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Two days after Ashley left Alan’s phone rang and when he answered it he found it was the realtor that had handled his land purchase.

“What can I do for you Ralph?”

“Alan I have someone here that is looking for a place to rent or lease. From what I have been told of the persons requests yours is the only property that seems to fit the bill around here. I know you have the two cabins that are empty and I was wondering if you might be interested in renting one of them out.”

“Gosh I don’t know Ralph. I haven’t thought about it. I guess it does make sense to do something like that instead of just letting them sit there vacant.”

“That’s kind of what I was thinking Alan. It might be a good deal for both of you.”

“I’ll tell you what, why don’t you send them out and let me talk to them. Maybe we can work out some kind of deal.”

“Good, I’ll send them out. They should be there sometime this afternoon.”

“Thanks Ralph, I’ll be looking for them.”

It was about two o’clock when a van pulled up at his front door. Alan went outside to greet them. A young woman got out of the driver’s side and a younger teenager got out from the passenger side.
Alan reached out his hand and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Alan Denning; you must be the ones Ralph called me about.”

“Yes, I’m Sandra Powers and this is my sister Jennifer. Thank you for letting us come out to talk with you.”

"You are welcome. Please come out to my patio and we can talk there.”

Alan noted that Sandra was an attractive woman. She was about 5’8” and was wearing jeans and a snug fitting pullover. It showed off her C cup breasts to good advantage. She had light brown hair down to her shoulders and was slim and graceful as she moved. She wasn’t a raving beauty but she was defiantly pleasant to look at.

Her teenage sister was about 5”4” and had B cup breasts that seemed like they wanted to escape from her tee shirt. She also wore jeans that showed off her tight round bottom. She was also a brunette with hair down to the middle of her back. She would be much sought after by the boys at her school. Her green eyes sparkled and she had a mischievous smile on her face.

Alan led them to the patio and offered drinks to his guests. He brought out a pitcher of iced tea and glasses.

“Well, tell me about your situation Ms. Powers.”

“Well, about a year ago our mother died of cancer. Last month, our father had a heart attack and passed away also. That left me to care for my sister Jennifer. She is sixteen and I am twenty three. I am an artist and I have been looking for a suitable place to work and also a good place to take care of Jenny. Ralph said you might have a place that you might be willing to rent.”

“I do have two cabins that are empty right now. Well, I call them cabins but they are both really two bedroom homes. They have two baths, a kitchen with a dining area and a fairly large living area. This place was originally meant to be a summer resort area until the developer went broke. I bought it and now it is my home. I own the lake and fifty acres around it. It is fairly secluded and I don’t have any close neighbors. Does that fit your needs?”

“Actually, it sounds perfect. The lake and the scenery are perfect. As I said, I’m an artist and I prefer to have my privacy. I’m not one of the starving kinds of artist so you don’t need to worry about being paid. We got a substantial inheritance when daddy died and we sold the house they lived in so we have plenty of money.”

“Would you like to see the cabins?”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

“We can walk from here. There is a foot path around the lake and it isn’t far.”

They followed the path to the first of the cabins and Alan unlocked the door and let them in.

“It hasn’t been used for a while so it needs to be aired out but you can look around. Let me know if you have any questions.”

Jennifer asked, “Would we be allowed to use the lake? I mean is it all right for swimming?”

“Yes, you would have complete access to the lake and the surrounding area. It’s great for swimming and fishing too if you want. I have a few row boats and canoes down at the boat house that you could use if you want.”

The two sisters looked around for a while and Susan asked, “Is the other cabin the same as this one?”

“Yes, they are the same. The other is just a bit farther down the path. If you notice, we came in the back door. Out the front are a driveway and a parking area so you can drive right up to the door. You can have your choice of which ever cabin you want.”

They left and returned to Alan’s house. This time he followed behind so he could admire the sway of the denim covered bottoms that made his mouth water and his dick rise. When they returned to the patio Susan and Jennifer had decided that they wanted to rent the cabin they had been shown. After a short discussion they agreed on terms and Alan told them they could move in any time they wished. He promised to air out the cabin and get the water and electricity turned on by the next day. With that, the two sisters left.

Two days later Alan heard their van and a moving van drive to the cabin and they began to move their possessions in. Alan fixed a picnic lunch for them and carried it to the cabin. He welcomed Susan and Jennifer and gave them the basket of food and drinks.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to do much in the way of food today with all of the confusion so I brought your lunch and I would like to invite the two of you to join me for dinner this evening. I won’t take no for an answer. I will expect you this evening. Dinner will be ready at seven but you may come any time before that.”

“Thank you, Mr. Denning. That is very nice of you. We would be happy to accept. We will see you this evening.”

Later that afternoon he heard the moving van leave. At about 6:30 the girls walked up the path and Alan was sitting on the patio with a glass of tea.

“Good evening ladies, I’m glad you could come.”

“Thank you for inviting us. We will have to return the favor when we get better organized.”

Susan was wearing a summer dress with yellow flowers that buttoned up the front. The top button was opened enough to show some cleavage and it was short enough to show her shapely legs.

Jennifer had a pink blouse and a very short skirt on. When she walked he could see her breasts bounce and he wondered if she was not wearing a bra. Her legs were tanned and shapely.

Alan had to remind himself to keep his mind on something other than their bodies in fear of exposing a raging erection to his guests.

Susan remarked on what a perfect setting the lake property was. She was sure that she would have no trouble being inspired in her art work. Jennifer was excited about the lake and she seemed especially happy about the almost total privacy of their new home.

After chatting for a while Alan invited them inside where dinner was ready. He was putting on the finishing touches and Susan offered to help. He had her toss the salad while he got everything else on the table.

Jennifer took advantage of the time to look around the house a bit. She was impressed that he had so much room and how beautiful the house was.

They enjoyed dinner and then retired to the great room where Alan and Susan had coffee and Jennifer had a glass of tea. They talked about some things they had in common. They both had lost their parents and had gone through the grieving process. Susan and Jennifer were on the sofa and Alan was facing them in an overstuffed chair. Susan had crossed her legs and her dress rode up enough to be distracting but the real show was Jennifer. She sat with her legs apart and her already short skirt had slid up her thighs enough that Alan could see her pink panties that were tight enough to show a camel toe. He tried to look everywhere else but his eyes kept returning to her pussy. At one point he even lost track of the conversation and had to ask Susan to repeat her question. He was embarrassed and when he looked up at Jennifer she smiled and wiggled her butt on the sofa. Alan thought he saw a wet spot darken the crotch of her panties. Susan decided it was getting late and they had had a busy day. They prepared to leave when Jennifer stretched her arms and yawned. Her breasts thrust against her top and Alan could see the outline of her puffy nipples. Now he knew for certain that she was not wearing a bra. Jennifer was looking straight at his face when she stretched and when his eyes caught hers she winked at him.

Alan tried his best to hide the fact that his cock was bulging the front of his pants but he was sure that Jennifer and probably Susan also noticed. They said good night and left down the path to their new home and Alan watched as they walked away. He saw their heads come together as they spoke to each other and looked back at him before continuing on their way.

It was a restless night for Alan. His mind kept returning to the sights of the sexy females and wondered if he would get the chance to bed one or both of them.

A few days later there was a knock at his door. Jennifer was standing there in a very small bikini.

“Hi Jennifer, how are you today?”

“I’m good Mr. Denning. You can call me Jenny, everybody does.”

“Okay Jenny, you can call me Alan. What can I do for you today?”

“You said you had some row boats in the boat house. Could you show me how to get to them? I wanted to row around the lake if you don’t mind.”

“I would be happy to help you. Come with me.”

“Thanks, I would be happy to come with you.”

Alan paused for a second when he thought about how she had said that. Then he continued down to the boat house. He showed Jenny how to launch the boat and where the oars were kept. He said, “When you are finished you can just tie the boat up to the dock. I might go out to do some fishing this evening.”

Jenny said thanks and climbed into the boat. Alan watched as she rowed out into the lake. The bikini she wore barely covered her important parts and he had a tent in his shorts that she could not have missed. As she rowed away she was looking directly at him and he saw her laugh as she moved her knees apart. Alan beat a hasty retreat back to the house.

That evening Alan picked up his fishing gear and walked down to the boat. He rowed out into the lake and toward a spot where a tree had fallen into the water during a storm. It was a place where he had caught crappies before. This spot was in site of the cabin where the girls lived and he noticed that one of them had spread a blanket on the lawn so they could sunbathe. Susan was lying on her stomach with her face turned away. Jenny walked out and saw that Alan was close. Before she lay down, she reached behind her and untied and removed her top. She dropped it to the blanket, turned to look at Alan and then lay down on her back.

Alan watched as she bared her teenage breasts to him. There was no longer any doubt that she was doing it to put on a show for him.

Several days later Alan decided to walk down to see his new neighbors. A friend had brought him a box of apples from his tree and Alan thought he would share. He knocked on the door and Jenny answered it. When the door opened he saw that Jenny was naked. She invited him in and called out to Susan that they had company. Jenny walked over and perched on a stool in the middle of the room.

Susan came out from the back and said, “Hi Alan, come on in. Jenny, maybe you should put your robe on and we will finish later. I hope we didn’t embarrass you Alan. I am using Jenny as a model for my next picture. She has such great features and the flow from her legs up over her hips to her breast line is so classic that she makes the perfect subject.”

Alan was unable to speak for a second but he managed to reply, “She is a beautiful girl. There is no doubt about that. I’m afraid she caught me a bit off guard. I just wanted to bring you some apples that were given to me. I have more than I can use so I thought you might like some.”

While they talked, Jenny slowly walked across the room and with her back to Alan, bent at the waist to pick up her robe. She had her legs at shoulder width and he had a perfect view of her bald pussy. She was standing behind Susan so her sister was not aware of the show. Jenny turned to face Alan and slowly began to put the robe on. The whole time she was looking directly into Alan’s eyes. Before she closed the robe she brought one hand down and cupped her pussy and dipped one finger through the slit and placed it in her mouth. She then closed and tied the robe and looking over her shoulder, left the room.

Alan was trying to concentrate on what Susan was saying. He asked if he might see some of her work. She was happy to show it to him. She pulled out several sheets with drawings on them. Some were in color and some in black and white. He noticed that several were studies of Jenny and usually naked. He was surprised when Susan told him that Jenny hated to wear clothes and would stay naked all the time if she could.” Mom put her on the pill when she was twelve because she was afraid Jenny would be naked somewhere and wind up pregnant.”

“I’m sure she has given it up to some guy already but she says she hasn’t had a real boyfriend yet. Sometimes I worry about her but for the most part, she is very smart and able to take care of herself.”

Alan paid his compliments to Susan’s work and left to return home. It was late the next night that Alan was watching a movie and heard a tapping on his back door. He looked to see Jenny standing outside. When he opened the door she stepped passed him without a word and walked into the great room where the TV was playing.

“What are you watching?”

She was in a dress that had thin straps over the shoulders and came just to mid thigh.

“Just a movie, what are you doing out at this hour?”

“Susan went to bed early and I was bored so I thought you might want some company.”
Jenny flopped down on the sofa with one leg tucked under her. “You don’t mind do you?”

“No, I guess not. Do you want something to drink?”

“Thanks, do you have any sodas?”

“They are in the refrigerator. Help yourself.”

Jenny jumped up and went to the kitchen and returned with a can of root beer. Alan was sitting in his easy chair and Jenny sat across from him on the sofa. They watched TV for a while and Jenny turned to lie against the arm of the sofa. She propped one leg up against the back of the sofa letting her dress fall down to her waist. She was not wearing any panties and she looked at Alan to see how he would react.
Alan looked at her exposed pussy and his cock tented his shorts.

“Do you like what you see Alan?”

“Yes, you have a very nice pussy.”

“Would you like to touch it? You can touch it if you want.”

Jenny brought her hand down and stroked her pussy. She stretched her left leg over the back of the sofa and dropped her right to the floor.

“Alan, I’m not a virgin and I would really like it if you would come over here and fuck me. My pussy is already wet and I can see that your cock is big and hard. I want you to put it into my pussy and cum in me. Then I want to suck you until you cum in my mouth and I will drink your cum.”

Alan stood and walked to the sofa. He dropped his shorts and his boxers and removed his shirt. He then bent down and placed his mouth over her pussy inserting his tongue between her juicy lips and sucking her pussy while driving his tongue into her cunt.

“Oh yes, eat my hot pussy. Lick my clit and make me cum. Suck my twat.”

Alan attacked her cunt with abandon. His lips and tongue worked her pussy and he drove his fingers into her cunt finding her g spot and giving her an orgasm. Her hips bounced and twisted under his mouth and he held her down as he sucked her clit. He worked a finger into her ass and two others into her cunt as his lips and tongue battered and sucked her clit as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her teenage body.
She finally pushed his head away and begged for mercy.

“Please stop. Please, just come up here and fuck me.”

Alan rose to his knees and pulled Jenny upright and striped the dress from her body. He then picked her up and carried her to his bed. He dropped her on the bed and sat her up on the side. He placed his throbbing cock in front of her face and placed his hand softly on the top of her head. She stuck her tongue out and bathed his cock. She licked the precum from the tip and swirled her tongue around the head. Her tongue licked the length of his hard shaft coating it with her saliva before taking it into her mouth. Jenny worked back and forth taking him deeper with each stroke until she began to choke. She still had about two inches left when his rod hit the back of her throat. She bobbed and sucked him as she caressed his balls with her hand.

“Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”

“Not this time. I want you to fuck my pussy and cum in my cunt please.”

Alan laid her back and she spread her legs bending her knees up to her chest. Alan placed the head of his steel hard cock at the opening to her love canal and began to insert his rod into the tight warm wet cavity. He pushed slowly as she groaned and his shaft went in a few inches.

“Oh my god, you are so big. Go slow please.”

He pumped back and forth moving in a little at a time as she slowly adjusted to his girth. It took several minutes before she had all of him in her. He waited until he felt her move under him and he began to pump slowly at first. She began to move with him matching his strokes.

“Faster now… Deeper… Harder… Fuck meee….”

Alan began to plunge in longer strokes. He pulled out until just the head was in her and then he pushed until he could feel her cervix on the head of his cock. He fucked her long and hard and she responded with orgasms that seemed to melt from one to the other. Finally Alan felt the swelling in his balls that heralded his own orgasm. He began to shoot streams of cum into Jenny’s cunt. His cock throbbed and pulsed as load after load filled Jenny and their combined juices flooded his bed. When he finally recovered he rolled to the side and Jenny rolled with him. She clung to him as if she was afraid he would leave. His now flaccid cock slid out of her pussy and a stream of his cum followed.

Jenny wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her face into his neck.

“I didn’t know fucking could be like that. How do you do that? I thought I had been fucked before but it was never this good. I want to do this every day.”

“That was fun but it’s not going to happen every day sweetheart. You may be of legal age but you are still too young for me.”

“Well, maybe not every day but I promise I will get you to fuck me again.”

“We’ll see, but right now we need to get a shower and you need to get back home.”

They got out of bed and she followed him into the shower. They lathered and rinsed each other and Jenny made sure she paid enough attention to Alan’s cock that it raised to the occasion once again and Jenny dropped to her knees to take him into her mouth again. This time she was determined to get his cum into her mouth and she worked him as deep into her mouth as she could until she began to choke.

“Baby, take it slow and when it gets to your throat, swallow. I will help you get the rest into your throat.”

Jenny once again went as deep as she could and when he said to swallow, he pressed his hand to the back of her head and pushed his cock into her throat until her nose was flat against his abdomen. As soon as she had it all the way in, he released her allowing her to remove his cock. She smiled up at him, proud that she had been able to take all of him. He encouraged her to do it again and she once again pushed her face onto him. After several more tries she was finally able to swallow the entire length of his huge cock without any assistance. By now he was close to his orgasm and he told her to take it all and hold it in her throat as he pumped his cum directly to her stomach. His cock finally softened and she licked the cum that had escaped her mouth and swallowed it down.

“Was that okay? Did I do it right?”

“Honey, that was as good a blow job as I have ever had. Now you need to get back home before your sister misses you.”

Jenny and Alan dried each other and Jenny found her dress and left to return home.

The next afternoon Susan came up to the house and invited Alan to dinner that evening. Alan accepted and he arrived with a bottle of wine.

When Jenny answered the door Alan said, “I’m happy to see that this time you aren’t naked.”

Jenny laughed and said, “I wanted to be naked for you but Susan wouldn’t let me.”

They enjoyed dinner and Susan and Alan managed to finish the bottle of wine. When Alan decided to leave, Susan followed him out the door and asked if he minded if she walked back with him to talk. Alan was happy to have the company and they walked slowly toward his home.

“I know what Jenny did last night.”

“Did she tell you?”

“I was awake when she came home and she isn’t very good at keeping secrets. It took me all of two minutes to get the story out of her.”

“Are you angry?”

“No on the contrary, I think I’m a little jealous. She told me what a good lover you are and how many times you made her cum. I don’t know if she was exaggerating but if it was only half that many it would make you better than any man I have ever been with.”

“Well, she is only sixteen and is easily impressed.”

“My experience has been the man cums once or maybe twice and may or may not get me to cum. Only a few have ever gone down on me and that was only for a few minutes and only one of them got me off.”

“Well, in that case I’m glad that I’m in the minority.”

“Would you consider having sex with me?”

“I would be honored to take you to my bed. You are a very attractive and desirable woman.”

Susan wrapped her hand around his arm and pulled herself close to him. They continued to his house and he ushered her inside.

“Would you like another glass of wine?”

“Thank you, I would like that,” she replied as she took a seat on the sofa.

He brought them each a glass of wine and he joined her on the sofa.

As Susan sipped at her wine, Alan put his glass on the coffee table and lifted one arm to the back of the sofa as he turned toward Susan. With his fingers her brushed her hair back and leaned in to kiss her on the neck beneath her ear. It sent shivers down her spine and she began to blush. He continued to kiss down her neck and she laid her head back to allow him access. As his lips busied themselves at her neck, his other hand slowly began to unbutton her blouse. She didn’t realize what he had done until his lips reached her collar bone and proceeded down her chest to the top of her breast just above her bra. He lifted his head and brought his lips to hers in a soft and tender kiss. She managed to set her glass down without spilling the wine and brought her hand to the side of his face. She returned his kisses and let his tongue meet hers as she opened her lips to him. Alan traced his hand from the base of her throat following across to her shoulder and down her arm bringing her top with it. She leaned forward to allow him to remove her top and she wrapped her arms around his chest and ran her hands up and down his back.

Alan released the catch at the back of her bra and she let it slide off and to the floor. Susan began to unbutton his shirt and she kissed his chest as she removed the shirt. She pressed her breasts into his chest as her nipples hardened. Alan brought his hand up under her right breast cradling it as he kissed around the swell of her mound. He captured the nipple in his lips and flicked his tongue around it. He applied suction to the nipple causing it to swell in his mouth as his hand massaged the other breast. After a few minutes he switched breasts and repeated the treatment. By this time he had Susan moaning and shivering with her aroused passion. No one had ever spent so much time on her breasts and she was being overcome with the feeling that this was someone who knew how to play a woman’s body like an instrument. When he had lightly tugged and nipped at her nipples he returned to her lips to again kiss her deeply.

“Did that feel good,” he asked?

Susan replied, “After that you can have anything you want. I have never been this turned on. If you don’t fuck me soon I think I might have to rape you.”

“You can’t rape the willing. Besides, I haven’t even started.”

Alan slipped his hand down to release the button and zipper holding up her skirt. He stood her up in front of him and her skirt fell to the floor. He leaned to her and began to kiss her belly and dip his tongue into her navel. His hands cradled her butt cheeks and he pressed his mouth to the mound concealed beneath the lacy thong she wore. He breathed his moist warm breath into her and let his fingers gently and slowly lower the thong until his lips rested at the top of her mound. As the thong hit the floor Alan brought his hands up the back of her thighs and grasping her buttocks he pulled her to his mouth. He kissed across her lower abdomen to the hollow where her thigh met her groin. He licked and sucked at that tender place before moving to the same place on the other side.

Susan’s knees began to get weak and as she pressed his face against her she almost collapsed. He lowered her to the sofa and spread her legs to give his tongue access to her sweet wet pussy. He licked from the bottom of her slit up one side of her lips and down the other side. After making this journey several times he brought his tongue up the middle of her slit collecting her girl juice on his tongue and drinking it up like the finest wine. He drove his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could go and tongue fucked her as his fingers massaged her clit.

Susan was going crazy with his attentions and her hips pumped up as her hands pushed his face against her pussy. Alan swapped his tongue for his fingers as he drove them deep into her cunt and he moved his mouth to her clit where he licked and sucked her clit until she came, flooding his face with her cum as she lost control of her body. She spasmed and heaved her body around crying out wordlessly until her body finally collapsed and she pushed him away, unable to take any more.

Alan crawled up her body and kissed her face and her lips. She could taste herself on his lips and she licked his face clean. She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tightly against her. They lay like that for several minutes before he pulled her to her feet and ushered her to his bed.

They lay together face to face and shared soft kisses and let their hands explore each other’s body. As the kisses became more demanding Alan rolled Susan to her back and he moved between her legs. As they looked into each other’s eyes he began to slide his steel hard cock between her lips and he rubbed it up and down her slit until, not being able to stand it any longer, she reached down and aimed it at her hole and thrust herself onto it. He pressed the full length into her in one slow push. He pumped his meat into the depths of her cunt with all of the energy and passion he could muster and she met him stroke for stroke. Susan’s orgasms continued to overpower her body as Alan ravished her cunt with his raging thick cock. As soon as one orgasm passed she launched into another. She cried out and laughed and cried tears and kissed Alan’s lips until he at last was overcome with the rippling of her cunt walls plunging him into his own orgasm. He pumped spurt after spurt of thick white cum into her until she could hold no more and it ran out onto the bed. As he became soft again his cock fell out of her pussy releasing a river of their mixed cum onto the bed. Together they rolled to the side to a dry place and he held her as she recovered. After resting for a while he pulled her from the bed and they walked to the shower where they washed each other and exchanged hugs and kisses. Alan asked Susan if she would stay the night with him and she readily agreed. When they had finished and dried each other they returned to the bedroom. Alan stripped the bed and Susan helped remake it. They crawled back into the bed and Susan rested her head on Alan’s chest as she let her hands wander across his stomach and sides. She kissed his chest and licked his nipples. He chuckled as she blew raspberries on his chest and she tried to tickle him. They played for a while before she slipped her hand down to hold his cock. As she stroked it he became hard and precum coated her hand. She licked the lubricant from her hand and lowered her head to take him into her mouth. Susan proceeded to give Alan a blow job taking his full length into her throat. She bobbed her head up and down with her hands on his hips pulling him to her as she sucked out his seed. She lifted his cock and took his balls into her mouth and sucked and licked at them with the flat of her tongue. She then again plunged her mouth back onto his throbbing cock. As Susan felt his cock begin to swell with his orgasm she sucked faster and began to swallow as soon as he began to spurt streams of his thick white slimy cum into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She continued to suck and lick on his cock until it was once again flaccid. As it dropped out of her mouth she moved up and kissed Alan and snuggled against his shoulder with one leg thrown across his leg and her arm across his chest.

They slept that way all night. As the first morning light came through the window Alan woke up feeling a wet warm mouth sucking his cock to erection. As she realized he was waking up she smiled up at him and said, “Good morning.”

He pulled her up into his arms and rolled her to her back. Alan slipped two fingers into her cunt finding her g spot and in only a few minutes he had her wet and ready for him. He mounted her and thrust his throbbing cock into her and for the next twenty minutes they rolled and thrust at each other first with him on top and then with her mounted on his stiff shaft. They fucked and played until they came together in a mutual orgasm draining them into submission. After a brief rest they again moved to the shower and after drying they went to the kitchen to eat breakfast and get some much needed coffee. Still naked they enjoyed breakfast and Susan happened to look out the window. She saw Jenny walking up the path toward the house so Alan went to his room to get dressed and Susan scrambled to find and put on her clothes. She let Jenny in and offered her breakfast as Alan returned to the kitchen.

“What did I tell you sis? He’s really good in bed isn’t he? I can’t wait to let him fuck me again.”

“Down girl, just because he bedded you and me once doesn’t mean that it will happen again. As nice as it was, we have no hold over Alan as far as sex goes. He is still our landlord and you would do well to remember that.”

After breakfast Alan kissed both of them goodbye and they returned home.

Within a week Ashley returned with her possessions. Anything that could not be used in Alan’s home was stored in the second cabin until they could decide what to do with them. Ashley moved back into the master suite with her brother and they spent much of the following days making love and planning what changes they were going to make now that there were two of them to get things done.

Alan told Ashley about his new tenants and they made plans to have them up to the house for dinner. Alan was honest with Ashley about his sexual romps with both of the sisters. Ashley understood, if a little jealous, but she didn’t let it bother her. Alan called Susan and extended the invitation to join him and his sister for dinner and he and Ashley began to get everything ready.

That evening Susan and Jenny arrived and Alan introduced them to Ashley. They proceeded to get to know each other over dinner and Ashley and the sisters began to get along very well. It wasn’t long before they were joking with each other and soon Alan found that he was the butt of many of the jokes. After the second bottle of wine had been disposed of the girls began to compare notes on Alan. He began to be uncomfortable with the direction the conversation seemed to be going. Jenny was the one to finally drop the bomb.

She gave Alan a mischievous look and said, “Alan is a pretty good landlord but I like him better as a lover. He has a magic cock.”

“Jenny that was completely uncalled for,” her sister scolded. “You shouldn’t say things like that when you are a guest in his home and especially in front of his sister.”

“I’m sorry Alan and Ashley. I shouldn’t have said what I did even if it is the truth.”

Ashley started to laugh and tears rolled down her cheeks. Alan turned red and left to get a third bottle of wine. When he returned all eyes were on him.

“Okay, what did I do now,” he asked?

Ashley spoke up and said, “We were just comparing your cock to other cocks that we have experienced.”
“I’m not sure I want to know the details so I will just pour the wine and keep my mouth shut.”

“Oh yea, his mouth,” shouted Susan. “He is really good with his mouth too. He eats pussy better than anyone I’ve been with.”

“I’ll say,” added Ashley.

“Wait a minute,” Jenny interrupted. “You are his sister. How do you know how good he is at eating pussy?”

“Oh oh, can open, worms everywhere. I guess the cat is out of the bag now,” Alan laughed.

Ashley turned red and said, “Okay, I confess. Alan and I are sleeping together and have been for about a month. You are both right though. He is very good with that big cock of his and he is really good at eating pussy. With him around I am not interested in anyone else.”

Jenny looked a bit downcast. “I guess that means I won’t get to get to fuck Alan again.”

Ashley leaned over and took Jenny’s hand and said, “Baby I don’t own Alan and he can sleep with whoever he wants to for whatever reasons. If he wants to have a sexual relationship with you or your sister, that is up to him. The only restriction I want is that when bedtime comes I want to be in his bed. That is the agreement he and I have and if that changes we will let you know.

Alan laughed and said, “Does anyone think I might have some choice here?”

The girls laughed and Ashley said, “I think you are out voted three to one. If we decide to fuck you we will let you know.”

“I’m just going to sit here and drink my wine.”

“Don’t worry honey; we will take care of you. We promise not to fight over you and we don’t want that ‘magic cock’ to be damaged.”

They all laughed and after they had finished the third bottle of wine they decided to call it a night. Alan kissed the sisters and sent them on their way while Ashley began to clean up the mess from the dinner party. They soon had everything back in order and Ashley took Alan’s hand and led him back to their room.

As they turned off the light and crawled into bed and into each other’s arms Alan thought to himself that life on Lake Tannin was pretty good.

The MentorReport

2016-04-01 03:41:58
This had everybody pretty hard but it be nice to see what's going to happen at the lake next !!!
Will there be more of Alan's escapades at the lake??

Anonymous readerReport

2016-03-06 14:02:57
well told a lot of hot keeps it up.

Anna RoseReport

2015-02-19 02:46:01
Nice! like it

Anonymous readerReport

2015-02-07 06:40:14
This wasn't particularly strong work, especially compared to others here. You do a decent job right up until the sex portions where detail goes out the window and reality takes a back seat to lunacy. Its fine to put people in unrealistic situations, hell that's 90% of porn anyway. The key here, is to put *people* in these situations, not robotic facsimile of people. I had to stop reading at the first sex sequence because the characters were too poorly written.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-02-06 00:59:07
Did that man take some. Viagra? Maybe he should give the ladies(all3of them) some "E". Hell they don't need
What a lucky fuck,,,looking forward to pt3

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