Honey, I want you to suck my cock, get me all hard so I can fuck you. And Britney, I want you to lick Kylie's pussy while she sucks me."

Memories flooded Shelly when Jeannie admitted to having sex with her father. Shelly had been raped by her father and her older brother when she was a teenager. She'd been fifteen and a virgin the first time her father raped her. And she'd loved it, all of it. The pain of having her cherry popped, knowing that sex with her father was wrong, a sin, being taken against her will. And since that first time, she'd always needed something kinky or evil to excite her.

Shelly hadn't been joking when she'd told Jeannie that she'd had a horse cock inside her, or about the dogs, either. She'd had cocks in her pussy, ass, and mouth all at the same time, and had let guys not only cum in all of her holes, but piss in them, too. She'd done everything possible with another woman, or with a group of women. She'd been tied up, whipped, beaten, tortured. Now, at the age of twenty-five, she needed something new to keep her excited. And she was starting to think that introducing Jeannie to some of her perversions might be just the thing.

"I fucked my dad, too. He was my first. My brother was my second." Shelly looked at Jeannie, waiting for a reaction. She still wasn't quite sure that the older woman wasn't going to freak out and decide she didn't want to be anywhere near a pervert like Shelly. But Jeannie was just sitting there, looked like she was waiting for Shelly to continue. "But you want to hear about the horse, don't you?"

Jeannie chewed on her lower lip, nodded. Since she'd gotten rid of her husband, she'd let herself admit to some of the things she'd been trying to keep bottled up inside for years. Her feelings about her father were just the beginning. Now she was ready for more.

"So, you've seen those clips on the Internet of women sucking horse dicks or shoving one into their pussies, right?"

"Uh... noooo." Jeannie was beginning to think this was all some kind of weird drug dream. She didn't even know things like that existed on the Internet.

"Oh, well, I'll show you." Shelly popped up, grabbed her laptop and fired it up.

"There's wireless here?"

Shelly laughed. "There's wireless everywhere, baby."

A couple of minutes later Shelly was showing Jeannie all kinds of videos of girls sucking horses, playing with their dicks, shoving the dicks up their holes. There were vids of dogs and girls on the site, too, but Jeannie was concentrating on the horse videos.

"You see how the horse cocks never seem to be really hard?"

"Yeah, why is that?"

"For those videos they use horses that are gelded."

"S'what?" Jeannie had no idea what that meant. Shelly gave her a big grin.

"They're fixed, no balls. Can't get it up."

"Oh." Jeannie wondered why they'd do that, but she found out soon enough.

"That's because a horse that's really hard and ready to fuck is dangerous. He could hurt you, bad, even kill you, if you're not careful."

"Was that the kind you had?" Shelly nodded, chewed on her lip. There was a look in her eyes that made Jeannie nervous.

"Eewww, dude, seriously? I told you, I'm not into that." Britney had that "just tasted something nasty" look on her face again.

George stroked her hair gently, whispered, "Just try it this one, okay? For me." Britney sucked on her lower lip for a second, then nodded slowly.

George slowly stripped off his granddaughter's t-shirt and panties, took a good look at her body. It was very much like Britney's, just slightly less developed. Her little tits just a bit smaller, hips barely narrower. George's body was trembling with excitement at the thought of fucking another thirteen year old. The relationship just made it that much better.

Kylie hadn't said a thing since she walked into the room, really hadn't done anything, either, just let Grampa take her clothes off. She could feel his eyes, and Britney's, on her body. Grampa pulled her up on the bed with them, ran his hands over her body. It was the first time she'd ever been touched by anyone else, and it was different from feeling herself up. She was starting to breathe heavier.

Grampa's voice was a hoarse croak. "I want you two to kiss each other." Britney gave him another dirty look, but Kylie didn't think it would be so bad. She'd never kissed anybody, wondered what it would be like.

"Come on, Brit, don't be a wuss." She grinned at her friend, leaned over to her. Their lips met, parted, their tongues touched. Kylie purred, reached out and pulled Britney closer. This wasn't bad at all, Britney's mouth tasted sweet. Kylie's belly was starting to churn as Grampa's hands continued to wander over her skin. He hadn't touched her down there yet. She wanted him to.

Britney was surprised when she kissed Kylie. It didn't gross her out the way she thought it would. It actually felt pretty good. Not like when she kissed George, he was a lot rougher. This was softer, but still sexy. She was actually getting turned on by kissing a girl. She felt fingers on her belly. God, Kylie was touching her! She felt the muscles in her belly twitch, the way they did when George touched her. Shit, maybe she was into girls after all.

Kylie wasn't quite sure why she started running her fingers over Britney's belly, but she knew she wanted to keep doing it, and from the way Brit purred into her mouth, she wanted more of it, too. Kylie let her hand slide lower, felt Brit respond, her tongue going crazy against Kylie's. Kylie's fingers slipped into Brit's pussy.

"Fuck, Ky! Do me!" Britney's whole body shuddered when her friend's fingers went inside her. No more pretending she wasn't interested in doing it with a girl. "Make me cum!"

Kylie was hot, her body tingling like nothing she'd ever felt, even when she played with herself. She could feel Britney's pussy pulsing around her fingers, and there was something warm and sticky in it that she'd never felt in her own. Must be Grampa's stuff. Grampa's hands were still roaming over her body, but he still hadn't touched her pussy. If he didn't pretty soon, she was going to explode. Kylie pushed Britney down onto the bed, hovered over her a second, fingers still buried in the other girl's pussy. Then she lowered her face to Brit's boobs, started licking and sucking them while she pumped her finger in and out.

George watched his granddaughter fucking his little-girl lover, decided on a change of plans. He was hard as a rock, didn't need to have Kylie suck him to get him ready. There'd be plenty of time for that later. He moved behind her on the bed.

"So, there were these guys that knew I was into some really wild shit, and they asked if I wanted to try a horse." There was a faraway look in Shelly's eyes as she talked, like she wasn't quite all there. "I thought they were kidding, but they convinced me it was for real. They knew me too well, I never turn down any chance at something crazy. It was a stable, out in the country."

She barely remembered the guys now. Pete and Larry. What was the third one's name? Bob, that was it, Bob. Larry's family owned the horses. The first thing Shelly noticed about the stable was the smell. She was a city girl, not used to the way a farm smelled, and in the stable the odor couldn't get out.

They led her to the horse's stall. It was small, not much room for the stallion to move around. He was hobbled to make sure he didn't go anywhere. And there was a low table under his chest. He seemed nervous, was trying to prance, but couldn't because of the hobbles. He snorted every few seconds.

"Little twitchy, isn't he?" Shelly was starting to get a little twitchy herself.

"That's because of the mare in heat over there." Larry nodded toward a stall across the aisle. "You want him ready to fuck, don't you?" She hadn't noticed before how nasty Larry's smile was. "Time to get undressed, baby."

She stripped her clothes off quickly but without hurrying. There was nothing there that these guys hadn't seen, or touched, before. She looked closely at the horse's cock for the first time. It was huge. She felt herself getting wet at the thought of being opened up by something like that. Good thing, too. She wouldn't want to try to take something that size without being good and ready.

Larry opened the stall, unhooked the rope that was holding the horse, and let him back up a bit. He pulled Shelly into the stall, helped her lay down on her back on the table, then pulled the horse back into position and re-hooked the rope. Shelly was shaking, a combination of anticipation, excitement, horniness, and outright terror overwhelming her. She looked up at the horse's chest above her, realized that if it moved suddenly the wrong way she could be crushed.

"You ready to fuck a horse, bitch?" Larry was still in the stall with her. She was trying to tell herself it was for protection, but she knew better.

"Yeah. Do it." It was barely a squeak.

"Open yourself up so I can put it in." She spread her legs, reached between them, used her fingers to open the lips of her cunt as wide as she could. Something big and hot pressed against her opening, slipped inside. She groaned as it spread her open, pain shooting through her pelvis.

The stallion jerked. Shelly screamed as the animal's cock ripped her open, plunging into her cunt, lifting her hips off the table. She was sure it was going to tear her apart, split her in two. Her hands gripped at the edges of the table, trying to hold her in place. The horse was humping now, thrusting his hips, trying to lift his front legs off the ground. Shelly started thrusting back at him, feeling the huge cock move deeper inside her. She screamed again when she felt the stallion's rod bang against her cervix. Hell, she might have been screaming the whole time for all she knew.

It certainly wasn't the first time she'd done something kinky. It wasn't even her first animal, she'd fucked a couple of dogs. But it was different. The sheer size and strength of what she was playing with, and the danger that came with it, was enough to drive her wild. And it was the first time she'd experience real pain with sex. Even when she'd had her cherry popped it hadn't hurt much. But the horse cock was so big that it hurt going in, it hurt pulling out. It really hurt when it hit her cervix. It just made the incredible pleasure more intense. She pushed herself toward the end of the table, working to get as much of the monster inside her as she could. At one point she looked down at her belly, and it was so swollen she looked like she was pregnant.

Shelly couldn't say how long it went on. She didn't know how many times she came. By the time it was over she felt like she'd been fucked by a jackhammer. Everything in her belly hurt. She was flailing on the horse dick, making noises like some kind of wild animal. And then she felt the cock twitch, the horse lunged forward. She screamed again, and then came as hard as she could ever remember. Her cunt spasmed, her whole body vibrated, as she felt the horse shooting its load into her. And then she passed out.

"No shit, you passed out like I did with your hand?" Jeannie had listened, rapt, while Shelly told the story. Now she was licking her lips, feeling her belly churn. They were still in bed, naked, their bodies touching.

"Yeah. When I woke up I was in the car on the way back home. Bastards didn't even clean me up, just stuffed me into my clothes. First thing I did when they got me home was take a shower. And play with myself." Grinning, she leaned over and kissed Jeannie. "So, think you want to try something like that?"

"Mmm, yeah, but I might want something smaller first, like a dog. You said you've done that, right? And now I just want you." They kissed again, and Jeannie shuddered when she felt Shelly's hands start to move on her body.

Kylie could feel Grampa moving around on the bed, was vaguely aware that he was behind her now, felt his hands on her hips. She wasn't really paying attention, she was having too much fun with Britney. She'd secretly wondered what it would be like to do this with Brit since they'd started talking to each other about sex and playing with themselves together. She moved her mouth off Brit's boobs, kissed her again, sucking on her friend's tongue. It tasted sweet.

Britney was seriously shocked that she was enjoying what was going on. She'd been repulsed when she saw George watching that lezzie porn, and when he'd talked about liking to watch two girls. She'd almost retched when he said he wanted her to lick Kylie. But that had all gone away as soon as Kylie kissed her, and by the time Kylie touched her, she was ready to do anything with Ky. Or any other girl for that matter. She admitted to herself now that she was a slut. She'd really known it from the first time Derek had touched her. She'd do anything with anybody who made her feel good. Now she knew that girls could do that, too, so she had a lot more options.

Kylie felt something wiggling against the opening of her pussy. A sharp pain knifed through her belly as something a lot bigger than her finger rammed inside her. She gasped, whimpered, jerked her head up away from Brit. Grampa's dick reached up into her, then pulled back, plunged in again. She started moving her hips in rhythm with his fucking. Yes, she was fucking, fucking Grampa, just like Brit did.

Shit, she was even tighter than Britney was when he popped her cherry! George started pumping Kylie from behind as hard as he could. The muscles of her cunt gripped his cock, and he could hear her gasping and moaning with every stroke. Watching her fingers slide in and out of Britney's pussy didn't hurt, either.

Britney put her hand over Kylie's the one that was finger-fucking her, and moved it so her finger was rubbing against her clit. "God, yeah, right there!" She cupped her other hand on the back of Kylie's head, pulled it down so they could kiss. The two girls moaned into each other's mouths as their tongues flicked and danced against each other. Then Britney gripped Kylie's hair and used to move her mouth to Brit's boob. As she felt her friend's lips close over it, she gasped out, "Suck it! Bite it!" She started thrashing on the bed when Kylie's teeth closed on her nipple.

Kylie was going nuts. Her body was on fire from the feeling of Grampa's dick inside her. It was so big, it felt like it was going to rip right through her. And the taste of Brit's tongue and skin, the way her pussy felt all hot around her fingers, was making her just as hot as having Grampa fuck her. She bit down on Brit's nipple again, then licked all the way around her boob, and wondered what it would be like to have Brit doing it to her. Grampa had wanted Brit to lick her pussy when they first started, and now Kylie was wishing she'd do it. Or let Kylie lick hers.

Britney's body was starting to vibrate, the muscles in her lower belly were pulsing. She used Ky's hair as a lever again, pulling Ky's hair away from her chest. She looked into the other little girl's eyes, saw the reflection of her own lust, and almost grunted out, "Bite it. As hard as you can." She forced Ky's face back down to her boobs.

Kylie wasn't in any condition to think about what Brit had told her to do. She just did it, opened her mouth, sucked Brit's nipple in, and clenched her teeth on it with everything she had. Brit thrashed on the bed, her legs clamping together around Kylie's hand, her back arching up then slamming back down again. She was whimpering like a puppy that had just been spanked. Oh god, she's cumming, I made her cum!

Then Kylie's own body started to tremble, and she knew she was close herself. She pulled her mouth away from Britney's boob, moaned out, "Fuck me, Grampa, make me cum!" Grampa's fingers closed over her clit, pinched down on it as his dick slammed into her again, and Kylie's orgasm washed over her like the sea. "Oooohhhh fuuuuuck yesssss!!!" It was better this way, with somebody else doing it to her. She felt like she had no control over her body as wave after wave rolled through her. And Grampa's dick was still pounding into her. Then he grunted, slammed into her deeper than ever, holding onto her hips, and she felt his dick twitch. Something hot poured into her pussy, and she knew that Grampa was cumming, too, shooting his stuff into her. She shook again, then collapsed forward on top of Britney, taking Grampa and his dick with her.

George was pretty much wasted after that, especially after shooting what felt like a gallon of cum into his granddaughter. He had just enough energy left to look down at the two girls lying under him.

"That was something, kids. But I still want to fuck you in the ass, Britney." He was smiling.

So was she when she said, "Well, maybe now I'm ready to let you."

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This is sick....they're 13

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i had a big dog who liked to jump on me when i would get on all fours, so i took off my clothes one night and let him fuck me.
i would then suck him off so he could cum in my mouth to help him get ri
this is a fantacy story not real

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