This is my first story so I'm not sure that it'll be any good but don't be afraid to leave negative feedback so I can improve and make my storks more entertaining and erotic for you guys ;) cause we all know why your here
   My name is Tira I'm 15 I'm about 5' 3", I have pale white skin, jet black hair, deep blue eyes and C cup breasts. For as long as I can remember I liked this boy, Chris, he was adorable when I first met him and now that we're older all I can do when he passes by is bite my lip and wish he wasn't wearing that damn shirt. Chris is 5' 9", he has a sexy body that looks like it was sculpted by a god, light brown skin, shaggy brown hair, and dark almost black eyes.
    My friend always teases me for having a crush on him so long. " Why don't you just ask him out already" repeated Ashley for about the ten billionth time this year. "I can't he'll just say no" I thought for a minute "what if I did something slutty? He want me then. And that is how I got you last year" ;) "SHUT UP TIRA!" she was red as a apple " Do your slut thing but all that'll happen is youll be his fuck buddy" I bit my lip "Mmm... That's all I need babe..." "Tira?" I started rubbing her leg under the desk "Ashley I'm sooooo wet right now...." I whispered in her ear "Ummm... Really?" I smacked her in the arm "Nope! You skank!" she looked relieved "So Ashley how bigs Greg?" she blushed "He's pretty fucking big like seven inches. He's not with the tits though but, Oh My God he is amazing at eating pussy!" "Better than me?" "Nope!" the bell rang and we went outside we both said " See ya" I gave her a sexy, very unlady-like tongue kiss and whispered "Can't wait for tonight!" she just winked and went to class.
   I was thinking about our plans for that night all day. I was so horny, I couldn't take it anymore! In fourth period I took the pass and went to the bathroom. I went in the stall farthest away from the door and released my tits from my shirt. I pinched my pink nipples til' they turned red before I dropped my panties and began rubbing my clit. I let out a soft moan and opened my eyes to find a six inch cock poking though a hole in the wall that lead to the boys bathroom. " Oh your a brave one aren't you?" the sexy meat twitched and a deep voice said "Mmhm" I smile and happily started stroking the boys cock and talking dirty to him "Ya want me ta suck you off baby? Ya wanna be deep in my throat? Shoot your hot lode on my face and tits?" I heard a low moan and a "Awww fuck yes...." I licked the tip of the gloryhole cock and it pulsed in return I took the head in my mouth and sucked flicking my tongue all over the sensitive head giving extra a attention to the underside. I bobbed my head back and fourth til' I had all of him in my mouth. He was breathing heavily "Damn your good at this!" he said between breaths. I stopped sucking and he started to protest until I rubbed his head on my pussy lips and began fucking him through the the wall. I started getting frustrated when he just sat there "FUCK ME BACK!" I sighed loudly and he obliged. He started grunting and I knew he was close and Mmm so was I. I started thrusting faster and faster I could hear my round ass smaking the wall then he shot his wad inside me and my pussy started milking his cock as an orgasm ripped through me. When I finished I scooped some of his cum in my mouth then got dressed and went back to class. I was questioned why I took so long I didn't answer for obvious reasons.
   Later the bell rang after sixth period and I met up with Ashley again. She said she brought something special for later then giggled. "What is it? Please let me see! Please Ashley?" "No whore be patient you'll see later" she winked at me and kissed her and stuck my tongue down her throat. She smiled at me then her mom came to pick us up, we went to her place.
   When we were there we didn't do much except watch a movie with a few sex scenes that got us alil hot. I squeezed her knee and we kept watching. When the movie was over and it was late and her mom was in bed. "Finally!" I nearly screamed as pushed Ashley down and laid on top of her. I kissed her deeply and slid my tongue on her lips and she let me in. Our tongues danced in each others mouths for a minute then I kissed her neck and started unbuttoning her shorts. She reached for her bag and took out a seven inch pink vibrator. I smiled "Is that the surprise you naughty little fuck?" "Mmhm" she put it in my mouth and I sucked it for a minute before I completely undressed her from the waist down. I teased her pussy with it by stroking her soft lips until she was begging me to fuck her with it "Oh Tira please I'm so fucking wet! Shove that damn thing in me hard! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!" I licked the vibrator to lube it alil and pushed it in "Ooooohhh that's it...." she groan I thrusted it in and out at a decent speed and flipped it on "UUUUHHHH! OH TIRA" She moaned loudly as I grinned at her and took her top off. "Oh! My little slut already has her bra off" "Yeeeaaah!"  I started sucking and pulling on her nipples while I fucked her good and hard. I stood up after awhile and stripped I hadded her the vibrator and laid onto of her so our pussies were in each others faces. She started fucking me with the toy as I had done to her. I started eating her sweet pussy. I sucked her clit and fingered her sopping wet love tunnel. I could tell she was getting ready to cum so I curled my fingers inside her and touched her G-spot and she screamed "TIRA!" I smiled and drank her cum. I flipped around and kissed her "My turn" I winked then sat on her face. She eagerly began sucking and tasting my cunt. I felt her fucking me with her tongue and began humping her face, I was about to explode "Oh Ashley just like that.... I'm gonna..... gonna cu- CUM!" right then I squited all into her mouth and she lapped up my bittersweet cum. We laid next to each other for a sec holding hands, catching our breaths. After that we made out alil bit then got our pajamas on and went to sleep. 


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There's such a refreshing dieecrfnfe between you and the others': the attention to detail, the very fact you theme your write ups to the song used in the couple's video, the creativity of your photos through your words and your photography, I always feel as if I know your clients! Thanks for the wonderful journey you take us on .this has to be one of your best destination shoots to date!! Happy New Year, ShutterBrugs.

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Very nice please keep it going;)

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Very nice please keep it going;)

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