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Author: male raised in a rural area with not much to do when growing up, luckily sex was a big part of life in those days.
While of average height and looks I was pretty tanned and toned due to an active outdoors lifestyle.
These stories are true and not embellished but names have been changed as I still know some of the subjects 40 years later …
Part 1

Not long after I first got my car licence Greg, Russell and I were sitting around at my place bored out of our skulls due to having no money when Brads young 14 year old brother rode up on his pushbike with a message from Brad.

Brad was a few years older than us but lived in the same street and had gone to a party down at Lily about 50 miles away.

The party had run out of booze and he asked Mike to see if we would pick up 4 cartons and bring them down offering a full tank of fuel if we would do it… needless to say we jumped at the chance to get out of the house.

The local Pub had “back door after hours sales” and Mike had grabbed his brothers cash from home so we were soon on the road with Young Mike commandeering the front passenger seat.

After arriving at the party we noticed a few guys hanging around outside the bedroom and a few couples in the lounge room but not much else happening so after handing over the booze to Brad and receiving our petrol money we jumped back in the car to go but Brad yelled out to wait and sauntered over.
“Can you guys drop Onion at home on the way back?” he asked … “she lives just off the highway near Woori and has to be home before her old man gets home”

We said sure and watched through the front door as a girl of around 17 -18 left the bedroom enduring a groping and ribald comments as she pushed her way through the crowd of guys in the hallway and made her way out through the lounge and front door to the car.

Onion was average height with a big bum, no tits and a cute face, she stepped over Russell into the centre of the back seat and as I turned to say hi she sat down with a leg either side of the transmission tunnel and I’m sure I could see either black panties or black pubes as her mid length woollen dress gaped; Brad leaned in the window and grabbed her face turning it towards him and said with a big grin “make sure you thank the boys properly for giving you a lift won’t you!” … very strange indeed!

We drove off introducing ourselves, She told us “they just call me Onion” we hadn’t gone more than half a mile when I heard a strange strangled squeak from the back seat and jerked my head around to see Onion had grabbed Greg in the crutch and was putting his hand on the inside of her knee, Mike hit me and said watch where your going so I straightened up then moved the mirror in time to see Onion placing Russell’s hand on the inside of her other knee and grabbing him in the crotch.
Mike had turned around to see what was happening and almost yelled excitedly while tugging at my arm “She’s got no knickers on, I can see her pubes, I can see everything, she’s nude down there” and on and on he went as they both started fingering her snatch.

Onion didn’t seem to care what Mike was saying but watched as Russell undid his fly and pulled his cock out then she grabbed it and started moving her hand up and down his shaft while Russell grinned from ear to ear leaving Mike lost for words.

A couple of minutes later Onion moved sideways in the seat and laid the back of her head in Greg’s lap and pushed one leg behind Russell’s back with her legs spread so Russell squirmed around and pulled his jeans and jock down as he got between her legs and pushed him self into her …. Mike’s mouth started running off saying “Oh My Gawd he’s fucking her, he’s really fucking her right there on the back seat, Oh my Gawd, Oh my Gawd!!”

Russel had his knees bent and his feet up against the door window but was still able to set up a cracking pace as he pounded into her for the next few minutes until he poured his cum into her …
“That’s 14 loads tonight” she said grinning !! we were in shock as we realised why the guys at the party had been hanging round outside the bedroom doom … Onion had been doing them all !!

When Russell pulled his cum covered cock out, zipped up and sat back in his seat she quickly spun around with a leg either side of Greg’s body then sat up to unzip him and pulled his cock out but Greg stayed soft … after a couple of minutes of nothing happening he zipped himself up again so Mike said “ I’ll swap seats with you Greg, go on, let me have a go, go on, go on”

Now I must say that Mike was a scrawny geek of a kid who, even if your being kind, was as ugly as a hat full of arseholes, so Greg looked at Onion but she just looked back nonchalantly so Greg moved out of the seat and Mike was soon trying to tug his pants down as he got between her legs and then lay down humping at her.

Onion reached down to guide him into her hole as it was obvious he was just pumping aimlessly all over the place and as soon as he had the head in he yelled “arrgghh yes, oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawd” as he came while still pushing to get it all the way in.

We couldn’t help laughing as he carried on and on about how great it was while Onion just lay there nonchalantly.

By this time we were getting near her home so Greg and Mike swapped seats again with Greg finally all barred up but Onion looked at her watch and whispered in his ear then said out loud “sorry but I have to be home in a couple of minutes ‘cause if dad get home and I’m not there he will flog me”

We dropped her off and headed home talking about the events of the night, I wondered out loud “what sort of a name is Onion”, Mike replied “that’s what all my brothers mates call her, I don’t think its her real name; I’ve heard him say “the onion is coming to the party” a few times”.

We arrived home and as soon as Mike headed off Greg told us “Onion said we could pick her up tomorrow night as her dad won’t be home until 4AM and we’ll have plenty of time” … we all grinned and agreed it sounded like a plan!

The next day we jumped in the car and headed around to see Jeff as his parents had gone to an interstate wedding and if we could get rid of his little sister we would have the place to ourselves.

After filling him in about the nights events he quickly made arrangements with his sisters friends parents two doors up for her to stay the night as we didn’t want a 12 year old girl upsetting our plans.

Later that afternoon we headed up to Onions place and pulled up outside as she was doing some gardening, her dad was glaring at us just standing there with his hands on his hips as she walked over whispering “you should have come later after dads gone” then she brightened up and yelled out to her dad “the road to Healy is about 2 miles further down the highway isn’t it dad?” He nodded and she whispered “you better go back the way you came and wait in the gravel quarry for me” then went back to her gardening as she waved us off.

About an hour later she walked up wearing a knee length skirt and sweater that were not exactly fashionable and showed very little of her body and made her look like a bit of a Librarian, as she stepped over Russell he lifted her dress and exclaimed “she’s wearing Panties this time” to which she replied “yes someone pinched mine at the party last night” and proceeded to pull them off as she sat down then put them in her bag, Damn, this girl did not muck around!!

As we drove off Greg wasted no time in getting his finger going to get her wet then laid her back on Russell and mounted her.
He had a bit of trouble getting in until she started lubing up but then he was away and going like a bat out of hell … Jeff just sat there shaking his head saying “I can’t believe this” and grinning from ear to ear.

As soon as Greg came he swapped seats with Jeff and Jeff whipped his cock out and plunged it in her cum soaked pussy then as an afterthought said “hi, I’m Jeff” cracking the rest of us up!!

We pulled into Jeffs place and all piled into the Loungeroom to get some music going while Jeff and Onion headed to his bedroom to finish what they had started in the car.

A couple of minutes later Jeff emerged with a satisfied look and I headed in to find her naked except for her bra, knees spread and cum dribbling from her hairy pussy.

I stripped my pants off and crawled between her legs directing my hard on in to her gaping hole … it felt like fucking a bucket of porridge so I asked her to turn over on her belly “Your not fucking my arse are you? It always hurts too much!”

That comment had me thinking … she obviously lets people fuck her arse even though she doesn’t like it …. Strange girl this one.

I slid my rock hard cock in to her pussy then moved my legs outside hers and placed my knees beside her hips as I sat up astride her bum.

This was much better and tightened her up nicely with the added advantage of rubbing my balls along her thighs as I slid in and out.

I kept up a slow deep stroke enjoying the feeling of her super slippery cunt sliding along my shaft all the way to my balls as I watched my cock sliding in and out, her little brown eye winked at me as I thought this girl could be my chance to try out a bit of anal.

As I approached my orgasm and reached the point of no return I belatedly asked “are you on the pill?”, she replied no so I quickly slid out and pushed the tip of my dick against her arsehole as I shot my load of cum inside her arse.
As she relaxed realising I was not trying to shove my dick deep in her arse the head of my cock slipped in a half inch or so lubricated by the copious lube I had deposited; she made no complaints and did not try to escape so I resolved to see if I could do her there later on; I kept the slight pressure up as I softened and my cock slipped in another inch until the ridge had just disappeared from view before I pulled out.

I did not have time to ask before but now said “ aren’t you scared of getting pregnant?” to which she replied she had been damaged when she was a kid and could not bear children.

As I left the room she asked “can you send in a smoke?”, I nodded and headed back to the lounge.

As I entered the lounge room I said to Russell “your turn but she wants a smoke”
Jeff jumped up and said “she’ll have to come out to smoke or mum will smell it in my room” so Russell let her know and came back into the Lounge.

Onion walked back out with her skirt and top back on and sat on the lounge to light up a smoke, Russell scooted over in front of her and lifted her dress so Onion moved her bum to the edge of the seat and then laid back against the back of the couch.

Russell then dropped his daks and shuffled forward until he could slide his dick into her sloppy pussy and started fucking her slowly while joining in the conversation with the rest of us until he sped up and dumped a load into her.

As soon as Russell pulled out Greg knelt between her legs and started furiously fucking her pushing the cum out of her and all over the inside of her dress which was pushed up in front but draped over the front of the couch in back.

It wasn’t long before he started moaning and pulled back leaving the head inside as he watched his shaft pulsate with the cum pumping into her pussy.

I’d noticed Onion didn’t seem to orgasm with anyone but intently watched each guys face as he fucked her.

As Jeff moved in between her knees and slipped his cock inside I had to ask her “do you get orgasms out of all this?” She replied “I’ve never had an orgasm but I love the feel of your cocks sliding into me, especially when all the cum is filling me up, the best part is watching your faces change as you cum.”

It seemed a bit strange to be having a conversation while Jeff pounded her pussy but I had to ask “how many guys have you had?” She replied “probably around 60 or 70 different guys but most have had me several times at several different parties.”

“How did it all start?” I said … just them Jeff grunted and shoved himself hard into her as he fired off his cum deep into her pussy almost taking her breath away; as he pulled out and lay back on the floor absolutely shattered Onion could speak again and told me her story.

Onion: My first time was about 2 years ago when Brad invited me to a party, I had a bit to drink which I normally don’t touch as dad is an alcoholic and Brad sweet talked me into taking my virginity.
Later on as we left the room we got a big cheer from all the guys and girls in the lounge, I was sooo embarrassed but sort of proud at the same time as Brad is quite a good sort and knowing he wanted me really turned me on even though I knew he was not serious about having a relationship with me.

We sat around for a while and it was if someone had turned a switch as heaps of different guys came up and tried to chat me up.

The next weekend Brad took me to another party and we snuck off to a dark room and made love again, I still didn’t cum but it just felt so nice I didn’t want to stop.
After Brad came he went to the toilet then a minute later he crawled up behind me and started again, I loved the feel of him as he slid into me with all the extra slipperyness but it was only a very short time before he came again and slipped away.

A couple of minutes later Brad came back to bed and said, “do you feel like doing it again?” … I said in amazement “three times in five minutes??? sure, I love the feeling of you inside me!!”
Brad just looked at me and said “huh … this will only be the second time in 5 minutes, the other time was a week ago”
I sat up and said “well who was it that spooned me a couple of minutes ago?”

Realising that it was not Brad that had done me I felt a rush of horniness that I had never felt before and pushed him back on the bed, pulled out his cock and impaled myself on him.

Brad was torn between the feel of me just about raping him and asking what was going on but his cock won and he soon started pounding back.

I felt incredibly horny but just couldn’t reach that peak and when he finally came I just wanted to keep on going.

As he calmed down he said “ I didn’t spoon you” so I replied “well it was dark and I was facing the wall so I thought it was you and although it was nice I thought it was a bit too quick”

I grabbed his cock and started stroking it again, I was so excited thinking about someone else sneaking in and fucking me that I needed to feel him inside me again.

Brad then looked down at his soft cock and jokingly said “maybe I should get whoever it was back in here” I think I shocked him when I said “ I don’t care who it is, I just need someone in me now!”

Brad laughed and said “even Fatty Johns?”, “Sure” I said “send him in !!” “OK then” he laughingly said and wandered over to the door yelling out “hey Fatty, c’mere for a minute”

I was half embarrassed and half desperate as I pulled the sheet over me … I just didn’t know what to do, had I taken this too far?

Fatty came in the door and Brad just blurted out “The Onion wants you to fuck her”
poor Fatty just looked bewildered and kept looking back and forth between us until Brad walked over and pulled the sheet down causing me to raise my knees up to cover myself, Brad then pulled my knee to one side exposing my pussy to his astonished gaze and said “go on, help yourself to some fine poontang!!”

I know Brad was being mean in the way he was saying it but seeing the sheer lust sweep across Fatty’s face gave me a huge thrill and I felt a bit sorry for him mixed with a bit of anger towards Brad so I lowered the other knee exposing myself even more and held out my arms to him.

Brad sneered “well go on, I’ve finished with her” and pushed Fatty forward then pulled down Fatty’s track suit pants and jocks in one go.

Fatty had a really small dick but it was hard and throbbing up and down so to stop Brad seeing it and stirring him I reached for Fatty’s hand and pulled him on to me then grabbed for his cock and guided it towards my pussy.

Fatty Grunted as he came in my hand but I looked him in the eye and smiled as I kept guiding him into me and started thrusting my hips up to him and moaning as I felt it slide between my lips.
Fatty realised it was all for Brads sake and mouthed “thank you” and started to push himself in to me slowly enjoying the feeling of his first ever pussy.

Without going the slightest bit soft Fatty started to pick up the speed and was soon fucking me in earnest as he reached for my boobs.

I jumped and squirmed as he rubbed my nipples because they are really tender but Brad got the shits and muttered “slut” under his breath and walked out of the room leaving the door wide open.

I covered my nipples to stop them hurting and watched as Fatty built up to a shattering climax … watching his face nearly had me cumming as well but then Fatty roared and I felt him shoot time after time after time while the guys that were standing near the door when brad walked out started cheering and clapping … my embarrassment had disappeared and I felt really special.

Fatty crawled backwards and pulled his pants back up then kissed me and whispered “Thanks for all that you did just then, I really appreciate it” I just replied “please cum again, any time” and winked at him.

As Fatty walked out the door the three guys gave him a high five and I felt really good about myself as Fatty held his head up high and swaggered in to the lounge … then I realised I was laying there, knees spread, pussy wide open with cum dribbling out and didn’t care … I just looked at the three guys in the doorway and smiled!

Back to the present …

Whew I thought, what a story, then looked down at the huge bulge in my pants and Onions dress still up around her waist, the cum from her pussy pooling on the back of her dress then realised that all four of us had stopped talking to listen to her story so I moved in between her legs pulled my jeans down and slid my steel hard prick slowly all the way to the hilt feeling the delicious way her slick puffy lips enveloped first the head then the shaft as I pushed into the depths of her pussy and came what felt like bucketloads as I reached the end of the first stroke into her … WOW … that felt awesome and a held still and pumped shot after shot going on for ages.

As I started to come out of my trance Onion kissed me on the forehead and just smiled then looked towards Jeff who stood there with his erect cock in his hand pumping slowly and smiled once again.

Within five minutes all four of had shot their loads inside her and stopped for a breather begging her to tell us more about some of her parties.

Onion then continued …

Brad came round to pick me up with James in James’s panelvan the next Saturday night but I was still a bit pissed off with Brad so was a bit unsure.

James was nice though so I agreed to go driving with them and let Brad out so I could slide into the middle seat and we headed off to see what we could find to do.

Of course Brad started trying to feel me up straight away but I slapped his hand away and he sulked in the passenger seat but I was straddling the transmission hump and James’s panelvan had a four speed so every time he changed to second or fourth gear his hand was moving up inside my legs and I was getting turned on.

I scooted my bum further forward into the seat until James’s hand touched my panties and watched his face as a big grin broke out, Brad tried again but I slapped him away, He turned his back to me and just stared out the window the sook.

James left his hand on the gearstick with two of his fingers either side of the gear knob and started to rub up and down my panties so I moved even further forward until the gear knob was hard up against my clit and his fingers were rubbing my lips causing my pussy to get soaking wet.

After a few minutes of the vibrations and rubbing I sat up straight and removed my panties then got back into position watching James’s smile spread even further as his fingers touched my bare flesh and his fingers slipped slightly inside my lips.

As my moisture got spread around and over the hard shiny plastic of the gear knob I moved up a bit and pushed the knob half way in to me loving the way the knob vibrations were feeling and would have engulfed it except the angle was all wrong and the gear stick was hitting me between my pussy and bum, I grabbed James to find him as hard as a rock so with a bit of difficulty I unzipped him and pulled his cock out then started stroking him until he had to pull over.

He stripped his pants off and I tried to straddle him but the steering wheel was in the way so he moved into the middle and I finally impaled myself on his cock shoving it down to the hilt and feeling the gearknob slide up along my bumcrack at the same time.

After a couple of minutes James said “stop stop, I don’t want to cum yet” so I lifted off him and moved back then slowly allowed the gearknob to slide up inside me as I ever so slowly impaled myself on it and started moving up and down faster and faster.

James tucked my dress up under my top saying “I want to watch” so I asked James to move back a bit so I could get it deeper, Brad got curious and turned to look with the look of pure lust crossing his face as he saw me impale about 6 or 7 inches of the gearstick up inside my slippery pink lips; I was so turned on I grabbed James’s cock and rubbed the knob against my clit every time I took the gearknob to the hilt.

James was getting close again and moved forward desperate to get his cock inside me so I lifted up off the gearknob and tilted forward until he could get his cock in me.

The gearknob was hard against my bumhole and I couldn’t lower myself down so James started humping up inside me, the gearknob was slippery and felt really nice as it moved around and stretched me a bit as I allowed the knob to move in to me a little bit.

Brad had unzipped and was stroking himself as he watched our fucking turning me on even more and I started slipping the knob in and out of my entrance as James fucked hard up in me exclaiming “its so fucking tight I just have to cum” as he grunted and filled my pussy up with his cum.

As James softened I moved back on to the gearknob and loved the feeling and the sound as it squished through the huge load of cum James had deposited deep up inside my pussy; James had to go to the toilet so we untangled and Brad said “my turn” looking at me expectantly.

“You have to lick me out first” I said but Brad said “ewww, no way” as James laughed and headed off to find some bushes.

I leaned back up against the door slipping my fingers in and out of my gaping pussy and staring straight into Brads eyes loving the flood of emotions crossing his face until he blurted “all right, but only until James comes back then I get to fuck you”

I relented and watched eagerly as Brads tongue touched my swollen clit then held the back of his head as I rubbed my slit over his nose and tongue; Brad was really tentative at first but lust took over and he started really getting into it sticking his tongue deep inside my pussy scooping James’s cum out of me until I hoarsely whispered “James is coming” and he pulled me across the seat and shoved his throbbing cock hard into me as he pumped me full of his sperm with a loud Aaaaarggghhh and continued thrusting in and out as the cum squeezed out between his cock and my pussy walls.

James was standing there with his cock getting hard again so I suggested Brad drive while James and I jump on the bed in the back, It wasn’t long before I had stripped off everything except my bra and we were off with James slowly sliding in and out of me from behind as we spooned.

Brad saw some people he knew in the main street and stopped to talk to them and it wasn’t long before the tailgate opened and 4 heads peered in the back and Brad turned round to watch from the front; I noticed one of the faces was a girl named Debra who I expected to be disgusted but instead was watching us intently.

James had been going for a while and was getting close so he wasn’t going to stop and I was really turned on with everyone watching so I rolled us over on to James’s back and spread my legs wide watching their faces as James picked up speed and really started pumping into me.

Gary was Debra’s boyfriend and had moved in behind her and started rubbing up against her as she watched mesmerised with James’s cock sliding in and out through my parted lips.

One of the guys jumped in the back for a better look and touched my leg, when I made no move to stop him he got bolder and bolder until he was sliding his finger over my clit and occasionally pushing the tip inside me beside James’s dick.

Debra jumped in the back and pulled Gary in with her and I noticed Gary had his cock out as he spooned his girlfriend sliding it between her legs with her breathing hard and watching our genitals intently.

She rolled Gary on to his back and sat on his lap but with her dress covering everything we could not see a thing although as she lifted up I could see her move her knickers to one side as she slid down on to his cock.

The other guy reached over to touch her earning himself a vehement “Don’t touch me again or I’ll cut your cock off”; James then started to cum and Debra laid her finger tips along the exposed piece of his cock with one of her fingertips touching my clit and orgasmed mutely as she stared at his cock spasm with the cum pumping up through the tube under his skin.

She laid forward on to Gary and told him to stop moving … poor Gary was so frustrated but did as he was told.

James moved out from under me and as I laid on my back the other guy moved towards me so I just opened my knees and watched as he pulled his pants to his knees and inserted his huge dick in to me … I had never felt one so big but it slipped in easily making me feel quite stretched causing me to exclaim a loud ”uggh” as it hit the bottom of my pussy with a couple of inches still to go.

Debra’s interest was renewed and she lifted up off Gary’s hard cock before turning round and reinserting his cock as she faced towards has feet so she could get a better look at the big dick pumping in and out of my widely stretched pussy lips.

Debra was purposefully pumping up and down on Gary now as she grabbed the inside of my leg with the section between her thumb and index finger touching one flap and her thumb touching my clit feeling the dick rubbing in and out, I thought it would feel wrong with another girl touching me but it didn’t and actually felt good.

I never did find out big dicks name but as he started cumming Debra wrapped her fingers around his exposed shaft and came violently as she felt his dick erupting inside me; By the looks on Gary’s face he came as well so I was the only one who didn’t and was beginning to feel that I never could cum … luckily I really loved how good it felt anyway and couldn’t seem to get enough.

Brian jumped in the back as soon as big dick got off and had soon slipped it into me complaining that it felt like fucking a bucket full of porridge causing everyone to laugh except for Deb who had her hand under her dress and was watching Brian pump me, it wasn’t long before Brian started to cum and once again Debra reached over and grabbed his balls then came as he started shooting off in me.

After Brian finished and crawled off me Debra got off Gary’s lap and it was obvious he had gotten hard again … he looked at Debra, looked at me, looked back at Debra but she looked him in the eye and said “don’t you even think about it”
The guys took me home then and on the way I said to Brad “you can do me again just like last time if you like” so they swapped drivers and as Brad moved over me I pulled his head down into my pussy, he looked up probably to see if James could see anything then licked me out thoroughly before shoving his dick deep inside me as he came almost instantly.

The four of us listening to the story were hanging on each word and once again all took our turns pumping our seed into her pussy as she lay back over the couch.

….Continued in part 2 ….

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- I'm just jumping into the bniusess book world and honestly am a bit skeptical. There is a lot of advice out there, and its hard to know where to invest my time and money! However, all of the quotes that you shared really resonated with me. I will surely pick up this book in the near future!Also, I read the Jose Villa book at the end of 2011, so I'm excited to jump in on that conversation! January 18, 2012 11:42 am

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