This story is not fiction something I have been wrote down a few days a go. Is my first story and I suck at writing so if dont waste your tike writing mine and then commening that I need work on spelling and grammer. STFU OK. Anyways enjoy
In love with my 5 pedifiles

This a story where I was taking of advantage by 5 men at different times in my life. My 1st experience was when I turn 5 where new neighbors where in moving in I when with my parents to welcome them to the neighborhood. I asked my mom that I need to go to the bathroom my neighbor took me to the bathroom. Since I was 5 I wore panties and I was a big girl. As we got to the bathroom he looked at me all weird.

"Do you need any help?"

"Umm sometimes but Im a big girl mom said I was." I giggled

"You look like a big girl call if you need anything"


Then as I walk 2 step he grab my tiny little ass and give me a little spank. At first I was a little scared but as I sat my cute butt in the toilet to pee I though is he going to do what my dad did to my mom.

I sat there thinking when I was 4 I was walking around like any baby does exploring the world. As I come to my dad's office I always like to sit on chair is was very soft like a marshmallow. I decide to climb on his desk and something fell on his laptop and what I saw well was new to me very new I though.

My hand hit one of keys on the laptop and it started playing I saw this guy on top a girl moving his butt and the girl was smiling after 10 minutes of watching I start to feel something between my legs I touch it was wet I though I peed myself. I when to the bathroom it smell like pee so I took them off and when to my room to put another 1 on.

I walked back to dad's room and the video was still playing so I sat on dads chair and again that feeling in my legs came back and this time I knew I was peeing. So I decide to take of my panties because I didnt want them to wet. So with that done I was feel weird again so I touch myself down there I slide my finger put and down I was that feeling was getting me even more wet so I decide to keep at it then I looked up I has the girl doing what I was doing. After looking my hand was doing what the girl doing and with I was feel like I really had pee.

I ran to the bathroom to pee but nothing I though I should touch again until I pee so I did and I felt something come over me I was breathing heavy I didnt want to stop and then I peed. After a few minutes I got up when to room and the video ended I close the laptop put my panties on and left.

Remembering that I got that feeling but I scared that parents would notice I was in the bathroom for to long. I walked out and my neighbor was there again with a weird look.

"What took you so long? Your parents are waiting for you"


"Come on"

He walked me to my parents and we left. The weekend come I was playing outside I hear something really loud that I was scared I ran to the forth door my mom came as we watch what was happening. A woman come all angry banging in our new neighbors house which I knew his name Mr. Blade. As Mr. Blade open the door he looked all tired and dirty. The woman was telling him that something that I didnt understand at all. And the next thing I saw was the woman punched Mr. Blade in face breaking his nose. Then woman walked back to her car. My mom when to him to make sure he was alright I when with my mom. My mom was a nurse but become a stay at mom to take care and watch over me.

Mr. Blade told mom about his pasted that he was a drug dealer and con man and that was an old druggy. He explain to her he was done because his parent left him a lot of money. Later I find out that he was only 20 and his uncle was coming to stay with him since Mr. Blades aunt died 6 months ago. Mom clean Mr. Blade up and when back home.

2 months has passed since Mr. Blade nose was broken. His uncle have moved in and little did I know that Mr. Blades uncle has a daughter the same age as me. We were all invited for dinner and I meet Mr. Blade niece she I hit off right my dad said we looked like twin we laughed.

"Hi Im Alice but Ally for short.

"Hi Im Amy sorry short to call me"

We giggled and everybody was having a good time. After dinner me and Ally when to her room to play.

"Hey Amy wanna play something that my dad and uncle play game with me?"

"Ok. What the game?"

"Well is called touching Ally but I guess it now be called touching ourself." She giggled.

"Umm ok but how do play?"

"We first remove our clothes and leave our underwear on.

I was getting this feeling back when I saw that video on the laptop. So I undress and Ally did the same.

"Ok now what Ally?"

"Lay down somewhere anywhere you want".

I though and I decide on her bed. We climb on and she startsd touching my legs and wonder what was going to happen. She then take my off my panties. At first she was just rubbing me. Then I felt something that I gasp load.


"Sorry ahh "

I looked at what she was doing and I was suprised that se was using her mouth there I lost control of my body thag I want to scream but I had put my hand in my mouth to cover my scream. As her face was between my legs it was hard not to close them and trap her there bit that what I did. I turn my head to side and the next thing I saw Allys father.

"What you girls doing?"


"You horny little bitch keep licking her"

I saw Ally smile and Her father came close. I was feeling like I had to pee.

"Ally stop I need to pee"

"Your not going to pee your cumming let her finish you off"

"But..." I was cut off from my sentence

"Lay down and enjoy Ally"

So I did as he told me then he got undress I saw aomething big and I was scared that he going to hurt me with that thing. I saw Ally looking at her father. She removed herself from me.

"No time baby keep working on her. Im going to it in your pussy".

I saw her father place hes "thing" in her pussy which by I knew what I pussy was. I saw some go inside. He move slowly not going any futher she was making noise which was send to another world. After a few minutes he made a gggrrrrr sound he put his clothes on and left. I was "cumming" and I lay there motionless. I saw she was linking something but didnt pay attiontion to it as much.

"Hurry let get dress ok"


As we were about dress Mr.Blade came inwe were bending over he closed door and came right behind. My heart was beating faster.

"Hey the fun is not over"

"Uncle Brad Im tired"

"Ally Im here to have fun take off your and jump in hed now"

"Ok uncle Brad"

"Well Amy you have a nice body you dont mind if I touch you"

"Umm I guess."

Mr.Blade came close to me he was feelibg my whole body and it felt good. I saw his "thing" grow.

"Mr.Blade are you going to put in my pussy?"

"If you want me too."

"I dont know Mr.Blade."

"Please call me Brad."


"Just sit there as I work with Ally"

I nodded as I saw he got between Ally legs and just like her father before. And did the same thing as. He didnt when and futher only a little he was very big only small of his thing when inside. I saw Ally was enjoying what was happening to her and head was moving side to side.

"Uh uncle more more faster faster"

With that he was going to faster and with my surprised he didnt go deeper. I wonder why didnt he when any futher. Ally mouth was cover by her uncles hand as she was screaming. Then Mr... ummm I mean Brad gave grrrrr just like Ally father. I saw white stuff come out of Ally I was shocked. Brad gave Ally a kiss on the mouth.

"I love you Ally"

"I love too uncle Brad"

He got up and left the room.

"You 2 get cleaned up and come downstairs."

"Alright" we both said.

I saw Ally still with white stuff coming out of her pussy.l

"Ally since Brad is the nephew of your father and your Brad niece. Is he you first or second cousin?".

Ally looked at me confused.

"I dont know I never asked." Giggled.

"Come lets go to the bathroom."

Ally kissed me and I just looked at her and said to myself what just happen? Did I dream. I just shook my head amd went to the bathroom to clean up and back to the rejoin everybody.

To be continued...

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