long time lovers enjoying each other
Michelle and Jamie Experiment with Fisting

Michelle could tell something was up though she did not know quite what. I had supper on the table when she walked through the door. I had fixed spaghetti a simple a meal and one of her favorites. With a good bottle of wine, I figured I would have her relaxed and ready to try anything I suggested.

She finished her third glass of wine before we were done eating. I turned the topic of conversation to her date with Jimmy. Getting her to talk about sex always leads to a hot romp in the sack. She started giggling as she described my brother's clumsy attempt at seduction. Star Wars isn't the most romantic movie to watch on a date, but there is only one theater to go to.

Michelle said, “Jimmy is sweet and sex with him is good. I wish I had a twin brother to set you up with. Then it would be perfect.” She smiled and kissed me. “He is a male copy of you Jay. It was what I picture when I want you to take me like a man. I have my soft loving friend. Only you can do for me what you do and you again in man form when that is what I need. I can’t put it into words”

"Baby your telling me that when you're screwing my brother, you are fucking me." I said, as she pulled my shirt over my head. "That's a load, if I ever heard one." I continued, "But I love you for the sentiment. He's been in love with you as long as I can remember," I told her as I removed her bra.

"You were my first love Jay." She said in a soothing tone. I think she thought I was jealous.

"You will always be my true love." Michelle cooed at me.

I sucked on her nipples as she cooed and rambled on, gushing her love for me. It was very touching, now that I think about it. I was too horny to care. I never thought of Jimmy as a rival, a nuisance, a set of muscles when I need something moved, but never a rival.

I stood up and pulled Michelle to her feet. I removed her pants, and helped her remove mine. We had shared only one bottle of wine, but I would have sworn she was drunk as I guided her into my bedroom.

I laid her out in the middle of my bed and proceeded to have my way with her. She was as docile as a lamb. She returned my kisses and responded to my every caress but made no move of her own volition. Leaving her mouth I kissed my way down her face and neck. Nibbling and lapping her shoulder I traced her patterns down her arm. Then sucked and licked her fingers.
Michelle’s nipples were rock hard when I kissed my way back across her shoulders and down her other arm. After tracing the lines on her palm with my tongue I once again returned to her lips lovingly kissing her as my fingers lightly traced up and down her sides bringing goose pimples up on her now dampened arms.

Down her chin and throat I slowly caressed with my lips and tongue, tasting every inch of my lover. My mouth found her nipples at the same time my hands began massaging her hips, bringing a soft hissing moan from Michelle. The tension in her muscles told me how hard she was fighting to remain still.

My hands moved down to her thighs and my lips worked over her taught little belly. I kissed and caressed Michelle’s body pushing her to ever higher levels of excitement. A sheen of sweat joined my saliva to moisturize my lover’s skin, a salty sweetness that added to my own arousal.

As my chin rubbed over Michelle’s dark curls, her hips lifted. The first movement on her part sense I placed her on the bed. I parted her legs and slid between them her hips rolled and bucked her cunny up at my face. The aroma of her arousal lured me in.

With a hunger that had been gnawing at me all day I dove into her. Her pink folds spread open for my lips and her juices poured over my tongue. I held her knees in my hands keeping her thighs splayed as I tongued her cunt. Her passionate cries, music in my ears as her lust flowed into my mouth.

I laid over her and lowered my pussy to her mouth, so she could service me as I prepared her for what I had in mind. I drooled into her cunt as I worked first two, and then three fingers into her. Michelle mirrored my actions in my own pussy. I licked her clit and slobbered all over my hand to make sure there was enough lubrication. I pistoned my fingers into her and added my forth pinky finger to the three already in her. I came on her fingers as I felt her climax on mine.

Our pussies spasmed in mutual orgasm. The waves of pleasure washed away all the pent up frustrations of the day. Instead of turning around and cuddling like we normally did at this point I rolled off her and once more crawled between her legs. Her pussy was red with the flush of sexual excitement. I poured baby oil on my hand and Michelle’s pussy. I put my fingers back into her cunt. Only this time I formed a cone with my hand and worked them all into her at once.

Her vagina opened up accepting my hand. With a slow steady push I had my fist in her. Michelle howled as the knuckles pushed past the mouth of her stretched opening. Her eyes were shut tight and her face contorted in agony. I felt the walls of her cunt stretch tightly around my hand. I held still and licked her clit allowing her to relax again. It seemed like hours passed when she finally opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“I knew you were up to something" She breathed. "Be gentle baby but fist fuck me, I gotta know what it’s like” She said in a breathless whisper, "It hurts a little, but in a good way, like when I lost my cherry. Go on and fuck me, Do it Jay."

I was surprised by her reaction. I had stopped pushing when her lips closed around my wrist. She was hot and wet. Her cunt squeezed my hand like a too tight mitten. Now I closed my hand into a fist and pushed it into her. Her eyes stared down to her hole, where my arm disappeared. She had my hand and four or five inches of my arm in her. She was howling continually as her inner muscles crushed my hand.

I pulled my fist back till I could see my knuckles, and then pushed it back into her. Shelly spasmed in orgasm as my arm slid into her. She continued to cum as I opened and closed my hand inside her. Then I was cumming along with her. I came without being touched. Shelly's screams of pleasure and pain had set me off. I bent and licked her exposed clitoris, as she bucked against my fist. Her chest heaved as she came, and came again. In all the years I have known her she never was multi-orgasmic. She was now. When she gasped and said no more. I redoubled my efforts on her clit and pulled my hand from her pussy. Her hole opened and closed spasmodically, as she orgasmed once more.

I laid down and cuddled her into me. She was as limp as a rag doll. She made an effort to open her eyes and look into mine, “You’re a fucking bitch” she said before kissing me. Michelle then snuggled her head against my breasts and went to sleep.


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It was very sexy but at first I didn't know that Jay was a woman

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