I eddited Shelly out to make it clearer. I hope
Jamie smiled as she picked up the silver and gold package. Michelle must have left it on her pillow, before she left for work. While unwrapping the box, she recalled the hour or so before drifting off to sleep in her lover’s arms. She arrived home just as Michelle was getting up. Jamie worked the eleven to seven shift a lot lately and finding time to spend with Michelle became more and more difficult. Looking at her now, short black hair, her stiff nipples sticking out from small perky tits, dressed only in her little red panties, Jamie had to have her.

Jamie did not bother to remove her uniform. She pushed Michelle back on to the bed and fell on top of her, locked her lips to Michelle’s and kissed her soundly. Before Michelle could respond, Jamie knelt between her legs, pulled the crotch of the little red panties aside then dove, face first into her muffin. Jamie combed Michelle’s pubic hair away her tongue, slid her fingers between the lips of her lovers vulva and into her quickly moistening vagina. Michelle wrapped her fingers in Jamie’s hair holding her lovers face into her crotch. With the tip of her tongue Jamie thrashed Michelle’s clit, moving it rapidly over her lover’s joy button. Michelle howled out her orgasm. Jamie lapped contentedly as Michelle spasmed on her tongue. With her hand still full of Jamie’s hair, Michelle towed her girlfriend from her cunt up to her face.

"Good Morning I'm home, how are you today?" Michelle sneered. She then smiled and kissed Jamie as she started to undo the buttons of her lover’s uniform. Her eyebrows rose when she saw the wet condition of Jamie’s panties.

Michelle knelt between Jamie’s splayed thighs and began licking at the blond curls. Michelle lapped between the lips of Jamie’s pussy then pulled back. Her dark brown eyes baby blue as Michelle frowned at her lover. “Jamie has been a naughty girl” she stated. Michelle then clamped her mouth over Jamie’s cunt and sucked and licked the juices leaking from the nurse’s pussy. She tongued Jamie to orgasm licking her clean and swallowing all she could lap up. She then brought her off again, stopping only when the blond tugged her from between her legs and pulled her into her arms. Jamie kissed Michelle and licked her own juices from her face.

"Are you going to tell me who's cum I just ate?" Michelle asked as she broke the kiss.

“Later" Jamie told her, “it’s a long story," then she kissed her once more and cuddled the little brunette into her arms like a teddy bear and fell asleep.

Jamie felt herself getting wet as she thought about her early morning romp. The card on the box said, “To my very favorite pussy.” Inside the box Jamie found a lifelike realistic penis shaped dildo. The latex rubber was veined and ridged just like the real thing. It even felt like a real cock. There was a wire running from it to a plastic control box. Turning one knob, the dick came to life in her hand squirming like a fish out of water. She turned the other knob and it began to vibrate. Jamie smiled as she thought of what this thing would feel like in her cunt.

Jamie turned the toy off and held it close to her face. She sniffed it then lapped the rubber head. She fantasized about the older man she had fucked the night before as she drew the dildo into her mouth.

Francis was awake when Jamie entered his room. She closed the door and sat on the edge of his bed. Taking his hand in hers she felt for his pulse. She counted his pulse rate then placed his hand in her lap so that it rested against her pubic mound as she used her stethoscope to listen to his lungs. Fifty-nine years old, but in spite of the white hair he was in great condition. More than once Jamie had wanted to run her hands over his pecs as she did his vitals, now she was giving in to that urge.

Jamie caressed his chest and abdomen, as his hand massaged her thigh. His fingers found the top of her nylons and slid onto the bare skin of her upper thigh. The nurse’s thighs quivered with anticipation and Jamie felt the tremors of arousal in her pussy as his hand moved ever closer to her moist center.

The nurse moved the blanked down uncovering his erect penis. It stood out from a curly red nest of pubic hair. She wrapped her hand around the shaft smiling at Francis. Her fingers did not quite meet her thumb around its girth. Jamie put her other hand above the first. The slit of his glands poked above her fingers. She began stroking him as his hand cupped her wet panty crotch.

Francis fingered Jamie through the material of her panties, pushing them into the cleft of her mound. The young nurse’s hips rocked involuntarily as he ran his finger along her crack. A drop of precum formed on the head of his penis, Jamie brushed her long blonde hair back and looked into his eyes as she lapped it up. She closed her lips over the plum sized head and washed it with her tongue. She tried to take more of him into her mouth, but was sitting at an awkward angle.

Standing up Jamie pulled free of Francis' probing hand. She faced away from him as she bent over to pull her panties off. He put a hand on each cheek of her ass and spread them apart and planted a kiss on her asshole, his tongue played around her anal ring. Jamie came to her senses as his fingers slid into her cunt.

"No Francis" Jamie breathed, fighting to keep control of herself and the situation. "There's no time for that now. Lie back so I can get over you"
"Yes Ma’am" he said and quickly complied.

Straddling him Jamie held on to his cock and lowered her cunt over the bulb of the head. She shut her eyes tight as she felt the enormous shaft enter her. He filled her as she had never been filled before. Their curls barely met before she could take no more of him. Bracing her arms against his chest, Jamie began to fuck herself on his cock. There was little time before Nancy would notice that Jamie was missing, or God forbid Walter returned to the room.

“What am I doing” she thought, as she posted on that fabulous cock, “I will lose my job for this” Her pussy spasmed, she bit her lip to keep from crying out. Then laid over Francis and kissed him as she rode out her orgasm.

Francis wrapped his strong arms around Jamie and hugged her to him. Without warning he rolled over and she was beneath him. He lifted her legs and pounded into her. Jamie’s eyes found his and their gazes locked on to each other as he fucked her. Despite efforts to contain them, moans came from her throat.

Francis growled, a deep throated guttural groan, pushed his hard cock deep into her and Jamie felt each pulse as he washed her womb with his cum. His orgasm triggered pushing her to climax. Francis then laid down beside her and held her in his strong arms till they could think straight again.

"Don't worry Jay” Francis said soothingly, "I don't kiss and tell.”
Jamie kissed him again and pulled from his embrace. She told him that it was wonderful as she pulled on her underwear. She stuck a thermometer in his mouth as she checked the room for other signs of their love making. She adjusted her uniform and noted down his temperature.

She lay back on the bed and caressed her tits as she sucked on the rubber cock. Jamie pushed the dildo into her throat until the balls touched her lips. Then Opening her pussy lips with her fingers, she put the new toy where the card said it belonged. Jamie turned the control knobs on the box and let the squirming vibrator buzz and fuck her to orgasm. She fell back to sleep with the dildo still inside her cunt.

When Jamie awoke an hour or so later she found that her arms were bound to the headboard, her legs were bound to the foot of the bed and her eyes were covered with a blind fold. She was completely helpless. The rubber toy was still in her vagina, but it was not buzzing any more.
"Hello" she yelled out, “Is anybody here?” There was No answer. "Michelle this isn't funny. Come on whose there?” Jamie felt hands on her tits, small hands, smaller then Michelle's. Someone kissed her mouth and she felt silky hair brush across her face. As an anonymous tongue probed her mouth, Jamie felt another pair of hands on her thighs. Hot breath huffed across her pussy as the dildo was pulled from her grasping cunt. She felt empty and hollow with it gone. Jamie’s roommate identified herself with her tongue against her clit. Jamie knew her pattern to well for Michelle to lick her cunt, and she not know her. Michelle was between her wide spread legs eating Jamie’s soaked pussy, but who was sucking on her tongue? Jamie sniffed deeply attempting to use the one sense left to her. Whoever she was, she was coated with the same perfume that Michelle wore.
Michelle pushed her tongue into Jamie’s cunt and fingered her ass hole. Her girlfriends body responded with a flood of fresh juice. The girl who had been fondling Jamie’s boobs and kissing her sat astride her chest and slid her pussy to Jamie’s mouth. Jamie lapped blindly at the twat presented to her. There was hardly any fuzz around her vulva and no trace of razor stubble to be found. Jamie hoped, whoever was sitting on her face was old enough to be a consenting adult, but continued eating her anyway. The tangy taste of pussy and the musk of fresh cunt filled Jamie’s senses as she licked at the pre-pubescent pussy. Her only want was to cause the girl to lose control and yell out in orgasm. Jamie wanted her to fill her mouth with girl cum. She stuck her tongue into the girl’s hole and probed her cunt. Aping the ministrations that Michelle was performing on her own saturated snatch Jamie pretended she was eating herself out.

The girl responded by grinding her pelvis against Jamie’s face, and Jamie groaned into her cunt as her lover brought her to orgasm. Jamie’s pussy juice washed Michelle’s face. As she howled in orgasm, against her cunt, the girl splashed Jamie’s face as she came. Jamie lapped up all of the sweet pussy juice that she could reach with her tongue.

She is about seventy pounds, silky long hair, young and very tasty. She squirts when she cums and Jamie has no blasted idea who she is. Both of them Got off the bed and left Jamie laying there. She pulled at the straps. That held her but knew that they would hold. Jamie had put them there herself. She got them from an old gurney that the home was tossing out. They are designed to hold a person and keep them from hurting themselves as they are transported.

"Where did you go Shell? Who’s the girl?" Jamie hollered. "What are you up to?" She was hoping for some response, but could hear nothing.

Michelle had wet her pants when Jamie had brought out the straps that first night. Michelle seduced Jim into their trap later that same evening. He hardly struggled as Michelle placed the cuffs over his hands and feet. He thrashed like a wild man however when Jamie showed herself.

"Get out of here Sis” He yelled. "Let us alone for a little while."

"Big brother has a problem" Jamie taunted “All your Training and weight lifting ain’t gonna get you out-a this one. I have dreamed of doing this from the first time I walked in on you and Michelle fucking in my bed and looky here you and Michelle are in my bed again."

Jamie smiled at Michele and said as sultry as she could manage, "You little slut. If you are going to fuck him you will have to get him hard again. It seems to have wilted. Go on girl. Make my big brothers dick hard. HMMM let’s see should you use your hands on him? Take his cock in your warm hands and fondle it till he gets excited and hard again. Or should you use your mouth on it? Would you like that Jimmy? Do you want Michelle to suck on your dick to get it hard?"

Jamie stood beside the bed. Michelle had her head resting on her brothers spread out arm. Jamie told her to get up and help her get ready for bed. As they had planned earlier, she removed Jamie’s clothes and kissed her bare skin as she revealed it, they were going to give Jamie’s twin brother a show he would never forget. As Michelle removed Jamie’s blouse, her warm lips kissed down her arm. Then she kissed Jamie’s other arm as she pulled the blouse free. Michelle hung the shirt up in their closet then opened Jamie’s bra and kissed her back. Jamie looked into Jimmy's face. It was a mixture of lust and frustration. Michelle licked around from her back to her front and sucked on Jamie’s nipples as she unfastened her skirt. After hanging it up she licked down the backs of her lover’s legs as she lowered her pantyhose. She kissed the cheeks of her ass and separated them. She licked up and down Jamie’s crack and kissed her anus. Jamie moaned as Michelle licked her asshole. Jamie loves, when Michelle rims her, but the thought of her doing it in front of her brother had her weak in the knees. She leaned forward on to the bed for support. She spread her legs bracing herself, and spreading her sex for Michelle’s oral assault. Her tongue homed in on Jamie’s clit and wrestled it into submission. From clit to asshole and back again went Shell's mouth as she ate Jamie’s snatch. She pushed three fingers into Jamie’s hole and fucked her with them. Jamie groaned in passion, as Michelle worked her over as only she knows how. Jamie could feel the heat in her stomach as orgasm approached. It was too soon. She pulled away from Michelle and her probing fingers.

When her vision cleared she looked over at their captive. His penis was standing at attention now and he had stopped struggling against his bonds. Jamie put Shell back on the bed beside him and kissed her tasting her own secretions as she did. Jamie licked her cunt cream from Michelle’s face then licked down her chin, her neck, her chest; she captured a nipple and sucked the turgid point for a moment then slid between Michelle's legs to administer to her.

Jamie snapped from her dream, as the bed that she was tied to sagged, under the weight of someone else joining her on it. "Who's there?" she asked, as she felt a tongue caressing her breasts. The bed sagged on the other side, and another tongue joined the first on her tits. "Hi Mike," Jamie said as she recognized the cologne she had given him for his last birthday. "Who's your friend?” Neither of them answered. Jamie felt a hand on her pussy. Then the one she thought was Mike laid over her and entered her cunt with his hard cock. It was definitely Mike. He pushed into her and pounded away at her pussy with little regard for Jamie’s pleasure.

Jamie felt something brush her lips as the other person knelt beside her head. She opened her mouth and the stranger pushed his cock in. Jamie ran her tongue over it trying to figure if she had ever sucked on him before. There was no hint of recognition. Jamie groaned around the dick in her mouth as Mike pounded an orgasm out of her cunt. She then lavished it with as much enthusiasm as she could.

Mike’s cock wrung yet another orgasm from Jamie’s clasping pussy. She sucked hard on the cock in her mouth and tasted precum discharging from it. The stranger grunted and filled her mouth. As the creamy cum slid down her throat Jamie climaxed, her back arched and her pussy spasmed around the cock in her cunt. She shuddered as waves of pleasure washed over her. Mike thrust into her several more times then pulled out and shot his cum. all over her tits Jamie spasmed more as his hot seed coated her nipples.

The two men left without a word. Jamie lay there wondering if she was to be held captive all night. Must be a sight she thought, spread-eagled on the bed, cum dripping from her mouth, and running down her tits, her pussy gaping open from use. Jamie knew how her brother had looked as she slurped the cunt of her best friend, and his girlfriend. Michelle's cunt had spasmed from the moment her tongue touched it. She had cum as soon as Jamie touched her clit. She taunted her brother by licking and slurping loudly at Michelle's pussy. Then to further tease him she licked her lips as she looked into his eyes. Jamie had then turned around and lowered her pussy down onto Michelle’s mouth and embraced her in a lesbian 69. Michelle brought her to a shattering climax as Jamie tongued her to orgasm.

Jamie turned to share a pussy wet kiss with Michelle, but Michelle squirmed out of her arms and bent over Jimmy. Kissing him on the mouth Michelle made a show of pushing her tongue into his mouth. Jamie’s rubbed her pussy as she watched him lap his sister’s cunt cream from his girlfriend’s face.

Then Michelle moved down and took Jimmy's erect cock into her mouth. She licked it from head to base then swallowed him completely. She brought him to orgasm quickly and jacked his rod with her hand as he shot into her mouth. Shell crawled over to Jay and kissed her. Feeding Jamie her brother's cum. Jamie was rocked by another orgasm as the taboo fluid filled her mouth. She swallowed her brother's semen and drove her tongue into Michelle’s mouth in search of more. Michelle was the only one who knew about Jamie’s dreams of making love to her brother, and she had teased her mercilessly, with detailed descriptions of each date she had with him. Lying there with his cum in her mouth was as close as she has ever been to breaking the incest taboo. Jamie hugged Michelle and thanked her for the gift. Then Jamie had left her and Jimmy on their own.

After a few minutes Jamie heard the bedroom door open and close. "Hello" she said, unable to see who had entered the room. She heard slurping sounds and Jimmy's moans filled her ears. "Is that you Jim?" she asked, “What’s going on."

He groaned in response and she heard a slapping noise.
"Are you jerking off over your sister?" Jamie giggled at the thought then heard a female moan and knew he was fucking someone beside her bed. She did not recognize the voice. Jamie’s pussy grew wetter as she listened to her brother fucking and the groans of ecstasy that his partner made. The noises stopped and she felt hot liquid splash onto her face. Jamie opened her mouth in hopes of catching his forbidden offering. The next spurt landed on her tongue and she felt a spasm of orgasm as his cum continued to coat her face.

Jamie felt the cum pulling on her skin as it dried on her face. How long she had lain like that she could not say. “Who is out there with Michelle and Jim? The only one I recognized was Mike. There were at least two more, who was Jimmy fucking? Do I know her? My pussy is throbbing with need, why are they leaving me like this?”
Jamie felt others climb onto the bed. There were at least six other people surrounding her. She felt the small hands of a woman rubbing her cum drenched tits, smoothing the drying jism into her skin. She felt a cock enter her cunt. There was no man attached to it. Then she remembered the dildo Michelle had left on her pillow this morning and knew she was being fucked by her new toy. It began squirming inside her as whoever was using it pushed it in and out of her pussy. The toy began to buzz and Jamie fucked back at it. She felt the bed shift and heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. An orgy was taking place in her bed and Jamie was unable to do anything but lie there and take whatever they decided to give her. The hand controlling the rubber cock changed several times but no one touched any other part of her body. Jamie was going crazy not knowing who was fucking and sucking beside her. Worst of all, did not know who was fucking her with the dildo. Jamie fucked her hips up at the rubber cock as it was manipulated in and out of her cunt. There were shifts of the bed as the weight was redistributed and she felt more, hot cum splash onto her tits, spurt after sticky spurt rolled down her breasts. Then she was sprayed from the other side. Two of the people left the bed as Jamie heard Michelle moan she heard her cry out and felt a twinge of jealousy. Someone else was pleasuring her lover. The dildo never slowed as it fucked in and out of Jamie’s pussy.

She felt another splash of cum on her face and opened her mouth to receive the hot spunk. Someone straddled her stomach and cried out as she sprayed Jamie with her sticky orgasm. She ground her clit into her stomach and kissed Jamie then rolled out of the way as two cocks were pressed into her face. Jamie captured one as it began to spray its load, and swallowed Mike’s generous offering. He pulled out and she took the other cock into her mouth and sucked hard on the head as it pumped hot cum into her mouth. Jamie freaked out as she recognized the flavor of her brother’s cum. She came as she realized that she had just sucked off Jimmy and hadn't known it. Jamie creamed around the rubber dildo using up the last of her strength. She passed out from sheer pleasure.

When she came too, Michelle was sleeping beside her and the restraints had been removed. The dildo was still inside her sore pussy. Jamie looked down over her body; she was covered with cock cream. She ran her hands through the mess and wondered to whom it belonged. She pulled the fuck toy from her cunt and laid it under Michelle's nose. Careful not to wake the doll faced little slut she slid from the bed and into the bathroom.
Jamie looked at herself in the mirror as the water ran in the shower. Her hair was clotted with sperm. Her face was coated with dried semen. She had seen pornos where the girl gets facials from the actor that left them covered with thick white cum, but had never been the recipient of so much herself. “And I don’t even Know whose cum is covering me” She thought. She stepped into the tub and showered. “All that cum and Mike was the only one to fuck me.”

Jamie shampooed and rinsed the cum from her hair. She then soaped her breasts thinking of the men who had dumped their lust all over her. As she washed her stomach Jamie wondered who the girl was that had squirted her. “I squirt, but have never heard of another girl in our circle of friends that does. I have never seen another girl squirt. I wonder what it looks like.”

She finished her shower quickly and dried off. Jamie went back into the bed room and looked at her roommate. Michelle was curled up in the fetal position sucking on Jamie’s new toy; she spooned up against her and wrapped her in her arms. Michelle stirred slightly, pushed herself back into Jamie and they slept like that till morning.
There were no signs that anyone except Jamie, and Michelle had been in the apartment the night before. Jamie fixed breakfast while Shell used the bathroom. She placed a stack of buttermilk pancakes on the table with a platter of sausage as her girlfriend emerged drying herself with a towel.

She smiled as she sat down and said, "You must have worked up quite an appetite last night?"

"Except for a few random spurts of cum, you didn't think to feed me yesterday" Jamie replied.

"Oh my God" She gasped, “I forgot about food entirely. I meant to torture you with pleasure not hunger. Sit down and Eat I will take care of the rest."

They finished their meal in silence. Michelle left for her job at the super market and Jamie smiled as she heard her car drive away. “Just you wait bitch you have a birthday coming up, just you wait.”
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