Continuing With my High School Sweetheart. Though based on true events, I am turning to fiction to continue the story
Hearing the sound of water running as he reached the landing, he continued down the other side into the living room. The twins, Gail, and Crystal were in their Grandfather’s old overstuffed chair. Its original color lost in time. It was now a faded yellow. Their cousin Heidi was sandwiched between them. Terry sat in their grandmother’s wing back chair that sat on the opposite end of the sofa. He could barely see his eight year old cousin beneath Chum. The large husky pup curled on her lap, was the only one that seemed to notice him enter the room. Chum looked up as Jimmy came into the room, but did not move, as the girl was scratching his ears. His little sisters lay stretched out on the floor, their noses practically pressed to the TV screen. Cathy sat on the couch filing her nails. She wore only a white tee shirt that clung damply to her as if she had pulled it on without drying after her bath.

Jimmy’s cock twitched and became fully erect in his pants as he looked at the young woman. Awash with hormones and confusion, the teenager sat down on the sofa beside her. She smelled of wild strawberries he noticed.

Cathy licked her soft pink lips and smiled at him. She turned her back to the armrest of the sofa and crossed her legs Indian style to face him. “Red says you’re going to be a doctor, that’s why you are taking all those science classes” she said.

He could not help but notice her emerald green eyes they seemed do draw his to them. “It is possible though I’m not interested in medicine” He told her as he turned to face her. “The basic sciences are the same for entrance into any university.” He continued.

Cathy put her nail file in her lap and picked up her shirttail to buff her nails. Jimmy’s eyes followed her hands. When she lifted the bottom of the tee shirt she wore he got a view of her curly pubes and the soft pink lips of her vulva. Had he had the ability to look away from her perfectly manicured grove, he would have seen her unconsciously licking her lips as her nipples hardened pressing out against the damp cotton of the tee shirt. As he could not force his eyes from where he was looking, he watched a drop of moisture form at the base of her vulva, and drip down onto the cushion of the couch. The trance broke, only when shirttail dropped covering her pubes, but not her soft pink pussy, and her hand moved into his line of sight to retrieve the file.

“Sciences, Math and English, The rest of the courses are all bull shit.” Jimmy stammered.

Cathy leaned forward allowing her shirt to fall forward giving him a clear view down the front of her shirt. “Then why go to school to study it?”

The sight did not capture him the way her pussy had but he did look. “Take a look around, not everyone is going on to university. The generalized and commercial trade courses give basic education that can be applied to making a living”

Disappointed that showing him her cleavage had not worked. Cathy drew a deep breath pushing her breasts out further. “There are no jobs here. They have to go south to find work” she said in a husky seductive voice.

Her face was close enough to his now he could taste her breath and he felt his hard cock pulse spurting a jet of precum into his pants. “That is the problem” his hand moved to her glowing mane as he spoke, “With each generation more people have moved to the industrialized towns and cities in the south to find employment.” Cathy tilted her head, and let out a little purr of contentment as he ran his fingers through her hair. “The results are larger populations to feed and fewer and fewer producers to feed them.”

Cathy shifted her legs letting one go behind Jimmy on the couch, the other she laid in his lap. She smiled when she felt his hardness. “That doesn’t sound so bad. The laws of supply and demand say that with fewer producers, and more consumers the value of your goods goes up, and you receive a premium return on your investment.”

The invitation was obvious, and Jimmy accepted it. He put his free hand on her calf and began to massage it as he combed her hair with the fingers of his other hand. “You paid attention in Mr. Putnam’s Economics class. What Mr. Putman failed to tell you was the government put a price cap on essential goods and services years ago, when the supply of oil began to diminish. The farmer cannot sell his goods for more than that cap price.”

Cathy sighed and moved her foot to caress Jimmy’s hard cock as he rubbed her leg, “That’s not fair.”

“It was supposed to hold the cost down on the consumer end” He told her. He moved his hips slightly pressing stiff cock against the sole of her foot. “The legal beagles in Washington wrote the law so that it put a seal on the price the producer could charge, but not the price the wholesaler charged the retailer. Forcing the producers to sell at less than it would cost them to reseed and restock.”

“A deficit in a boom market with wholesalers pocketing all the profit” Cathy said, rubbing her foot along the length of Jimmy’s throbbing member.

“The problem isn’t the cost of farm goods. A farmer knows to keep seed stocked for next year and a good bull will keep the heifers in milk. The peripheral costs of running the farm, drives the farmer out of business. The cap on the cost of crude didn’t stop the price of fuel from going over a dollar a gallon. Insecticide was never a consumer essential” he looked around the room, the girls were mesmerized by the action on the screen, he moved his hand from Cathy’s calf to her thigh as they talked. “The damage has already been done. You could remove the caps and give the farmers the money they need to efficiently run and maintain their farms, there is simply not enough left. They cannot produce enough fast enough to feed the growing populations at the present time.”

“So you want to learn to feed the starving masses” she spread her knees inviting his trembling hand higher on her thigh.

“That’s the idea. Genetics and Chemical Engineering, along with Computer technologies are going to be essential to the farm of tomorrow” He moved his hand up to the crease of her thigh, and then turned it to cup her pussy. Her response was a sharp intake of breath through clenched teeth. His fingers began a rhythmic massage of her damp folds, as he said. “Mark my words, with in ten years, if not before we graduate, there will be food riots in all the major cities.”

Cathy pushed herself into his hand as his fingers explored. Her foot continued to massage his hardness. She could feel a growing wetness through his pants. They were both so absorbed in each other that they failed to hear Elva, Jimmy’s grandmother, walk into the room. They did not notice her until she spoke.

“Your Grandfather is doing good, Doc Stevens says he should be able to come home before your fathers arrive on Friday,” His Grandmother announced to the room.

In a delayed shock reaction, Jimmy pulled his hand from Cathy’s crotch, knowing that his grandmother had already seen what he was doing.

“It is getting late, I am going to bed,” She said. She smiled and giggled a little at the scared expression on the teenagers faces. She then looked at the other girls in the room. “Soon as this show is over I want you girls to get ready for bed”

“Ah Gram” they chorused.

“After the show” she smiled at Jimmy and Cathy then started up the steps.

The children returned to watching TV, as their grandmother disappeared up the steps.

Cathy pulled her leg from behind Jimmy and slid onto his lap “I damn near pissed in your hand when she spoke” she said. “Your Gram is cool. My Nana would have caused a scene”

The smell of strawberries from her hair was intense; he pushed his nose through it to whisper in her ear. “I think she is happy to see me messing with a girl, most everyone thinks I’m a bit queer.”

She put her hand over his and pulled it back into her crotch. She then wiggled her ass on the bulge in his pants saying. “The evidence tells me different” she remarked. They necked silently, highly alert for sounds of movement around them until the credits rolled on the television. When the show finished Jimmy pulled his fingers from the teen’s wet pussy and Cathy closed her thighs. The younger children began to stir, obeying their grandmother’s wishes. Cathy slid from Jimmy’s lap patting his erection with her hand as she pulled the hem of her shirt down to cover herself.

Heidi was the first to move. She stood up and headed for the bathroom just as her older sister Dawn came out. Holly, Denise and the twins headed for the stairs.
“Can I watch Charlie’s Angels with you till Heidi is done in the bathroom?” Terry asked from beneath the dog.
“If you promise to get ready for bed as soon as the bathroom is empty,” Dawn answered. Jimmy’s cousin Dawn was now dressed in a short terrycloth robe. Like the tee shirt Cathy wore, it barely covered her. Around the same age as the teenagers on the couch, Dawn’s long blond hair still damp from the shower hung heavily down her back. Her and her sisters had been shipped straight from school to their grandparent’s farm from the boarding school at the news of their grandfather’s injury. When she stepped in front of him and bent over to kiss her little sister on the top of the head, Jimmy and Cathy were offered a view of her tight round ass.

“I will” the youngster promised.

Dawn looked over her shoulder and wiggled her ass. Cathy could not help but notice, that her intended boyfriend was staring intently at his cousins lewdly displayed posterior.

Dawn had felt a twinge of jealousy when she had seen the girl sitting on the couch with Jimmy. Showing him her butt and knowing his attention was on her drove it away. She sat in the big armchair the other girls had just vacated. As soon as she did, Terry pushed chum from her lap, and slid to the floor. The eight year old crawled over and slid into the armchair with her, just as the TV began playing, “There once were three little girls who went to the police academy.”

Shoved indignantly from his comfortable position, Chum went immediately to Jimmy to be comforted. Climbing onto the sofa he laid down with his head in Jimmy‘s lap. Jimmy obligingly scratched the dog’s head.

“Gram just went upstairs to bed.” Jimmy told his cousin. “She said The Old Man is doing good, and should be able to come home some time Friday, should be ready to come home before Dad gets back with your parents. ”

“I didn’t know they were back, I must have been in the shower when they got home” Dawn replied.

“You were” Jimmy told her. “I went upstairs to use the one up there, but someone was in it, so I came down to watch television. They came in shortly after I sat down.

“Red’s taking a bath,” Cathy volunteered. “I didn’t feel right sitting up there alone in the bedroom. So I came down to watch TV. Jimmy and I have been talking about the future of farming and kind of getting to know each other” she leaned into him and began rubbing his thigh.

Dawn swallowed and turned away from them, looking at the television and Farah Faucet running down a beach. At least Jill wasn’t putting the moves on her man. Dawn could still hear their soft murmurs and wet smacking as they kissed and cuddled. The harder she tried to ignore them the louder they seemed to be.

“You’re making someone jealous” Loretta said, standing behind Dawn’s chair. Her long red hear wrapped in a towel. She also wore only a tee shirt. Hers however had a print of Tweety Bird covering the front. The other three had not noticed her come down the stairs.

Dawn looked up at the sound of her voice as did Jimmy and Cathy.

“WHAT, Who, Oh, You startled me” Dawn told her cousin. “I didn’t hear you come down.”

“Just look at him. He looks like he’s going to cry. Jimmy’s petting Cathy and not him,” Loretta said indicating the puppy.

Cathy unpeeled herself from Jimmy long enough to look at the animal. “He will just have to learn to share” she said. She then wrapped her arms back around Jimmy’s neck.

“Didn’t I hear Grammy telling them to go to bed?” Loretta asked as she walked around the chair Dawn was sitting in. “Now she’s asleep in your lap.”

Dawn looked down at her little sister curled up on her lap. “So she is, guess I ought to put her to bed. Want to give me a hand getting her up?”

“I’ll take her” Jimmy volunteered.

“You stay put” Loretta told him. “Dawn and I can handle Terry. Cathy’s been wetting off over you all year. Now that she’s finally got her hands on you I wouldn’t be much of a friend if I let you get away” She plucked the little one from her cousin’s lap. “Besides, she isn’t near as heavy as any of the girls I have to lift in our routines.”

Dawn stood up and nodded at Jimmy. “You should move it to a more private location, before someone else sneaks up on you in here.”

Loretta carried the tot while her cousin Dawn led the way to open doors leaving the other two cuddling on the sofa.

As soon as they were alone, Cathy slid onto Jimmy’s lap facing him. Her knees on either side of his hips, only the material of his pants separating them as she began to grind her pussy against his hardness. Their tongues intertwined as she rode him. Once again oblivious to their surroundings they became lost in each other.

Loretta returned to the living room, she sat down in the wing-backed chair which faced toward the kitchen so that she might see if anyone should head toward them. She kept watch as her young friend danced on her brother’s lap. She knew that the over eager couple would not last long at the frantic pace the girl was humping.

Jimmy could not believe it was happening. A girl a cheerleader was humping him on his grandmother’s living room couch. The warm wetness of her pussy seeped through his jeans and bathed his cock. Her hands squeezed his shoulders while his held her waist. Their mouths never parted. The heat of her grinding cunt became too much, and he felt his swollen cock pulse then his orgasm coated the insides of his jeans.

When she felt his hardness throb violently beneath her grinding pussy she knew she had done it. She had made him cum. The thought of his penis spurting into his pants as she rubbed her pussy over it excited her. Cathy rubbed her cunt hard against the pulsating male muscle and felt her pussy spasm in response. She continued to thrust herself against him uncontrollably until the orgasmic spasms calmed, and she fell weakly against him.

Their lips finally parted as they panted for breath. “You did?” Cathy asked when she could speak.

“Yeah” Jimmy replied with a silly grin. “Did you?”

“I must say I rather enjoyed it” She slid from his lap, down to the floor in front of him. As her knees hit the floor, her face was just above the wet stain on the front of his pants. She put her lips to the center of the dark spot, and sucked. Kissing the tip of his cock through the cloth and pulling the mixture of his cum and her own secretions from the cotton of his jeans. She looked up at him and licked her lips. “Yummy” she said. “Please sir, I want some more.”
Before he could respond, they heard a chair scrape across the kitchen floor. “Jimmy, shower, Cathy face the television. Stay on the floor cross your ankles, NOW” Loretta commanded in a low even voice.
Both teenagers obeyed without question. Jimmy sprinting for the steps, and Cathy turned around and put her bare butt on the cold hardwood floor. The lights in the kitchen went out, followed by Loretta’s mother and her Aunt Shirley coming into the living room through the dining room.
“Don’t stay up too late girls” Jeanie told them as she passed behind the couch.
“We won’t Mom. Just want to see what the movie is after the Angels then we’ll head up stairs,” Loretta promised.
As soon as her mother and aunt were up the stairs, Loretta turned to Cathy. “Just what the hell got into you girl?” she demanded to know.
Cathy got on her knees and crawled over to the chair Loretta was sitting in. She kissed the redheads knee than laid her head on her lap. “Mistress, Your slut exposed herself and teased Mistress’ brother.”
“The slut was told to tease, not fuck my little brother on the sofa” Loretta said as she ran her fingers through the girl’s long shimmering hair.
Cathy purred as her Mistress stroked her hair. “Is your slut to be punished for going too far?”
“I did not hear what the slut asked” Loretta stated.
“Mistress, is this slut to be punished for disobeying?” Cathy asked.
“A disobedient slut should be punished” Loretta replied. “A proper punishment would be something a slut would not forget. Say we were to take something a girl wants desperately away from her. Like let’s see, we could make our little brother off limits to the slut.”
Cathy visibly shook as she heard Loretta’s words.
“That would punish Jimmy as well so it cannot be” Loretta continued. We will let the punishment fit the crime. With a hand full of Cathy’s hair, she pulled the girl’s head back until she was looking her in the eye. I girl is not to cum until Jimmy gives her an orgasm” Cathy smiled, and Loretta let her head drop back into her lap.

“Mistress, your slut is not to orgasm until made to cum by your little brother,” Cathy stated.

Loretta once again combed her fingers through Cathy’s long hair. “A girl is not to allow Jimmy to give her an orgasm until he has cum inside her”

“Inside me!” Cathy sat back on her calves, and said in shock. “You want me to let him cum inside me?”

“That would make my girl a complete slut. Now wouldn’t it” Loretta stroked Cathy’s face affectionately.

“Mistress, Your slut desires sex with Jimmy. She is not ready to give him a baby,” Cathy stated.

“A slut has given little brother an orgasm already tonight, when she was told to tease and make him horny.

“Yes Mistress” Cathy moaned.

“The slut’s punishment is that she is not to cum until Jimmy gives her an orgasm and the slut is not to let Jimmy give her an orgasm until he has cum inside her. If the slut dose not wish to risk pregnancy, then she will have to forgo ever having another orgasm or find another place for Jimmy to cum inside her” Loretta smirked.

“My girl will be allowed to service my cunt tonight instead of my brother’s cock” Loretta told her as she stood up. “When I tell you to tease him you will know better than to make him cum before you get his cock wedged deep in your cunt.”

Cathy remained on her knees in front of the chair while Loretta walked over to the steps. “Your tongue won’t reach my slit from there” Loretta said as she started up. Cathy stood and quickly followed Loretta up the steps.

As they reached the landing, they heard slapping noises coming from behind Jimmy’s bedroom door. Loretta smiled at Cathy and stopped. “He’s beating off” she said.

“Cathy your mouth is so hot” they heard Jimmy say.

“Oh God did you hear that” Cathy giggled.

Loretta nodded.

“I want to lick your pussy while you suck me off Cathy,” Jimmy said.

Loretta pushed Cathy through the door and followed her in.

“You all right” His sister asked. “We heard you calling out for Cathy.”

“Just a dream” Jimmy told them as he quickly covered himself.

“Oh how sweet” Cathy smiled, “dreaming of me.”

“I’ll be right back, got to use the toilet.” Loretta said then she ducked back out of the room.

As soon as the older girl left, Cathy crawled onto Jimmy’s bed and laid on top of him.

“What’s Loretta going to say when she comes back and sees you in my bed?” Jimmy asked her.

Cathy smiled, and groped for his cock and told him, “She would say, Girl don’t let my little brother make you cum before he shoots a load inside you” She pulled the blanket down to his knees as Jimmy laughed at what she had said. Her green eyes got wide as his cock bobbed in front of her face. She gave the tip a kiss then straddled him.

“MMM, Impressive, I don’t think I can call you “Little Brother” anymore” Loretta stated from the doorway

“Um err, thank you” Jimmy stuttered.

“I think it’s just wonderful” Cathy smiled, as she started to squat down.

“NO” Loretta gasped.

Cathy froze, and Jimmy just stared at his sister.

“Girl, you don’t want to get yourself pregnant. Don’t let yourself get so excited you forget to put the rubber on him,” Loretta calmly told her.

Cathy looked at her then rolled her eyes toward the ceiling in a silent prayer. “You told me to make him cum inside me” Cathy hissed softly at Loretta.

Loretta took the box of Trojans from her brother’s nightstand, “Looks like Jimmy was expecting you” She stated then took a foil wrapped safe from the box. Loretta then knelt on the bed beside her brother and whispered into Cathy’s ear, “I told you not to let him make you cum until after he cums inside you. Not to get yourself knocked up.” She then unwrapped the rubber and unrolled it over her brother’s cock.

“Red, are you going to stay in here while we um you know? Jimmy asked his sister.

“Possibly, I stopped her from getting herself knocked up” Loretta stated. Cathy had once again squatted down and now had the tip of Jimmy’s cock pressed against her opening. She stepped over to her, wrapped her arms around the girl’s shoulders, and kissed her. As their lips met, Loretta pressed down on Cathy’s arms, forcing her cunt to press down on Jimmy.

Jimmy’s cock drove into Cathy causing the girl to yelp in pain. Loretta’s lips muffled the sound. She eased the pressure on Cathy’s arms, when Cathy began to raise and lower herself down the hard shaft. Loretta let her go completely, then bent and gave her brother a not so sisterly kiss.

When she pulled her mouth from his she told him “I think you can handle it from here bro” She turned toward Cathy, “It’s going to be fun for him. Concentrate on that wonderful cock inside you and making Jimmy feel good. I’ll scream if anyone comes up the stairs. Loretta kissed Cathy once more, then whispered, “When he picks your other cherry you can let him make you cum slut.” She then quickly made her exit.

Cathy began to roll her hips, feeling the walls of her vagina mold themselves to accommodate the hard, warm, invader. Cathy put her hands on his shoulders as she pushed herself down his shaft. “I think I’m ready” she told him.

“Okay” he replied. “I don’t think “I’m going to last too long baby. You’re so fucking hot and tight, and it feels so good in side you.”

Cathy began to move her face a study of concentration, as she slid her wet pussy over his cock. “Jimmy, you have already given me what I wanted. Your hard cock is deep in this slut’s cunt” she panted fucking him faster. “Your slut will cum for you when you shoot your load inside her.”

Jimmy couldn’t believe how her sultry voice was affecting him. Each word caressed him as much as her virginally tight vagina stroked his cock. He reached up and took one of her breasts in each hand. “Kiss me,” he said. “I want to kiss you as I cum.”

Cathy laid down over him and he wrapped his arms around her placing his hands on her ass to pull her down tight to him as their mouths locked in passion. She felt his cock pulse as he came, but was disappointed that she could not feel the hot jets of cum as they filled the condom instead of her womb. She ground her clit against his pelvis then held herself still denying her body orgasm.

Her hair covered his face. The scent of strawberries was not as strong and was being replaced with a more musty scent that he could not describe but found scintillating. She was looking down at him through her ebony mane. Her emerald eyes dreamy, her face a contorted mixture, “That was even better than I imagined;” she huffed” She lifted up, pulling herself from his slightly wilted shaft. She then slid down his body rubbing her lips and cheeks through the hair on his chest, and letting her own hair drag caressingly over his skin. She slid between his legs and grasped his latex covered penis in her hand. She squeezed him, milking the semen into the tip of the condom before pulling it from his cock. Cathy brushed her hair back over her shoulder as she held the condom up to look at it.

She then smiled at Jimmy and said, “Cheers,” before tipping the contents into her mouth. She held it on her tongue contemplating its taste and consistency before swallowing.
“I can’t have it in my pussy, I can have it in my tummy,” she said before taking his once again turgid member into her mouth. She licked him clean before releasing his cock and looking up into his eyes. “I heard your dream” she smiled; “Do you want to lap my pussy while I suck your cock?” she took the head back in her mouth and ran her tongue over it.

Cathy’s tongue on his cock was excruciating, almost painful to his overly sensitive glands.

“Please,” he said, “I can’t take anymore.”

She released him from her mouth, and looked up. “But you’re still hard.” She squeezed his shift then let go of it. She then moved up and lay across his chest, gazing into his eyes.

“I’ll eat you out, I would really enjoy doing that for you” He told her. “It’s just that my dick is very sensitive after I cum, the head especially.”

“Oh, I didn’t know, my clit gets the same way. Rubbing my pussy lips feels good after an orgasm, but if I rub my clit it almost hurts,” Cathy told him. “Next time we can fulfill the fantasy you were having when I heard you beating off,” She smiled at him and rubbed her fingers through the hair on his chest. “I must admit, it turned me on to hear you call out my name. It makes my pussy wet.” She kissed and licked at his nipples as she talked. I would dearly love to have you lick my pussy but before you do, I want you to put your cock up my ass. Now that it has been in my pussy and in my mouth, it needs to go up my ass and take my last cherry.”

Jimmy couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Girls didn’t talk like this. He had grown up surrounded by females. Never did he hear anything like the smut coming from this beautiful fantasy lying atop of him. “You want me to fuck your ass hole?” He asked. Making sure he had heard her correctly.

“Yes, I want you to fuck my ass” Her eyes were almost pleading. “I want you to cum in my asshole. After you cum in me, you can make me cum anyway you want too.”

Loretta had made it clear. When he picks your other cherry you can let him make you cum. Cathy’s punishment for making Jimmy cum on the sofa was to be getting fucked in the ass. She wasn’t to be allowed to orgasm until Jimmy had cum inside of her. The only cherry he hadn’t taken already was her Ass. She desperately wanted to cum with him inside her.

Cathy turned crawling off of him on her hands and knees. She spread her thighs and lay her head on the mattress presenting herself to him like a bitch in heat. “Put your cock up my ass and make me your complete slut. Make me your bitch Jimmy.”

“It’s going to hurt.” Jimmy told her.

“I know, but I want it. I want to be your slut. I want to feel your cock in me fucking me without the condom. Making me your whore” Cathy panted at him. “I want you to cum in me. Make me your bitch Jimmy”

Jimmy knelt up behind her and pushed the head of his cock against the tight sphincter of her ass.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, that’s never going to work” Cathy cried out as Jimmy’s strained to enter her ass hole. “Stop, stop. Oh fuck we need some grease of some kind.”

“There is some Vaseline in my nightstand” Jimmy told her.

“Get it stud, grease my asshole and your pole. Then you should be able to fuck me up the ass baby” Cathy told him.

Jimmy got the tub of petroleum jelly. He scooped some out of the tub with his fingers and spread it around her tight little asshole. “Push it in. Push your finger up my ass, if you can get your finger up there your dick should go easier.” Cathy told him.

“Fingering your ass is making me so horny I can feel my balls churning” Jimmy told her.

Cathy clinched her teeth against the pain and discomfort. Willing to suffer taking him up the ass as part of the deal, she had made with his sister, to get Loretta to set her up with him. “Give it another try, Baby now that you got my shitter all greased up. Put your fucking cock up my ass hole.”

Once more Jimmy put the head of his dick against the dark greasy opening. He pushed; Cathy groaned and tried to spread her ass as the cock pushed into her. She ground her teeth feeling her asshole stretch. Jimmy knew enough to take it slow going into her ass. Cathy didn’t know if that was a good thing or not. She wanted to get him to cum in her ass and get this torture over with.

Cathy held her breath and shoved back, forcing Jimmy’s cock into her asshole. “Fuck” she gasped, then to cover up her pain she moaned, “Fuck me Jimmy. Fuck my ass Jimmy.” She pushed herself at him with each thrust. Fucking her ass on his cock for all she was worth. The awkward painful burn faded as her asshole formed itself around the intruding mass of his cock. Jimmy’s little grunts and the way his balls slapped against her pussy were kind of making her horny for the fucking she was taking. Just as she thought she might be enjoying getting her ass fucked.

“Oh Jesus, I’m going to cum in your ass baby.” Jimmy grunted. He shoved his cock deep into her bowels and released his load. Cathy let herself go limp beneath him as she felt for the first time a man spraying his seed into her body.

This time she was in tears as she looked over her shoulders at her lover. “Rub my pussy, rub me and make me cum. I need you to make me cum.”
Jimmy obeyed, cursing himself as he reached around her thin waist and between her legs. He should have thought of this himself. He knew a girl’s pleasure center was in her pussy. Ass fucking would get him off and might get her excited. But a girl’s pussy needs to be stimulated for her to orgasm. “I can pull out and lick you off.” He said into her long dark tresses.

“NO, I want to cum with you in me” Cathy panted. “Rub my clit and finger my pussy I’m almost there.” She clinched her cheeks around his cock enjoying the feeling of being stuffed full now that her asshole was not burning anymore.

Jimmy mistook the pulsations for being orgasmic spasms and rubbed her clit harder. The unexpected pressure on her clit triggered Cathy’s orgasm. She screamed out. Her asshole clinched pulling on Jimmy’s embedded member painfully teaching him the difference in sensations.

As her muscles relaxed and her brain floated in blissful pools of endorphins Cathy came up with an idea that was both disgusting and scintillatingly depraved. Easing forward she disengaged herself from Jimmy. She then coiled around and guided her lover into a sixty-nine position. She lowered her pussy to his mouth and lapped at his cock being careful to avoid the sensitive glands.

They licked and nibbled each other exploring one-another’s bodies into the night until they both exhausted cuddled into their partner and slept.

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