Back in the House things hot up....
I did my best to continue mowing, but I was simply overwhelmed by what had just happened. I had never
intended to fuck Shay. I didn't think it was even possible to get my cock inside a 9 year old.
Cindy yes, hell she was 12 and I had thought about doing her a couple of times. Not that I normally have
these type of thoughts, but when she teased me - well lust takes over doesn't it...

I did a few more laps, but couldn't get the feeling of blowing inside Shay out of my head. I was getting
harder and more turned on again as I kept thinking about that last moment when I looked down at Shay's
little 9 year old pussy. She was so smooth and tight and when I slipped out of her and cum all over her
belly...well, I can't remember a more erotic sight. No hair, tiny little tits and a completely silken
smooth body - covered in my cum.

I finally gave up and started heading back to the house. All I wanted to do was fuck. Shay or Cindy,
geeze I would have even fucked my cousin Elaine at the moment. I was just so god damn horny.

As I got back to the house, fear took over and I started to imagine every possibility that could have
happened when Shay got back to the house. Had anyone seen us, did Shay say something, had Cindy worked it out. Did her mother notice anything unusual in her behaviour. I started panicking no longer wanting to go into the house, and certianly lost all desire as a result of the fear. Which was probably just as well as I had a monster hardon that anyone could have noticed if it hadn't gone down.

Elaine had been busy in the kitchen and had helped herself to the fridge to prepare something for dinner.
We were great friends so there was complete trust between us and no need for her to ask to do something
or use something. She had found some Filo pastry in the freezer and had wrapped some chicken with ham and cheese and was just putting it in the oven when I came in. She had opened a bottle of wine and had already poured both of us a glass.

I grabbed the wine and almost guzzled it, which she noticed. "What's wrong?"
"Oh I'm just hot I guess" which wasn't a complete lie. Elaine laughed "don't wipe yourself out yet,
have some water if your that thirsty". Just then Shay bounced in and suprised me when she said "A little
hot are we?" I spun around at such a cheeky remark from a little girl that had just been fucked. She stood
there in a tight pair of lycra style dance pants and a small top/nightie that was obviously too small.
Lycra again...I thought to myself, and decided I had best exit before Elain noticed any change in my
behaviour. I glanced down at her snatch only to notice she wasn't wearing any underpants and had quite a
significant camel toe. I quickly turned away and remarked to Elaine that I was going for a shower.

Elaine didn't seem to notice anything and remarked "That's fine, don't rush. I think I'll nick down to the
shops and get a little something for dessert tonight. Shay your showered, you can come with me. Is it
alright if Cindy stays here? She's down stairs having a shower." "That's fine Elaine I'm sure I can look
after her." Shay gave me a look of disgust as though she could read my carnal thoughts. I looked back at
her as if to say - your one to talk. She picked up on my vibe and just smiled. I cracked an instant boner.
As I walked off, I could hear Elaine. "You can cover up with a jumper missy, I'm not taking you to the
shops dressed like that. It might be fine for around the house here but not in public".
I thought to myself - wow Elaine has no idea.

I went down to the laundry to grab a fresh towel, The spare bathroom opposite had its door slightly ajar,
and I could hear the shower still going. I couldn't help myself in my current state of excitement and
had to sneak a quick peak at Cindy. I could hear Elaine and Shay still upstairs, and so quietly opened
the door a little more. The shower glass was clear but a little dirty and fogged up. But I still got a
good look at Cindy's heavenly form. She had a body to die for, and an ass that sticks out a little more
than usual due to a slight curve in her lower spine. It was an extremely sexy curve - one that would get
her a lot of extra attention in her future years as a woman.

I was taking in this fantastic sight for future referance when I would soon be wanking myself in the
shower upstairs. The upstairs front door slammed and I was bought back to reality as I listened for
footsteps ar anything that would warn me of being caught. I waited a minute or so, and then could hear
Elaine drive off down the driveway. Cool I thought, I must be one of the luckiest guys alive to have
this presented to me so easily. I looked back through the door as Cindy turned allowing me to see her
little tits. Only a bit bigger than Shays, but with a nice point upwards and almost a small handful.

I released my hard cock out of my shorts and being to stroke myself as I was mezmerised by watching
this naked 12 year old. This was much better than just having a wank in the shower. I watched as she
turned in all directions finally exposing her front as she turned back and forth to rinse her hair.
I squinted hard trying my best to make out her pussy. Surely she wasn't still hairless, but I was no
expert on young girls. I seemed to reach another level of hardness as I stared long and hard through
the semi-clear glass at what appeared to be a smooth pussy and continued to stroke myself.

This went on for about another 10 minutes and just as I was about to cum she turned of the water.
I backed out of the doorway so as not to be seen, but as she opened the sliding glass door,
I think she caught my movement in the mirror on the opposite wall.
"Mike..Is that you?" She sounded startled.

I wasn't really sure what to do, but certainly didn't want to scare her thinking there was a stranger
in the house. "Yes, just me Cindy, I'm getting some fresh towels for upstairs"
She sounded more relaxed as she replied "No probs, can you grab me another please. Shay used a towel
and there's only one left. I really need a second one to dry my hair properly."

I grabbed a towel and held it through the opening of the door waiting for Cindy to grab it. She didn't
take it and I held my breath waiting to see if she would play any games with me as she had done before.
"Come on silly, my arms aren't that long. Can you bring it in for me please. I am covered and decent"
I slowly entered and saw her standing clean and vibrant with moisture dripping off her smooth skin.
She may have had her privates covered with the towel, but it was as indecent as I could have ever had
imagined. There she was near naked in front of me. It wasn't the first time I had seen something
similar from Cindy, but never this wet and never this close when nobody else was in the house.

I handed her the towel, not even thinking about the massive hardon in my pants. She was only holding
the towel in front of her for modesty, not wrapped around her, and so when whe took the other towel
even more of her naked wet flesh was exposed. She simply placed the second towel on the rack and began drying herself, knowing full well that she was close to exposing herself completely to me. "Do you
know what we made for dinner?" she calmy said keeping me in the bathroom for a moment longer.
"Yeh - chicken puffs" I replied "Your mum was just finishing them when I got back"

She smiled at me as she turned to close the glass shower doors, completely exposing her rear and ass.
I just stared and I guess my mouth must of dropped open. "I really like you Mike" she stated, and I
guess you must like me too because you look a lot bigger than when you were on the mower today.
I was about to ask her what she meant when I realised my cock was probably just about sticking out
of my shorts for all to see including this 12 year old child. I was so close to cumming I wasn't sure
whether to run upstairs to the shower or boldly just take my cock out and see what happens.

My cock twitched, and I could see that she noticed. You would think that the adult in this situation
would take charge. But I was that nervous and she seemed so calm it was surreal.
"Would you let me see it Mike?" she asked.
"See what Cindy?" I replied like a dummy.
"Your penis silly. You've seen me naked before, and it wasn't like we both didn't know what was going
on when I was on your lap on the mower today."
She lowered the towel to the floor completely exposing herself. "Please can I see your...Cock"
I physically groaned and shuddered as she said the word as I stared at her completely bald cunt.
She was stunning and as ripe and young as a little girl could look.

I could think of nothing else to do, but to lower my pants and let my cock swing free.
This time it was her turn. She let out an audible moan and unwittingly lowered her hand to her crotch.
"Your cock is massive" she said, and like Shay, her eyes seemed to almost bulge out of her head.
We stood there in silence for about a minute as we both just stared at each others privates not wanting
to say or do anything that would change the situation.

Finally I couldn't help myself and with my eyes fixed on her naked hairless 12 year old little cunt,
I reached down and stroked myself a couple of times, groaned and almost cum. I was rock hard and and
leaking pre-cum out of my extremely swollen head.
"Wow. that's so cool" she exclaimed "Can I touch it?"
I smiled - "Sure, but I have to warn you I might cum."
She reached out and gently felt my cock and stroked me a couple of times.
I groaned and wobbled a little on my feet."oh fuck I'm going to have to cum"

She moved back a little to the vanity unit and rested her ass on it as she arched her back a little.
"That's OK, I've seen it before in the internet when a guy comes on a girl"
I began stroking myself again barely believing I was alone with such a naked young girl.
"You can cum on me if you like" and with that she arched her back a little further and spread her
legs just enough so that her pussy lips became exposed.

I couldn't help myself. So clean, so smooth, and now also wet. I just stared at her and wanked myself.
Wanking yourelf is one thing. Doing it infront of somebody else is another. But doing it in front of
a 12 year old naked girl is just too much. I groaned and wanked hard. Electricity seemed to run
through my blood and I begun pumping load after load of cum all over her body. Her stomach, her tits,
and finally the last couple of pumps onto her pussy. I moved forward as I did this and she didn't
flinch as I leant forward touching her cunt lips with my cock and seemed to almost have a second orgasm
which lasted for another 20 seconds as I pumped and rubbed all over and against her pussy.

I rubbed up and down and remained completely hard as my orgasm finished, as she just watched on with awe. I even started pushing down in between her legs a little and sliding my cock back up over her slit.
I started to think about fucking her, and I'm sure she was completely ready to be penetrated.
Fuck...the sound of her Mums car bought us both back to reality with a jolt.
Neither if us said a word.
I pulled up my shorts and began to bolt for upstairs, as she did the same back into the shower.

Wow, I was totally spent.
That had to be the all time best wank of my life...
This was turning out to be a great day.

To be continued....

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