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Hey everybody, I'm new. I hope you enjoy reading. Please do give your comments. And please give some opinions and critics if there is any. If you don't like it, sorry you wasted your time reading it. Thanks.
It's hot, too hot for football. And yet, coach ain't gonna let us end training early. It's stamina practice, and the heat has worn everyone out. And the worst part is we can't do a thing about it. Brad's a nice guy, just a tad strict. He's a great soccer player, he was selected for the national team once, teaming up with Landon Donavan, but a serious knee injury ended his way to stardom. Now, he's coaching high school football teams, and he's highly prestigous.

On the verge of collapsing, the bell rang. As usual, Cecilia came. She's my neighbor, for a few years. She moved in when I was twelve, she was 18 then. Now, she's 23. She met Brad in college, and they've been dating ever since. Cecilia brings Brad home occasionally, means we knew each other before he became our coach. Cecilia, she's a girl which brings fantasies to men, she's full with a pair of C's, and she makes people wanna tap her ass. She's into modelling, and she has a bright future ahead of her.

So Cecilia came over to check on Brad (it's like her daily routine). Brad gave us a 10 minute rest. So the whole team headed to the bench. We were drinking Red Bull, catching a breather, chatting and staring randomly. It help though, to relieve the pressure. Brad gives terrible pressure, glad I'm not a goalkeeper facing him one-on-one. He'd score every time.

Then suddenly Chris yelled out to me, "Mike, check out that chick heading towards the main hall." That girl was stunning. She's a sexy brunette, her hair tied into a ponytail, at backbone length, and nice bangs, too. wearing a cute singlet and short shorts, she's a looker. She must've turned many heads since she got down the car. And I bet people were looking at her 34CC too.

So the boys challenged me to go for her, since I'm the only one on the team without a girlfriend. I stopped seeing girls since my ex dumped me on my 16th birthday, last year. She said I spent too much time playing ball than her. It was days after that I knew she was cheating on me with some skater prick. I heard she went for an abortion few months ago, and they broke up.

Me? My name is Michael Dawson, 17 in a week's time, during the summer's solstice. Standing 5'9" and around 160 pounds, I'm a great football striker. Chosen team captain last year, ex-school band member (lead guitarist) and league's MVP. My first girl was Tina, she hurt me bad, and she was my last, until now.

I approached the girl, she seemed lost. So I was like, "Hey, you lost or something?" She looked at me, eyeing me up and down, and stared at my leg. This went on for half a minute until I asked her is anything wrong. "Geez, sorry I'm being rude. Yes, I'm looking for the headmaster." "It's cool. I can show you the way." She replied with a thanks. We reached the headmaster's room shortly. "Here we are" I said. She thanked me again. This time, she's smiling into my eyes. "You can thank me by telling me your name" I said smoothly. "Annabelle." "I'm Michael" "Michael," she repeated "Oh! by the way, your calf's bleeding"

I looked down, and I knew what she was staring at earlier. It IS bleeding. I told Anabelle I'd get rid of it. And we shared another smile before she went in the headmaster's room. I went back to the boys, only to see them in practice, I was a few minutes late. Brad had me go through a few sets. But it was worth it.

School's over. Kids were running everywhere. Being greeted by almost everyone, I accidentally knocked down some one. "Sorry, sorry. I'm sooooo sorry!" I kept apologizing. This familiar voice insisted she was okay. "Annabelle." "Call me Anna." "Anna... I'm sorry." "You don't have to keep apologizing. You're Mr. Popular all over campus, every one wants to be your friend. You knocking me down.... is an honor?" By saying that we both laughed hard.

I invited her to a cafe nearby. Since it's at walking distance, we walked there. Chatting all the way. We reached the cafe. We chose a window side seat. We continued our knowing-each-other-the-fun-way activity. Cracking jokes and chit-chat for as long as time can remember. I knew almost everything I need to know about her.

Annabelle Sanchez, 1/4 Mexican on her father's side. Happy family, stable economic standings. Her dad's a psychologist, her mom's teaches Piano at Julliard. 17 this year, she's 3 months my junior. Favourite food is macaroni and dislikes coke. She's a huge fan of Yiruma, a famous pianist. A pianist herself, she even dances. And she lives a couple of blocks away from my house!

Things got a bit awkward when we got to the do-you-have-a-gf/bf conversation. Then we both knew we're both single. Means I have a chance.

The drinks and talking took 45 minutes. I payed for the drinks, and we're both off home. Walking together with her, I can feel tension building.

With her blushing occasionally, and me not able to take my eyes off her... I wanted her so bad. Does she feel the same? I guess what happened next answered my question. Her hands kinda like, touched mine. And I caught a glimpse of her licking her lips, and her cheeks were red hot.

GREAT! She's interested. I told her about the soccer match tomorow. And I asked her to come, said that her being there is important to me. She promised she'll be there.

We reached her house, "I'd invite you in, but I don't really want my mom to... You know." Anna said to me. "I understand. Hey, can I have your number?" She didn't say no to that. After exchanging phone numbers and bidding each other goodbye, I walked home.

During dinner, I got a text. New number?

"Heyyy... It's Anna. I wanna thank u 4 such an amazing day. Yr a cool guy. I'll be watchin yr game tmr... Best of luck :D"

I replied her thanks, and we kept texting. We flirted through words, until we both call it a night, and went to bed.


"It's Dawson again. He fakes left, and plays a roulette. Ditching the last defender. It's a one-on-one, can he score it? He strikes, the ball went in the right corner, GOAL! The goalkeeper don't know what hit him. The score's 4-1, West High is winning, with not more than 5 minutes before full time. East High's coach signaled for a time-out. This is your commentator, Alan Smith. And we'll continue in a while"

I spotted Anna somewhere at the front line. Trying to impress her, I made a pose, pointing to the sky. The crowd went crazy.

Our team won 4-1. Me scoring a hat-trick. The team gave me the game ball. We're gonna face some team from Ohio in the High School's Cup finals. The team congratulated each other on the pitch, we hit the showers shortly.

Dad wants to throw a party, the problem is he invited almost half the school. Not to mention the coaches, college scouts, relatives, etc.

I looked everywhere for Anna, but I can't find her. So I headed to the cafe we went yesterday. True enough, she was there. Sitting at the exact spot we sat yesterday.

She congratulated me with a friendly hug. I ordered a cup of coffee. And I wasted no time to invite her to the party tonight. She eagerly agreed, and promised she'll come over early to help...

It's six in the evening, 2 hours before the party. I took a long, cold shower. But I faced a bad problem, choosing clothes. Trying something different, I chose the tux.

Suddenly, the bell rang. I rushed downstairs to open the door, wondering who's this early.

When I opened the door, I saw a mesmerizing sight. It's a girl, wearing a white gown, a dancing gown. It's so beautiful, but her face was more delicate. Her cheeks perfectly rosy, her hazel eyes were... sexy. It's as though an angel was standing before me. Annabelle.

"Hey... Um... Am I too early?" she asked, somewhat embarrassed. "Just a little bit." I replied, teasingly. I invited her to wait in my room. Since it's still early.

Upon seeing my room, she seemed shocked. "It's tidy... For a guy's room..." She commented. I just smiled at her.

Then we saw ourselves in the mirror, the big mirror next to the closet. We look cute together, just like a bride and a groom. Our clothes match perfectly.

It's now or never, I hugged her from behind. Feeling her in my arms. Her hands touched mine, but not to push it away. Her hands just stayed on mine. This moment was one to cherish.

She tugged my hand, giving her room to turn around. Then she hugged my back. One of my hands were on her back, the other in her hair. She smelled so good, her perfume and her hair.

Then she stood higher on her toes, lifting herself higher. Her lips were just inches from mine. And I landed a smooch on her lips. She pecked her lips onto mine, and we shared our first kiss. Her tongue was slowly moving on mine, our tongues intertwined. She kisses so well, the feeling of it turned me on.

The next thing we knew, we were falling on my bed, me landing on top of her. We were in a awkward situation. I had a boner, and its hitting somewhere below Anna's belly.

Anna blushed at that, and she kissed me. Our bodies were grinding. She was thrusting her crotch against my cock through layers of fabric. And I was cupping her breast. She was gonna unzip me pants until the doorbell rang.

To Be Continued...

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