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Getting pulled over is a bad thing...or is it?
I leave the bar after just a few drinks. I am not drunk, but I have a nice buzz going. The guy I had been watching for an hour hooked up with someone before I got the balls to talk to him. So I'm really pissed at myself and have to go home all horny... I hope it doesn't go to waste tonight. I hate when I do that... I take forever to find the perfect match, then I sit there waiting for a miracle. I need to grow some bigger balls. Shit!

I love my car, it's a BMW 535i; sapphire black with black leather and all the toys you could ask for. I bought it because it was my dream car, and I've never regretted a minute with it. It still smells new and I get a little turned on at the smell of the leather every time I get into it. I pull out of the parking lot and take a deep breath. I grab my crotch and squeeze myself hard... still pissed at myself. My balls are hanging really low tonight and I am half hard as I fondle myself. I only get about four blocks when I see some lights flashing in my rearview mirror. Fuck! Just what I need... a cop pulling me over. Well, I always love seeing a guy in uniform. I hope that at least he's hot and I can admire him while he writes me my ticket. I pull over and the patrol car stops behind me. I look in my side mirror and see a dark blue uniform from the shoulders down to the knees. A slender guy... that's good. Better than some fat-ass-donut-eating-pig.

Before I know it, he's at my window and he has to wait while I press the down button. "Good evening, Officer", I say. WOW! I stare up into these steely blue eyes of this young cop. He's probably 5'11", about 28 years old, with short cropped dirty blonde hair. I gulp a little. I'm not nervous about getting stopped, but this guy is hot. He gives me the standard, "license and registration" crap and I immediately comply. I look at his badge and it says, HARLTON, Joshua. Have you been drinking, sir? he asks. Well, I said, I just had a glass of wine at the Kro-bar, but I'm not drunk. I see a smirkish smile on his face. The Kro-bar? he asks. Yeah, I said. Well sir, if you've been drinking, I'm going to have to ask you to get out of the car. Damn!, I think to myself. But I guess he would have figured it out... even if I had lied. I turn off the car, undo my seatbelt, and open the door. This cop is bigger than me by a few inches, but he seemed to tower over me in his state-issued black leather boots. He seems to be looking me over as I get out. "Please turn around and put your hands on the roof", he directs. I comply, but move slowly. He definately seems to be checking me out... I think.

I feel him put his hands on my neck and start to "frisk" me as he moves down my body. The neck, to the shoulders, and down my sides... patting and pressing as he moves down. It's a little chilly tonight and I'm only wearing my black silk shirt with nothing under it. I can feel my nipples getting hard from the cool breeze. When the cop reaches my waist, I feel him stop. With both hands, he takes his fingers and stuffs them inside my waistband and circles waist. Do I really look like a hardened criminal to deserve such a pat-down? As he moves lower down my hips, he slowly slips one hand down the crack of my ass and the other over my crotch; which held a half chub inside. As soon as I feel his hand touch my cock through my pants, my cock jumps. It feels like he's tracing the outline of my half hard penis with his fingers while rubbing my ass. It feels good and I spread my legs slightly so that he can have full access to my hardening cock. It was becoming obvious that he was enjoying the frisking quite a bit. "I gotta watch out for you guys from the Kro-bar", he says. "You never know what you guys are packing." He said this in a firm, but sensual voice. I couldn't resist the moment and I said, "Did you find what you were looking for?" "Yeah, I got it" he said. You'd better check again, I urge, just to be sure. With that, Joshua gets behind me and presses himself against my ass while sliding both of his hands into my pockets. I can feel his erection spread my cheeks slightly. "Any weapons in here?" he asks. See for yourself, I reply. He lets out a hard breath as he reaches around with his hands and finds my now hardened cock with his right hand and my balls with his left. I don't remember being able to feel myself when I bought these slacks, but I'll be sure to go get another pair. The fabric slides easily across my skin and the cut of the pants gives lots of freedom. Maybe I'll buy two more pair.

I'm kinda chilly, I tell him. Can I get my jacket from the back? He agrees and I move to the back door. As I open it, I feel his hand slide down my butt and he gives me a push. I stumble a little and kneel on the seat. He reaches around me and undoes my belt, snap and zipper in a flash. I can feel him sliding my pants down my ass as I struggled to maintain my balance. I put both hands out on the seat and reached forward. As I stretch out, I feel Josh coming in behind me and I hear the door close. Are you going to rape me?, I say hopefully. No, not unless you want me to. I roll over onto my back and looked up into his face and smile. He smiles back, but he looks like he has puppy eyes. What do you want me to do? I ask. Joshua says that he wants me to suck his cock. I'm more than happy to oblige him and I reach for his belt. He stops me just long enough to guide my hand to his zipper and slide it down. I slide my hand in past the zipper and feel the warmth of his totally erect penis and I feel for its head. I quickly get my hand wrapped around it because he's wearing cotton boxers with the open fly. His cock feels warm and moist in my hand as I tug to get it out through his zipper. I was guessing that it would be too difficult to undo everything and get redressed. So with some cooperative effort, I soon have Josh's hard prick out of his pants and move myself to take him in my mouth. He has a really hard cock with a big hard crimson helmet. He moans slightly as I engulf his cock with my mouth and suck him. I'm guessing that he's easily 8 inches in length with an average girth. I'm not complaining... this is a beautiful cock and I'm enjoying it. I suck him for several minutes while he grinds his hips into my face and moans from time to time. In a short time he yells, "I'm... gonna....cum!" And almost immediately, he shoots his load; partially in my mouth, but partially on my face and some on my chest. He rockets his hips back and forth so hard, I was afraid I might bite him by accident. Josh is whining and moaning with his dick still partially in my mouth and saying, "oh, yeah, oh yeah, suck me, oh, fuck". When he finally stops bucking, he says, "I wanna do you now."

I'm a little surprised at his request, but I'm still pretty hard and grateful that he was going to help me out. I slide back on my elbows and push up against the back door. I can really smell the leather seats of my car mixed with the aroma of his sperm still fresh on my lips. I think to myself... these are my two favorite things; car and cock. I breateh in deep and close my eyes. I feel Josh sliding my boxer briefs down my thighs. His hands are warm and his breathing is deep from his orgasm and probably from his horniness. He seems to go down on me quickly with a desperate desire and that really turns me on. I feel super sexy with him. I'm pretty sure the boy has done this many times before because he's giving me the best blowjob of my life. He lubes me up with his spit and jams my cock all the way down his throat without choking. Over and over he slides up and down my cock until I think he'll suck it out by the root. I feel a knot in my chest that seems to be moving down into my stomach. As I breathe in the leather smell deeper and deeper, I concentrate on the knot moving down my body and into my balls. I find some cum on my chest and I wipe it with my finger and suck it off slowly. It tastes almost fruity. I increase my breathing and moan through it with each breath. The breaths are getting faster and shallower. I know that Josh can tell I'm going to cum because he grabs my cock at the base and squeezes more blood into my cock all the way up to the head. As he sucks and strokes me, I feel the orgasm coming and I yell out a loud "Ooooooooo" sound as I squirt my load into his mouth. Josh continues to suck and milk my cock for every last drop of cum. He still sucks me when I put my hands on his head and beg him to stop. It's was almost too much stimulation. He finally stops and he kisses the head several times. Just before he stops, he nibbles the tip with his lips and I can tell he really enjoyed blowing me.

Josh looks down into my eyes and gives me a huge smile. "That was fucking fantastic!", I say. His smile broadens. "Yeah, that was pretty hot, dude." he says. I reach up and try to pull him toward me. I just want to taste his lips. "No, I can't", he says. Why not? I ask. Because I'm not gay, he replies. You're not gay? What the fuck??? You just gave me the best head of my life and you're not gay? No... I've never done anything else but suck a few guys off. So that doesn't make you gay? Wow... this kid is messed up in the head. Dude, I say, do you like to suck cock? YES. Do you think about guy's cocks? YES. Then bud, you're gay... even if you don't kiss or fuck them... you're gay. Well I want to try it, he says, but I don't get any opportunities. Today's your lucky day, then!, I say. When does your shift end? Midnight he says. Great! Come to my house when you're off and I'll show you how it's done. Josh hesitates briefly and says, ok. I pull my boxers up and see he's staring at my limp cock. He zips up and opens the door. I pull my trousers up and get myself dressed again.

While I'm writing my address on a piece of paper, I see him writing something in his book. As I hand him my address, he hands me a ticket. What's that?, I ask. He says, "A ticket. A ticket for what? A ticket for not coming to a complete stop. I have to give you something to account for my time away from the radio. Don't worry, I won't show up at court and the judge will just throw it out. Sorry... I have to." Oh, you're gonna pay for this, I say. He looks me in the eye and says, "I'm looking forward to it." Always needing to get the last word in, I say, "Make sure you're wearing your uniform, or I won't let you in."

He smiled, reached in, and touched my arm. I got an immediately jolt all the way down my arm and into my crotch. I couldn't wait until midnight.

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Two police officers tailed as I left the biker gay bar. They pulled me over and told me to follow them to an empty parking lot. Stay in the vehicle said the 30 something, muscular cop. He unzip and pused his boxer shorts into my face. Get busy cocksucker. We don't have much time. His stick grew to 9 inches of uncut desperate meat. My pro mouth had him blow in about 2 dozen tonguing, licking strokes. The older office stood wayching, pulled my mouth to his crotch and blew one of the thickest biggest cum load I have everseem.

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Where's part 2?

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I have a fantasy of a cop hurting my ass with his nightstick and making me suck him off.

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I want to get raped by a guy with a 8 inch dick

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I rescently divorced my wife, and rescently I was allowed to suck my openly bisexual friends cock!

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