Chloe could never imagine the trouble she'd be getting herself into.
Chloe dried her brunette hair quickly, looping the damp towel around
the long wet strands and tossing it back over her head. She grabbed
another towel and wrapped it around herself. As she brought it around
her back, she caught herself in the mirror in front of her. ”Well
hello,” she whispered to her image, smiling at herself. She held the
towel open and dropped her hip, posing for nobody. All those weeks in
the gym were starting to pay off, she thought to herself. She turned
from side to side. It was a good day when she admired the size of her
B-cups, which apparently this day was. They perked up just above the
smooth lines of her curvy stomach, which in turn led down to her long
legs, freshly shaven. She picked her leg up, bending it at the knee
like she was in a burlesque and admiring the shape of her round little
ass at the same time. Not perfect, she thought stubbornly, but close
enough for today. She smiled again and wrapped the towel around her

“Gabe?” She opened the door, calling her brothers name as she peeked
around into the hallway. He was supposed to be gone, but she wasn’t
sure if he’d returned or not and she didn’t really want him seeing her
with only a towel on. She called his name again, stepping out into
the hallway with one dainty foot. Sensing the coast was clear, she
scampered quickly down towards her room.

Gabriel had only been home for a few days. He’d been away at college
since Chloe had been in high school and had just graduated, returning
home to spend some time with the family before moving out west. This
wasn’t his first time back, but his visits had seemed to be more and
more rare as time went on. Chloe didn’t mind. She’d always loved
Gabriel as a brother and they’d always gotten along growing up, but it
was kind of nice being the only child for a while. She hadn’t been
forced out of the house yet anyway, which was just fine as far as she
was concerned.

Closing her bedroom door behind her, she bent down to gather up her
sweaty gym clothes. She’d started making herself go to the gym after
breaking up with her boyfriend of one year a few months back. She was
glad for the change. His comments about her body had started out with
lighthearted teasing just a month or so into their relationship. It
hadn’t been too long after that the comments became more frequent and
more cruel. She’d accepted it, grown used to it, and her self-esteem
had taken a hit because of it. It wasn’t until she’d had a long talk
with a good girlfriend of hers that it suddenly hit her. She swiftly
ended it, realizing she deserved much better. She’d never felt so

She let her towel drop to the ground at her feet and sat back on her
soft bed, right next to the orderly pile of clothes she’d set out for
herself. Why had she been with him so long? It was a question that
she still hadn’t answered satisfactorily. He’d been good at sex, that
was something. No, not good, amazing. He’d only been her second, but
he’d blown her away the first time they’d fucked and.. well, every
time after that as well. His appetite had been insatiable, perfectly
matching her own. That may have been the only thing they had in
common, she thought to herself.

Now it had been three months. Three months since she’d had anything
inside her that didn’t run on batteries. She laid back against the
soft covers, remembering the feeling of the hot shower against her
body, the gently pounding beat of the water teasing her nipples and
sliding over her soft breasts. She closed her eyes and slid her legs
together, loving the smoothness of her skin.

She raised her arms over the edge of the bed and stretched, a smile
creeping across her pale features. The fading light of the sun
entered through the window and crossed her body, warming her as she
stretched. She arched her back, grinding her round little ass against
the bed and twisting her legs together seductively. She needed it
now, she thought wantonly. Lowering her arms back to her sides, she
let her fingers slide down across her waists, her eyes still closed.

Chloe teased herself with her fingers, letting them dance across her
stomach and just under her breasts. She arched her back again in the
afternoon sunlight, her thighs squeezing together. She could feel her
hot wetness between her legs. She moved her hands up, lightly cupping
her breasts, allowing one finger of each hand to circle slowly around
her pert little nipples. She lifted her chin, arching her neck back
over the edge of the bed, loving the soft touches so close, so close.

With each circle, her fingers moved closer to her hard pink nipples.
She squeezed her thighs together tighter, loving the way her wet lips
slipped against each other, grinding her little clit beneath them.
“Fuck”, she thought, “way hornier than I thought”. She closed the
thumb and pointer finger of her left hand around her soft bud,
breathing out hard as she did. With her other hand, she left her
breast and took her time sliding down over her stomach and towards the
meeting of her creamy thighs. She’d taken the time to shave herself
smooth not only down her long legs, but also over the shivering mound
of sweetness she felt so vividly now. Quivering with anticipation,
she parted her legs slightly, sliding her feet up towards her ass and
bending at the knee. Slowly, slowly, her fingers crept over her skin,
two fingers stretching apart just as they reached the hood only barely
covering her little swollen clit. Running down each side of it, she
was surprised at her own wetness. ”Naughty, naughty,” she thought,
giggling to herself as jolts of electricity flew up her spine. She
curled her toes. Her fingers closed more tightly around her hard
nipple, pinching it as the first quiet moan escaped her thin lips.

Her fingertips slipped easily down on either side of the tight opening
of her sweet pussy. Her clit was throbbing between them, eager to be
teased and touched. She bit her lip as the side of one finger brushed
lightly against it, sending more waves through her body. She spread
her legs wider, opening herself to her fingers. Her whole hand now
was massaging her breast, her two fingers pinching her pink nipple
every few seconds, a little harder each time. Grinding her ass
against the bed, she let the tip of one finger hover over her tiny
opening, lightly tracing the edges of it, the other finger sliding
down over her clit, closer and closer. She sucked in air as she
finally felt her finger slip across her clit. Her wetness glistened
in the light, threatening to pool beneath her, ruining her sky blue

Sliding three fingers over her soaking pussy, she let them slide over
her clit. Another moan escaped her and she arched her back, rubbing
them over herself again. Still squeezing her breast, she began to rub
her fingers over her clit again and again, moving them in a circle, a
little less gently with each pass. Her feet slid down away from her,
her knees lowering towards the surface of the bed as she spread her
legs, allowing herself more freedom of movement over her dripping

Faster and faster, she rubbed herself, her mind not creating any
images or focusing on any one thought, her entire body concentrated
only on her fingers and the center of her wanton lust. She opened her
mouth again, moaning a little louder now.

Then, in a flash, she was up on her feet, gathering the damp towel
from the floor and hastily covering herself. ”Gabe?” She said
meekly, looking at the door in utter shock. She’d heard something,
she thought. Fuck, she knew she’d heard something. She tucked the
end of the towel into itself and opened the door to the hallway. She
flushed when she realized she hadn’t locked her door. What if someone
had walked in on her? Her parents were gone for the weekend and her
brother was supposed to be out for another few hours… but still, she
thought, that would’ve been the worst.

“Gabe?” she called again, louder this time. Now she’d have to check
the whole house to make sure she was alone before she could pick up
where she’d left off. She stepped quietly down the hallway on
barefeet, her eyes scanning through the open door of the guest room as
she passed it. It was only a split second before she stopped, looking
back for a double take.

Her brother had moved in to the guest room for the duration of his
visit and had left his laptop open on the huge queen bed. It took her
a few seconds and a few steps into the room before she realized what
she was looking at. She didn’t think Gabe had left in a hurry to go
out with his friends earlier, but apparently he was in enough of a
hurry that he’d neglected to lock his computer. There on the screen,
in high definition, were the images of whatever porn he’d been
headfirst into when he’d left. She took another step into the room,
covering her mouth with one hand to stifle her giggle. What an idiot,
she thought, door open and porn left out for anyone to see. It was a
good thing mom and dad were gone or this would’ve been way more
awkward than it already was. As she held her hand to her mouth, she
caught the scent of her wetness, and instantly felt a flood of heat.
She blushed again, embarrassed at her own behavior.

The image most prominently featured on her brother’s laptop just
happened to be of a girl in almost exactly the position she’d found
herself just a couple of minutes before. She could still feel her
clit pulsing against her lips as she stepped forward and leaned down
over her brother’s bed, slipping her fingers over the mouse.
Curiosity killed the cat, they said, or maybe just put her in an
embarrassing position in her brother’s room. Fuck it, she thought, he
wouldn’t be back for hours and she just wanted to see what his little
pervy mind was into.

Five images were already open, three of them with pale redheads bent
over, their fingers spreading their lips apart, looking over their
shoulders with quiet eagerness etched across their faces. Chloe
leaned in closer, clicking back to the folder the images had come
from. It was titled “redheads”, of course. All fairly normal, as far
as she could tell. She clicked back again, into the previous folder.
“School reports”. She laughed aloud this time, realizing that her own
porn folder, deep within her personal folder, she’d named, “Resume”,
to throw anyone using her computer off.

This folder was chock full of other folders, ranging from “Brunettes”
to “DP”. She leaned in closer, pushing the laptop back across the bed
and climbing up onto the mattress. She could feel her wetness
growing, her clit throbbing with eagerness to be touched again. New
porn was good porn, she thought filthily, laying down on her stomach
across her brother’s bed. She kicked her legs up in the air behind
her and began to browse.

It wasn’t but a minute later before she’d clicked through into images
of girls being fucked deeply from behind, men pulling their hair and
leaning in to whisper into their ears. Chloe closed her eyes, the
image freezing on her eyelids as she slid her free hand under her body
and moaned quietly. Her fingers slipped easily between her lips. She
opened her eyes again and felt her fingers move across her wet nub,
setting her quickly back into the same frenzied desire to be fucked
she’d felt in her room. She spread her thighs, lifting herself up
just enough to allow her fingers free reign of her hot little pussy.
She focused on the guy in the picture, what she could see of him
anyway. His cock was buried deep within the girl’s tight cunt, his
balls tantalizingly close to her little clit. His fingers were
wrapped through her long hair, pulling her head back as he buried his
thick cock inside her.

Chloe knew she was leaving a fresh spot of her wetness on her
brother’s sheets but figured it would dry long before he’d returned
home. She rubbed her clit eagerly, breathing deeply and loving the
way her smoothness made it so effortless.

She clicked back again into the main folder and stopped, seeing a
folder titled, “Me”. She hesitated for only a second before clicking
it, her mind not entirely allowing herself full control over her
thoughts. Her fingers stopped suddenly, hovering over her clit as the
images materialized in front of her. It was her brother. He was
standing in front of the bathroom mirror, his shirt off, revealing
tight abs and a strong, almost hairless chest. His boxers too, were

Chloe couldn’t help herself. Her fingers began to move
again unbidden as her gaze became fixed on Gabriel’s thick cock, all
seven inches of it.

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I refused to let my brother fuck me when I was 9 and when all the girls at school were getting fucked from about10 onwards I didn't join in because I had something nicer instead.

Silk, just silk. Mum put me on to it because she'd found it to be erotic and when she showed me how to masturbate just before I was 10, the two things went together

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