My cousin teaches me some things about relationships
Author’s note: Seems that there are a lot of stories with the same as the one that follows (This is my first story..but I have read plenty of the already posted stories on xnxx and several other sites) but this one happens to be a true story. I figured I would mix it with a little fiction as well to ..well help excite the reader 

I sighed as i walked down the stairs of the school bus. We had only three more weeks of school and I had nothing planned for the summer. You would think me being so young that I would be going to one of my divorced-parents houses, but no, I usually spend the summer bored at my house with my mom. I have two brothers, one older and one younger. Yes, I am a middle child..It has several advantages as well as several disadvantages. My older brother has black hair, around age 14 while my younger brother was 10 had dirty blond hair with an average build. I however was 12, bony, with short blonde hair and average features. I had already had a few girlfriends..not too shabby for my age. But back to the story…
My cousin billy had came to our house every summer for four years now..last year him and my big brother got in a fight last summer so I didn’t think he would be visiting but I was in for a big surprise. He was sitting on my bed when I walked in the door. “Hey Justin whats up” (my name is Justin) “not much billy glad to see you could come back, man”. “Yea I just gotta stay in your’s and john’s room now so me and aron wont get back in a fight”. Billy was my idol…me and my big bro never got along. “Okay!! That’s awesome..maybe we can play football on my new playstation!”. “whatever you want little man” which was always his reply.
I walked into the kitchen, got something to drink and started watching tv. Billy came and set beside me, which was unusual because billy hated watching tv..he said it was bad for his rep…whatever that meant. Billy is about 5 ‘8” with curly black hair with kind of a baby face. He had a lean muscular build and I was not sure of his exact age but I think he is around 15. He didn’t strike me as the type that would be worried about “rep”. Anyways he sat down beside me and asked me what I was watching. “Some kind of talk show” was all I knew to say. “well do you have a girlfriend now”? billy asked. “No I just broke up with kristy because she kissed some other guy under the monkey bars”. “That sucks little man, I’m sorry to hear that. I had a girl do that to me..i kind of gave up on them” billy replied. “What do you mean give up on girls”? “Well its hard to’ll understand when you get older”. “Okay, whatever”. I got tired of hearing that so I scooted beside him some and put my hand on his shoulder..i had seen my teacher do this a few times to some students after class. “Is there anything you wanna talk about”? “”. “Okay can tell me anything though.”
“Well if I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anybody..cause then they will want to know everything you and me talk about”. “Okay billy, that’s fine”.
“well me and this other boy in my class were talking about how complicated girls are and how easy guys are to get along with and we started to ..well experiment with each other”. “Do you mean like you took each other’s temperature and throw rocks at the ground”? “No Justin, I mean we done stuff couples usually do..we made each other feel good.” “How?” Right when I asked that my mom walked in the door and asked what we were talking about. I was about to answer when billy cut me off and said something about school. Mom walked out to the back room to change clothes and billy leaned over put his smooth, hairless hand right on my balls and gave ‘em a squeeze. “I’ll show you tonight” he whispered in my ear and walked down the hallway. I didn’t know what just happened but I did know that my 5 inch hairless dick was now bulging through my shorts. I ran to the bathroom and took care of that. I couldn’t wait to find out what billy was talking about.
At about 8 that night I was ready for bed. I usually didn’t go to sleep that early but I was eager to find out what Billy my idol was so excited to show me. After about 20 minutes ..which felt like an hour..billy finally came in and layed down. Me and my little brother shared a small room with a bunkbed..billy slept on the floor at the end of the bed. When he walked in I looked at him and was about to ask him a question when he put his finger over his mouth and pointed up. He wanted to wait till john was asleep.
Finally john fell asleep and I asked billy what was up..he motioned for me to crawl down on the floor with him. When I was down there I was vaguely aware that his bare leg was rubbing against my pajamas. He didn’t have any pants on. “Billy, whats going on?” “I’m going to show you what grown ups do, It’ll be okay”. He slowly moved his hand up and down my balls..not long after I was pitching a small sized ten. He then looked at me and smiled, while reaching into my pants. What I was feeling was a mixture of emotions. I loved the feeling of his hands against my balls, but he a guy and I never thought guys were supposed to do things like that? All I knew was none of my past girlfriends made me feel like this so I made a silent agreement to go along with it for now.
His hand finally reached in and grabbed my-now throbbing-pud and he started to rub it in a vertical motion..going up and down except it felt really good!! After a while I started to feel a tingling feeling all through out my body, he must have sensed it coming because his speed increased a lot! I could tell he had done this before. The sensation finally passed and I pulled my pants back up. “Well billy shouldn’t I show you what my teacher tought me in class the other day”? “yea sure buddy, whatever you want”.
I remembered something my teacher tought me about what growns-ups do to other grown-ups. I pulled down his pants and put my mouth around his soft cock..judging by how it felt against my throat it had to be around 5 inches on soft. I took my right hand and started rubbing his balls with it..his 5 inches grew into 8 inches real quick. He put his hands on the back of my head and started pushing it down and then pulling it back up. After a while I caught on and done it by myself. I couldn’t get his whole cock in my mouth but what I could get in my mouth was obviously giving him the same feeling he gave me because he was groaning real loud. “mmhmmmm nnnnn mooree” “fasterr”. So I started rubbing the bottom part of his cock that I couldn’t fit in my mouth with my left hand while rubbing his balls with my right hand. “In a second I’m going to give you a reward for helping your cousin out, okay?” “Okay, I like rewards!”. I started pumping faster and lips were tired but I sure did love rewards!
As promised around 20 seconds later his groaning increased and his body tensed up, immediately following a whole bunch of sweet salty stuff shot in my mouth which I quickly swallowed. I kinda liked it. “Thanks, man” was all he could say.

I already have a few ideas for sequels..if this story is liked. Please give comments or suggestions. Hope it was enjoyed!


2012-05-09 17:45:56
Can't wait for more parts....keep them cumming:)

anonymous readerReport

2012-05-02 09:31:57
awsome story.....for the next if it isnt z truestory make justin fuck billy not the other way arround it would be more erotic


2012-05-01 16:44:02
Thanks for the feedback. I am not gay in any kind of way but this is a true story..some of it "taking a wad in my mouth" was just a little extra to make the story more interesting. I will be writing some more stories soon enough. And as for Trib fan..i appreciate your feedback of how rushed it was. I was afraid of that..i was in fact rushing the story as i was writing it. I was trying to finish before i went to bed so i didn't completley lose my train of thought and have to remember everythng i was talking about the next day and pick up where i left off.

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2012-05-01 15:14:01
Lesbian is better than gay but this wasnt too bad.

Trib FanReport

2012-05-01 08:38:19
Too much measurement of your junk! I don't mind reading gay stuff but prefer 'bi' stuff 'cuz I prefer girls. I did stuff with boys when I was young but never took a wad in my mouth. Never penetrated butts either although we did just about everything else.
This story was a bit rushed but OK I guess. Maybe a 5 out of 10 from me.

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