This is my first story. A girl give her ex best friend one hell of a payback
Kaylee lays there, still getting fucked by the machine that her cunt of an ex-friend, Jen, left on, assuming that Mr. Peters would love to have fun with Kaylee when he gets home from work. Unaware of the time, Kaylee is about to pass out until suddenly the machine starts to slow down, stopping a few seconds later. After the machine stopped fucking her, Kaylee feels the dildo coming out of her soaked and sore pussy then the straps loosen up, before she could see what was going on, she passed out.
After Kaylee passed out, Mr. Peters continue to loosen every straps that bounded Kaylee to the machine, then picks her up, brought her to his room and lay her on the couch, he then goes to the den and grab all of her clothes then go back to his room and waited for Kaylee to wake up.

An hour later, Kaylee begins to wake up. She tries to move but was stopped by Mr. Peters.

"Don't get up, Kaylee." Mr. Peters said. He was leaning over her, laying her back down.

"I don't know who brought you here but I saw all of the footage and am shocked...who was the girl that brought you here?" He handed Kaylee a glass of water and sits beside her, shocked about the whole ordeal that she went through.

" fri..friend Jen.." Kaylee then coughs because of all the throat fucking she received, her mouth was dry so she drink the water.

Mr. Peters frowns and says "Friend my ass, Kaylee. What happened? How did you get here?"
Kaylee tells Mr. Peters how she accidentally made out with Jen's ex boyfriend and Jen raped her with the machines and the strap on. Ashamed, she starts to cry.

"I told her not to break into your house but she wouldn't listen! I had no idea what was going to happen!" Kaylee starts to sobs, Mr. Peters tries to comfort her by hugging her, not caring if she was naked or not.

"I understand, Kaylee. I understand."

"I'm sorry Mr. Pe.." Mr. Peters stops Kaylee from saying his name and ask her to call him John.

"Call me John, Kaylee. Please, the 'Mr. Peters' annoys me so much but I'm more annoyed about that cunt!"
Kaylee stops crying and is confused by his anger.

"Wha..what you mean by annoyed by her," Looking at John with a confused expression on her face.

"I've seen that whore before, Kaylee. She broke into my house weeks before today, you were lured here by that cunt, Kaylee and if I were you, I would do something about it right now."

"But she's going to send it to everyo-" Kaylee gets interrupted by John again.

"Kaylee, this is my program, only I know how to use it, I heard what she said before leaving and it's going to take months for her to edit herself out. I have an idea and you have to agree with me." John said as he gets up from the bed.

"We are going to kidnap that bitch and you are going to make her pay for the damages that she cause to you."

"But you could get arrested. For kidnapping and raping a minor!" Kaylee starts to cry again only to have John stop her from doing so.

"She won't tell anyone about what we are going to do, okay?" John said as he wipes the tears off of Kaylee's face.

“Now where does this cunt live? I am going to help you get payback, okay?

“Yes Mister Pe…um John. She lives on 78 West Chester Hill.”

John goes on the computer and looks up the direction then turns around on his computer chair. He looks at Kaylee with a grin on his face

“Perfect, now here is what we are going to do Kaylee. We are going to go to her house, You sneak in and when you do, I’m going to shut off the power and then…”

Kaylee interrupts John with a confused look on her face then says

“How will I see where I’m going? What if I get caught by Jen? She’ll sends the videos to everyone!”

“Kaylee. Once the power is shut off, her computer will be off, giving her no ability to do what she’s planning on doing with the videos, okay? Now about you walking into the house in the dark, you will need this.”

John hands Kaylee his night goggles then explains how to wear it properly and make it work

“There, does that answer your question?”

Kaylee nods then is shocked by what John gives her next.

“This a tranquilizer gun, okay? You are to shoot Jen anywhere but her head, it won’t kill her, it will just knock her out and keep her unconscious for hours which will make it easier for us to move her from the house to my dungeon, then lock her up to the machine, sound good?”

“But what if there was complication? What if we cross path?”

“Then you shoot hurt right there, there’s 5 darts in the gun so use them wisely if that happens but try to shoot just one dart at her, okay?”

“I will do my best, John. I won’t let you down.” Kaylee nervously say.

“I know you won’t and I won’t let you down. Now it’s only 5:30, let’s wait until 10:00, shall we?” Kaylee nods as they wait for the time to strike 10:00.

The clock hit 10:00, both John and Kaylee gets into the car and drives over to West Chester Hill and parks about a half a mile from Jen’s house.

“Okay Kaylee, remember the plan? We both go to her house, I’ll crack open a window for you to climb into and when I say turn it on, you put on the goggles and turn it on as I cut the power out.” John hands her the goggles and gun.

“Then I shoot her, right?” Kaylee says, still nervous about the whole thing.

“Find her first then shoot her, okay?” John says as he opens the door to get out.

“Yes, find her first then shoot her. Yes, will do” Still nervous, Kaylee gets out and walks with John to the back of Jen’s house.

John finds the power box and place his tools down then grab the crowbar to quietly open the window for Kaylee. Kaylee climbs into the house without making a sound then slowly walks in the house to find Jen’s room. Luckily for Kaylee, it didn’t take long because Jen’s house is a single story house and her room was easy to find since Kaylee has been to the cunt’s house before and knows where her computer is. Kaylee crept up to the bedroom door and was happy that the door was open but became shocked on what she was hearing.

“What the fuck?“ Kaylee whispered as she expected to hear Jen scream profanities because of John’s program as he stated that it’s impossible for a girl her age to edit the videos. She hears Jen crying and saying she’s sorry for everything.

“I’M SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO HURT YOU KAY!” Jen sobs as Kaylee starts to have a change of heart then quietly walks away so she can talks to John.

“John? I need to talk to you.” Kaylee says as she checks to make sure that no one hears her.

“What is it? I’m about to cut the lines.” John says as he puts the cutter near the wires.

“I want Jen to myself, here, I will shoot her but I don’t her to feel what I went through. I’m sorry but I don’t want your machine but I do want a couple of things though.” Kaylee sits as she waits for John to respond, she checks to see if Jen heard her or not.

“What would you like? I’ll get you anything you need.” John replied as he puts his tools in the duffel bag and walks to his car.

“I want one of your machine, 3 of the biggest dildo you have, the strap-on harness, some candles, a baseball bat and a lot of lube.” Kaylee said, being serious about the items she asked for.

“You got it, now you might want to shoot her right now.” John said as he starts the car and takes off.

Kaylee gets up and cocks the gun to get startled by Jen, who is a mess because she’s been crying every since she tries to edit herself out of the video but starts to feel like shit, realizing that her former best friend is probably getting tortured by Mr. Peters.

“Kaylee?” Jen asked, standing there confused.

“I’m sorry, cunt.” Kaylee said, then points the gun at Jen.

Jen freaks out, begging Kaylee not to kill her for a second then takes off running only to get shot in the ass. Jen yelps then crashes to the ground, passed out due to the drug that was injected into her ass. Kaylee walks up to Jen’s motionless body, flips her over then drag her to her room, she gets on her bed so she can lay Jen on the bed, Kaylee starts removing all of her clothes. Tearing her shirt off, cutting off her bra, viciously pulls her skirt off, then takes off her thong, rubbing the wet stain on Jen’s face. She leaves the room and search the house for something to tie Jen up to her bed post, as she was searching, John has returned with the item that Kaylee has requested earlier.

“About time” Kaylee said as she walked up to the door and let John in so he could set up the machine.

Walking into the house, carrying a duffel bag and his fuck machine, John says “Sorry about that, had to take a detour but here’s the stuff you wanted.” John sets down the machine and hands the bag to Kaylee.

“Now, where you want the machine?” John asked, looking at Kaylee as she grinned and points to Jen’s bedroom door.

They both walk into her bedroom and John was amazed by Kaylee’s work. As he puts the machine where Kaylee wants it, he’s impressed by Kaylee’s efforts and job while he was gone.

“Damn, look like you didn’t have any trouble. Was she easy?” John says as he laughs

“Not really, she caught me cocking the gun and she took off after begging not to kill her, so I shot her in the ass.” Kaylee said as she shrugged her shoulder. Kaylee then drops the bag and ask John if he has any ropes only to have John laugh and say “Of course I do, I figured you probably wanted something to tie her up so I grabbed that and a couple of other things you might want that you forgot to ask so I put them in the bags.”

“Thank you, John. Um…I guess I should get started, right?” Kaylee said, being nervous.

“Yes you should…and oh and one more thing.” John hands her a video camera.

“There’s a tripod in the bag, have fun with the camera. Get your payback, Kaylee.” John says as he leaves the house.

Kaylee then sits next to, who is still out of it and ask herself what should she do first. She gets up off the bed and open the duffel bag. Inside the bag was 3 big dildos, a 13 inch, a 16 inch and the last one, 18 inches, 4 ropes for each limb, a tripod, a baseball bat, a lot of scented candles, a strap-on harness and a big jar of lube. She takes out the candles and out them in various places in the bedroom, then lighting each and everyone of them, turning off the lights so the room is nice and dim. She reposition Jen so her pussy and ass are facing the machine that John had put down and tie both her arms and legs to the bed post. She takes out the 16 inch dildo, snaps it on the end of the rod and position the tip on her asshole so she can experience the pain she felt when Jen was fucking her ass dry. Kaylee then gets naked, leaving her bra on and steps into the very same harness that Jen used on her and put on the 13 inch dildo on the harness.

“You’re going to love this fucking cock, bitch!” Kaylee said as she walks up to Jen and rub the fake cock on her face. Jen is still unconscious from the drug which give Kaylee some time to set up the camera. After she turned the camera on, she hears Jen waking up and panicking.

She starts screaming. “WHAT THE FUCK? WHERE AM I? WHO ARE YO…Kaylee?” Jen looks up and sees Kaylee, standing next to a camera and wearing nothing but her bra and a strap-on with a huge dildo on it.

“Oh my god! Kaylee! Please, I’m sorry, I’ve been trying to delete the videos all day when I..”

Kaylee slaps Jen with her fake cock then with her hand saying “Shut the fuck up, you cunt! Don’t give me that bullshit because the only thing you’ve been trying to delete on this video, that could ruin my entire life by the way, is YOU!”

Jen starts to cry and tries to move but as she moves, she feels something on her anus. She starts to quietly freak out and begs Kaylee to not to do this.

“Please Kaylee, I was very angry with you when I found out about you and Johnny but an hour after I started editing the video, I found out that Johnny has been fucking someone else, not you! Please let me go, I’m sorry, I won’t show the video to anyone, I promise I won’t! Please don’t hurt me!”

Getting annoyed by her begging, Kaylee takes Jen’s word on not showing the footages to anyone.

“You’re right, you are not going to show this video to anyone, I believe on that because here’s why.” Kaylee picks up the baseball bat and stands next to Jen’s computer. Jen starts sobbing, begging Kaylee not to break her computer.

“Please! No! Don’t break it Kaylee! I’m sorry, okay? I’m serious about not showing the video to anyone, I seriously won’t show it!”

“Shut the fuck up, cunt! Time for me to destroy the thing you love the most.” Kaylee says as she raise the bat.

Kaylee then looks at Jen with a huge grin on her face then swings the bat at her computer, smashing the screen then starts smashing the desktop, destroying everything.

“Whew! Now that’s everything is gone, your turn, bitch.” Kaylee walks up to the machine with a jar of lube. Jen starts to panic as Kaylee walk past her.

“Please don’t hurt me, Kaylee. I’m sorry, I really am!” Jen keeps begging Kaylee not to do anything to her that could hurt her physically. Kaylee opens the jar.

“Bitch, this won’t hurt you that much, I’m putting lube on your asshole so this big dildo can fuck you nice and easy.” Kaylee then closes the jar, sets it in front of Jen’s face then rub her anus dry.

“I almost forgot, you never used any form of lubricant when you fucked my asshole, so you are getting the same treatment as I did, you fucking cunt!”

Jen whimpers and try to once again beg Kaylee to not to do it only to start getting face fucked with a 13 inch dildo by Kaylee. Kaylee fucked Jen’s face so hard, she leaned down and whispers into Jen’s ears.

“Bite the dick, It’s going in dry, bitch.” Kaylee turns the machine on and the 16 inch dildo presses onto Jen’s anus, causing her to scream but couldn’t let it out because she was getting throat fucked. Within a few second the dildo then forced it’s way into Jen’s dry anus, causing intense pain as it continues to go in deep into Jen’s ass. By this time, Jen was gagging on the dildo, crying and starting to feel ashamed of herself for what she has done to her once best friend in the world earlier in the day.

“UH UH UH UH” Was all Jen can say as she’s getting throat and ass fucked at the same time. After a while, Kaylee stops fucking Jen’s throat, she walks over to the camera and hit the red button, recording the scene. She went over to the machine and turn the speed up, then went back to the camera and zoom in on Jen face.

“You like what I just did to you, cunt?” Kaylee asked, looking at Jen. “I bet you did because apparently you loved it when you did it to me.”

“I’m..sor” Jen get’s interrupted by Kaylee.

“Answer my fucking question, cunt! Did you like what I just did to you?”

“No…I’m sor” Kaylee walks over to her and slap her hard.

“Wrong fucking answer, cunt. Now you’re getting a bigger one.” Kaylee walk to the machine and turns it off. Jen gets scared on the thought of what Kaylee said.

“Wha..what you mean bigger on” Kaylee strucks Jen across the face with the 18 inch dildo.

“You are going to get fucked with this but I might go easy on you if you answer my next questions right.” Kaylee smiles as she walks to the machine and unsnap the 16 inch and replace it with the 18 inch dildo.

“Now cunt, I’m going to ask again. Did you like what I just did you?” Kaylee asked again, grabbing the jar of lube

Jen sobs then answer the question

“Yes! Yes, Kaylee, I did like it.” Jen says as she try to stop cry. Kaylee then opens the jar of lube and responded.

“Good answer cunt, good answer. Question number two; Are you going to submit to this mammoth of a dildo?”

Jens hesitates then answers.

“Yes Kaylee, I will submit to the cock” Jen start to sobs quietly as Kaylee grinned.

“Again, good answer. Now I’m going to lube your ass…well barely.” Kaylee applies a tiny amount on Jen’s anus, turn to the machine and turn it on high power, with the dildo drilling her ass hard, Jen is screaming in pain it feels like Kaylee didn’t put any lube on her ass, Kaylee walks over to the camera and takes the view off of Jen’s face and straight to her ass as it’s getting drilled by the huge monster of a dildo. While behind the camera, she replaces the 13 inch with the shit covered 16 inch and walks over to Jen’s face.

“Remember when you did this to me? Now it’s your turn so open wide bitch!” Kaylee forced the shit covered dildo into Jen’s throat, causing her to gag and vomit on the dildo.

“Cunt, lick this shit off my cock and if it’s clean, maybe I’ll fuck your throat slower. Now Clean It!”

Jen starts to feel humiliated as she start licking the cock clean. Kaylee is amazed on how Jen can clean the cock very well, it looks like it haven’t been used just yet.

“Good job cunt, maybe I’ll fuck your pussy instead your throat, I’m pretty sure Johnny as already violated you down there with his junk.” Kaylee goes to turn off the machine and move the dildo out of the way, as she does that, Jen panics.

“NO PLEASE! Please don’t hurt me there…I…I’m still a virgin Kaylee, please don’t do it, please?” Jen begs Kaylee not to violate her virgin pussy but Kaylee ignores her because her pussy was violated by the same that is tied up and getting used anyway that Kaylee please to use.

“Bitch, please! You violated my virgin pussy earlier today, remember but since you begged, I’m going to use the machine like you used on me, cunt! Cry all you want, all it’s going to do is make me hurt you some more. Hell I might use the 16 and 18 instead of just the 18, how you like that? Sounds like fun to me.”

“No please! Use the 18, I’ll take it hard Kaylee, please.” Jen pleaded Kaylee to take it easy on her pussy. Kaylee then caves in.

“Okay, I’ll let you get fucked by the 18 inch…without lube, of course.” Kaylee laughs as she adjust the dildo to Jen’s pussy, putting the tip on her hymen. “You ready, bitch?”

Tears starts to flow as Jen says yes to Kaylee as she turn the machine on low, forcing the dildo to tear Jen’s hymen violently causing Jen to jump and scream. Kaylee shove the 13 inch into Jen’s mouth, shutting her up as the dildo moves out then back in at a slow speed, Kaylee decides to change the speed to high………
Part 2 coming soon.


2014-01-28 00:44:39
The story by immediate is uncomprehendingly better. I'm actually mad at you for taking his amazing story and spinning it off into this. not good at all.

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-16 22:11:18
Like the story but maybe part one should have been Kayles attack then part 2 about jen. Allowing you to be set up for many many more parts as he an the 2 girls use the dungeon an do this to other girls, women hell even Jens boyfriend could be put through the paces. Should give alittle back story about the characters though.

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2012-05-14 19:01:00
It's okay. Not as good as the first story by the other author, I'm sorry to say. Good effort nonetheless!

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2012-05-01 01:41:51
An alright far. Would read the second part when it comes out.

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2012-05-01 00:45:23
Cool story bro, needs more dragons.

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