when i was 10 i discovered how to jack it thought you guys might like hearing about it also the mag i was reading helped me discover i like rape porn but just fake not real i do not condonne actual rape anyway enjoy ;)
ok so we had moved to whats known out here as the scrubs anyway it was a simple small 3 bed 2 bath after entering the front door walk into the living room a bit till you hit the tv angled at the corner of the room look left and see my parents room then slightly left and behind the tv was the kitchen right of the tv was the den which lead to my room and my bros's room while facing the tv turn right into the den then walk forward a bit then look left you'll see a door leading into the tiny half bath then walk into it look under the cabinets and there it was the hardcore porn mag my brother had stole from my dads room a while back my bro had told me and showed me how to jack it not touching me but yeah you get the point anyway he neglected to tell me about the mag so one day i was in there and was trying to take a crap but was constipated oh well so i pulled up my pants then saw the tp was low so i got some from under the sink as i did i saw a picture of some woman in the corner so i pulled it out and locked the door i instantly became so hard my dick was aching i slowly wrapped my hand around my cock and started to jerk off slowly as i flipped through the pages this girl sucking dick that girl doing anal it was good then i found a picture of a girl who had cum all over her face it was a rape cartoon so i read it the title was Cynthia's dream and it was set in the 1800s a carriage pulls up to a manor lights on apparently having a party as the door to the manor flies open there's a man standing there with a naked almost blonde woman(she was light strawberry blonde) he had her by the hair strolling across the room then sitting in a throne in the middle forcing her to his knees he opens his pants to release his cock he then proceeds to shove her mouth onto his cock while being forced to give head she begins to cry and some other men circle then he cam in her mouth the white substance oozing out onto his cock he had her lick it up then threw her too the floor me still slowly jacking it i picked up the pace a little then all the men started forcing her to give them blowjobs and hand jobs then after a few boxes of her sucking and holding onto cocks you see her crying in the middle of the room as cum drips from her mouth and in her hair now that i had gotten a full view of her face form the angle of the guy cuming i increased extremely as if i was trying to rip my cock off then staring at all the different images i orgasm being ten i could cum yet but a warm frenzy of tingles shot from my body to the head of my cock i then placed the mag back where it was and returned to my room to watch tv from that day on i looked at that mag as much as i could i also was able to see my moms room from my spot on the top bunk so once i discovered tv porn i jacked it as often as i could but my bro being on the bottom bunk would try to catch me and make me stop and other times hed jack me off idk why anyway that's my story soon i was 13 living in a new home and jerkin my cock to my computer until its motherboard caught fire and melted basically loud hum then boom smoke and no more computer but that's ok cause i then got a ps3 when i was 14 and it had internet so you know ;) hope you enjoyed that and yes that's a true story the first one ive posted

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2014-01-24 02:55:37
3single (dot) com is a great site. It also has live chat so you can chat to other people online. Good luck.

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2012-12-31 22:00:58
Well im a teen guy, 15 and i been watching porn for awhile and stuff. And if any girls wanna exchange pics, have a session(; sext just tlk to me on this txt or call watever 630-917-3911


2012-04-30 04:21:45
ok its not homeschool like my mom teaches me im schooled online and ill write how i right now if its something serious that requires good writing then yes i will write better and make sure it looks good but not this its just a story and if you have a problem reading this then thats ur own problem

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2012-04-30 04:00:54
Home schooled? You prove my prejudices.

Seriously, try to get a real teacher. You need it. It's hard to understand what you write. It'll help you get along in life.


2012-04-30 03:21:45
oh yeah if my writing is so bad then why do i have a few comments telling me that they cant wait till the next story and i know its one really long run on sentence i just dont care read it or not thats ur choice and i dont care if you read or people respect my writing its just a story on a porn site i dont need the respect of a bunch of people who sit in front of a monitor jerking there cocks or fingering there pussys i just dont care so ima keep writing but im not writing to please u so piss off

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