Not a real story so people calm down. I dont give a fuck what people said on my last story. if you care about speeling and grammer then dont read this story.
So is been 2 years since Me Ally Brad and her Father had that awesome night. Ally and I are 7 yours old now and a lot has happen. We are no longer virgins. Ally and myself consider ourself as sister we hanged out everyday at my house or her uncle Brads house. Since we hanged out a lot both Brad and Allys Father always fucked us when they were horny or need a quickie. Ally and I hate the quickie because never we cum but did gave us the opportunity to play with other. At my house we couldnt because it was to risky so we do it at her uncle Brads house instead.

Ally and I are in the 2nd grade Brad drove us to school and back but we never did anything we he drove us to school but after school it always fun. Mom when back to work because Brad offered to take me to school and back. I stay with them until my dad came home. Everything was all good until Brad and Allys Father got caught fucking Ally and me. Ill start from the beginning.

When Ally and I were both 6 Brad and Allys father Adam liked playing with us. Touching our head, arms, chest, body, legs, feet, and pussies. I like been touch but Ally liked to have Brads or Adams cock in her although they never broke her hymen she was still a virgin. They always fucked Ally in front and it always got turn on. Wheb either Brad or Adam fucked Ally I always suck cock and get my pussy eaten. Both guys wanted to fuck me but I was too scared of there cocks. Adam had a 8 inch cock 3 width and Brad had a 10 inch cock 2 width.

In my head it didnt matter because my pussy was smaller then Allys. So for the last 6 months it was like that as usual. Then 1 night my mom and dad when on a date night and I was taken to Brad house about 2 hours later a little fun was coming. Brad lied to my mom it was just me and Brad at the house. He touched and I touched him. Even tho I was only 6 I had fallin for him. Brad he was cute and care about me a lot.

So he carried me to his bedroom I already knew what want and I wanted it too. I decide a week that I wanted Brad to fuck me but wonder if he was going to fuck me like Ally. I my mind I wanted him to just take that big cock in fill my pussy or at less try to put it as far as he can he. Brad told us about our body Allys and mine 3 months ago but didnt understand half the time.

Now we were in his bed he kissing touching me with passion. I got in Brads ear to him something.


"Yes Amy."

"I want you to fuck me but like do with Ally."

"Umm Amy I cant pop you just yet your still too younger for that. I may damage you and if I do you wont have babies when you get older."

"Is that you fuck Ally like that?"

"Yes sweetie. We dont want to damage her and I dont want damage you but when your ready Ill fuck you with my cock Ill stick all way down ok baby."

I nooded and he continued on what he was doing he undressed me lick my body and was playing with my feet. Everytime he played with my feet he would always tickle me. Then he would open my legs and lick me my pussy as would do that I rub my clit and added to finger me it was the first time he did that to me I when wild. I felt it slide in and out it drove me mor crazy as he continued.

He stop to get undress and when he took off his underwear I saw his cock it was hard and ready to fuck me. I wanted to tell him please fuck me now. I was rubbing my pussy as fast as I can I got super when I saw his big cock. He walked over to my head I figured he wanted a blowjob from me.

"Open up baby and suck me good."

I open and started sucking he grabbed my head and just fucked my mouth. As he was doing that I keeped rubbing my pussy I was feeling more wet and I used my other to grab his sack and pull it down. I found out over the last 6 months when he was about cum if I pulled down on his sack balls he can last longer. I would always do that I pulled down a little to keep him from not cumming too soon.

"Baby you ready to get fucked?"

"Yes please fuck me."

He moved down to my pussy I was nervous. He rubbed his cock on pussy lips to get the head wet and then I felt something going inside and I gasped and was hold my breath "is too big I cant handle this" thats what I was thinking. When the head was in he stopped and left there for a while and then again I felt it again another inch and the second inch when in.

He let it set in there for a while. He started to move and the feeling was awesome "wow no wonder Ally likes getting fucked this feel good." To my think I wanted him put more in but he didnt go futher but with only a few inch I start cum he lasted for 20 minutes I cummed about 3 times after the 3rd I just layed there as he keeped on fucking. "Grrrrr" I hear from him I knew what that meant he was about to cum 2 more minutes and blast about 5 load in me and it felt warm. I had a smile on my face that I got fucked.

Brad layed to the side of me he rapped his arms around me and kiss me my lips and frenched kissed me.

"How you feel baby?"

"That was amazing Brad Im so tired I can move."

Brad laughed.

"Wait until I pop your cherry and get my whole cock inside you, your gonna want more."

"I cant wait but Brad can we not tell your uncle that you fucked?"

"Ok baby I wont tell him but why should I not tell him?

"Beacuse I want you to pop me when Im ready. Only you ok please promise me you wont."

"Ok I wont baby"

We stayed for an hour he took me to the bathroom to give me a shower cleaned me up. Brad dress me in Allys clothes.

"Now if your mom or dad ask why you dress different tell them that I was baking a cake and you got cover with flour so Im going to little flour in you clothes to make them believe it ok baby."

I nooded.

"Im sleepy can I sleep in your bed?"

"Sure baby Ill come get you when you parents are here ok."

He kissed me I when to his bed. When I woke up the next morning I was in my bed. I though did Brad fucked me and before I knew it I was wearing Allys clothes so I guess he did fucked me last night. I was happy I got dress for school.

To be continued...


2012-05-03 09:40:35
mommys b/fs did that to me. i never told on them

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2012-05-02 05:26:41
You should take up another hobby, one for which you're better suited, instead of inflicting this drivel on people. I have no idea, however, what you could possibly be suited for, you're such an illiterate, talentless dumbass.


2012-05-01 22:59:41
You know, some, as you call them, speeling and grammer mistakes are one thing - but a whole fucking story of them? Please, grow the fuck up and learn to spell. Then learn grammar.

Oh - yeah, that's right, your story sucked shit from the asshole of a dead turtle.

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2012-05-01 00:45:55
Always sucks to have a spelling mistake in your title. The word is Pedophile, not Pedofile.

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