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It was only five-thirty pm, and already pitch black outside. It’s Saturday, and I had no plans for the evening. With nothing else to do I fired up the PC. After dumping the spam out of my inbox, I opened a search program to check out some porn sites. Come on, don’t knock it, I’m over forty, and single. Porn is about all the joy I get out of life. Anyway. I’m minding my own business, when my instant messenger pops up.

****@*****.com : Hi; my girl friend is 29, single and looking. Add her to your friends list, ***_*****@*****.com, you won’t be disappointed.

I figure what to hell, at least it’s someone to chat with. Even if it is a pornbot, there might be some free porn to look at. So I clicked on the link to add miss ***_***** to my buddy list, expecting to see the usual “Meet horny girls in your local area” page. To my surprise, the link opened the contacts window of the messenger. I pasted ***_*****@***** into the window, and clicked on add a buddy. A few seconds later, an instant messenger window popped up

***_***** has declined your invitation.

So much for that, I thought, and opened another picture gallery. As I’m looking at the pictures, the instant messenger pops up again.

***_*****@*****.com would like to add you to her friends list.

Now I figure this is one of my buddies playing some kind of prank. So I go along with it just to find out what’s up. I accept the invitation, and as soon as I do. She sends a message.

***_*****: Hey, I’m Becky. My girl friend Sherry told me your cool.

I typed back, “Hi, I’m Jim.”

***_*****: “I have 36 C breasts, and where size 8 panties. Brown hair, and blue eyes I’m 5ft tall.”

Before I can reply, another messenger window opens.

****@***** Jimmy, you aught to come up and meet her.

Now I’M confused. As I have no idea who either of these girls are yet. If they are girls, and not one of my buddies playing around. As I’m typing “Where are you? Who are you?” to ****, ***_***** sends.

***_*****: you like?

To which I replied, “Before I answer that, I have to know. Are you over 18?”

***_*****: I’m 29, you like?

“I like very much” I sent.

**** Sent, “I’m in Houlton. I’m Sharon, Sharon Carson.”

Buddy’s EX, flashes in my mind as I picture the woman I’m addressing. I immediately placed her. I replied, “Why the new screen name Sherry?”

***_*****: I’m cold, warm me up.

*****: Buddy kept messaging me on the old one. I think you would like Becky, you should come on up and meet her.

I sent to Becky, “I would warm you up by rubbing your back, and letting my hands wander down to your bottom.” And to Sherry, “When did you move to Houlton?”

Becky replied, “You could do that. I suck, and swallow”

Sherry answered, “Last month. Add this address to your list.”

“MMM, I like that, my favorite, is to lick your pussy till you push me away.” I typed to Becky. Than sent, “I did luv, soon as I knew who you were,” To Sherry.

Becky sent, “I’d never, you should cum up, we could have a threesome.”

Sherry typed her home address in the next message. 160 north street apt B. And added, “Cum up tonight, Becky wants to meet you.”

“You’re not playing?” I sent to both of them.

Becky replied, “160 North Street Apt B. You know where that is?”

“Not Yet” answered Sherry.

“I’m going to sign out and go warm up the pickup. I’ll be there shortly.” I sent to them.

Becky answered, “My panties are wet” While Sherry Sent. “OK”

I stopped at the corner market, and grabbed a twelve pack. An hour later I was sitting in a drive way I remember fondly. Twenty years ago. Dee, an Indian girl I dated had lived in the very same apartment I was going to. The building was still in the same rundown condition. I went up the back stairs, and knocked on the door.

“Just a minute” came a voice from inside, and shortly Sherry answered the door.

She was dressed in a blue sweat suit. Her red hair riled, and lipstick smeared, but other wise as beautiful as I remembered. “What you doing, coming up to the back door? I left the front door unlocked for you.” She said.

“I parked out back. This door was closer” I told her.

“We’ll save this for later,” she said as she took the beer out of my hand. I followed her into the living room.

Seated on the couch, was a lovely young woman with short brown hair. She was wearing a blue striped pajama top, and nothing else. She smiled when I came in.

“This is Becky” Sherry introduced us. Becky slid forward on the couch holding out her hand. As she did, she spread her legs letting me see the bushy brown patch of her pubic mound.

“Nice to meet you Jimmy” she said.

“A pleasure” I replied

“I hope so” Becky said. Leaning back on the couch, she let her PJ top fall open revealing her firm round boobs.

I looked back at Sherry, who smiled.

“You can touch them” Becky offered.

I knelt down between her legs, and cupped a firm teat in each hand. I kneaded her breasts, and pinched the nipples, while Becky sighed with pleasure. Leaning forward I began to suck on the sweet nipples. Sherry groped between my thighs, squeezing my package.

“I found what I want” she announced, rubbing her hand up my hardening cock.

I kissed and licked my way down Becky’s stomach while Sherry took off my pants. As I began to tongue my way through the soft brown curls surrounding Becky’s vulva, Sherry began tugging my cock. Spreading Becky’s lips with my fingers, I licked my tongue from her asshole to her clit, causing her to spasm and cry out. Meanwhile, Sherry slid beneath me. Capturing my cock head in her mouth and proceeded to suck on my now throbbing shaft.

“Oh God his tongue is fast” Becky cried out, as I rabbit punched her clit with my tongue. Then she flooded my face with delicious girl cum. “Sorry I came too fast” she apologized. I continued to lap up her offering. Causing her to spasm several more times before she moaned, “Put it in me”

“Oh no” Sherry said. “It’s my turn, you get down here and suck on his cock.”

The beautiful redhead stood up and removed her sweats. Revealing to me, the charms Buddy had described so many times at work. Full D breasts, with only a little sag. A not too narrow waist that swelled to perfect hips and an ass that just begs to be spanked. She stepped to the couch as Becky slid off it. She sat in front of me, and pushed my head between her legs. I didn’t argue, but dived in with relish. Her pot was dripping with honey. I lapped right between her swollen pink lips, letting her guide my head with her hand as my tongue probed for more of her secretions.

Becky lapped the head of my cock, as her hand wrapped around my balls. I nearly came when her hot mouth closed over the head. I stopped eating Sherry’s cunt to concentrate on not shooting, hard to do with the scent of fresh pussy juice filling your nostrils. When the urge subsided, I sucked Sherry’s clit into my mouth, trapping it between my teeth.

“Finger me, finger fuck me” Sherry gasped.

I slid my index finger into her juicy snatch, feeling the tight walls of her pussy give way as I entered her.

“More” she panted. “Don’t tease, fuck me hard.”

Pushing my middle finger in beside my index finger I began to pump her as fast and deep as I could and still keep hold of her swollen clit with my teeth. All the while Becky continued to nurse on the sensitive head of my cock.

“Oh God, oh God, Ooooo” Sherry screamed out. Her hips bucking as her orgasm struck. Her lovely thighs squeezed around my head holding me tight against her spasming cunt.

As if her orgasmic cry were a signal, Becky chose that moment to push her mouth all the way down my cock shaft, taking all of me into her throat. I came instantly, coating her tonsils with semen. True to her word, she swallowed every drop. When Sherry relaxed her grip on my head, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and lapped up the honey that poured out.

Becky slid under my arms, and pushed her head between my face, and Sherry’s pussy. Pressing her lips against mine she forced her tongue into my mouth. I tasted my cum on her breath as we kissed. I felt Sherry move, and soon her face was pushing between Becky’s and mine as she maneuvered to kiss me as well. We continued to swap kisses for several minutes kneeling in front of the couch, until Becky stated “We should move this into the bedroom”

She stood up and bounced into the bedroom. I followed her with my eye, seeing her ass for the first time pear shaped, and tight. Sherry stood next, and pulled me to my feet.

“Well, what do you think, kissable or what?” she asked.

I grabbed a hand full of her ass, and answered, “all most as kissable as this one.”

Wiggling her hips, rubbing herself against my hand, “Woo hoo, that’s what I wanted to hear” she replied.

We followed Becky into the bedroom. We found her laying over the foot of the bed, her legs spread wide as she rubbed her pussy with her hand.

“Get him hard again, Sherry, so he can fuck me” she said.

Sherry took my cock in her hand. “No problem there” she said. “He’s up for the job.” She led me over to her friend, by pulling on my cock. Then guided me into Becky’s cunt. “Fuck her hard Jimmy. Make her scream.” She told me.

I pushed into her. Becky’s pussy was as hot as a blast furnace. I never felt anything as hot as her tight moist hole. I closed my eyes, and began to fuck her.

“Yes, Yes.” She yelled out. “Fuck me, fuck my cunt. Fuck me.” She continued to cry out like that as I worked my cock in and out of her. Then it became quiet. All I could hear was the squelch of my cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt, and the squeak of the bed springs.

I opened my eyes, to see Sherry holding Becky’s head between her thighs, her brown hair bouncing to the rhythm of my fuck strokes.

“Fuck her harder Jimmy. Fuck her like a bitch” Sherry told me. “Make her scream into my cunt.”

Spurred on by the seductive voice of the redhead, I drove my cock as deep and hard into Becky as I could. The sound was muffled but I could make out her screams as her face was pounded against Sherry’s cunt.

“That’s it, that’s it. Pound that fucking cunt.” Sherry panted. “I’m gonna cum in her fucking face.”
Becky’s vagina convulsed squeezing around my cock. It felt like the flesh of my penis would be seared away as the heat in her pussy rose. She pushed herself back against me, and away from Sherry. I ah yes ssss she howled, her body quivering in orgasm.

“Don’t you dare cum in her.” Sherry told me. “I want that cock in me.”

Becky collapsed on the bed pulling herself off my cock. “No problem there” I said, walking around Becky to take Sherry in my arms.

I kissed her and laid her back on the bed. Crawling up between her legs, I positioned myself to fuck her.

“No” she said, “My ass. I want it in my ass.”

“Lube” I said.

“Just put it in.” She hissed.

Pulling her hips up to the right angle, I put the head of my cock against her anus. Expecting resistance, I pushed easily. The head of my cock slid past her sphincter into her ass. Sherry groaned. I looked up at her face as I slid my cock slowly into her. She wore a grimace of concentration. She sighed when my pubes pressed against her.

“Fuck that ass hole. Pound the shit out of that bitch.” Becky said from behind me.

She had crawled up on the bed without my noticing. She was now close enough to speak right into my ear. “Im going to sit on her face and make her rim my ass while you pound the shit out of hers”

She bent over Sherry’s body, kissing her while she shook her ass in my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked her crack before she turned around and squatted over Sherry’s mouth.

“All set lover” Becky announced. “Fuck the shit out of that asshole.”

I pulled out until just the head of my cock was still inside her than pushed my pole back into her ass. I had expected her nether cavity to be virgin tight. However, I was able to fuck her ass without any trouble.

“Her tongue is licking around my asshole.” Becky told me in a sultry voice. “She’s an ass kissing slut.”

The sound of her voice, and the filthy language she was using sent a surge of blood to my cock. I felt harder than I had ever been. Becky continued her dirty talk, and I followed her instructions as if hypnotized.

“Harder Jimmy. Fuck her harder. Drive your hard cock into her rectum.” She told me. “She’s fucking my ass with her tongue Jimmy. Her fucking tongue is licking the shit out of me. Sherry is a shit eating bitch Jimmy.”

I was fucking Sherry up the ass harder than I have ever fucked a cunt. I could hear Sherry groan when my cock was buried deep in her bowels, then whimper when I pulled out. All the while Becky continued to describe the movements of her mouth and tongue as Sherry rimmed her ass, and encouraged me to pound her ass even harder.

All of a sudden. Sherry’s anus clinched around my cock. Holding me so tight I could not move. She threw Becky off her and sat up. Her eyes a blaze with the fire of passion as she embraced me. She hugged me tight than began to convulse. Her body bucked and shook against me. Her arms squeezed around my shoulders in a bear hug. I couldn’t move I feared if I tried she would rip my cock off with her ass. I don’t know how long it lasted. It felt like an eternity. The convulsions slowly ebbed. Her arms loosened around my shoulders, and thankfully her ass let go of its strangle hold on my cock. Sherry kissed me driving her tongue into my mouth. It tasted of shit, but I didn’t care. She began posting on my cock. Fucking herself in the ass while she fucked my mouth with her tongue.

When she broke the kiss, she looked me in the eye, and said. “Cum in my ass Jimmy. I want you to fill my ass with your cum.”

No one could resist a plea like that. My cock slammed up into her rectum one last time and released its load. I felt my eyes roll back in my head as her ass sucked the life from me.

When my soul returned to my body, I felt soft lips against mine. Warm breasts against my chest and her tight ass softly squeezing and releasing around my softening cock and a tongue laving my balls, and the shaft of my cock where it protruded from Sherry’s asshole.

Sherry lifted herself off my cock, and Becky engulfed its entire length into her mouth. Her tongue washed me clean while Sherry leaned into me pushing me onto my back on the bed and we shared an afterglow kiss. Becky left my cock, and Sherry moaned into my mouth. She pulled back a little than lay her head on my shoulder.

“She’s licking my ass.” Sherry said in a whisper. “The little cumslut is eating your sperm out of my asshole.” She than closed her eyes, and fell asleep while Becky continued to clean her out.

When she had finished her task, Becky crawled to me for a kiss. Her eyes sparkled mischievously as she pressed her mouth to mine. I opened my lips, and her tongue squirmed into my mouth, bringing with it a flood of fluids. A mixture of semen and shit, filled my mouth. Becky continued to kiss me till I was forced to swallow the mixture. She than laid down beside me with her arm draped over both Sherry and I.

I looked up at the ceiling and thanked the Gods of the internet and instant messenger before I drifted off to sleep.

Jim McNally

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2012-05-01 22:57:01
Drinking and fucking, what else is there to do in northern Maine?
An Come on, You got to pick on a simple typo. Why not read the story and enjoy, or simply go to the next. if you don't like it

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I spent my fair share of time in Houlton. I always loved those county girls. The little sluts fuck like bunny rabbits.

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The word is GraTification, with a T, not a D.

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