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This story is stricly fantasy and should not be read by those who feel the need to get up in arms about every little thing they don't agree with.
Becca has been the light of my life since the moment she was born. When I saw that tiny little bundle lying there in her mother’s arms, all wrapped in blankets so that only her chubby pink cheeks, strawberry blonde hair and green eyes the color of emeralds sparkling in the sunlight could be seen, I just knew that the world was perfect and we’d all live happily ever after. Life sometimes has plans different than what we forge, though; my wife and I separated for “irreconcilable differences” (which is just another way to say we refused to compromise anymore on certain things) just after Becca turned 14 and were granted a divorce six months later. My wife decided to move to the next state where she could live with her mother and help her other family members. Becca didn’t want to have to make a choice but when the time came, she chose to stay with me so she could continue on in school with the same friends she’d had since second grade.

Becca has always been a rather well-behaved child who maintained good grades and this had continued on into her teenage years; I almost never had to remind her to take care of her obligations such as homework or chores and even less often actually had to go so far as to punish Becca. I mean, no one’s perfect all of the time, not even daddy’s little girl. But I still gave her plenty of freedom to reflect upon the responsibility she showed every day. As a result, Becca had an active social life, always going to spend the night with this girlfriend or that one coming over for a sleepover out our house. Some parents may have been nervous about sending their teenage daughter over to sleep at the house of a 38-year old single dad, but no one has ever shown any sign to my face and very few invitations have been turned down. Probably because in the two years since the divorce, I’ve only been seen in town with three different women, each sighting separated by enough time to keep me from having a reputation as a womanizer, but mainly because these parents can’t read my mind.

When Karen and I first separated, I was in kind of a mental fog for a couple of months and sex was the farthest thing from my mind. After that point, a couple of Becca’s older friends started to stand out a little more when they’d come stay the night but most were her age which was under the range that I am comfortable fantasizing about. Over the two years since the divorce, I have watched Becca and her friends blossom from beautifully awkward teenagers gamboling about all knees and elbows like a flock of startled flamingos to a group of sensuous, curvaceous gorgeous young women full of life and potential. These flowering beauties have been the result of countless masturbation fantasies!

While I have often masturbated to fantasies about Becca’s friends, I had never allowed myself to think of my daughter that way. I may have been able to maintain the strength to continue that policy if it had not been for two habits of Becca’s that had long been points of contention for us: her desire to sleep naked and her habit of never closing her door unless she was out of the house or had a girlfriend over and they were gossiping. About a month ago, these two habits created a situation that allowed me to see my
daughter naked for the first time since she was four.

I was walking down the hall to wake her up for school when her light came on just before I got to her door. In the glass of the picture hanging across the hall from her room, I could see the reflection of my daughter’s firm, smooth and completely naked teenage body, from her lovely rounded C-cup tits to the patch of fine hair between legs that proved her hair color was from no bottle. As I watched, Becca turned around, stretched as high as she could reach and then bent over to touch her toes, giving me a perfect shot of my daughter’s pussy. The shock of realizing that the patch of hair I saw was nothing more than a landing strip as her smooth labia shown between her legs while she was bent over almost made me cum right on the spot. I had never seen anything so sexy in my entire life. It was with great reluctance that I tore my eyes away from the vision before me and went back to my office on the other side of the house. I did my best to hide the fact that my cock was obviously interested in something until after Becca was out the door to school, then I immediately stripped my clothes off, sat down, closed my eyes and pictured what I had seen that morning: my 16-and-a-half year old daughter bent over exposing her shaved labia while her full young breast jiggled with each movement in spite of their firmness. My hand found my cock and I started stroking my throbbing member until I shot my load across my stomach while imagining Becca bent over in front of me waiting to receive it. I came so hard that one ropey strand reached almost to my chin before splashing down over my chest. I tried for the next week to see her again, but the opportunity didn’t present itself again. That’s ok; my imagination had all it needed to keep me hard as I thought of how hot my Becca had become. It wasn’t long before I started having fantasies about a threesome with Becca and one of her friends. As I work from home, every morning after Becca left for school I would lie back on the couch, cue up a slideshow of teenage girls in the 16- and up range and make myself cum while thinking totally taboo thoughts about what I wanted to do to and with my daughter. I was satisfied with these fantasies staying that and so they would have if it had not been for and incident last week.

At Becca’s high school students in their Junior and Senior years have to complete two projects each year, one a report of some type and the other a community service project. Becca and a few of her friends decided to make their community service project cleaning up a local creek bank that had long been a popular swimming and sunbathing spot but had recently been taken over by litter, weeds and driftwood. Students were allowed to be excused from school to work on these projects provided they did not miss over a certain number of days; Becca and her friends decided to take last Friday off of school to go work down by the creek and to give them an extra three day weekend. Unfortunately, between work, keeping up with the house and my distraction caused by wanting to bury my prick deep within my little girl’s tight young pussy, I forgot that Becca was only going to school to pick up her sign in and verification forms that had to be turned in on Monday to keep her and her friends put of detention. There I was, lying on the couch butt-naked with my seven inch cock in my hand and thoughts of fucking my daughter doggy-style while she ground her pussy back against my hips while say “Oh, yeah, fuck that tight little pussy, Daddy! Make your slutty little girl cum!” when the front door opened and in walked Becca. The sunglasses were the only thing that kept her from immediately noticing what was going on but she had them off and was standing
open-mouthed staring at me before I could even begin to move.

“Oh, sorry, Dad!” Becca cried before spinning around to face the other direction.

“Shit, Becca! What are you doing home?! You just left 15 minutes ago!” I reached down to grab the towel I was going to use to clean myself up with and used it to cover myself as best as it would while sitting up to help make my erection a little less noticeable.

“Today is the day we’re going down to the creek to work, remember? I just had to go pick up the forms and I came back here to finish getting some food and drinks together and to change clothes.” As she said this, Becca began to turn back to face me.

“Yeah, I’m covered, you can turn around now.”

Becca turned around and looked at me sheepishly. “I really am sorry, Dad. I never thought I would walk in and find you lying on the couch jerking off.” My laptop caught her eye at that point and I saw a small grin that she quickly managed to hide again cross her face. Looking over I realized that I had forgotten about the slideshow that continued to scroll another nubile young teenage body across the screen every ten seconds. “Shit!” I reached over and slammed the lid closed and looked back but Becca’s face was a mask by this time.

“Well, I’m going to go change clothes and it looks like you need to get some on.” With that, Becca turned and walked down the hall towards her room. I thought it was just my imagination but I found out later that the extra swing in her hips really was there.

After Becca disappeared into her bedroom, I rose from the couch and went to the laundry room to grab my favorite work shorts out of the dryer. I dropped the towel and had just pulled them up and buttoned the waist band when Becca’s voice spoke behind me.

“Dad I need your opinion on which bathing suit I should wear under my clothes.” I turned around expecting to see my daughter dressed holding two bathing suits up for me to evaluate. The sight I beheld instead was Becca standing before wearing a red thong biking made out of material so sheer that it was practically see-through when dry. In her hands, she was holding another one made of the same material but in a one piece design that was little more than a strand of black material that would barely cover each nipple or her pussy.

“I’m not sure about either one of those, sweetheart. Don’t you think they might be a little revealing?”

“Well, I’ll admit this one is a little see-through. I’ll go try the other one on just so you can give me an honest comparison.”

Becca turned and walked back down the hall. After a few steps, she dropped the suit in her had. “Oops!” she exclaimed. Bending over, she kept her knees straight, giving me another glorious view of her firm young ass and just a glimpse of the smooth labia around the edge of the material barely covering her crotch. She straightened back up, threw a smile over her shoulder at me and proceeded on to her room. Less than two minutes later she was headed back down the hallway wearing the second bathing suit and as I suspected, it covered less than the first. This became abundantly clear when she spun around to give me a complete overview and then bent over to give me another view of her young behind. This time, I was treated to a full close up view of my daughter’s bar pussy as the fabric over the crotch was so thin as to be swallowed by her outer labia. I had given up fighting and had given myself over to the raging hard on now straining against my shorts. I noticed Becca staring a directly at my crotch when she turned back around, but I tried to ignore it.

“If I had to choose one for you to wear in public, I’d have to say the red bikini. It does provide more coverage, for what that’s worth,” I chuckled.

“Hmm, does that mean you’d prefer for me to wear this one in private?”

“Becca, where’d that come from? I’m not sure it would be appropriate to wear that even in private unless it was for someone really special.”

“That’s why I’d wear it for you, Daddy. You’re really special.”

“Well, thanks sweetheart, but as much as enjoy what I’m seeing right here, that is still not considered appropriate by society’s standards.”

“Dad, I have to tell you something but first I have to say this: Screw society. I’ve seen you a naked a few times over the last two years. The first time was when you had just gotten out of the shower. I had gone into your room to get some money for the drink machine at school and you hadn’t closed your bathroom door all of the way. I could see you through the crack in the door. I immediately got a funny feeling in my pussy. I went to the bathroom a few minutes later because my panties were so wet I thought I had peed myself. I told Jessica about it at school a couple of days later. She showed me a few tricks to help me out with those urges I was having and made me promise to tell her all of my fantasies about you.”

I was awestruck. “Well, sweetie, while we’re being honest, I happened to see you naked for the first time just a few weeks ago.” I repeated the tale to her about catching her reflection in the glass and watching her stretch. “My cock was so hard I could have used it to hammer nails through a pine board that morning, baby girl.”

Upon hearing these words, Becca closed the distance between us until her body was pressed against mine and our eyes were locked. She reached down and grabbed my hard, pulsing cock through the front of my shorts. “You should have walked in that room and stuffed you hard cock right into your daughter’s hot pussy. It was already wet that morning from the dream I had woken up from. Umm, in case you’re wondering, I’m not technically a virgin.”

“Technically? What does that mean?”

“I’ve broken my hymen with a dildo, but I’ve never been with a guy. And before you ask, I got the dildo from Jessica.”

Knowing we were rapidly passing the point of no return, I tried one more time to put the brakes on. “You know what you are proposing is illegal, right? Not only because I am your father, but because you’re not old enough to consent to having sex with a guy so much older than you.”

“Dad, who would I tell? My friends would think I’m a freak for wanting my dad to fuck me and if anything happened to you, I’d have no choice but to move and leave my friends behind. Now, do you want to continue talking about this or do you want let me take care of this for you?” With those words, she pulled down my zipper and let my cock spring free into her waiting grasp. A jolt of electricity coursed through my body at the contact of my daughter’s bare hand against my throbbing hard on. All resistance faded as I pulled Becca’s lips to mine in a kiss that had our tongues battling, our hands running over each other’s body and what little clothes we were wearing melted away as if by magic.

Grasping one of Becca’s buttocks in each hand, I lifted her from the floor and spun around to deposit her on top of the washing machine. My cock was trapped between us as our lips continued their struggle and our hands continued to roam. I reached up and grasped Becca’s tit with my right hand, squeezing it and tweaking the nipple. Becca moaned into my mouth and wrapped her legs around my back pulling me tighter against her. I could now feel the internal heat and moistness of my daughter’s teen pussy as it pressed against my swollen rod. I continued my assault on her nipple with my right hand while adding my left to the mix so that I was groping and squeezing both of Becca’s firm young tits at the same time. She began to moan louder and began to work her hips as if she was trying to get me inside her. I pulled my lips away. “Oh, no, we’re not ready to go there yet,” I informed her.

“God, Daddy, my pussy is so hot! Please give me your cock!”

Hearing such whorish language from my little girl was rapidly eroding my resolve, so I decided to take control of the situation. “Not yet, sweetheart.” With those words, I kissed my daughter’s lips one more time before moving my lips to her cheek, then to her neck before continuing on until my lips are placing kisses over, under and around her tits. The gasp that escaped from her when I sucked her nipple into my mouth let me know how much she enjoyed having her breasts played with. I proceeded to maul her breasts with my lips and hands while Becca moaned, cursed and continued to grind her pussy against whatever part of my body she could rub it against. Once I had her to the point that she was starting to beg me to fuck her again, I took one hand from her breast and slid it down her belly until my fingers arrived at the entrance to Becca’s very wet, very hot and very ready teenage pussy. I ran one finger up through the folds of her labia causing Becca to gasp and jump as it slid lightly over her clit. I kissed my way down Becca’s body some more until I was kneeling in front of the washing machine, my face directly level with my daughter’s young pussy, and leaned in for a taste. The spicy sweetness of Becca’s juices on my tongue were again almost more than I could take but a few deep breaths had me back under control and I decided to show my daughter just how much I really do like eating pussy. I first sucked her outer labia into my mouth before sticking out my tongue to probe the folds of her pussy and flick across her clit. Becca began to squirm and moan, grabbing the back of my head and grinding her pussy against my mouth. “Oh, fuck yeah, Daddy! You’re eating my pussy so good! I think you could even make Jessica jealous!”

Blaming the last part of that statement on hearing something other than what was said, I continued to lick my daughter’s pussy, swirling my tongue around inside as far as it would go before returning to suck and nibble on her clit some more. I slid a finger inside her pussy, bent it forward into a hook shape and began to gently make a “come-here” motion with my finger. Becca Immediately let out a scream of pleasure and began bucking her hips against my hand and face. “Shit, that feels so fucking good, Daddy! You’re gonna make me cum so hard! Fuck, Daddy, here I cum!” With those words, I felt Becca’s pussy clamp down against my finger as fluids began to splash against my face while I continued to lick her clit until she closed her legs and pushed me away.

“Oh my god, Daddy, I’ve never cum that hard before! I think I peed in the middle of it. I’m sorry, Daddy!”

“Don’t apologize, and you didn’t pee. You did what is called squirting. Sometimes when a woman is very turned on and get stimulated properly, she can shoot fluid out just like a man.”

Becca smiled. “Well, whatever it was, I want to feel it again soon, but it’s time for Daddy to get take care of, don’t you think? Let’s move somewhere a little more comfortable first, though.” Saying this, Becca slid off the front of the washing machine and let her body slide along mine until her feet found the floor. She pulled my face to hers for another kiss but I noticed that there was a little more licking of my lips on her part than there was on the first kiss. Breaking us apart, she turned away, reached back to grasp my cock and proceeded to lead me back to the living room where she pushed me back into a sitting position on the couch. Straddling my legs, she lowered herself on top of me, again trapping my throbbing hardness between us.

“I can’t believe I’m really going to do this. I’m really going to have my father fuck my tight young pussy,” Becca said.

“We don’t have to. We can stop right here and pretend that none of this ever happened.”

“Are you out of your mind?!” Becca then reached down between us and grabbed my cock to steady it. Rising up, she moved her pussy directly over the top of my erection and then sank her pussy down until she had all seven inches buried inside her. She froze there for a moment as I enjoyed the sensation of her already tight pussy pulsing and grasping my cock even tighter. After about a minute of sitting still, Becca slowly raised herself up about an inch before sinking back down. She began to ride my cock slowly at first, only moving up and down it a small distance as she allowed her pussy to adjust to the fullness of my cock. Becca began moaning in moments and I knew it wouldn’t be long before my teenage daughter had her first orgasm caused by a man’s cock. The fact that it was my cock causing her to have an orgasm was so far beyond the norm as to not have totally sunken in at the time. All I knew was that my daughter was riding my cock with the best feeling pussy I had ever felt, she was about to cum on my cock and I still had more I wanted to do. I slipped my hand in between us and started rubbing Becca’s clit as she rode my cock. That was all it took for her to explode. Her pussy clamped down on my dick as she pulled me into a tight embrace and screamed out in pleasure. It was close but I just barely managed to keep from filling her pussy up with my cum.

We sat there on the couch, me still inside Becca as she collapsed against me, her chest heaving for breath after the strength of the orgasm that had just ripped through her. Within a couple of minutes, her breathing began to return to normal and Becca sat up to look me in the eyes. “Wow, Daddy, I never came that hard when I fucked myself with Jessica’s dildo.”

“Toys never feel as good as the real thing, or so I’ve been told. But we’ve still got something that needs taken care of.” With these words, Becca realized that I still had not cum. “Mm, Daddy, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any work done if we keep this up much longer. I might not be able to move. Of course I don’t really want to.” So saying she ground her hips down against me again, making my cock sink fully within her once more.

“What if your daddy wants to bend you over this couch and fuck you from behind? Could you move then?”

The words were no sooner out of my mouth that Becca was off of my lap and knelt down on all fours on the couch next to me.

“Oh, Daddy, if you only knew how many times I’ve thought of you bending me over and fucking me from behind. It makes me feel so naughty and slutty that I always cum fast when I think about it. Come give it to me doggy-style, Daddy!”

Not being able to argue with that, I rose to my feet and turned Becca so that she was facing the back of the couch with her ass and pussy facing me as I stood in front of the couch. I ran my hands over Becca’s ass and back as I lined my cock up with her waiting pussy. I grasped her hips and shoved forward to sink my cock into Becca’s pussy one more time. She cried out in pleasure as I sank in fully. I didn’t waste any time but started stroking in and out of her sopping pussy immediately, both of us getting even more aroused by the squishing noises her pussy was making with the movements of our bodies.

“Oh my god, your cock feels like it’s so much deeper in this position, Daddy! I’m gonna cum again soon!” Becca began to grind her pussy back against me as I sank in to the hilt on each stroke. “God I feel like such a slut right now.”

Between the sensations her pussy was causing and hearing my daughter speak like that, I knew it wouldn’t be long before my balls exploded their load. “Damn, hearing you say things like that is so hot, baby! I’m gonna cum soon if you keep that up.”

Apparently that was all Becca needed to hear. “Oh, yeah, fuck that tight little pussy, Daddy! Pound my tight little whole with that big, thick Daddy cock. Make your slutty little girl cum!”

Hearing my daughter say the exact words I had been fantasizing her saying just that morning was the final straw. I groaned and kicked my pace up into high gear, pounding my cock into Becca’s pussy like it was a greased piston. “Oh, God, Becca, I’m gonna cum!” As soon as the words left my lips, my orgasm hit me. The first blast of my cum deep within Becca’s pussy triggered her next orgasm so that we were both cumming at the same time. Her pussy clutched and sucked at my cock as I continued to fire load after load into my daughter’s pussy with every stroke. Finally my balls emptied their load, my strength leaving my body along with my semen. Becca and I collapsed on the couch together on our sides, her back pressed against my front and my cock still buried deep within her. I was so relaxed after the force of my orgasm that I almost missed the next words out of Becca’s mouth:

“So, Daddy, I’ve got some other ideas we need to discuss…”


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Pammie got onto the bed on her hands and knees. She pulled her nightie up onto her back so that I could see the lacey white panties she was wearing. I had given them to her on her twelfth birthday, three weeks ago. She ran her finger up and down her moist slit and praed for me to get it up behind her. I pushed my cock against her pussy and she growled like the tigress she is. Pammie reached back and stroked my cock. I ran my hands over her nips and firm breasts. Now, Daddy, now. I pushed her panties aside and slid into her perfect pink pussy. Fuck me, daddy, harder. I began to slide into her cunt, deeper each time. I grabbed onto her hips and let her have it. When she cried out that she was cumming, I blew my load deep inside her. You really like those panties, daddy, yes? Especially on you, Pammie, my love.


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