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Six sexy girls are replaced with imposters
The day was finally here. The New City School for Girls Olympics had been expected for a long time. Preparations were exhaustive, and security was no exception. A lot of girls had volunteered as "security guards". They were allowed to wear the same uniform the rest of the girls were wearing, so in order to be identified by girls form the eight visiting schools they were issued permission to order peaked caps and special badges that read "school security"on them. They wanted security to be specifically tight this year, because Astrid, the girl that had lost the contest of Miss New City, the face of the event, had threatened the winner, Cynthia. Everybody knew she was a gang member, so when she said she woud kill Cynthia the head mistress took it rather seriously. She had already attempted to hurt her rival in front of everybody the day she lost. Although no one was positive on the fact that she was capable of killing, they took no chances. 12 girls from New City volunteered as guards, but around twenty from the other schools joined in. They wanted to be seen in order to dissuade the gang member form trying anything. To everyone's relief (especially Cynthia's), Astrid was nowhere to be seen.

The games had already started and all seemed well. Outside, though, Astrid lurked. Since the school took advantage of the event to make some money, they sold tickets to friends, family or whomever wished to attend. The head mistress was a bit ashamed about it, but that was why all of the uniforms for the various competitions were rather skimpy. Perverts always paid the asking price, after all. Six girls from Astrid's gang had purchased tickets and had been assessing the situation all morning. Against all odds, she was going through with it. She really wanted to kill Cynthia. Since she had been banned form attending, she was forced to watch everything form behind the bushes surrounding the school. There was only so much she could see through her binoculars, though, and so she had ordered her gang ring her up to let her know when the coast was clear. After all, she had been spying on the meetings, had threatened some of the other girls for information, and had even stolen and copied all documents regarding security posts and procedures. She had come up with a plan. She hoped her girls were up to the task. At least, she knew they would give it their best shot.

The plan consisted on attacking and replacing six key girls from the security team in order to get as close as possible to Cynthia. She had, of course, targeted the ones who would escort Cynthia to the dressing room after the games.

The place was filled with people. They had to bevery careful. The numbers provided them with some cover, but at the same time the chances of being caught were greater. They had to be quick and assertive. She texted her gang. It was time to do it.

She directed her binoculars to the first target. She was a beautiful, tall, dark-skinned girl with brown hair. She was a tad muscular. She had been the most difficult one to find a replacement for, but they had managed. She knew from the stolen plans that her name was Diana and that she was a far less formidable opponent than she looked. She was actually quite sweet and naive. She even thought she looked rather cute pretending to be a tough guard. Diana was in charge of the swimming competition, and so she was wearing a skimpy black trikini and high heels. She was also wearing white gloves, as another distinction as part of the security team. She was under the hot sun, an thus had been drinking water all morning. Her girl had been instructed to wait for her in the special portable toilet reserved for Diana behind the pool area. She had wanted privacy, and that had been a stupid move. With this one, at least, there was virtually no risk of being caught. Finally, once the swimming competition started, Diana saw her chance to go wee. Astid followed nervously her every move with her binoculars. Her girl was though, but a little smaller than Diana. It was a good thing that Diana was more bark (looks) than bite (fighting spirit).

She had seen Mary, her girl, get into the portable toilet about ten minutes earlier. She texted her to be ready. She was a bit far off, so she couldn't hear anything, but at least she had a great lateral view on the action. Depending on how this went, she would decide wether to give the other girls the green light.

Her heart punding, she realised there was not much she could do now but watch and hope for the best.

Inside the toilet, Mary was nervous but collected. Since there isn't much space inside those things, all she could do was stand there and wait for the door to be opened. Luckily, she was a seasoned street fighter and quite skilled at that. Her nervousness came more from the fact that she had never done anything like this before than anything else. Diana finally opened the door.

Mary took advantage of Diana's surprise. From her post, Astrid (watching from Diana's left side) saw Diana open her mouth in a soft yelp as two strong hands shot out at the speed of light. Right hand on Diana's mouth and left behind her head. To Astrid's dismay, Diana grabbed the handle of the door of the toilet with one hand and the corner of it with the other. She now noticed how strong she really was. She tried to pull back. Trying to scream, her leg and arm muscles absolutely tense and well-toned. Sweat started to appear on her forehead. Then, Diana opened her eyes wide. Suddenly, she was yanked from the very ground and introduced into the toilet with blinding speed. Her peaked cap fell to the ground. As if meant to be, since she was still holding the door by the handle, Diana herself shut the door behind her. Quickly, Astrid looked about, but there was nobody close enough to notice the lone portable toilet rocking violently or the muffled terrified screams coming from within it. After a couple of minutes, the rocking stopped. Astrid waited anxoiusly. She gave a wide, evil grin when Mary texted: "Done". She turned her attention back to the toilet as the door opened and a gloved hand (Mary's) quickly snatched the cap from the ground and closed the door again. The sign on the door turned to "engaged" and a couple of minutes later Mary came out wearing Diana's uniform. She closed the door behind her and hung a previously prepared sign that read "out of order" on it. The uniform was a good fit. Good enough, anyroad.

She now texted Caroline that she was up. Her target was Andrea, a girl who looked like a small version of Diana. She was in charge of the parade area. She wore her school uniform. The skirt was so short that Astrid felt relieved that for her there was a perfect double in Caroline. She approached Andrea, who had her hands behind her back. Astrid knew what she said, since it was her own plan.

Caroline pretended to be crying as she walked past Andrea. She got behind the concrete house that was the men's room. Andrea, concerned, followed. She also disappeared behind the house. A short time later, Caroline appeared again, whistling and strolling a large rubbish bin with wheels. She got into the men's room with it. If Astrid could have seen behind, the house, she would have seen Andrea approaching Caroline, still pretending to cry, sat on the floor. Andrea squatted in front of her and asked; "Is there anything I can do for you?" When caroline, in turn, looked at her with an evil smile on her face and said; "yeah, you can give me that pretty uniform of yours", she only had time to say; "huh?" before Astrid put a hand on her mouth and slammed Andrea's back head against the opposing wall. Before dropping to the ground, Caroline saw Andrea's eyeballs roll to the back of her head. She then heaved her up and chucked her in the previously prepared bin, with which she was able to cart Andrea off safely into the men's room. No expectators were allowed in that area, so no men would use that room. Nobody would discover Andrea until she started to stink. She came out again, wearing Andrea's skirt, shirt, cap, gloves, shoes and socks. She was still whistling whilst she texted Astrid; "Coast is clear here. Even kept the thong she was wearing. Hahaha!"

Next one up was Karla. She had been assigned to Elba, a beautiful short girl with black hair and pale skin. But there was a problem. Elba was nowhere to be seen. Karla looked around nervously. After about ten minutes, she got the ok from Astrid to openly ask for her whereabouts saying that she had a message from her mum. Finally, a couple of girls looked at each other uneasily before one of them said; "She went with the PA teacher to his office. They are... sorting out her low marks. Can it wait?" Karla smiled and said; "of course, of course. I'll wait." She marched off but doubled back as soon as the girls were out of sight. As she walked towards the teacher's office at the far end of the school, she was wondering what to do about the PA teacher. Shit! That was a problem. When she arrived at the office she decided to spy from one of the windows. The only one with the blinds shut was at the back of the office building. Loud rock music came out from it. Karla took her chances and quietly entered the building through the unlocked front doors. She spied through the keyhole and saw Elba riding the teacher furiusly on his cot. Though the music was loud, her moans were still audible. Her gym shorts and t-shirt were on the couch next to the desk, but she was still wearing her cap, gloves and tennis shoes. To her relief, the teacher's arms and legs were tightly strapped to the corners of the cot with his socks, her panties and his speedos (yuck!).

She could hear the teacher saying "I'm gonna tell everyone that you really have stamina, girl!" Elba answered; "As long.... as everyone.... doesn't include... my boyfriend!" Karla couldn't help but to feel sorry for Elba's boyfriend. Elba was no older than sixteen, so her boyfriend was surely a timid schoolboy, surely unable to compete with this muscled hunk. To Karla's good luck, Elba grabbed her bra and blindfolded the teacher as she said "I love... my boyfriend. Don't.... ohhhhh.... look at me, you pervert!" Oddly enough, this caused both to fuck so hard that the cot looked as if it were going to collapse. It was now or never. She quickly opened the door with her id card and quietly closed it after entering the room. Obviously, the love birds didn't notice.

Now, Elba was the stongest of them all. She was the female wrestlling champion, so she had to be taken utterly by surprise. If anyone could give them a run for their money, it was her. Karla couldn't help but to notice Elba's over-developed tits and muscuar body. She was sure, even by looking at Elba from behind, that she had a six-pack and everything. Her jealousy made her more willing to harm her. She grabbed a towel from the shelf and slowly approached, unsure of what she would do. She suddenly stopped when the teacher screamed; "I'm gonna cum! Swallow my load and you get a 10!" Elba deftly dismounted and knelt between his open legs. Karla couldn't have guessed that the teacher had such a massive cock! It was so thick that Elba's hand couldn't go around it; so long it folded backwards like a boomerang. Elba's lapping noises were loud. A shadow was approaching on the wall holding a spread towel over Elba's bent head. Elba suddenly jerked her head up, her face full of cum, all red, sweaty and hyperventilating, licked her lips whilst staring at the hose she had just dried up. She was squatting on the teacher's cock again when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She saw the shadow, gasped, and everything went dark. The teacher was saying something about how good a shag she was, or something, completely oblivious to the shadow of her being suffocated by the towel from behind, still squatting on his cock. He just kept fucking her. Now her tits were bouncing for the wrong reasons. She was finally jerked from his cock, the rock music volume turned up, and he was smiling like an idiot, unaware that the girl now riding him wearing only a peaked cap, gloves and tennis shoes was Karla. When Astrid finally received the message, she sighed in relief and ordered Karla to her post. She was now dressed in Elba's gym shorts, gloves, t-shirt and shoes. She turned to see the pallid bodies before closing the door to the storage room. She put on the cap with the brim set low and exited the room.



2012-05-19 17:18:35
It's complicated for what reason I don't know. Apositive but barely.


2012-04-30 23:35:59
Why kill them instead of knocking them out?

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2012-04-30 20:35:36
i like it , please continue the story

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2012-04-30 20:24:55
Meh, not that great. Elba is such a contradiction. Short but strong and pretty while in a wrestling team.

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2012-04-30 19:37:10
This is just terrible. It doesn't flow, there is no deion where there should be and too much deion where it isn't needed and I fail to understand the first three paragraphs. English is my first language but I seriously don't understand what you are trying to convey.

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