raping my babysitter then blackmailing her to be my fuck slave this is all fictional not real because real rape is bullshit and is horrid thank you enjoy ;)
ok one night my parents say there going away on a little weekend vacation so there were going to have Julie babysit she was 18 3 years more than me(yes i am 15 actually) she was tall bout 6 foot a little taller than me legs that curve ever so sweetly to her fine toned thighs and perfectly round plump ass she was about 120 nice b cups with short skirts or tight pants every time she sat for my parents just teasing me and teasing me finally one day when i heard they were leaving i decided id fuck that little slut for wiggling her ass in front of me always bending over to pick things up while i was watching i was gonna make her pay for that so i got everything ready mom left me there an hour before Julie showed up

so i got everything ready a camera some lube for anal and rope to tie that bitch down so i could fuck her good when she got there she put her stuff down then i began "hey Julie i need something from moms room but i cant go in there but i need a blue box its sitting underneath there bed" i said not nit picking she proceeded into my parents room as she got under the bed looking for the imaginary blue box i slowly crept in after her i then closed the door and when she got up to see what was going on i grabbed her

by the shoulders and threw her to the bed she must have smacked into the headboard cause she passed out i then tied her hands behind her back and set up the camera she awoke about 10 minutes later "wh-what the Hugh!?" she said a look of panic and shock as she tried to wriggle out of her restraints "shhh" i said calming her stroking her hair i then told her that she was gonna take my cock in every hole of course she refused so i bent her now naked body over my knee and paddled her behind

then asked if she was gonna be a good girl she nodded then i forced her to her knees i became shirtless then dropped my drawers the bulge in my boxer briefs was now throbbing and expanding i then released my now rock hard member from its cotton prison she then looked up at me with a face that seemed to ask please no but i did anyway shoving my cock down her throat as i ordered her eyes to watch me fuck her face

then looking into her soft brown eyes i got a sense of power using her to get me off "ohhh Julie your such a good dick sucker do you do this a lot?" she then nodded a bit while sucking my cock i then slid my hands onto her head forcing more of my manhood into her warm saliva soaked mouth her nose was then buried again and again into my thick patch of pubes my balls slapping into her chin then in my state of arousal she tried to pull away "no more please she" uttered before i rammed my cock in her again after 2 full minutes of face fucking i told her to swallow my man juices or id spank her ass again till she couldn't sit

she obeyed trying her hardest to suck every last drop of cum form my cock i then removed my cock and slapped her in the face with it a few times i yanked her up by the rope on her wrist and threw her to the bed i grabbed the lube then told her to "smile for the camera" as i put her doggy style i placed the lube on the night stand then mounted her from behind inserting my dick in her moist hot pussy feeling her wetness

i said"oh your enjoying this aren't you"please Robert don't do this stop now and i wont tell anyone" she pleaded "but why would i stop we've only just begun" i said as i rammed my entire piece of meat into her warm fuck hole "aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh" she let out a scream "yeah that's it scream from the pleasure my cocks giving you" i said as i pumped harder into her pussy grabbing her cheeks with one hand and squeezing them together then turning her face to the camera i said "tell everyone how you like getting fucked by the kids you watch"i like getting fucked by the kids i watch" she repeated

as i fucked her harder and harder then finally i pulled out and came all over her ass then i grabbed the lube taking some on two fingers i inserted them into her tight ass "oh this might be hard to get at" i said probing deeper into her ass fingering her corn hole with lubed fingers i then pulled them out and proceeded to lube up my cock i then in one mighty thrust i rammed my entire dick into her my ball's slapping her cheeks "FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!" she said screaming bloody murder as i rammed her up the ass

"oh yeah that's it scream louder that'll only help me fuck you better" i laughed as she kept letting out small moans of both pleasure and pain after a full 20 minutes of fucking her tight ass i cam load after load shot after shot of stringy white cum into her bum i then removed my dick pulled her onto her back then shoved my dick into her throat making her taste her shitty cum filled ass afterwards i took the tape hid it in my room

then i told her that she was now my fuck toy and has to do whatever i say if she wants to stay out of jail for fucking a minor she agreed i untied her we got dressed then watched tv some porn came on then i was hard again so after some sucking anal and deep throating she was all sorts of dirty so we hoped in the shower and washed off then we proceeded to fuck for the next two days and then some

when my parents returned home they asked if anything happened then after looking to me for guidance she said no miss d nothing at all quietly sobbing under her breath as she walked out the door i then would jerk myself to that porno and the others i made with her then i decided to really get be continued ;)

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2013-09-24 03:48:45
we want come time......3-20pm

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2013-09-18 23:26:28
lol 9 not true ur probly a 40 to 70 year old creep get a life and dont be a pedo kk thanks


2013-01-03 00:15:03
alright i understand your points thank you for being in depth with your suggestions i will make sure to add in more background to my stories trust me my newer stuff will be better just be patient and as for staying hard after cumming im not sure what the technical term for it is but yeah i gotta come like three times before i quit being hard

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2012-10-29 16:53:05
Everyone who had something bad to say.. you do better then. Good story man being skittles longer and periods would have helped tons


2012-10-29 01:51:17
lol the point to this is fear so makes sense to be scared

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