A family tradition brings out the slut value in its women
Generational Sluts by lovesyoungpussy

This is a new storyline for me. Please, if you do not like underage fucking then just leave. This is only fantasy. I tried to keep all the facts straight between generation, but I know some of you will find an error. Just be kind to the old man (me). Oh, by the way, If you find mis-spelled words do not blame me. I ran this thru the spell checker.

Jessie came running down the hallway screaming with excitement at the top of her lungs. She was four. She was naked. She wanted to swim. Mom came running after her, also naked. Macie (all of eighteen years old) and daughter, Jessie, lived with her father Jackie who was approaching forty years old. Macie was sixteen when she was knocked up by an unknown lover. Well, she knew him, of course, but he was not interested in helping with the baby. Her mother (Lacie) had left the two of them long ago for another man. Since Macie was a child of three and a half, she had not worn any clothing at home. Jackie had not forced this rule upon her; he just did not dress her following her potty training. When she grew older she elected to remain naked in the home. When Jessie came along she did the same thing to her. Of course, Jackie too went naked at home, too. They lived on a country road outside a large metropolis, so there were not any snoopy neighbors to disturb their lifestyle.

First to digress a little for a time to fill in some history.

Jackie and Lacie were high school sweethearts. They were more than that though, they were fuck buddies. They managed to fuck more often than jackrabbits. Lacie came from a loose family and was allowed to take boys up to her room. There was no pretense about her intensions. Her parents knew she would be fucking the boys that she brought home. She had experience. Her dad and mom had allowed her to sleep in their bed from birth. When they fucked Lacie was right beside them watching the whole show. As she grew older it was just natural for her to join in. By the time she was three she was sucking the cum out of dad’s cock. Mom would eat her baby pussy while she giggled. On her fifth birthday her dad fucked her asshole and pussy depositing loads of cum in two more of her holes. She was now taking cock in all three of her little holes. When he was finished, mom would eat the cum from her pussy and ass.

As Lacie grew older, she would take boys into the woods behind her house to suck their dicks. Sometimes she would bring them home to fuck in front of mom and dad. By the time she was in high school, she was still sleeping in her parent’s bed except when she brought a boy home. Lacie’s dad had rigged her room with video recording devices so that when Lacie would bring a boy home to fuck, they could watch the action from their bed. After Lacie and Jackie were married, her dad gave him all of the video recordings as a wedding gift.

It was after one of these fuck sessions that Lacie became aware that she was pregnant. She could not be sure who the sperm donor was, but it could not have been her father, Jackie. He had had a vasectomy. As a result of her pregnancy Macie was born. Within a year of the baby’s birth Lacie ran off with another man leaving Jackie to raise the child alone. Jackie was never sure who Macie’s birth father was. He just accepted the responsibility and raised her as his own.

As payback for her leaving them, Jackie sold all the video recordings to the local Porn Shop; however, he kept a copy for himself. They were soon distributed to every porn shop in the country. Some even made it to the overseas market. It seems that there is quite a market for young teen amateur fuck flicks. Jackie was paid handsomely for the films, too.

After Macie succeeded in potty training, Jackie quit dressing her. She was about three at the time. He hated doing laundry and consequently, he quit wearing them also. On the rare occasion that someone came to the door, he kept a robe in a closet near the front door. Clothing was only worn when they had to run an errand or someone came over. The frequency of this increased as Macie began to attend school.

As Macie grew, she became more and more curious about Jackie’s schong. When fully hard it reached a length of eight inches and hung at four and a half while soft. She would climb into his lap and treat it as her personal toy. As she played it would grow hard. She’d giggle at the sight. Jackie did not mind, in fact he enjoyed her playing with it, but after it would get hard he would get sore and need some relief. As Macie would sit in his lap he would take his cock and begin to masturbate. Curiosity would get to Macie and she would try to imitate his actions. He would soon ejaculate seven or eight ropes of cum all over the both of them. To Macie this was pure delight. She would run her fingers through it spreading it all around. Holding her little fingers up to show, Jackie would take her hand and place her fingers in her mouth to lick them clean. As soon as she had done this, he noticed that she would pick up some more and put it in her mouth. She loved the taste and smell of cum.

The next time Jackie found himself needing to masturbate he called Macie over to play again. When she reached for it, he took her hand away and pushed her mouth toward the tip. “Now, open your mouth baby and daddy will fill it up,” he would tell her. “Suck it like a lollypop for daddy.” She would readily comply. As he drew close to cumming he placed his hand on the back of her head to hold it in place. As cum shot up his shaft, he tried to control the flow so as to not choke her or scare her. He would allow a rope to shoot into her mouth and then pinch it off at the base. This proved to be painful at times, but rather to endure the pain and train her than to scare her off. He would tell her, “swallowed it now, do not spill any.” She would comply every time. Soon it became automatic for her to begin to suck him off when she would sit in his lap. She learned very quickly to swallow quickly to make room for more. As Macie grew older, more cum came her way. Sometimes she would crave it so much that she would beg for it. Jackie’s supply could not always keep up with her demand. She was addicted to cum.

Jackie had a network of friends that he would employ to meet her needs. Each one (there were seven) was task to save a weeks worth of cum in a jar. Jackie had begun to have what he called ‘poker parties’ once a week. Each member would bring his jar to poker night. The jars were warmed in the microwave and combined into a large tumbler. At the beginning of the night, Macie would appear before the seven men naked. Kneeling, she would release the pants of each man and suck him off swallowing every load. As a reward, she was then handed the tumbler full of cum to drink. This was her supper for that evening. She would then go to bed with a full tummy, sleeping like a kitten. The men would them play their poker game until the wee hours of the morning.

As Macy grew, so did her pussy. It became mature enough by the time she was twelve to receive Jackie’s eight inches. He would also fill her tight asshole with his meat. She loved to be fucked. Many times while at school take a boy into the locker room to give him some head and then offer her pussy. It was common for her to be fucked every day on the bus to and from school. While being fucked, she would suck the hard cocks of her classmates. She became one of the most popular girls in her Junior High in the eyes of the boys. The girls despised her for being a slut.

When she enter high school she became a cheerleader. She rode all the busses to the away games with the players. Her common seat on the bus after the game was on the rear seat. She would take all comers, including the coach. By the time she would get off the bus cum would be running down her legs in large dollops soaking into her tennies. Each player would have received her three holes and left deposits.

When she turned sixteen one of these fuck parties resulted in her pregnancy. Nine months later Jessie popped out. The cycle thus started over again.

Back to the present…

Jackie picked Jessie up over his head and the three of them went out to the backyard pool. Macy placed her towel onto the chase and lay down to receive some rays. Jackie (Grandpa) and Jessie jumped into the water to play. Jessie had been exposed to the water from the time of her birth and could swim like a fish. She had let go of Grandpa and was splashing around. It was then that Jackie felt this strange sensation in his groin. Looking down in the water he could see Jessie with her mouth clamped onto his cock. Running out of air, she only stayed in that position for a few seconds and then surfaced giggling. “Ha, ha, got you grandpa,” she exclaimed. “Yes you did you little slut. Look what you did.” He rose out of the water to show her his erection. “Now you will have to finish it.” As he climbed out of the water to sit on the side, she rushed around to him and swallowed his cock (about two inches). He could feel his balls tightened to his body as his cum began to churn. It suddenly rushed up his shaft and into her mouth where she promptly swallowed it all down.

What will happen in Jessie’s young life? Positive comments if you want more.

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