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I will come to the main point I am a slut. I am a 32-year-old female nasty cock sucking cum slut mom of two and not by the true definition a regular fucking whore
When I got to my dorm room, I raced through a shower and got my night bag together. I knew exactly what I wanted to take, but I had to get it all rounded up. There was my vibe, my very thick 10" strap-on, my double ender, and a set of furry handcuffs that would definitely be going along. Luckily, these were in a drawer together, so they were not hard to find. I also wanted to take the black, see-through nighttime I had gotten especially for the occasion.

After ensuring all of my necessities were packed, I stood in front of the floor length mirror and examined myself. I had a tight shirt that was holding up my 32AA breasts very nicely. My skirt barely covered my ass when I was standing up, and since I was wearing a small thong, whoever was behind me when I bent over would get a full view of my ass cheeks. I wore no stockings, revealing my milky white skin and a simple pair of tennis shoes. My sandy blond hair I had left down, but I had clipped it back out of my face. I felt I looked cute, but not overly sexual. Since this would be my first time with a woman at college.

Although I was a junior from Virginia, Jackie was a senior here at Rutgers and lshe ived in Delaware.

Just as I was smoothing out my skirt for the fifteenth time, I heard the soft knock on the door. Glancing at my watch, I noticed that Jackie was right on time.

I yelled for her to come in. I turned to see she was wearing an outfit similar to mine, but she had chosen a pair of cute sandals. Her breasts were larger than mine but also more perky. She also had one of those butts that you just want to lay your head on and never move. Her skin was only a few shades darker than mine was and looked very smooth. Her long brunette hair hung free around her shoulders and was just begging to be lightly tugged.

When she looked up at me, her hazel eyes were so full of lust that I almost wanted to cry. I wanted to rip her clothes off and ravage her immediately, but knew that would just work to freak her out. We held hands and I kissed her on the cheek as we walked through the door, once we were in her car, I finally looked her in the eye. She looked back at me and I could see she was nervous as I was. In an attempt to calm her, I said, "You know, all you have to do is say no whenever you want me to stop and I will."

She got a sly grin on her face and said, "You know I won't do that. I have been fantasizing about this for weeks now, so there is no way I am going to say no."

With those words, she reached over and grabbed her belt. I did the same and as I was turning up from the buckle, her face was inches from mine. I felt a pull to kiss her, but did not get a chance to react to it, as her mouth was on mine faster than I could move. Her left hand came up and began to caress my cheek while her right hand began to play with my nipple. I placed both of my hands on opposite breasts and began to lightly squeeze them. A soft moan escaped her mouth as she opened it to move her tongue to my mouth. We sat there kissing and groping for what seemed like years, but was probably only seconds. Finally, I regretfully pull away.

"Damn! You've got me hot and wet Jackie, but I think we should get to your house before I strip that shirt of yours off and attack your breasts with my mouth."

It took a while to get to Jackie's family summer home on Lake Charles, New York since we had a few stops to make first. We stopped at the video store and picked up a couple of videos. We also stopped at the liquor store and picked up a bottle of wine to help us both relax a little more. As soon as we got to her place, Jackie went to her room to change. She came out in an oversized man’s t-shirt. I asked if it would be ok for me to change and she said fine. I carried my bag into her room and put it on her bed. I took the toys out and laid them to the side. I changed quickly and walked back out to the front room. Jackie was standing in the door to the kitchen holding two glasses and the bottle of wine. Her eyes moved up and down my body, taking in the mounds of my breasts and the shortness of the nightgown.

"I have a TV and DVD player in the bedroom. You grab the movies and I will take this stuff in. I am sure we will be more comfortable in there and that's where we are going to end up anyway."

I walked over and grabbed the DVD’s. Jackie made it to her bedroom before I did and she stopped short. Her eyes had fallen on the toys I had left on the end of the bed. I was worried that their presence had scared her off, but as I looked at her face, I noticed her eyes were full of lust and she was biting her lip.

I walked up behind her and whispered in her ear, "I plan on using every one of those on you at some point tonight."

With my words, I ran my free hand up her back. Her knees must have gone a little weak, because she started to slide down to the floor. Once she caught herself, she stood back up and said "Great, as long as I get to use them too." With that, she walked over to the bedside table and sat down the wine and glasses. She walked back over to me, grabbed the DVD's and said; "You go get comfy on the bed, and I'll pop in a movie."

I walked slowly over to the bed, not wanting to take my eyes off her ass and the way it moved when she walked. I lay down on the bed and pulled my knees into a curve, ensuring that my ass was a little more rounded. As she fiddled with the player, I began nonchalantly running my hand up and down my thigh. When Lynn turned, she stopped short and just looked at me. Her eyes travelled to my ass then began to follow my moving hand on its trip over my exposed thigh.

As if snapping out of a dream, she shook her head and said, "Well, I hope you like the movie I choose. It should help to loosen us both up." With that, she sauntered over to the bed and climbed in on the other side.

I could not help but watch her breasts as they bounced as she sat down. She grabbed the remote and went straight to the menu. She started the movie and turned to the glasses. She poured two glasses and turned to hand me mine. I had to adjust my angle to be able to drink and as I did, some of the wine slopped out onto her chest. She went to wipe it off when I stopped her. I moved my mouth to her collarbone and slowly licked the trail of wine down to the top of her shirt. I heard her breath catch in her throat. When I pulled back and looked at her, her eyes were closed and her nipples had hardened slightly.

"Oh god, that was awesome. Thank you." I could not help but grin. I knew this was going to be a fun night, not only or her, but me as well.

We both turned to look at the movie while sipping our wine. She had chosen one of the lesbian porn movies we had picked out and the two beautiful women on the screen were engaged in a rather passionate kiss. Watching the girls, I was inspired. I sat my glass down on the table beside me and moved as close as I could to Jackie. She did not pull away, so I took her glass from her hand and sat it beside mine. When I turned back to her, she was looking at me with what I can only describe as a look of pure lust on her face. I leaned in close to her and placed my lips softly on hers.

When she still did not pull away, I was emboldened, pressed my lips a little harder to hers, and moved my hand to cup her soft check. She began to breathe a little more heavily, so I moved my free hand to her breast. I cupped it and felt her nipple press solidly against my palm through her shirt. I massaged and kneaded it while I worked my tongue into her mouth. She responded, began dancing her tongue with mine, and pressed her breast more firmly into my hand. When I moved my other hand to cup her other breast, she moaned into my mouth.

I began to flick, pinch and massage her nipples and I heard her breathing get steadily heavier. I knew she was getting very excited with my teasing and the sounds of the girls on the movie. I moved my hands off her breasts and reluctantly pulled away from her mouth.

I saw her deflate a little as she asked, "Why'd you stop?" with a pout in her voice.

"Cause it will be easier to get this damn shirt off," I told her as I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and tugged.

It did not take long and it was off. I sat and took in her body. Her breasts were nice and perky, with beautiful, round pink areolas. The nipples, now standing proudly where little buds directly in the center pointing slightly up. Her stomach was smooth and flat, no doubt a direct result of her religious yoga routine. She wore a tiny pink thong that left very little to the imagination and that currently had a wet spot directly in the middle. I had to moan just looking at her, knowing that I was going to be getting my hands and mouth all over her.

"Lay back darling. We are going to make sure you enjoy yourself before we do anything else," I told her. For the first time in my life, I really felt I was falling in love with this woman.

She willingly obliged and even opened her legs slightly to give me better access. I cuddled up to her side and moved in to kiss her. This time, before I had the chance to think, she had her mouth open in seconds and was plunging her hungry tongue into mine. Her fire made me moisten my own thong within a few seconds. I moved my hand to her now naked breast and began to tug and pull at it. This seemed to excite her, as she began to press her breast into my hand. I pulled away from her mouth and licked down her body to her breast. I ran my tongue around her nipple, being careful not to touch it directly, only to tease it.

With her mouth free, Jackie began to moan openly. This spurred me on and I began to move my hand down her body, moving lightly and slowly. She began to wiggle and move in response to my hand and I finally took her nipple in my mouth. Her sharp intake of breath made me realize she hadn't expected it. While I sucked and licked her nipple, my hand got ever closer to her sweet pussy. I knew from our talks that she kept it shaved and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her cunt.

When my hand finally reached its destination, I laid the whole thing on top of her wet mound and caressed her. I was told by my roommate that Jackie loved to have her cunt licked and would go fucking crazy when another woman ate her out. She immediately thrust her hips up to meet my hand. I began to slowly rub back and forth as I moved my mouth to her other breast. With her thong still on, I was forced to move my hand back up and under it. I plunged my middle finger between her lips, enjoying the feel of her wetness on it. She gave her loudest moan yet as my finger finally found her clit and rubbed it gently. I was finding this story about her cunt to be true.

I also knew from our talks that she liked to be talked to dirty so I said: "You like my finger on your clit don't you? You want me to fuck your cunt with my fingers?"

At my words, she simultaneously thrust her hips against my hands, pressed her breasts against my face, and moaned. I moved my ring finger alongside my middle one, and began to flick her clit back and forth.

"You want me to keep my fingers here, or you want them in your wet cunt?" I asked.

"Oh baby. I want you to finger fuck my cunt. I want to cover your hand with my cum. I am gonna scream when you make me cum."

Keeping my hand on her clit, I moved between her legs. I slowly slide my fingers down to her opening and teased her by lightly pressing them to it, but not in. I could tell she was ready to die from the feeling, and she thrashed her hips back and forth. As I plunged my fingers in, I plunged my tongue between her pussy lips and found her clit. I thrust my fingers in and out of her while licking her clit like my life depended on it. Her moans only worked to make me go faster. Once I found the sponge-like area inside her pussy, I stopped thrusting my fingers and began flicking them back and forth against it. This made her begin to pant in time with my flicks, and I knew she was gonna blow at any moment.

"Oh god. You gotta stop, I feel like I have to pee," she said between pants.

I didn't stop though. I knew that the feeling of having to pee was a sure sign that she was gonna squirt. Apparently giving up on the idea of going pee, she began thrashing her whole body. Suddenly, her body stiffened and I knew it was time. I gave a finally flick of both her g-spot and her clit and she screamed. My face was instantly flooded with her juices and I lapped it all up as best I could. Jackie grabbed my hair and moved my mouth around, knowing just the spots she wanted me to hit. I let her and when she pulled me back, I went. I looked at her face, and she looked as if she was in total heaven.

"Oh god, hun. I love you eating me out, you were wonderful, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go that fast," she said as she looked back at me.

"Don't worry about it. I knew you would and, besides, I am nowhere near done with you anyway," I said as I moved up the bed to lay beside her, my hand lazily playing with her still erect nipple.

I would give her a small break, and then I would teach her how to please me.

After a short break, it's time to start again.

We layed naked in her bed, both basking in the afterglow of her amazing, squirting orgasm. She was laying flat on her back and I was cuddled up to her left side with my hand lightly rubbing up and down her body. We were both engrossed on the scene in the movie. The scene involved two women who very similar to us, in several ways. The less experienced one looked a lot like Jackie. She had tanned skin, light blonde hair, and an ass that women would kill for and men drool over. The "teacher" was a lot like me. She had pale, almost white, skin, black hair, and natural breasts that were perfectly round. At this point in the movie, the "teacher" was instructing the student on how to properly eat her pussy. Of course, she was using her own body as a teaching tool, so she was having trouble talking with all the moans that were escaping her mouth. Lee looked at me as the teacher finally exploded in the students mouth with a loud scream of "Oh fuck yes, baby."

I felt her head move and knew she was looking at me. Finally, when I felt the top of my head start to burn, I looked at her and asked "What's on your mind baby?"

"Well, I was just thinking and I decided that I want to do for you what she just did for her," she said as she gestured toward the TV. I was surprised. She had expressed being nervous about being with a girl, especially when it came to returning the favor. I sat up on my elbow and looked her in the eye.

"Jackie, are you sure? I know you are new at all this and I am perfectly happy with just showing you the joys of bi love."

She sat up and I moved to a sitting position in front of her. She looked at me and said "Yes, I am sure. After what you just did for me, I am definitely ready to return the favor. I think you have awakened a beast in me and I will never be the same. Besides, you know my husband will be home soon and we will have to let the guys at least watch. I want my first time eating pussy to be just me and you. There's less pressure that way," she ended with a giggle.

I couldn't help but smile. I had been waiting months for the chance to gets my hands and mouth on the gorgeous creature that was sitting in front of me. There was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to have her do the same to me. Besides, if she got nervous, we had the toys still laying at the end of the bed to help out. "Alright, however, if at any point you feel uncomfortable and want to stop, you tell me," I said as I scooted closer to her on the bed.

"I don't think that is going to be a problem now," she said as she leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. I moved my right hand to her hair and my left to her breast. As we kissed, I felt her hands move on my body. At first, she seemed unsure of what to do with them. She was lightly running her hands up and down my arms, leaving a trail of goose bumps in her wake. My nipples were getting harder by the second. She finally moved her hands to my back and pulled me to her. As she did, I felt her erect nipples press against mine and moaned. She engulfed me with her arms and I felt her passion as she plunged her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue was so smooth and sweet against mine and I felt her begin to push against me. Getting the hint, I laid back and she laid on top of me. I opened my legs to be sure she was comfortable and felt her mound press lightly to mine. The pressure to her clit made her moan slightly and come up for air.

"Oh my god. Just laying here kissing you has me ready to explode again, but I don't want to until I get a chance to taste your cunt jucies in my mouth." With that, she began kissing my neck. She slowly worked her way down to my breast where my erect nipples stood proud. She ran her hands lightly over both before taking my left nipple into her mouth. I wasn't ready for it, so the sensation sent a shiver through my body to my clit. I gasped at the pleasure she was giving me. She flicked my nipple back and forth with her tongue and massaged the other breast deeply with her hand. My pussy was dripping wildly and had already formed a small pool on her sheet. She moved her mouth from my left nipple to my right and began the process all over again on that side. By the time she was done, I was panting and ready to cum.

"Oh god Jackie. Your mouth and tongue are amazing. You almost made me cum just by playing with my nipples and breasts," I told her. She blushed but didn't move away. She slowly started kissing down my stomach, alternating between light and hard. Occasionally, she would stop and suck my skin into her mouth for a few seconds. I would later find that she had left a small trail of hickeys leading to my pussy. When she reached my clean shaved mound, she repositioned herself between my legs. She looked at my pussy for a few minutes before lightly running a finger against my lips.

"Hmmm," she said as she moved her finger to her nose to sniff my juices. "It seems like someone is all ready for my mouth, tongue and fingers. Tell me what you want me to do baby."

"I want you to lick my cunt you bitch. I want you to fuck me with your fingers. I want you to lick me clean after I cum. Oh god, just fuck me!" I yelled as she moved her mouth to my pussy lips. She started by kissing my pussy. She laid kisses everywhere and had me squirming and begging for her tongue. With a wicked grin, she parted my lips with her two of her fingers and ever so lightly licked my clit. I gasped at the pleasure and thrust my hips up as she buried her mouth into my sloppy wet cunt.

Getting the idea, she pressed her tongue to my clit and began to feverishly lick up and down. She moved her other hand to my hole and began running her finger along my opening. Of course, this only worked to tease me and make me want to scream. She was doing things to my clit that I had never thought possible, and I still wanted more. I finally had enough and yelled, "Oh god, stick your fucking fingers in me and fuck me! I want to cum on your hand so I can suck it clean."

With that, she plunged her finger into my hole as far as she could. She didn't automatically pull it out, but moved it around as if she was searching for something. As soon as she found it, I knew what she had been looking for. She had found my clit and began feverishly flicking back and forth and soon inserted a second finger and was really making me scream. She suddenly sucked my entire clit into her mouth and flicked and sucked it while still stimulating my g-spot.

Suddenly, I felt the need to pee, but I ignored it. I knew I was getting close and then I felt a lot of pressure. I tried to warn Jackie, but it was too late. My orgasm hit and I was lost. My whole body began to shake and I could feel my cum squirting out of my pussy. I screamed through it all and stopped only when my body did.

Jackie came up with her face and hair dripping wet. She looked at me and smiled. I felt my cheeks turn red and tried to cover my face with a pillow. She stopped me and said, "Don't worry about it. You told me you had been working on squirting. I guess I was the first to make it happen. I feel proud." Finally I looked down at her face which was covered in my cunt juices all over her beautiful face.

"Well, I guess I have a lot of cleaning up to do, don't I?" I said as she laid down beside me.

She laughed and said "Not just yet, I want to see how some of these toys feel."

"Okay, but can I have a bit to get my energy back? That really does take it out of you, doesn't it," I asked as I looked at her.

"Yes it does and yes you may." With that, she laid her still wet face on my shoulder and began running her hand along my stomach. I moved my hand to her arm and began rubbing it as well. I knew it wouldn't take me long to get ready for more as long as it was with this wonderful woman. Soon it was as though she fell off to sleep.

I decided then to have some real fun. As she laid there sleeping I retrieved my furry handcuffs and thick 10" strap-on dildo. I slipped the cuffs over the bed board and cuffed both of Jackie's hands. She was so beautiful with my wet cum on her face.

I then spread open her legs surprised that she wasn't waking through all this.

Oh well, I strapped on my dildo crawled up between her legs and began to insert the dildo into her soaking wet cunt and began to pump her pussy. Little by little the dildo went deeper and deeper into Jackie's wet pussy which impressed me that she could take that much cock.

Finally I decided to wake her, I had the dildo in about 6" and pulled out, slamming the plastic cock into her as hard as I could that had to hurt. But, yet, no movement?

With my dildo buried deep in her cunt I leaned forward kissing her lips. No response, something is wrong. I saw now that Jackie wasn't breathing. Oh My God!

She's dead.

I slapped her face hoping that would arouse her but it didn't. I slapped her face harder this time calling out her name, Jackie, Jackie, wake up as I slapped her face again, and again, nothing.

It seemed the only response I was getting was every time I hit her, my cunt muscles would tighten around my dildo.

Was I getting turned on by hitting her? Or was it because her being dead? Was it both?

Looking down at Jackie beautiful face I decided to see what happed if I hit her again. I hit her face, cunt squeeze, I hit her harder, cunt squeeze, I hit her ever harder, super cunt squeeze with a tingle in my groin.

I was getting fucking hot fucking Jackie's dead body. I peered down between my legs to see I had almost 6 of the 10 inch dildo inside of Jackie's fuck hole. I was getting dizzy with excitement. I pulled out of cunt some, than rammed the strap-on home, going to 10". I pulled out and continued to pound Jackie's cunt over and over with all I had until I felt a wetness on my thighs as I looked down I saw that my dildo was buried all the way in, and blood had splattered from her cunt out onto my legs.

Why am I doing this to her, why? What the fuck is wrong with me? I was so hot and turned on by fucking her dead body I felt a pee coming on. Learning from Jackie I knew what that meant. I pulled out the dildo and pushed it aside, as I made my way up to Jackie's face lowering my wet cunt to her and I squirted and pissed everything I had into her open mouth. I shouted out, "eat me bitch," as I collapsed my soaking wet pussy onto her face, then I passed out.

Moments later I awoke, nothing has changed, Jackie was still dead. I raised by pussy off her face and peered down looking at the mess I had made of her face. I could still see my cum mixed piss I had squirted in her mouth and my groin twitched again.

Backing off her body, I lowered my head and sweating profusely I began to suck out of her mouth what I put in, I was so fucking hot I couldn't understand why, why am I so fucking turned on by Jackie's dead body.

After fucking her one more time and eating her out, blood and all I got up showered and called the police.

It came to be Jackie had a heart serious aortic aneurysm with severe plaque buildup that caused a heart attack.

Although I admitted to police that I continued to have sex with Jackie, I really believed she was sleeping that it took me a while to realize she was not. The really didn't believe that, but couldn't prove otherwise.

On walking me out to my ride back to the university, the detective knowing no one could hear him said to me, "I know you lied about not knowing Jackie wasn't dead. Why you continued to have sex with her body is beyond me except that you're nothing but a freak'n slut pig."

The he said, "I have your cell number slut, I'll call you some time is that OK?"

"Yes, Ok sir," is all I could say with a grin and a girlish pout. I kissed him on the cheek letting my right had to brush against his crotch before getting in the car for my ride home.

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