A lusty story involving a guitarist in a band, and a younger fan. Polar opposites collide in this story, and it turns out to be rockin'!
One year ago a 16 year old boy named Brian, took his guitar and his songs that he wrote, gathered a few friends who could play other instruments, and created a band. They called the band "Wanted". Brian and his band practiced almost everyday for months, and eventually they became very good. So good, that friends and neighbors would actually come and watch them practice in their garage. Brian was already a popular boy. Being 16 years old, and popular in school meant a lot of things. One, that his band was instantly popular, and two, that he got almost anything he wanted. And on top of that, he has a very assertive personality. He was never shy about anything, even the fact that he is bi-sexual. Nothing ever seemed to bother him. He only ever wanted to do what made him feel good and happy. Whether it was playing with his guitar/band, smoking weed, or sex, and he sure did all three of these things commonly!

The sex was by far Brian's favorite thing to do. And being bi meant that he had more options available. Most of the times he would be hooking up with his girl friends, but he wasn't shy to have sex with the occasional boy. Boy's and girls alike love him! He has long brown hair, the same hair that you would typically see on a teenage rocker, he has electric green eyes that anyone who looked into them instantly fell for him, he is fairly tall, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall, and weighs 135 lbs, but has a nice cut body. On top of all this, the rock god himself, has a 7 inch penis that everyone wants a piece of!

Everyday after school, the band plays, and everyday, the crowd that watches them grows! And one of the newest viewers is a younger boy, Brian's neighbor from down the street. His name is Jordan. Jordan might be the true definition of a polar opposite. Compared to Brian, Jordan is as shy as shy can be. Growing up with no brothers of sisters, and only a few friends, Jordan has become somewhat of a loner. But if there is one thing that both Jordan and Brian are like, it's that they both love rock n' roll. Jordan is only 13 years old, and pretty new to the town. Not many people know who he is, and that includes Brian who has never even seen him before.

Jordan is only 5 feet 5 inches tall, and about 90 lbs. Not much muscle on his small body, but not a sign of fat either! His short brown hair and big brown eyes make him one of the cuter boys that you may ever see. Jordan, who is just beginning puberty, has just measured his un-cut penis for the first time and it's 4 inches. But other than a few rubs before bedtime, and a few squirts of his young cum, he is just as innocent as a toddler, never once even seeing another boy or girl naked. And if you had to ask him which he would prefer, he would say boys because Jordan is gay. He figured out his interest in boys the first time he ever rubbed one off. He is not the first person to admit the fact that he is gay, but he is not ashamed.

So Jordan begins to go to Brian's practices, always staying behind everyone in the crowd. he would never talk to anyone, never dance, or sing along, just listen. And over the first few weeks, Jordan went to ever single practice! Eventually his love for music became even more, when he started to not only idolize, but also crush on Brian. His late night cock rubbing started to shift from whoever he saw on the internet that day, to Brian. And now Jordan, an even more devoted fan than ever, has a huge crush on the band's leader, Brian.

This continued for weeks, Brian and his band would play for about 2 hours a night, and Jordan would watch them every day, still never getting any kind of courage to meet the band. Jordan would also go home nightly to jerk off to thoughts of Brian, and they normally ended with a nice rope or two of cum on his hairless belly. Eventually things would change, and it all started on one night when not many people came out to see "Wanted", but Jordan was one that did.

As Brian rips through his 2nd guitar solo of the song, he looks out to the crowd to show off what he is doing, as he normally does. As he scans the few people that are out there, for the first time, he lays his eyes on Jordan, who is standing just outside of the garage, while most people are inside the garage, in his tight jeans, sneakers, and a Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt. When Brian made eye contact with Jordan, Jordan dipped his head down to make it appear that he was not watching, but Brian knew he was. This small action made Brian smile, as he finished the bands set of songs. Once practice was over, the usual hello's and goodbyes were made, and the people who were there were clearing out of the garage. When Brian scanned to look for the cute mystery kid, he saw him walking away. That's when he called out,

"Hey kid... KID WITH THE FLOYD SHIRT!" he shouted to get Jordan's attention. Jordan turned around and froze in his tracks. Meanwhile, the band mates of Brian and some people who had not yet left were giggling under their breath, when one spoke up.

"Want us to make sure he doesn't come back?" one person asked.

"What? No you idiot, look how cute he is." Brian said as everyone laughed.

"Should we leave?" one asked jokingly.

"Well yeah, it is my house. So get the hell out." Brian replied also jokingly. With that, Brian waved Jordan to come in. He did, just as everyone else had began to leave. Jordan attracted both funny looks, and looks of jealousy from some of the girls who walked by Jordan. Jordan eventually enters the garage and stands in front of Brian, not yet saying a word. The two are now alone.

"Whats your name?" Brian asked.

"Jordan..." replied the shy boy.

"How old are you?"

"13... you guys are really good." Jordan said, speaking of the band.

"Oh yeah? You like us?"

Jordan nodded his head yes. Brian could not help but notice how cute this skinny boy was. He was doing all he could not to pop a nut just talking to him. And as mentioned before, Brian is not know for his shyness, in fact he is often to open about things.

"Do you come here often?" Brian asked Jordan.

"Yeah, I come everyday."

This answer shocked Brian. How could he not have noticed this sexy little kid before? Brian goes on one knee so he is a little closer to eye level with Jordan.
"Jordan, you are a very cute boy."

Brian's comment made Jordan both shocked and flattered. He has had a crush on Brian for months now, and his crush just called him cute out of no where! Very quickly, Jordan's cheeks became bright red and his little cock was beginning to grow.

"Yeah you definitely are a sexy little one." he then said as he put his finger tip on Jordan's lips, slowly rubbing his lips as Jordan's cock became stiffer and stiffer. "I love your lips... they are so soft, you probably make one great cock sucker." he then said as he winked at Jordan, now teasing the turned on boy. Brian looked down and saw his tight jeans develop a tent from Jordan's erection.

"Is that all that it takes to turn you on? Holy shit!" he laughed as he thought of the things they could do together, which made Brian very horny. He then took his finger and slid it into Jordan's mouth which sent a chill running through Jordan so hard, even Brian felt it.

"Oh my god... your gay!" Brian said in much excitement. He slide his finger in and out of his mouth as if it were a cock. Jordan had no reaction to the gay comment, which pretty much made Brian believe he was 100% right. Brian was getting lots of amusement from teasing his new friend.

"Time for you to go home little dude." and with that, Jordan booked it out of the garage and back to his place, turning around every 5 seconds or so to look at Brian, who continued to just wave at Jordan.

Brian feared that he scared Jordan away, because for the next 3 days, he did not show up to Brian's practice. Even his band mates noticed ans joked around about it. Eventually Jordan did come back. Again wearing tight jeans, sneakers, and this time a Beatles t-shirt. Once practice was over, Brian called Jordan over again. Once everyone left, and they were alone, Brian spoke.

"I thought you weren't going to come back." Brian joked.

"I'm sorry, I was busy the last few nights." replied Jordan in a shy manner.

"Oh I see, getting fucked by another boy eh?"

"WHAT! NO!" Jordan replied frantically, scared that Brian may have been serious.

"Woah, chill little man haha. I was joking. Get your sexy self here right now!"

And with that, Jordan obeyed and walked right next to Brian. Brian grabbed Jordan's arm.

"Have you been with a boy like this J?"


"Good!" As the words were leaving Brian's mouth, his hands were heading right for Jordan's chest. Leaving his shirt on he began to circle around his submissive friends small, but hard as rock, nipples. This sent shivers down Jordan's spine, and even a small moan from his mouth.

"Oh yeah... your a moaner? Look at you getting hard already haha!" Brian says as he looked down at the bulge in Jordan's jeans. Brian continues to rub
Jordan's nipples even harder. He pulls the boy close, as close as they can be, and gently rubs and feels up his chest.

"You like this J?"

"Mmmhmmm..." Jordan says in the middle of a moan. Brian giggles at what he is making the boy feel like. He then reaches underneath Jordan's shirt and rubs his naked chest more roughly than before.

"Fuck..." moaned Brian, "I love hairless boys!" he said as he continued to rub Jordan's chest and belly. he occasionally pinched the boys nipples to send a small combination of pain and pleasure through his young and inexperienced body.

"Speaking of hairless, you have any around your sexy little cock?"

"Not yet..."

"Good!" Brian almost shouts and he moves his hand, which was still fondling Jordan's chest under his shirt, just a little lower, getting closer to his cock. He moves down slower and slower and eventually gets to the boys pant line. He has no belt on, so it was very easy for Brian to get access to his little friend's meat. He unbuttoned the button, and pulled down his zipper. And what followed that, was one of the most erotic moans anyone could ever hear. The second Brian's hand makes contact with Jordan's rock hard cock, the boy moans as if a huge cock had just been shoved in his ass. Now, with one hand wrapped around Jordan's small cock, the other hand goes straight back to Jordan's chest, where he picked up where he left off, and began rubbing his chest and nipples. But now, the only difference is, Brian is feverishly jerking off Jordan's young and stiff cock.

With his hand still in Jordan's jeans, rubbing his cock with the sole purpose of making the small boy cum in his jeans, Jordan is in sexual bliss. His eyes now jammed shut as he takes in all the feelings that Brian is giving him. His arms wrapped behind his and Brian's back, as he sits in the space between Brian's lap. His nipples are sending wave after wave of pleasure through his body, and his cock is now soaked in his own pre-cum. His moans have become more common and even louder. So loud, that Brian was even forced to shut the garage door in order to continue pleasing his young friend. The flapping sound of a wet un-cut boy dick now filling the air, along with the sweet smell of young boy musk and pre-cum. Brian's cock is also at full attention, but he is getting more than enough pleasure from making Jordan his little toy.

With the occasional ball rubbing/squeezing, and the constant jerking of his sensitive cock, as well as the sensations that are going on under his shirt, Jordan is about to blow.

"Please stop soon... I am close to cumming!!" Jordan pleads.

"Sorry baby, I want you to cum in your jeans..." and with this, Brian's jerking becomes even harder, and that sends the boy over the edge.

"OHHHHH GODDD!!!" Jordan moans as the first of 3 ropes of boy cum shoots out from his hard cock and into his black boxer briefs. The second rope of cum is caught by the hand of Brian who wanted a taste of his boy toys gift. And the third, was intended for non only than his boxers briefs. The overall sensation lasted another minute or so, as the now weakened Jordan falls into Brian's arms. Brian in the meantime, pulls his sticky hand out of Jordan s now filthy boxer briefs and licks up ever drop that he caught, moaning in approval with every drop that entered his mouth.

"Fuck dude, your a tasty little kid. Try it." he tells Jordan as he sticks his finger with a little cum on it out in front of Jordan's face so he can taste, which he does and also says its tasty.

Brian lets Jordan's limp body fall to the floor that they were sitting on, and he re-zips his pants and re-buttons his button. He pulled down his shirt, and told him to go home. When Jordan stood up, Brian laughed as he saw a nice wet spot of cum in his tight boy jeans. He opened the garage door for Jordan, who walked out then back in, to give Brian a hug. He then scampered back home, leaving Brian alone to jerk off his 7 inch cut cock to the events that just took place. The orgasm that he had was the best he has had in a while, but he was positive that it was not going to be the last time he fools around with Jordan.

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