Chapter 8 in my long epic fucktale. Still Day 0, but finally event have caught up with the intro in Chapter 1. Cockteased to the brink of cumming, can Adam resist his sexy younger sister. The long awaited chapter of sibling love. This complete story revolve around a lot of sexual themes that may be offensive to some readers. I don't mean to offend anyone so please read the themes and introductions before reading the chapters. If it doesn't sound like a story to get you horny and cumming, I won't be offended if you stop reading. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Prologue: The Day Before

Chapter 8: Brother-Sister Bonding

I got home in a pissy mood as my cock was still swollen and tender in my pants. As I had predicted, we had run out of time when Madison had decided she was done shopping, and after dropping her off, I had to rush home to get my sister. Of course, to add to my frustration, I had rushed for nothing as right away I could clearly tell she wasn't ready. "Hey, sis! Your chariot is waiting!" I yelled up from the foyer, "and it's gonna leave soon!"

"Sorry, just a few more minutes, Adam!" She yelled back urgently.

Impatiently, I took off my shoes and made my way upstairs to see for myself how much waiting I was in for. The bathroom door was open a crack and when I peered through, and my poor, aching cock received another teasing sight. Sitting on the edge of the tub, my beautiful, sweet sister was nearly done shaving a thin landing strip in her pubic hair. My 15-year-old sister was shaving a landing strip above her virgin (I hoped) pussy for a party!!! Was she hoping to get laid? My dick pulsed in my pants as I watched her wipe away the excess shaving cream to reveal her adorable pink pussy with it's new thin strip of brown muff. I could have cum in my pants right there.

Suddenly, with some uncanny sibling instincts, Jessica's head shot up and her eyes went wide at the sight of me through the crack in the doorway. "What the fuck, Adam!?" She quickly grabbed the towel she had been using to wipe away the shaving cream and cover her crotch. I got great look at her stiff nipples and puffy areolas before she covered her perky and pert b-cup tits with her free arm. "Shit, it's bad enough that I catch you watching me masturbate, but now you're watching me shave! You perv!"

I pushed the door ajar and said calmly, "Hey sis, it's not like you're just shaving your legs or your pits. That's quite the target you've set up for Dean to shoot for." Dean was my sister's on again/off again boyfriend. I knew they were "on" right now and took a jab at it to see what Jess would say to explain her landscaping.

My sister was super sweet and we got along quite well, so rather than get angry, she just smiles and said, "Fuck off, get out, and close the door." I smirked and then laughed and she couldn't stop from giggling herself. "I'm serious. Get out, Adam. It's none of your business."

I retreated out the door but couldn't resist getting in a last word before I closed the door. As I turned to get in the last word, Jessica removed her arm to reveal her perfect tits and wiggled her chest in my direction. Her breasts jiggled enticingly as she bit her lip and gave me the most teasing look just as I said, "Oh, and by the way, your pussy looks incredible, sweet sister." She mocked a gasp of surprise at my boldness but quickly reached for an object to throw at me. I quickly closed the door before the brush she had in hand hit me. I heard the bang on the other side and smiled.

Jessica still had some of her make-up to do so I knew I was in for a bit of a wait. I went back downstairs, sat on the couch and unzipped my pants. Within seconds I had my throbbing, sensitive beast released. Our parents were away on one of my father's frequent business trips; therefore, the only person that would catch me in the act was my sister. A big part of me wanted her to catch me and an even bigger part wanted her to watch me and possibly join in.

When I was 12 and Jess was 9, we had actually started to curiously explore one another's bodies. It started out as fairly innocent night of cuddling during a thunderstorm but ended up being a summer of preteen pleasure as we got more and more daring with our exploration. Of course back then I couldn't even really get it hard so we were limited to touching, kissing, licking and sucking but it was still a summer to remember and treasure as we emulated sexual acts to the best of our abilities. I can still vividly picture the time when a little dribble of creamy semen first leaked out of my flaccid cock as it gently twitched in my little, 9-year-old sisters sucking mouth. Thinking back, that had probably been my very first orgasm.

Eventually, we were forced back to school, different schools as I had gone into Junior High, and by the time Jess and I had any alone time together, she had learned about sex and was scared of getting accidentally pregnant. I told her she was being silly and that I couldn't get her pregnant without putting my penis in her vagina, but she was still too scared to do any more playtime exploring. By the time she was more knowledgeable about sex and pregnancy, it had become too awkward and very taboo for us to do anything sexual together.

But that hadn't stopped me from fantasizing about my sweet sister nearly every night since I was 13. I always wondered what it would be like to slid my cock inside my sister's pussy for the first time. As I sat on our couch with my dick throbbing in plain view, this thought among many dirty others crept into my mind. My sister was so sexy and seeing her gorgeous firm tits and that landing strip had really spurred me on (not that I needed any more stimuli).

I didn't really want to cum without a female companion's help but I really couldn't resist touching my painfully hard member. I ran my hand gently along my thickness and felt electric jolts of pleasure fire up to my brain. I had never before been teased so close to the edge without cumming before and it had made my cock incredibly sensitive to the point of discomfort when I ran my hand along the iron shaft.

Very slowly and carefully, I wrapped my hand around my pole and started rubbing up and down. Shivers shot through my body and I had to stop before my whole body convulsed with the tension built up inside my loins. I seriously wondered if I could ever get off again after being rendered so sensitive to the touch.

Just about then I heard the thumping of feet running down the stairs. With only a slight glance, Jessica immediately averted her eyes. "Oh my God. Are you jerking off? Adam, stop that. We gotta go."

I reluctantly put my aching cock away and said, "Alright, let's go." Jess turned back just as my dick was tucked away and smiled, knowing full well that I had been thinking of her while I had been touching myself.

I looked over at the long, sexy legs of my passenger barely covered by her flared, incredibly short jean skirt. A picture of that adorable, groomed muff flashed in my mind. The rest of her scantily assemble outfit consist of a pair of open-toed sandals, and a fancy pink top that really accentuated her breasts. I could also tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and feared she wasn’t wearing any panties either. “Is that really what you’re wearing to the party?” I asked disapprovingly.

“What? At least, everything is covered. No wardrobe malfunctions here.”

“But one could easily occur when you're not wearing a bra."

She mock gasped at my boldness and then smiled and said, "So you noticed, eh?" She stuck out her chest and wriggled it back and forth making her unbound tits jiggle erotically. My cock was aching so bad accompanied by the worst case of blueballs and Jess was definitely not helping my situation. Her tits looked so incredibly good jiggling only inches away.

"Seriously sis, I’m your brother and even I want to fuck you.” Just then, I would have in a heart beat.

“Admit it, you always want to fuck me,” she said slyly.

“That’s true, but at least when I do, I’ll be nice about it and treat you with respect. I guarantee that most of the guys at this party won’t do the same.”

“I know, and I’m not planning on getting drunk and all my friends will be around to back me up. I just want to drop some jaws while I’m there," she smiled vivaciously to herself, but then her smile fell just a cute, crooked grin as she asked, "What do you mean when you fuck me? You planning on getting some of this?" She ached her back again, making her wonderful tits press against the fabric of her shirt.

If she kept that teasing up, the when would be that night in this car. Looking away, I ignored her question and just when on, “Okay, I trust you, Jess. I just had my mandatory, brotherly responsibilities to check up on.” I glanced back over and couldn’t help smiling as I watched her usual gorgeous, bubbly smile return.

It was quiet for a few minutes but then Jessica said, “So, mom told me you’re house-sitting for the Collins’ for like the next three weeks or something. That’s a sweet deal. That big house all to yourself."

"When did you talk to mom?"

"She called today while you were out. When did that opportunity arise?”

“Just yesterday, and it’s not just house-sitting. The girls will be there, too. It’s kind of house slash baby-sitting. I think Mrs. C didn’t want her three girls left all alone, so I offered to look after the place and keep an eye on the girls.”

“What does Claire think of that? I think she just turned 16 a week or two ago.”

“Well, I think she’ll probably throw a fit but I’m just trying to be there to help out and keep them safe.”

“Ooo, you volunteered to stay at a house full of sexy girls. Poor guy,” she pouted, exaggerating her bottom lip and giving me sad puppy eyes. She looked so cute and again I couldn't help smiling. My smile fell when Jess bluntly asked, “You going to perv watch them like I catch you doing to me sometimes, like today?”

“No, course not. The two youngest are only 11 and 13.”

“Then Claire? Didn't I just mention she just turned 16?” She gave me a very non-subtle wink.

“Maybe?” I said with an impish half-smile.

“Naughty boy. Scandalous!” She covered her open mouth as if flabbergasted. Can you tell that drama is my sister’s favourite subject?

“Hey, and I only perv watch you because we used to, you know... explore each other, and I kinda miss it. Especially when I catch you grooming your muff for all the little, immature boys, and besides we haven’t “explored” each other since either of us hit puberty and you have turned into a very fine looking girl. AND when mom and dad aren’t home, you masturbate, loudly, with your door wide open. At least that's what I've noticed all this week. How can I resist when you do things like that, you tease?” I put my hand on her bare thigh, my fingers curling in towards her forbidden depths, “So speaking of exploring.” My cock was throbbing painfully hard in my pants again and I really needed to at least try to get some release after what Madison did earlier. Who knows, maybe I could snake a handjob from my sister. I really owed it to my manhood to at least try.

“Ew, I’m your sister.” She said, half-sarcastically and half-serious. “What would the neighbours say if they found out?” Ever since she caught me peeping on her masturbating (who wouldn’t?), it’s been an ongoing joke that I want to fuck her, but I know she knows I really do want to fuck her. I also suspect that she wants to fuck me back. She too has been caught sneaking peeks when I’m in the shower or jerking off at the computer, so I knew despite her act that she secretly wanted it, too.

“So? That’s never stop you before.” I started undoing my pants. I desperately needed to release the beast from his restraints.

“No, Adam! At the time, I was 9 and you were 12. It was different. We didn’t know any better. Besides, you couldn’t even really get it hard.”

“I assure you I can now,” I said flirtatiously. “You're right. We were young, but now we're all grown up and I have to say, you are one gorgeous, little teenager. I mean you are seriously fucking hot, sis." She beamed at my compliment and it wasn't just exaggerated acting. "Besides, I'm hard for you right now. Aren’t you curious to get a close look at my cock now that I’m a man?”

“Ah, don’t use that word.”

“What? I am a man. I'm 18 now."

“No, silly. The other word. The C-word for your junk.”


“Ah, yeah, it sounds so wrong coming from you. And to answer your previous question... honestly," her eyes flashed down at my hand massaging my aching shaft through my boxers, "a little.” She admitted hesitantly with a coy smile.

“Just a little?” I pulled my pants fully open to show her the big bulge which was very noticeable against my boxers. I grabbed at the shaft through the material. It wrapped around my package nicely, emphasizing my large hard-on to my now staring little sister. She looked like she might drool. “Just a little?” I repeated.

She bit her lip. Suddenly, with an exhaled breath, she blurted, “Fuck that looks big. Okay, a lot! Show it to me!”

I flashed a roguish smile as I pulled my car over to the shoulder. I could see her vibrating with anticipation as the car rolled to a stop. With both hands, I slid my jeans and boxers down, off the seat. My cock was pulled down by the elastic band of my boxers, and when released, it sprang back to slap thickly against my hard 6-pack. It's girth throbbed hard up at my eagerly awaiting sister.

“Wow.” Came the whisper that barely escaped her glossy lips.

“You like?”

“I love. You weren't kidding when you said it was hard for me. Fuck, that is a beautiful-”

“Say it,” I urged.

“Cooock,” she drew out the crude word in an extremely seductive whisper and then smiled wickedly.
“Oh, it sounds so good from your sexy lips.”

She leaned in and I felt her nicely developed breasts press firmly against my shoulder as she whispered, “Big...Beautiful...Cock,” in my ear.

“I’ve got another job for those sexy lips right here,” I whispered back, letting the pulsing of my big beautiful cock speak for itself.

“Adam,” she said in a soft but reproving tone with a slight, nervous smile.

“Jessica," I said back, looking into her blue eyes, "at least touch it. You know you want to.”

“Okay,” she agreed with that cute half-smile I love so much. She reached across with her right hand and took a firm grasp on my thick shaft. I could see the glisten of precum shining off the head in the moonlight. Her hand was so soft against my thick shaft. My cock twitched in her hand and she gave a gasp and whispered, “Oh Adam, it feels so strong.”

“Well it should be. I was the quarterback for the school football team after all. Madison helped me work every muscle in my body for the team.”

Suddenly she gasped again but differently and my heart jumped at the sound of what she said next. “Oh shit! Madison! I forgot about Madison. What would she say if she knew you were getting a handy from your sister?” Her eyes turned to worry as she let go of my penis and looked at me.

“Hey, it's okay, sis," I soothed, "Madison and I have a very open relationship. She knows I have certain needs and I know that sometimes she has to blow teachers to boost her grades.”

Jess giggled, “Really?” Her face lit up with her laughter.

“Hey, that doesn’t leave this car, okay?” I said seriously.

“I promise my lips are sealed, but apparently Maddie's never close.” She laughed even harder at her own joke but then paused in thought, “Hey wait, she’s stuck in summer school this summer. What’s the deal? She must suck at giving head.” Again she burst out laughing.

“No,” I quickly argued.

“Or maybe she doesn’t suck enough,” her laughter was so contagious that I couldn't help laughing myself. Everything about my sister is so warm and cute. It was nice being open like this with her. It made me feel so close to her.

“No, trust me, she sucks just right. She just had a bad streak of lady teachers this year. And by the way, sooo sexy when you talk about blowjobs.”

“But isn't that where you come in?” I looked at her quizzically, “With the lady teachers, dummy?” She said with a playful smile and a look at my still raging hard cock.

“Gross. Miss Feist is nasty and like sixty,” we both grimaced.

“Little Adam couldn’t take one for the team?” She asked in that annoying baby talk she was so good at.

“No he could not, and besides, with her at school all the time, it gives Little Adam a chance to explore other ventures. I believe we were in the middle of something.” I brought my hand up to caress the back of Jessica's neck. Her long brunette hair felt soft to the touch draped over my hand. She closed her eyes and let a slight moan escape her lips as I pulled her in for a soft French kiss. I took her hand and placed it back on my hard dick. It immediately jumped at the touch and Jessica gasped mid-kiss in awe and delight. “Oh Jess, I love you. Stroke your big brother’s, big dick.”

"Oh Adam," I felt her small soft hand close around my aching shaft. "It's so big in my hand. I'm getting so wet. Shit, is it wrong that I'm getting so wet for my own brother?"

"Oh fuck Jess, talk dirty like that," I groaned as her hand slowly worked my throbbing meat. "No more wrong than how hard you're making me. Fuck, you feel so good. Let's just enjoy each other for a while. Oh, fuck, if it feels this fucking good, how can it be wrong?" For a few minutes, we made out with her skillfully stroking me. I felt like I could cum right there with her wonderful hand but I held back because I really wanted more of my sweet sister.

"I want to make you cum so bad, Adam," she almost begged in my ear. Her pace quickened on my throbbing shaft as she leaned in and started licking my earlobe. "I can't believe how hard you are. Is this what happens every time you see me naked?"

"Oh yeah. Every fucking time. You're so hot. Oh God, Jess. Please take me in your mouth. Please, blow your big brother." She looked up into my eyes panting wildly before she lowered her head down to softly kissed and licked the tip of my cock. "Yes Jess, blow me, baby sis. You're gonna make me cum so good." Her kissing and licking became more and more feverish until she finally took three inches into her warm, wet mouth. Her small mouth barely fit over the bulbous head of my cock but it felt so unbelievably good.

"Mmmm, I bet you love it when your teen sis sssucks on your cock, eh?" She hissed out with a smile. I responded by running my hand through her gorgeous, soft hair and pushing her back down on my cock. I caressed her neck lovingly as she took me back in her mouth.

"Oh fuck Jess. This is exactly what I needed," I moaned letting my hand slide down her slender body to her skirt. I slid my hand under the hem and felt up her thigh to her sweet ass. To my relief, I could feel the soft cotton of her panties against my exploring fingers. I gave her ass a squeeze and she let out a moan deep on my thick shaft. "Oh sis. Fuck Jess, you're really good with your mouth."

She winked up at me and, still jerking, she said naughtily, "I've had a bit of practice." She licked wetly up my shaft to the tip and then said, "But nothing quite as big or as delicious as yours." Jess bobbed her head some more on my cock before popping off to say, "Y'know, ever since the Collins' divorce, I've noticed Mrs. C watching you more and more. Actually, it's Miss C now." Jessica's hand was still working up and down on my spit lubricated shaft. "So, if you play your cards right, you might get some MILF action when she gets back."

My sister took me back in her warm mouth as I said, "Oh believe me, I know. Miss C's been looking more and more fine. She keeps losing weight. Damn, she looking amazing. She's lost like 30 pounds since the divorce. The other day, I jerked off to her swimming. She had on this tight pink and black bikini that left nothing to the imagination."

"Really?" Jess asked coming back up for breath, "I bet she looked so sexy. I love her body. I wish I had tits like hers."

"Oh, trust me sis, your tits are fucking perfect." Still wanking me, she blushed at the compliment, "Let's get this shirt off so I can get a good look at those gorgeous tits." I slid my hand up her back, and with her help, pulled her fancy shirt over her head. Her luscious tits sprang free, and to my immense delight, she wriggled her chest back and forth again right in front of me. He round tits jiggled teasingly, inches from my hungry mouth. I wanted so bad to suck on those hard nipples. "See? Fucking perfection." I reached up and grab a breast in each hand as I kissed and licked all around each erect nipple. Jess through her head back, panting and moaning. She howled in complete ecstasy when I took one in my mouth and nibbled gently with my teeth.

For a few minutes, I gave each of sister's breasts the royal treatment with both my hands, lips, tongue and a bit of teeth, but eventually my cock was nagging for more attention. I reached up to caress her neck again and pull her in for a deep, passionate kiss. "Suck me, baby. My dick needs to cum so bad." I pulled her head back down to my big, throbbing manhood which she took with no complaints. She went back to bobbing and sucking me off but this time I could feel the soft skin of her tits pressed against my leg. I pulled my own shirt over my head, revealing my hard abs and strong chest. At the sight of my physique, my sweet sister attacked my erection with such hunger that I knew it wouldn't be long before I was spurting like a fire hose. "Oh Jess, I fucking love your mouth," I panted.

In an attempt to prolong my incestuous blowjob, I slide my hand back under Jessica's skirt. Looping a finger around the elastic of her panties, I slowly slid them down her soft, smooth legs. Once her panties were down to mid-thigh, my hand moved back up in search of her warm, freshly shaven muff. I quickly found what I was searching for and was shocked by all the wetness that trickled through my fingers at the touch. "Fuck, you're so wet!" I exclaimed.

Raising her head, Jess said wickedly, "There's just something about giving your brother head that gets a girl so work up." Her mouth fell back down over my cock and expertly sucked my shaft. As her mouth worked, I ran my fingers along her dripping pussy, feeling for her sensitive clit. She was literally dripping into the palm of my hand as my fingers circled the sweet bud of her clitoris.

My cock was incredibly rock hard as my little, 15-year-old sister gave me a true blowjob. One where the only way it was going to end was with me cumming either in her hot mouth or all over my abs and chest (maybe all over her face). I preferred the former but didn't want to force it, so I gave fair warning by saying, "I love you sis, so I'm going to warn you that if you keep sucking me like you are, I'm gonna go off in your mouth."
She surprised me by springing up long enough to simply say, "I've always wanted to taste your cum." I couldn't believe my little sister wanted to drink my hot semen. She ran her wet tongue around the tip before dropping her glossy lips back down around my twitching shaft. She was able to take a good five inches in her mouth and was using her small hand to stroke what her mouth couldn't reach.

I grabbed the back of her head and held her in place as my cock exploded deep in her mouth. After the afternoon I had, I nearly blacked out with the intensity of my orgasm. On a normal day, I came a lot, but after being turned on and teased for hours straight, my balls were swollen enough to put out a fire. My cock erupted, splashing a great spurt to the back of Jessica's throat. I heard her let out a moan of panic as I dumped more heavy loads into her mouth.

Eventually, her oral seal gave way and thick, cream jizz ran down my shaft to my quivering testicles. Jess started coughing and pulled herself off my spurting cock so she could breathe. This resulted in me sending the last few blasts all over her panting face. One spurt hit her on the nose while the other two made a mess of her chin and cheeks. I couldn't help thinking, fuck, she looks so sexy with my cum dripping off her.

"Holy fuck, that was so hot!" She said passionately, trying to catch her breath while trying not to drip all over my car.

"There's more where that came from," I said. I knew my cock wasn't getting soft anytime soon even after that explosive load. I was still so hot and horny from the afternoon's teasing and now I was strongly in need of my sister's 15-year-old, wet, virgin pussy.

She looked down intrigued by my still hard and throbbing cock, "I thought guys were supposed to go soft after a massive load like that. Yours is still rock hard."

I smiled wolfishly, "Of course, baby sis. All the better to fuck you with."

Her eyes flared with excitement, "Really?" I watched as her lips parted into a smile.

"Oh fuck yeah," the beast inside me had taken over. "I need your pussy so bad." I pawed at her trying to get at her skirt zipper. She reached over smoothly and pulled the seat lever. The seat dropped back and she fell onto me with lusty intentions. In no time at all, she had her panties and skirt striped off, discarded on the floor of my passenger seat, and our hands were touching and roaming over the hot flesh of each others naked bodies. I felt her soft tongue slide into my mouth as she ground her moist crotch against my hard member. She was clearly as worked up as I was and probably more so.

"Fuck, I want you so bad." She panted thought hot breaths. "I need you inside me. I want you to take my virginity, big brother."

"Oh Jess, that's like music to my ears, but I wanna taste you first." I lifted her off my sweaty body and pushed her back into the passenger's seat. Raising her legs up, I spread her smooth thighs to reveal my wet, shimmering prize. The windows were fogged up from our sex but I was still able to see her pussy glistening in the dim moonlight. Eager and full of lust, I dropped my head down and flicked my tongue over her slit.

"Oh fuck, YES!" she squealed.

She tasted ineffably divine as she smeared my chin with her sweet honey, but from my position, I wasn't able to fully enjoy the feel of her pussy against my face. All I could really do was lap my tongue along it and even that was awkward. "Shit, sis. I want to eat you so bad, but it's a little cramped in here."

"It only took us trying to fuck in your car for me to realize how small it is," she joked with a beautiful giggle. She looked so radiant naked in the moonlight with sweat gleaming off her hot body. Her giggle trailed off and she looked deeply into my eyes. "What?"

"We should take this outside. I can eat you out on the hood instead."

I expected her to protest but instead her eyes lit up with excitement as she bit her lip and after a short pause, she eventually said, "Okay."

Driven by my lust and excitement, I instantly popped the door latch and opened it wide to the sounds of the busy highway. I was shaking with excitement for what was about to happen next and I could tell Jess was feeling the same as she too was moving fast with anticipation as she panted and buzzed with her nervous arousal. She moved to fidget with the door handle before I scooped up her body and easily slid her over onto my lap making her legs stick out of the open door. In a romantic gesture, I French-kissed my sibling lover as I carried her in my strong arms out into the warm night air. I was completely naked and all she had on was her open toed sandals.

Still in my strong arms and pressed lovingly against my chest, I carried her over to the front of the still running car. I sat her down on the hood where she instantly lay back, lifted her sexy long legs straight up and spread them like a stripper to reveal a close-up view of her neatly trimmed pussy. It was glistening and smooth all along the swollen lips of her labia with just the thin landing strip I saw her sculpting earlier for pubic hair. I remembered what her vagina had looked like when I was 12 and she was 9, and, freshly shaved, it almost looked the same, save for the brunette stripe. The only difference now was that it was deep pink and swollen with my sweet sister's arousal. I couldn't resist dropping down onto the hard pavement and running my tongue along her slit, tasting her delicious nectar.

I felt Jessica's hands running through my hair as I devoured her young snatch right there on the side of the road with several cars passing nearby. In my peripherals, I caught headlights whipping by and secret hoped that they saw me eating out my own sister. "Oh yes, yes, YES!" Jess screamed, writhing in pleasure on the hood of my car.

With my face buried deep in her cunt, I ate out my sister until I felt her warm cum splash against my face. It wasn't quite a squirting orgasm like Madison occasionally had, but it splashed and dripped warm and wet down my face anyways. Squirming on my car, Jess screamed gibberish littered with profanity as she shook through her busy highway orgasm.

Jess was still shaking and quivering when I stood up and said, "Yeah, little bitch. Now that your soaking wet, I'm gonna fuck you so good and hard."

"Yeah, stick it in me! I can't believe I'm gonna lose my virginity to my brother." She howled. "Please, fuck me! Fuck me deep!"

I had a sudden wave of uncertainty and had to ask, "Are you sure you want this, sis?"

Breathing hard and heavy, she sensed the seriousness in my voice and reassured me by saying, "Oh yes, yes big brother. I've wanted you and this for so long. I love you. Please fuck me, Adam. I wanna give myself to you. I need you inside me. Please take me. Oh please, Adam." I realized the true meaning of her previous comment. The unbelievable part wasn't that she was giving in and letting me fuck her. The unbelievable part was that her dreams of fucking me were finally coming true.

With that encouragement, I stepped up between my sister's spread legs with my thick cock hard and throbbing just for her in my hand. I thought about how I had always longed to be the one to take my sister's virginity as I rubbed my pulsing cock against her sweet, virgin pussy. She looked into my eyes, bit her lip and gave a slight nod. I moved my hips back so that the head of my penis was at the entrance to my sister's young vagina. "I love you too, Jess." I said as I pushed slowly into her tight pussy. Even after her orgasm and the wet tonguing I had given her, Jessica's virgin pussy was still incredibly tight around my thick cock.

She clenched her teeth and muttered, "Shit" as her forehead furrowed in anticipation while I inched my way inside her. With my throbbing manhood against her hymen, I cupped each of her soft, heaving breast and got ready for the real plunge.

"Take a breath, sweet baby." She grabbed onto my strong arms and did what I said, breathing in deep. Just then, I thrust in, breaking her innocence and feeling her inner depths for the first time. I can't even describe the awesome feeling that flowed through me as I took my sister's body and virginity for the first time. She cried out as tears trickled down the sides of her face but it was soon over and before long she was moaning in pleasure again. Her warmth and tightness felt incredible on my shaft. "Oh baby, you feel so good. I love being inside you."

"Me too, Adam." She giggled sweetly, "I mean, I love you inside me, too. You fill me so good. It only hurt a little bit. It was totally worth it to feel this and have you inside me." She was moaning and exhaling deeply through her words. "I still can't believe how big you are." She wrapped her sexy legs around me and pulled me in deep. With a moan mixed with both pleasure and pain, Jessica ground her hips against my pelvis, making my big cock move in circles deep inside her. "And, you never went soft after you came in my mouth!"

It didn't take long for Jess and I to get into a smooth sexual rhythm with her hips and mine moving gracefully together with my hard, thrusting, 8-inch cock gliding in and out of her wonderful pussy. As we fucked, I occasionally heard cars honking or people yelling out of windows to cheer on our dirty roadside fuck. Suddenly, Jess cried out, "Oh fuck, Adam! You're gonna make me cum again with your big fucking COOOCK!" I leaned down and lifted her small body into my arms as she road out her climax. Hugging and kissing passionately, I lifted her up into my arms as I bounced her small body on my throbbing member. She cried out again and again as buried myself deep inside the hole I had dreamed of filling so many times over the past few years.

She shook almost violently with her arms, legs and pussy clutched tightly around me. We were both drenched in sweat and breathing hard as she cried out, "Shit, shit, fuck! Oh fuck, Adam!" She pulled me into a deep, moaning kiss as I continued to bounce her hard on my big cock.

Finally, I lowered her down and told her, "Bend over the hood and spread 'em, baby. I wanna fuck that sweet snatch from behind," I explained savagely. Again, she did as she was told, bending over and lifting her ass to accept my cock back between her legs, but this time from behind. Just before I thrust back inside her, Jess looked over her shoulders with a look of such longing that I nearly spunked her ass right then. I grabbed hold of some of her hair and slammed deep into her with an appropriately timed yell of "YAA, FUCK THAT WHORE!" from a passing car.

Jess and I were in pure heaven as we fell into a new rhythm with me taking her bent over the hood from behind. It wasn't long before we were both screaming with pleasure from our long overdue sibling fuck.

"Fuck, baby sis. I should have taken you two or three years ago."

"It's okay, babe. Now that you have me, you can have me again whenever you want." She turned her head to look over her shoulder again and into my eyes. Still fucking her deep, I grabbed her firmly around her throat and pulled her in for a hot French-kiss. Our tongues swirled together as Jess kissed me back in a way no sister ever should. I reached around and cupped her naked, sweaty tits in my hands and squeezed them hard as we fucked, kissed and moaned into one another.

Our lips parted with our bodies pressed tightly together, spooning her with my big cock deep inside her. I whispered, "Little different than when I was 12 and you were 9, eh?"

"Oh, fuck ya, just a little." Smiling through her immense pleasure, Jess pressed her body harder into mine, fitting perfectly. Pressed deep inside her sexy, hot body like that, I couldn't believe how close I felt to my sweet, sexy sister at that moment. Hell, I still couldn't believe I was actually fucking my sister right on the busy shoulder of that highway. In a way, my incestuous fucking that night was Madison's fault. She had gotten me so horny that there was absolutely no way I could resist fucking my sister. I had to remember to thank Madison when I saw her later.

I grabbed hold of my sister's thin waist and smiled as I felt complete bliss coursing through my entire body. In this heavenly bliss, I kept pumping my 15-year-old sister's pussy, bent over the hood of my car, while watching my twitching cock sink deep inside her and suddenly I realized how close I was to cumming.

I knew I was getting ready to blast another massive load and really wanted to send it deep inside my teenage sister to fill her full of hot spunk but I knew how risky that was. I couldn't imagine the dreadful consequences of getting my own sister pregnant. I would have to pull out and spill it all over her gorgeous ass instead. Getting ready to pull out, I yelled out, "Oh Jess! Baby, I'm gonna cum!"

"Oh, don't pull out, Adam. I'm on the pill." She begged in intense pleasure, "I wanna feel your cum deep inside me. Oh fuck! Please, fill your slutty sister with your hot seed."

That sent me over the edge. "FUCK YEEEAAAH, BABY!" I screamed as I tensed up, spasmed and released my second great load of the night deep inside my sister's 15-year-old pussy. I felt every spurt as pump after pump splashed deep inside her and filled her so full of cum just like she had begged me to.

"Oh yes! Oh Adam, I can feel it! Oh God, it's so hot inside me. Oh my God." Her voice was pinched, throat tight. She was crying. Tears rolled down her cheeks from the intense emotions she was feeling. "Oh, Adam! I can feel you filling me with your hot cum! I love you! I love you! I love you so much, big brother!"

"Take it, sis! Take my fucking cum deep in your pussy!" I cried out, as my release slowed. I kept my twitching member buried deep inside my little sister's cunt as we both struggled to catch out breath's. She was now full on sobbing with the intense emotions she was feeling. "Oh yeah, baby! I fucking creamed your pussy so good." I whispered into her ear.

She glanced over her shoulder and whispered through her tears of love, "You're a part of me now. There's so much of you inside me. Oh, I can feel it oozing out of my pussy. I came so hard when I felt the first shot of your hot cum inside me." I looked down her crack to her wonderful pussy. White, frothy cum ringed my shaft as it continued to spasm deep inside my incredible and beautiful sibling lover.

I slowly slid from her quivering cunt, and as soon as I popped out, some cum escaped to trickle down her leg. Immediately, she struggled to clamped her fingers over her pussy to stem the flow as she also tried to keep her balance on her shaky legs. I grabbed her in a spooning embrace before she fell. Her body was warm and sweaty from our vigourous sex and I cherished the feel of her body as I held her. She bit her lip and then turned to look deep into my eyes. Still shaking, she shyly said, "Can't let the first load in my vag escape. I want it to be a part of me. I love you. I want you to be a part of me."

I leaned forward, into my darling little sister, and kissed her passionately, swirling my tongue around with hers to mix our saliva together. I had never felt so close to my little sister, Jessica, until the day I fucked her on the shoulder of that busy highway.

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