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“Aah, Devi-darlin, there is someone that I would like you to meet.” I said as a greeting to my lover and boss. I looked exceptionally well tonight. I am 5’ 7”, 150 lbs., had an hour-glass figure. I had long flowing black hair and skin the color of melted milk chocolate. I had squeezed myself into an expensive tight black business skirt with a slit up the left side up to my thigh, a low cut royal blue blouse that accentuated my C-cup cleavage, a long black suit jacket that came to just above my knee and a pair of soft calf-leather boots that came to the top of my calves. Now normally I don’t dress this provocatively, but this was a special situation.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Angelica Marie Popper, but everybody calls me Angel. I work for Devilin Ripper. Well, work is a loose term, as I don’t get paid. You see him and I had been lovers for the past 15 years. We had and understanding that, we were neither together yet we were together. Also we understood that he owned and operated the business, I helped him run the whole operation and keep the legitimate side prosperous and thriving.
Now when I say the legitimate side, let me explain: Devilin owns a club. It’s a two-story club with a basement level. You see the main floor was for the teenagers. We had music, games (both video and arcade), and of course drinks (virgin-so don’t worry) for all patrons 16 and over. The upper floor was for our older patrons. We had a dance floor, DJ and drinks (these were non-virgin). We carded at the entrance to every level to make sure that everyone was where they were supposed to be. We made good money from these two floors. It was enough to keep us in the black and be lower-rich.
Now I said that there was a basement level. That was our VIP area. In order to get into this area, you had to pay big bucks. This area looked like any other VIP lounge of most clubs. Rich leather sofas around maple-wood tables. A private bar that would serve any drink that you asked for. Mirrors on one side of the wall for the girls and the guys to check out how they looked. Even the staff looked like our staff from the other floor. Designer jeans and low-cut button down tops showing off the cleavage and belly buttons for the waitresses. Loose-fitting dress pants and nice tailored shirts for the bartenders and waiters. We weren’t discriminatory in our hiring.
However, that is where looks were deceiving. The waiters and waitresses were prostitutes. The bartenders were schedulers of the girls. Some of the patrons at the table were actually escorts that worked for us. In order to work in the VIP area, you had to audition. Also, you had to have a good reason why you needed to work in that area. Most of the girls that did had kids that they were taking care of. Some of the guys too. We were very family-oriented in our hiring. In this lounge we discriminated deeply. After all, if we went down, then we all went down. We were a family with Devilin and I serving as caring parents.
Devilin turned around and licked his lips as he perused me up and down. I saw a flame of lust in his eye flare up before he tamped it down and was all business.
“Aah, the lovely Angel, I see our wings have been put away. What evil things are making your tail twitch today?” he said using one of our inner-joke greetings.
The reason it was an inner-joke was because no knew that our souls were twins. Our physical bodies were different, but we were brother and sister in our souls. It also was because our mothers were angels. Literally, one angel came down and resided in both of our mothers to conceive us and have us. Our father was one of the high demons of the Devil himself. Devilin was born before me by exactly 1 year. We visited our angel-mother in heaven once a week, because we were good children towards our mother. We each had horns, halo, wings, and a tail. Thankfully they only appeared when we were in the heaven-hell realms.
“Devilin, I would like to introduce you to Anthony Michaels. He’s better known as the ‘Ditch Maker’. He’s interested in us helping him with his love life.”
“Interesting. I believe we can help him with that. But may I speak with you privately regarding a few matters?”
“As you wish, Rachel,” I said extracting myself from Anthony’s side and calling one of the girls over, “would you please entertain this gentleman. I am sure you can find some practice to keep him occupied with.”
As she sat down and started rubbing his cock, she was about to give him a blow job, I took Devilin’s out-stretched hand and let him guide me towards our combined office. We each had 2 offices, one that was our private and the other that we shared and did our auditioning in. He led me enter the shared office having me go in first so that he could admire my ass in the tight skirt. As soon as the door was closed, he swung me around for a deep kiss bending me over his arm.
Breaking away from the kiss but not letting me go, “I couldn’t wait anymore to have you in my arms. However, that is not why I asked to speak with you privately. It seems that we might have a potential problem with Monica.” He said while planting kisses along my cheek and neck. He was still holding my ass, grinding his thick heavy cock against my belly through his Armani pants.
Sighing, “You mean the fact that she is now dating a cop. I know. I had been meaning to discuss this with you. I have had him thoroughly investigated. He’s a good cop. He would be very good for her. He would take care of her, not hurting her like her last boyfriend. Which, you still have not told me where he disappeared too? And little Bobby absolutely adores him,” Devilin pulled back from me and gave that, don’t-be-stupid-look, “I know, I know. He can completely bring the entire operation down. I had thought about it and had a few ideas, I wanted to discuss with you about it.”
Devilin let me go and pulled me down onto the couch in the corner of the room. The room was furnished with a black leather couch in one corner, a king-size bed in the other and a huge desk on one wall.
“So what did you have in mind?”
“I was thinking that we can’t fire her for a couple of reasons. 1) She is our best escort and 2) if we do, it could bring unneeded attention to the operation. So how about we make a lateral move. She has been telling Phillip in their sessions that she is getting kind of sick of the sex and wanting to cut back. However, she doesn’t want to dessert us. So why don’t we let her move up to the 2nd floor as one of the manager’s there and move Michele from up there into down-here.?”
Phillip was a psychologist that we kept on staff for the girls to talk to. We wanted to make sure that if they needed change or someone just to talk to they could. Everything was kept confidential unless it was going to hurt the business.
“That might work, but how did you decide on her to bring in down here?”
“She’s been selling herself on the side. Her mom just finished chemo and is in remission for Breast Cancer. Her mom’s bills are too much for her mom to handle so; she has been moonlighting to help out. She has been keeping it low-key, since she doesn’t want her mom to know where the money is coming from. Plus, I have watched her; she is the only one showing the potential that we are looking for. You know we have been short-handed since Sophie got married. Which reminds me, she thanks you for the wonderful present?”
“Michele could get really hurt pimping herself out. She might meet the wrong type of guy that may hurt her.” he started to say then thought for a minute, “wait a minute, you just have been dying for us to try out another girl and do another threesome.”
I blushed because he wasn’t totally incorrect but it wasn’t my main reason.
“I won’t deny it, however I was seriously trying to fix our problem and help the girls out at the same time.”
Devilin sighed and leaned back on the couch, simultaneously pulling me over his lap. I hadn’t noticed that he had pulled out his very big, thick cock out. Devilin was 8” long and 2-and-a-half inches thick. By the time that I was across his lap and noticed that it was out, he was lowering me onto him. He knew that with the outfit I had on I couldn’t wear any underwear. I lost my breathe for a moment as he let out his satisfied sigh. It’s the sigh that tells me that he was just where he wanted to be. He almost instantaneously started thrusting into me, not missing a moment in the conversation.
“That seems fair. We can have Sophia schedule the try-out for Michele. See if she has the stamina and continence to really do the job down here. But how does this fix our situation with the police officer?”
It took me a little while, to remember what we were talking about. “I think…I think that with…with her no longer in special…services, he might not look too deeply into he career.”
“Ok, you have always been right when it comes to the girls before. We will try it your way. So about this Tony,” at that he flipped me over the couch arm and started pounding into me hard. He still had not stopped the conversation. “Is he one of your past flames that you are currently screwing or used to screw?”
“No, he is just a prospect client.”
“Good, I don’t want him touching you.”
I was starting to lose concentration, so I had to work harder to keep up with the conversation.
“So what type of relationship is this guy looking for?”
He pulled out of me and led me to the bed. He pushed me down on to the bed and quickly pushed back into me. Many times we had work conversations like this. It was a test to see which one of broke first. He quickly started slowly thrusting into me still keeping control and still talking as if we were just sitting on the couch drinking coffee.
“He’s uh…He claims that he is looking for a girl to get laid well for. But he’s actually looking for a girl to play mistress.”
“I think that we can do that for him, do you have any girls in mind?”
“Can’t talk anymore, Fuck me!”
Devilin just chuckled. I was always the first to cave. Sometimes when this happened, he would stop and stick a vibrator in my pussy and make me finish the conversation with it in on the low setting. Other times he would give in and finish us both off. Thankfully this was one of those times. He was still doing the long slow strokes but now he alternated between those and the short quick strokes. With every thrust my breasts bounced from the sheer force. I quickly came and he followed me over the edge. But he wasn’t through with me yet. He rolled me onto my side, not pulling or falling out of me, and kept on thrusting like there was no tomorrow.
This new position pushed me into another orgasm and then a third and fourth. As the fifth one was hitting, I begged him to stop because I could not take anymore. Thankfully he did not stop thrusting into me. He was starting to get hard again. As the sixth orgasm hit, I passed out.
When I came to, I was only out for a couple of minutes; he was readjusting his clothes and still had the glare of lust and anger in his eyes. Obviously he hadn’t been done with me. He had thrown a towel over my pussy to catch the juices that flowed back out. I laid there catching my breath and thinking. Eventually I spoke.
“So I thought that we could have either Paula or Tiffany service Anthony. Neither of them has any regulars right now? Since he is going to want them exclusive and ongoing, we can charge and extra 10%”
“Not bad idea, but maybe we should do 15%. After all, she will be attending functions and will need a clothing allowance. We of course, still keep our standard 25%.”
“Deal, I have the papers in my office. I will bring him in and get him to sign them. I will also take care of the other issue we talked about.”
I crawled off the bed and re-adjusted my clothes. As I was walking towards the door, I heard static in my head. I stopped and cocked my head, listening. After a minute or two, I turned around with a smile on my face and said, “Dad says, ‘Next time, use the handcuffs.’” I quickly left the room laughing as Devilin groaned from the thought that our father had been watching us having sex from hell.
You see the static that I had heard was really communication from our father. We each had abilities. Some were the same and some were different. One of my abilities was to be able to openly speak to and be spoken to from other realms. Devilin was able to travel to the other realms. When we touched, either by holding hands or along those lines we share abilities.
I headed straight to my office, where I quickly had Tony sign the papers for what Devilin and I had arranged, let him know the rules on how to treat our girls and set up paying options. Then I called in Monica and Michele and informed them of the changes to their schedule and positions. I informed Michele that Sophia would schedule her audition soon. Monica and Michele were okay with the changes.
I then brought in Paula and Tiffany to discuss Anthony and his arrangement. I let them decide which would take on this new clientele. Paula didn’t like the option of giving up her position or being at one man’s beck-and-call. So I set up Tiffany with the position and informed her of the details. I also informed her that Sophia would be setting up a shopping trip for preparation.
After I was done, I realized that I was free to enjoy the rest of my night. My body grew warm from the thought of all the trouble that I could get into.
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