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Please read the first part of this series to better understand it. The boys get to learn a little more about sex, but this time first-handedly. I hope you enjoy it.
After Jordan and Justin were told to come into the room, they slowly walked in, their stiff members standing out proud in front of them, and holding their heads down. Jennifer and Lindsey looked at their young dicks and smiled.

"It looks and sounded like you guys enjoyed our little show," Jennifer said. Justin lifted his head and looked at his sister, slowly nodding. "Heck that was probably the first time they've ever seen a girl's kitty before," Lindsey said chuckling. The boys remained silent, Jordan still looking at the floor, his face turning red from blushing, and Justin's face was beet red as well.

Lindsey stared at Justin's hard dick and smiled, "so you guys have two, half-naked, girls in front of you. What do you want to do?" Jessica looked at her friend in horror, not believing what Lindsey had just said, then back at her step-brothers. Justin shrugged his shoulders, unsure of what to do. Jessica looked sternly at Lindsey, "they wouldn't know what to do, they're still virgins."

Lindsey giggled, standing up, "so we have two inexperienced boys here huh?" Jordan lifted his head, looking at Lindsey in fear. Lindsey noticed this and grinned as she stood in front of him, "what are you scared of? I won't bite you, well hard," she said laughing.

Jessica could not believe what her friend was doing, she had only brought the boys in here to scold them, and not to let anyone know about what they had just witnessed. Jessica knew that would be impossible for them to keep quiet about, but she wasn't expecting Lindsey to act this way, since she was so hesitant before.

Lindsey grinned at Jordan as she reached down and slowly wrapped her hand around his stiff member, and lightly squeezed. Jordan looked at her in awe, as he groaned lightly, trying to pull back. "So you guys don't know what to do with this huh?" Lindsey said lustily, squeezing Jordan's dick a little harder, making him wince a little.

Jessica got up from the bed and walked in front of Justin, looking down at his thicker dick. She looked at Lindsey and asked, "what are you doing Lindsey?" Lindsey looked at Jennifer, "having fun with a hard dick. What does it look like?" Jennifer looked at Jordan, who had his eyes fixed on Lindsey's hand wrapped around his dick, then Jennifer looked back at Lindsey, "these are my brothers, we can't do this."

Lindsey stared at Jennifer, "you're kidding right?" Jennifer shook her head slowly. Lindsey laughed, "who's idea was it to show them our kitty's?" Jennifer knew Lindsey had point, it was her idea in the first place. "Besides they're just your step-brothers anyway," Lindsey said smiling.

Jennifer stood there, contemplating what Lindsey had said. Lindsey spoke again, "plus, they're virgins, we can have our way with them."

Justin and Jordan stood there, silent, slightly confused about what was going on. Jennifer looked at Justin and slowly asked, "so you guys want to learn how to have sex?" Justin's face lit up, as he nodded quickly. Jordan looked at his sister and smiled at her, "I would love to." Lindsey squeezed Jordan's dick harder, causing him to yelp in slight pain. "But it's on our terms," Lindsey scowled at him. Jordan nodded vigorously, wincing at her. "That's a good boy," Lindsey said, releasing Jordan's prick.

Lindsey moved back to the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed, patting a spot next to her, "have a seat Jennifer." Jennifer looked at Lindsey, wondering what she had planned, as she moved to the bed and sat down. "Now did you boys watch what we were doing earlier?" Lindsey asked, as she opened her legs slightly.

Justin nodded as his eyes moved to her glistening slit. "Good, Justin come over here and show me what you learned," Lindsey said, spreading her legs even wider. Justin looked at his brother, then slowly walked towards Lindsey, nervously. Lindsey looked up at him as he stood in front of her and smiled.

Justin half smiled as he slowly reached out towards her pussy, his hand shaking from nerves. Lindsey reached out and grabbed his wrist, pulling his hand to her pussy, "what are you scared of, it won't bite you." Justin cleared his throat nervously as he felt the warmth of her pussy against his fingers.

Justin's dick throbbed involuntarily as he slowly moved his middle finger up and down her puffy lips. "Do you like how it feels?" Lindsey asked, smiling at him. Justin slowly nodded as his breathing quickened, getting more nervous, his heart beating rapidly He turned his hand around as he looked at Lindsey, to watch her reaction.

Lindsey smiled at Justin as she felt his fingertip penetrate her outer lips. She moaned lightly, trying to urge him on. Justin moved his fingertip up her slit, until he felt the nub of her clit. Lindsey moaned louder, "yeah rub that a little bit Justin." Justin slowly rubbed his fingertip against it, feeling her body tremble and jump against his finger.

Jordan had moved up next to his brother, watching what was going on, standing in front of Jennifer. Jennifer was also watching Justin's hand, feeling herself getting excited again. Jennifer looked up at Jordan and said, "you want to try it too?" Jordan looked at Jennifer and quickly nodded. Jennifer spread her legs slowly, exposing her pussy to Jordan. Jordan looked at her slit and smiled, without any hesitation he reached out and slipped his fingertip between her wet lips. He groaned as he felt her juices and warmth from her pussy, "wow, it's all wet and hot." Jennifer lightly laughed at her young brother's innocence, focussing on his tiny finger probing at her pussy.

Lindsey had closed her eyes focussing on the attention her clit was receiving from this nervous boy. Justin pressed a little harder against her clit as she lifted her hips off of the bed. Lindsey wanted to cum, but didn't want to just yet. She opened her eyes and looked at Justin. Justin was sweating, still fairly nervous, his eyes focused on Lindsey's pussy. "Justin use your tongue on me now," Lindsey groaned to him.

Justin looked up at Lindsey, confused, unsure of what she wanted. Lindsey giggled at him, "use your tongue instead of your finger on me." Justin slowly nodded, still a little unsure of this. He slowly pulled his hand away and began moving his face to her pussy. As his face got closer, he could smell her scent, wafting from her crotch. He couldn't figure out how to describe the scent, but it did have a distinct smell. Lindsey looked down at Justin as he stuck his tongue out and lightly ran it across her pussy, "that's it Justin, yes."

Justin's face contorted as he got his first taste of pussy. It had a tangy taste to it, but it wasn't awful to Justin, just different. The tip of his tongue slowly penetrated her lips, tasting more of her juices. Lindsey put her hand on the back of head, trying to pull him into her crotch. Justin resisted, holding his head back as he moved his tongue up and down her slit, starting to get used to the taste.

Jordan had slid his middle finger into his step-sister's sucking pussy, his thumb moving in a circular on her clit. Jennifer had her eyes closed, and head laid back, moaning, enjoying the feeling of Jordan's finger moving in and out of her, and his thumb rubbing her clit. Jordan loved how her pussy sucked at his finger, as her body shook the bed, "does it feel good sis?" Jennifer could only moan, "mmhmm."

Justin continued moving his tongue up and down Lindsey's slit, his tongue lightly dipping into her hole each time he moved it down. Lindsey tried pulling his head harder, wanting him to bury his face in her pussy, but he still fought it. "Come on Justin quit teasing me please," she pleaded. Justin had no idea what she meant by that, but he was starting to enjoy himself.

Jordan looked over at his brother and saw what he was doing. Jordan watched Justin's tongue splitting Lindsey's slit apart, and rapidly moving up and down it. Jordan slowly moved to his knees, wanting to try that on his sister, still fingering her pussy. As his face got closer to womanhood he pulled his finger out, causing Jennifer to groan in disappointment.

Jennifer opened her eyes looking down at Jordan to find out what was going on. Jordan looked at her and smiled as he brought his face to her crotch, smelling her juices more than before. He licked his lips, as he did what he had seen in their dad's magazines, he put his forefinger and middle finger on her pussy lips and spread them apart. He looked at her pink inside, her pussy hole slowly contracting with her breathing. He stuck his small tongue out as far as he could, and made contact with his tip, just above her hole. Jennifer let out a long moan of pleasure, as her young brother clumsily moved his tongue against her pussy.

Justin finally stopped moving his tongue and let Lindsey pull his face into her pussy. His tongue sank into her hole as his nose split the upper part of her slit and pushed against her clit. Lindsey moaned loudly, as she lifted her hips off of the bed and started grinding her pussy into Justin's face. Justin couldn't move, even if he wanted to. Lindsey was pulling hard on the back of head, as she ground herself against his face, making it difficult for him to breathe. His mouth was filling with her juices, as she got more excited, running down his chin and onto his shirt.

Jordan was still clumsily moving his tongue against Jennifer's pussy, every once in a while brushing against her clit, sending shocks throughout her whole body. Jordan's tongue began to slowly sink into her opening, causing her to arch her back and moan out, "oh my god yes." For being inexperienced, Jordan was driving her crazy, Jennifer's body tingling all over, ready for release. She didn't know why it was coming so quickly, whether it was from Lindsey earlier, or if it was because it was younger brother doing this to her, all she knew was that she has never felt like this before.

Jordan held onto his sister's hips as he pushed his tongue in as far into her as could, enjoying the taste of her juices. Jennifer grabbed the sheet on her bed, feeling her orgasm building, as Jordan moved his tongue in and out of her pussy. "Yes Jordan, you're gonna make me cum, oh my god," Jennifer moaned loudly, moving one of her hands to her clit and started rubbing it hard. Jordan saw what she was doing and pushed her hand aside, he put his thumb on her clit and rubbed it hard in a circular motion. He felt her pussy contract harder around his tongue as he almost hummed against her pussy.

Lindsey felt her own orgasm building as well. Her attention focused on Justin's nose pushing against her clit, and his tongue prodding at her pussy hole. "Yes, make me cum Justin, I wanna cum so bad," Lindsey almost yelled out as she ground harder against his face. Justin couldn't do anything, barely able to breath as Lindsey's pussy lips almost engulfed his tiny face.

Both of the girl's breathing was becoming more ragged as there orgasms neared, their moans becoming louder and louder. Jennifer was the first to reach her peak, "holy shit," she slowly moaned out as she started cumming. Her whole body shaking hard, as her pussy forced Jordan's tongue out, followed by a rush of juices spraying out and splashing against Jordan face. Jordan flinched a little, but didn't move, still rubbing her clit hard, watching her pussy contract hard as her body shook hard.

Lindsey started cumming right behind Jennifer, her hips freezing in place as she yelled out, "oh fuck yes." Juices quickly flooded Justin's mouth, causing him to start choking, but unable to pull back because Lindsey held him tight against her pussy. Lindsey's body shook hard as her orgasm coursed through her, her pussy contracting hard around Justin's tongue.

Jennifer's orgasm slowly began to subside as Jordan continued rubbing her, now sensitive, clit. Jennifer slapped his hand away, trying to recover. Jordan was still staring at her pussy, mesmerized by what had just happened.

Lindsey was also coming down from her orgasm, releasing Justin's head. Justin pulled back, finally able to breathe again, his face glistening with Lindsey's juices. He looked over at Jordan, who still couldn't take his eyes from his sister's crotch.

Justin then looked down at his dick and noticed some clear fluid leaking from the tip as it throbbed hard. He touched the fluid with his finger and it stuck to his fingertip, 'did I cum again?" He thought to himself. He shrugged his shoulders looking back at Lindsey. Lindsey's breathing was back to normal as she pushed herself up onto her elbows, looking at Justin and laughing to herself, looking at her juices covering his face.

"I suppose you want me to return the favor now huh?" Lindsey asked, smiling at him. Justin shrugged his shoulders, but slowly nodded as well. Lindsey giggled as she sat up and reached for his hand, she helped him up and told him to lay on the bed. Justin climbed onto the bed next to her and laid on his back, his leaking member, throbbing harder than before and pointing towards his face.

Lindsey moved onto her side next to him and slowly wrapped her hand around his dick. Justin, involuntarily groaned as her cold hand wrapped around his shaft. "So did you like eating my kitty and tasting my cum?" Lindsey asked as she slowly started moving her hand up and down his dick. Justin could only nod, as he stared at her hand stroking his dick. She chuckled, "I bet you did."

Jennifer was now sitting up and looked over at Lindsey and Justin. "Lindsey, what are you doing?" She exclaimed. Lindsey looked at her friend, "returning the favor." Jennifer shook her head, "we can't do this any more." Lindsey stared at Jennifer, "so you're gonna be a bitch now. Your brother just made you cum and your gonna leave him with a hard cock?"

Jennifer was beside herself, knowing she shouldn't have let that happen, but it felt so good too. She looked at Jordan, who was now standing up, his dick leaking a little bit of precum as well. Jordan looked at her innocently, wanting to try more, but unsure of what to do next. Jennifer smiled at him and grabbed his wrist, pulling him to her. She could tell Jordan didn't know what to do, so she slipped off of the bed and knelt in front of him. He looked down at her as she wrapped her hand around his erection. Jennifer smiled at him, figuring it wouldn't take him long to cum anyways. She stuck her tongue out and ran the flat part across the tip of his dick, tasting his precum. "Mmm tasty," she moaned, smiling at him.

Lindsey was moving her hand faster on Justin's dick, as he closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling. Lindsey moved to her knees next to him, hovering her face over his dick. Justin could feel that same feeling he had felt earlier, before he came, his whole body tingling, he dick throbbing harder. Lindsey switched hands as Justin started moving his hips with her hand.

Lindsey smiled to herself and opened her mouth wide, she stopped her hand at the base of his dick as she lowered her mouth onto his dick. As soon as her mouth made contact with the head of dick, Justin felt his cum rushing up his dick. Lindsey felt his dick throb against her hand, and his head grow in her mouth, she knew he was going to cum already. She groaned in disappointment as Justin grunted loudly, his cum rushing up his dick and shooting into her mouth. His hips jerked as another shot of cum spilled into her mouth. He had two more weaker shots into her mouth, and she continued to milk his dick with her hand, making sure to empty him. She moved away from his softening dick, looking at him with a look of disgust. He looked at her with a big grin of satisfaction on his face and watch her open her mouth. Lindsey stuck her tongue out at him, showing him some of his cum before pulling it back in and swallowing it. Justin didn't know why she did that, but she seemed to enjoy it.

After she had swallowed it all, Lindsey looked at him sternly, "why did you cum so soon?" Justin shrugged his shoulders, not knowing what she meant.

Jordan stared at his sister as she slowly stroked his young dick up and down. Jennifer looked up at him and smiled as she opened her mouth and moved her head forward, the head of his dick disappearing into her mouth. Jordan looked on as Jennifer wrapped her lips around his shaft, just below the red head of his dick. Jordan laid a hand on top of her head, as he had seen in the magazines, as Jennifer started sucking on it hard, like she was drinking from a straw.

Jordan threw his head back as shockwaves coursed through his body. Jennifer started moving down further on his dick, moving her hand away from dick and cupping his ass cheeks in her hands. Jennifer moved down his dick until her nose was against him, and the head of dick was against the back of her throat. "Oh my god," Jordan whispered to himself, as he felt her throat sucking at the head of his dick. 'This is way better than earlier,' Jordan thought to himself as Jennifer started pulling off of his dick until just the head was in her mouth.

Jennifer remained there for a bit, flicking the tip of her tongue against his peehole. Jordan's body was trembling as it felt like electricity shooting through his body each time her tongue flicked against the tip of his dick. Jennifer then moved her mouth back down onto his dick, as she moved one her hands to his ass crack, her finger searching for his puckered butthole. After she found it, she rubbed her finger against it as she started moving her head forward and back on his dick, in a steady rhythm. Jordan was lost in la la land, feeling more different feelings than he had felt before. Jennifer started moaning against his dick, causing it to vibrate, as she started pushing the tip of her forefinger into his asshole.

Jordan felt a little discomfort from what she was doing to his butthole, but the pleasure his dick was getting made him not worry about it. Jennifer started moving her mouth faster on his dick, sucking harder, surprised he hadn't cum yet.

Lindsey had gotten off of the bed and knelt down next to Jennifer, leaving Justin asleep on the bed. Lindsey cupped Jordan's balls, lightly fondling them, as she watched Jennifer work on his dick.

Jennifer pushed her finger further into his ass, looking for his prostate, she felt the nub of it and pressed against it hard. Jordan let out a long groan as Jennifer pressed against his prostate, it felt like he had to piss, as she rubbed against it.

His balls started to tighten up against his body, as Lindsey continued to play with them. "He's going to cum Jennifer, yeah suck your brother off, make him bust in your mouth," Lindsey lustily moaned into Jennifer's ear. Jennifer moaned at Lindsey's comment, pressing harder against his tiny prostate, and sucking just the head of his dick hard.

Jennifer felt Jordan's head grow in her mouth as he groaned out, "I can feel it coming." Lindsey looked up at him and yelled, "that's it Jordan fill your naughty sister's mouth with your hot cum." Jordan's dick surged, his hips jerking as the first shot rushed up his dick and into his sister's sucking mouth. As his cum spilled into her mouth, Jennifer sucked harder, and pressed harder against his prostate, feeling it pulse each time his cum shot into her mouth.

Jordan's dick continued to lightly throb as Lindsey used her hand on it, squeezing the softening member towards Jennifer, to get all of his cum out. Jordan had cum so much and forcefully, that it had leaked out of Jennifer's mouth, and was running down her chin. Jennifer slowly pulled finger from his ass and sat back on her heels, Jordan's cum already starting to dry on her chin.

Lindsey moved towards Jennifer and started licking the drying cum off of Jennifer's chin. As Lindsey licked it up, Jennifer grabbed her head to hold her in place. Jennifer opened her mouth, to show Lindsey the cum and Lindsey moved up to kiss her deeply. Jennifer pushed her cum covered tongue into Lindsey's mouth, giving her a taste of Jordan's load.

Jordan just stood there watching them swap his cum, his dick hanging limply against his ball sack, completely drained. Jennifer and Lindsey continued swapping Jordan's cum with each, enjoying the sweet taste it had. They finally broke their kiss and sat back on their heels and swallowed the cum.

Lindsey looked at Jordan, "so did you enjoy that?" Jordan nodded quickly, "that was amazing." The girls giggled and Lindsey said, "at least you're no 2 second guy, unlike your brother or most of the guys at school." Jordan just nodded, not sure what to say. Lindsey smiled, "later we will let you put your dick in our kitty's." Jordan's face lit up with excitement, as Jennifer looked at Lindsey in fear again.

What do think, continue? Let me know please. Constructive criticism please.

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